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21 Jump Street
Crime, Action, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Phil Lord, Chris Miller
Jonah Hill as Schmidt
Dax Flame as Zack
Nick Offerman as Deputy Chief Hardy
Ellie Kemper as Ms. Griggs
Jake M. Johnson as Principal Dadier
Holly Robinson Peete as Officer Judy Hoffs
Rob Riggle as Mr. Walters
Brie Larson as Molly Tracey
Chris Parnell as Mr. Gordon
Ice Cube as Captain Dickson
DeRay Davis as Domingo
Dave Franco as Eric Molson
Storyline: In high school, Schmidt ( ) was a dork and Jenko ( ) was the popular jock. After graduation, both of them joined the police force and ended up as partners riding bicycles in the city park. Since they are young and look like high school students, they are assigned to an undercover unit to infiltrate a drug ring that is supplying high school students synthetic drugs.
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I have to be honest, I never expected to like this movie, but boy was it good.
Buddy cop movies have been losing their waves. The thing is that all the buddy cop movies after Rush Hour 1 have been either too dull to comprehend or just mildly interesting and could just pass as a movie you've seen just to mark the register that you've seen it.

Based on a TV series of the same name which aired on Fox Network between 1987 and 1991, the series focuses on a squad of youthful-looking undercover police officers investigating crimes in high schools, colleges, and other teenage venues. The 2012 movie adaptation also had the former cast of the series; Johnny Depp and Peter DeLuise play a minor role.

Written by Jonah Hill who also starred in it, 21 is a movie that suits a cinema viewing with a box of popcorn at your side. Hill's performance was on a mild okay side, but the main cheese in the movie was Channing Tatum, who transcended from a jock to a nerd and still maintained his persona. I guess the most fun I had was when I saw Ice – Cube talking to the duo.

The movie was directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs). The directors and writers made sure you didn't have to go see the original to get the full taste of 21, as the film made do of the current pop culture in our time and how ironic and dumb it looks to make a fun movie and enough juice left to make another.

21 makes fun of everything in its path, even down to drugs, and how we kept expecting things to blow up and they just don't. The jokes keeps coming in from every corner making you laugh although.

The high moments in the movie was whenever the duo were together, the low moment was when they were apart.

The plot had the duo Hill and Tatum as Morton Schmidt and Greg Jenko (respectively), get deployed as undercover cops to a high school to bust a drug ring, and everything you'd expect to happen, doesn't. That's the fun of the movie.

All in all, why are you wasting time reading this go watch it.
21 Jump Street = Epic
So I've only just watch this film after it being out for such a long time.

I thought it was an amazing movie and most probably my movie of the year along side the dark knight rises maybe even better than the dark than the dark knight rises. Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum work really well.

With Johnny Deep at the end it works really well because of him being in the original series of 21 jump street.

So to finish this off great movie one of the best movies of the year 9/10 and great acting from Johan Hill and Channing Tatum.
Surprisingly funny.
I'll admit that i'm not a fan of Jonah Hill. Ever since his obnoxiously perverted turn in Superbad, I haven't been able to get that image of him out of my head. So, for that reason, and because they turned a classic drama series into a comedy, I was not looking forward to 21 Jump Street. And if you were thinking what I was thinking, you might end up surprised.

So, here's the premise: Two cops(Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum), who grew up hating each other, end up partners, but of course they're not very good at their job. Soon, they are sent on a mission: Pose as high school kids and find out who is selling this new exotic drug that killed a kid.

Even though the premise was used in a 90's movie called Never Been Kissed, the movie is still fun for the first hour and ten minutes. But in the final act, I started losing interest. I begin to lose interest when there is an extended action sequence, and that is the case for The Avengers.

I started liking the film from it's opening ten minutes. But if they were doing a 21 Jump Street movie, they should'nt have made it a comedy. They should've just made it the comedy that it is, and take out whatever references to the show they make. Tatum and Hill do make a good team, and Hill earned my respect a little. But hey, let's not get ahead of ourselves. I've read that he is going to be in Martin Scorsese's next movie, The Wolf on Wall Street, but come on, he doesn't deserve it.

Violence and profanity isn't funny
The target audience for this one seems to be high school boys. The well deserved R rating presents a challenge to get them into the theater.

While comedy is subjective, and there are some laughs, the repeated foul language and shooting people isn't funny.

Jonah Hill won't get an award nomination for this performance. He puts on the same braces that Ben Stiller wore in "Something About Mary" a far better comedy. The overall average acting is exposed in a two minute cameo by one of the best actors of our time.

