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Crime, Drama, Thriller, Mystery, Horror
IMDB rating:
Zak Hilditch
Bob Frazer as Andrew Lester
Peter Hall as Farmer
Bruce Blain as Bank Guard
Brian d'Arcy James as Sheriff Jones
Dylan Schmid as Henry James
Spencer Brown as Train employee
Danielle Klaudt as Female Teller
Kaitlyn Bernard as Shannon Cotterie
Anna Louise Sargeant as Hotel Maid
Roan Curtis as Victoria
Thomas Jane as Wilfred James
Mark Acheson as Pawn Shop Clerk
Neal McDonough as Harlan Cotterie
Tanya Champoux as Sallie
Molly Parker as Arlette James
Michael Bean as Funeral Operator
Patrick Keating as Mr. Stoppenhauser
Peter New as Counterman
Graeme Duffy as Good Samaritan
Storyline: A simple yet proud farmer in the year 1922 conspires to murder his wife for financial gain, convincing his teenage son to participate.
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You will sleep soundly after watching this......
Although not a fan of horror movies, have always been drawn to Stephen King's writing. Surprisingly, apart from the foreboding music, "1922" is not a particularly scary movie and the plot offered no real surprises.

Despite this, the recreation of the era was very good and cinematography was commendable. I was not impressed however, by some scenes where the lighting was so dim that it was a strain to identify what was happening. While Wilfred James' accent was grating and at times nearly indecipherable, it was not the major distraction or annoyance that some have pointed out.

Well acted, produced and directed the film still does not leave any lasting impression on this viewer. There are a good number of movies dealing with similar morality tales which have been far more impressive, which is a surprising statement to make about a tale by Stephen King.
Dark Drama with Silly Horror Elements
Molly Parker and Thomas Jane make a very convincing late middle aged couple who have grown to hate each other. Throw in a sad teenage son and you have a depressing but authentic American Midwest family.

Life is rapidly passing Wilf and Arlette by and they are determined to not let it happen. He believes the family farm is on the verge of making it big, like that of his rich neighbor, Harlan. She believes she can move to the big city and be a successful business owner. Each would rather destroy the family than give in to the other's aspirations.

Instead of being caught in the middle, 14-year old Henry is totally in dad's camp. He loves the farm, he loves his father, and he loves the girl next door. He is furious at his mother for threatening to move to Omaha with him in tow. It doesn't take much for Wilf to turn the boy's anger into hatred and murderous rage. The two agree to kill Arlette and set about their task in the most inept way possible.

To say they have not fully thought out their plan is a gross understatement. They are surprised that their victim fought back. They are surprised that it is really difficult to cut someone's throat when they are fighting for their life, and they are surprised by the amount of blood involved in their chosen method of murder.

The two finally manage to kill Arlette and throw her body down an abandoned well behind the barn. The inept local sheriff comes to investigate the woman's disappearance and is easily fooled by the murderous dad and son although the two reek of guilt. Months go by, Wilf and Henry are prospering, they harvest a bumper crop of corn and fate seems to have rewarded the murderers with success. Then of course things go south.

Henry, despite warnings from everyone to keep it in his pants, knocks up the neighbor girl, Shannon. Her banishment to a home for unwed teens sends poor Hank (as he likes to be called now) over the edge. He runs away and embarks on a career as an armed robber. He springs Shannon from the unwed moms home and the two become a sort of small-time Bonnie and Clyde, robbing their way through Nebraska and Colorado. She is shot during a robbery and dies a slow death. Hank dies from a combination of grief and stupidity.

Meanwhile, back home, Wilf has devoted the winter months to drinking, getting into debt, and hallucinating, presumably from guilt over Arlette and grief over Hank. In one of the film's better scenes he becomes furious with the local undertaker when he suggests a modest sendoff for his boy. Wilf screams he has money, he isn't some poor ass dirt farmer. He has money and he can pay for the best funeral, fancy coffin and all. Sad. It's all about the Benjamins for this guy. After all he has been through, he is still obsessed with money.

To have left this as a poignant saga of death, greed, lust, betrayal and hurt would have been a great choice. The acting is really very good for the most part, the photography and editing are well above average and the film works as a tragic story of a broken family. However since this is, after all, a Stephen King story, you just know some sort of creepy hoo-doo has to pop up.

The film finishes with Wilf holed up in a hotel room somewhere, maybe Omaha. As he finishes writing a lengthy confession, the ghosts of Arlette, Henry/Hank and Shannon come for a visit. Wilf apparently is killed by them and the screen fades to black. The end.

Blah. Not a bad story until the ending, which was very bad, very rushed, and typical King. This could have been so much better with far fewer imaginary rats and the long and pointless expository narration by Wilf. It also needed far better character development. I would have loved to have found out what made Arlette tick and what made Henry/Hank do the dumb ass things he did. Not a complete waste of time but close.
slow but manageable
1922 is a bit narrow, but severely tragic family history.there are some gruesome and some funny scenes,a bit slow second half,like it chilled down at the end.though the title is 1922,it doesn't tell much of how living in 1922 was.