The end credit sequence is a total assault on the senses. No need to rush out to see this. It will be just as bad on DVD or cable shortly.
By miles the best comedy of the year
From start to finish, I had a massive grin whilst watching this film. I have to say, I can't have been more impressed. Never for a second was I bored, and I burst out laughing at every joke, and I have to say, there's not many films I can say that about.

Sure, for more mature audiences the dick jokes and sight of teens partying might put them off the fun, but teens themselves will be impossibly thrilled. It's cleverly written and brilliantly stylised, and never lets up, not for a second.

Tatum and Hill work brilliantly together, and Johnny Depp's cameo (which I was not expecting and was pleasantly surprised by) was a real treat. And even the comedic car chases and shoot-outs had me on the edge of my seat, as well as laughing my ass off.

Another good point is the soundtrack: it's exciting and has a kind of retro 1980's feel, though it isn't too retro for modern audiences.

Overall, 21 Jump Street is perfect for teen or fun-loving audiences, but people looking for something serious won't be so thrilled. I enjoyed it so much.

Overall: 9.6/10

See it if you liked: Kick-Ass (2010), Hot Fuzz (2007), Superbad (2007), Scott Pilgrim vs the World (2010)
Good enough
Two friends and police officers are getting into the 21 jump street team, a police team that organizes under covered missions. The two men must post as high school students in order to find out who is selling lethal drugs to the students. However things doesn't go exactly as they supposed to. I watched 22 jump street first, so the 21 jump street seemed to me as a better, funnier and more successful movie. Apart from the constant cursing, which gets tiring after a while, the last scene with the old jump street members re appearing and getting killed, the fake nose and the inability to shoot the gun, apart from all that, it is a great comedy. To be honest, it is funny without trying too hard. Some of the movies that pass for comedies today are using too many sexual references and verbal abuse in order to make you laugh. But this film it's more original. Sure they do use them, but in a more normal level without overdoing it. The performances are okay, nothing extraordinary, the plot good enough and the action scenes as many as they should. So, for all that, I give 21 jump street a 6 out of 10.
We Are All Stupider For Having Seen This
I did not see this movie in the theaters and now I can honestly say I am really glad I didn't. After watching the DVD, I am still trying to figure out what the appeal is of this film. Is it Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum..? It does not make sense.

But for Bruno Wang, the most glaring aspect of this film, the one that makes it tank for me, is the fact that the film centers around a couple of oddly opposite misfits who wind up working for an undercover unit of the police department to infiltrate a synthetic drug ring and stop the drugs from spreading from one high school to many in the community. So the logic here is that drugs are bad, right? However, the movie then proceeds to glamorize the drug (HFS-which stands for Holy F*ing Sh*t) and shows 60s Batman-like graphics of the different phases of the drug's effects. Even more twisted is that one of the students dies after taking HFS. This is supposed to be funny?

The movie is based on the TV series and the plot is weak. Two guys, now in their mid 20s, who were at opposite ends of the social spectrum in high school (one a jock and one a nerd), meet back up again in police academy training where they figure out that their strong traits can help each other overcome their weaknesses and get them to pass the academy. Jonah Hill plays the nerd, Schmidt and Channing Tatum plays the jock, Jenko. Jenko helps Schmidt with the physical part of the training and Schmidt helps Jenko with the bookwork. Together they succeed in passing the academy where they are immediately assigned as park cops riding bicycles. In the park, they witness drug usage and wind up capturing one of the criminals but neglect to read him his Miranda rights. The screw up has them being reassigned to an undercover crime unit, 21 Jump Street. They are chosen for this because they have 'youthful looks' and supposedly will fit into a high school unnoticed.

The two wind up going back to their original high school posing as brothers and living in Schmidt's parents house. From here the movie is a strange mix of violence, drug humor and just bad plot. Schmidt and Jenko wind up accidentally trading identities while under the influence of HFS and now Jenko has to cut it with the nerds and Schmidt is hanging with the cool kids. The twist is that now the 'cool' kids are not the jocks, but the ones who are environmentalists and activists...and, in this case, also drug dealers.

Schmidt and Jenko are supposed to find the supplier of the drug before the drug spreads. After one massive failure after another they do eventually discover that it is the PE teacher, played by Rob Riggle. Riggle's role is the most unbelievable of all and really waters the film down. We have this half-cocked PE teacher who supposedly stumbles on to a formula for a synthetic drug and he now is supposedly dealing with underworld figures and guns etc.

Yes, there is a love interest, Schmidt is supposedly falling for one of the high school girls, Molly, who is in with the 'in' crowd in which Eric, played by Dave Franco. But again, here's a plot twist that is borderline sick, e.g., a 20 something guy hitting on a high school chick?

There is also a cameo appearance by original 21 Jump Street DEA Agents Tom Hanson (Johnny Depp) and Doug Penhall (Peter DeLuise) near the end of the film. Sadly, this is one film that not even Johnny Depp can save. The whole film is just a disturbingly bad amount of really stupid humor and, pretty much, unbelievable plot line. It leaves you feeling a little numb and dumb. I give this movie a Bruno Wang 1.5 stars out of 5. The laughs are few and far between and the plot appears written by a thirteen year old.
A pleasant surprise
Sometimes I find that the best films I see are those I know nothing about. Apparently, 21 Jump Street was based on a TV show from... (I don't know when, but it was, apparently). Anyway, I've never seen it, so I can't say how faithful the film was, compared to the TV series. Either way, it doesn't matter. The point is I knew nothing about the film and watched it anyway.

And I'm glad I did.

It's about two high school clichés - the nerd and the jock, spending their youth hating each other, only to become best friends when they both enrol in police training school. Then, after a botched bust, they're recruited by '21 Jump Street' to go undercover back to high school and crack a major drugs ring.

Based on the plot, I would say it sounded average. However, it does have one ingredient that most modern Hollywood comedies seem to be lacking these days - it's actually funny! I don't know why it is, but it is. Something about it just works. I think it's best not to try and overanalyse a film like this. If you do, you'll end up finding plot holes and ripping it apart for no good reason.

Just go with some adult humour and plenty of silliness (and watch out for the unexpected cameo near the end - okay, so if you know the TV series, maybe you're expecting it - but I wasn't, okay?).
An Honest Review
Have you seen it? No? There is likely a very good reason for that...it stinks.

Like nearly ALL the endless remakes and reboots that have been plaguing movie goers for the past decade or so....all this is, is a heartless version of the original.

It has no heart.

It has no soul.

It is a retelling of a film that we all love and cherish...and it adds nothing to the story. It improves nothing but the special effects--which held up very well over time--and in some cases belittles the fans of the original...particularly in the fact that they remade the movie at all, without adding anything clever to it.

Like so many other remakes it is a hallow shell of the original.
Hilarious movie that makes fun of everything, including itself
Going into this film, I was a bit skeptic. I'm not a fan of most American 'modern' comedies and I dislike high school comedies in general, so I expected to dislike this one to. But fortunately I was pleasantly surprised!

The movie kicks of with both Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) in high school, were Schmidt is being the big loser and Jenko the super popular kid. Fast forward 7 years and we both find them training to be a cop. Since Jenko has the mussel but lacks the brains, he teams up with Schmidt who scores A's on the theory but lacks the physical strength. They both made it to be police officers but when they screw over their first arrest, because Jenko couldn't remember the rights he has to read to the guy he arrests :D, they are send to 21 Jump Street for a 'special mission'. Here we meet Captain Dickson (Ice Cube) who assigns them to be undercover cops in a high school, to act like high school students and find out were these new lethal drugs are coming from. Hilarity starts when they have their roles reversed and Jenko is stuck with the nerds and Schmidt is suddenly a very popular guy. Will the two still remember to actually act as cops and solve the drug dealer problem or just relive their high school years?

The funniest thing about 21 Jump Street is that both Jenko and Schmidt don't look like teenagers at all which causes all kind of weird situations. It's hilarious when they try to blend in but fail utterly because it isn't 2005 anymore. I like how they mix typical high school humor with police movie clichés and make fun of both genres.

I liked both Hill and Tatum in this one, there was good chemistry between the characters and they really looked like partners. The supporting cast also did a good job, especially Rob Riggle as the crazy Mr. Walters. I'm having the opinion that Ice Cube cannot act, but he was descent in this movie. And it was hard to screw up the part he had, just swear a lot should be easy for a guy like him, right? (He is also referenced in the soundtrack in the form of a N.W.A. track)

The only problems I had with this movie is that I didn't like the parts were there is to much high school stuff going on and in the final act the movie get's slightly more serious. But the action scenes are great, especially the car chase with Jonah Hill dressed as Peter Pan.. :P I also could do with less dick jokes but hey, it's still an American comedy.. ;)

So do check this one out if you could use a laugh and love to see some action as well.
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