what i really liked was the setting of light and picture,which makes it feel like you're in the movie settings. the actors were OK,especially the use of Nebraska dialect. a decent redneck psycho not to horrifying horror movie.
Nicely Atmospheric, but..
a predictable ghost story. I was reminded of family accounts of the time, but distracted by the prominence of alcohol in a story set at the height of Prohibition. Not sure the rum runners made it all the way out to Nebraska dairy farms. Still, I enjoyed the moodiness. Would have loved to see more of Molly Parker, who is always a luminous presence.
One of the best films I've seen this year.
I am a movie buff, I love a good film and I feel lately that most films, movies, shows, etc. have been lacking depth and a great script. Its all about CGI and spectacle violence without a great plot or meaning to the story. 1922 has that. It takes a deep look into guilt, pride and greed. I haven't read the book by King on this but the creators of this Netflix original did a great job on telling a story. There are a lot of mixed reviews for 1922, but I feel it was something worthy of an Oscar. And Thomas Jane's performance was amazing. BRAVO!
How Does Murder Impact Others?
How do the effects of a murder impact the lives of others? Will God, the hangman's noose, the murderer himself, or something else punish the murderer? This is writer Steven King's answer to these questions (the film is based on the novella of the same name), with more than a small amount of supernatural elements thrown in. "1922" also examines martial and family relationships, life goals, happiness and unhappiness, love and hate, being at the end of one's rope, and living with guilt. A bit too long, but well worth taking a look-see.
A good novella
A whole movie about a man, who didn't listen to a woman, ending up dying horribly, destroying lives around him.

Casting is spot on. Actors looked organic together. Acting is on point. Thomas Jane, being the star of the movie, respectfully carried his character. However, half the time I couldn't comprehend his words, but I'd say it's more of a 'me' issue. Molly Parker had twice less screen time to show us her character, but still did her job just right. Dylan Schmid is a discovery for me. Playing a supporting role at such a young age can be quite demanding, he killed it nonetheless, no pun intended. All the other supporting actors did their job well. I loved the atmosphere of the sets, yet I wasn't completely convinced about the time setting, looked vague to me. The story could be predictable to the letter, but fortunately, it wasn't. I can't say, if it's thanks to either the original novel or the screenplay, since I've not read the book. Still, the plot gradually progressed, a little surprise here and there, it's well done. The story as a whole gave me Dostoyevsky vibe, which I highly appreciate. I really used to enjoy reading his novels. Also, I like, that the most dreadful part comes from the whole concept of this man single-handedly destroying so many peoples' lives fatally, rather than those 'spooky' corpses. Soundtrack was satisfying, really nice. On contrary to all these advantages, though, the 'rats everywhere' idea wasn't interesting, to my taste. Corpses looked kinda goofy: they gave me more of a smile, than an uneasiness. The thing with adaptations often is, that film makers try to give every detail possible from the original writing, than try and create a finished product, so their works may have a lot of plot holes. This movie isn't the case. I can definitely say, that during watching the movie I haven't had a thought about something being missing in the narration. In conclusion, I think the story may seem ordinary, yet is performed so qualitatively, that I really can't say anything bad about it.
I got bored
This one had so much potential but ultimately failed to deliver as an adequate piece of entertainment or enjoyment. It starts off excellently, the story is gripping the scenes and cinematography excellent, the cast is good and there is a great feel of authenticity about the period.

Initially the plot is a little far fetched and only by giving some considerable leeway is it acceptable. The story however, degenerates slowly and sadly after 20 mins it gathers momentum and continues in a downward slide till its conclusion.

I wasn't certain if this was a thriller a murder mystery or horror or something else. I think its a bit of all three but the blend is bad and the delivery is a little lacking. I'm not even sure where this one went wrong but my attention started to wane about 30 minutes in, and I was bored and restless 10 minutes later. I think one of the problems I had with it is that nothing much happens. Or at least in a way meaningful enough to keep me interested. By the time it had all panned out and I made my way out, all I could think of was 'meh' and wished I'd taken up the offer to play Nerf with my nephews instead.

I didn't like it, but I've given it 5 because I do think it deserves some credit for the good work done here. However, it still a boring piece and ultimately had little to offer as an enjoyable movie. Even though I completely appreciate there were great aspects to the production, the end product as an cinema experience was lacklustre and hollow.

I can't recommend it .
Single star movie, at best.
Not sure how this movie has it's current rating. Terrible movie however, the acting was pretty good. Just a slow, uninteresting plot line. It never grabs your attention and the cinematography is 3rd world stuff. Never read the book but I seem to think it has it's rating from name recognition.
The devil is in the details, as they say.
"1922" is a story with a lot of cinematic potential. In the novella we spend a lot of time inside the characters' minds and that doesn't always translate well to film though the writers on this production do a fair job of picking the important bits so we, the watchers, can at least follow along. The movie takes its time, and that's not for everyone.

The production design is where the whole falls apart, though. Leaving off the obvious anachronisms - a Model A car showing up years too early; modern-styled paper money - there are details that distract badly from the story. The sheriff's car (the aforementioned anachronistic Ford) is bright and shiny - as it would have been - but also perfectly spotless. So is the tractor shown not long after: in farmland, especially during harvest, nothing is shiny, and everything is covered in dust, inside and out. The tractor Wilford is shown working on is as shiny as a piece in a museum, not like a working vehicle at all. The two times we're taking to Hemingford City, mountains are visible in the background. If the geography described in the novella is our template (southeastern Nebraska), there are no mountains like that within three hundred miles.

Thomas Jane's performance is, as always, fantastic, but his accent is very out of place, pure southern Appalachia; Nebraska was settled by Germans and Russians, and even today, Nebraska farmers don't drawl like that.

A reasonable if uneven adaptation that suffered from a lack of attention to detail. It almost gets there, but not quite.
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