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24 Hours to Live
Hong Kong, South Africa
IMDB rating:
Brian Smrz
Jenna Upton as Kate
Brendan Murray as Zed / Red Mountain Leader
Richard Lothian as Red Mountain Guy
Qing Xu as Lin
Paul Anderson as Jim Morrow
Nathalie Boltt as Doctor Helen
Tyrone Keogh as Keith Zera
Liam Cunningham as Wetzler
Tanya van Graan as Jasmine Morrow
Ethan Hawke as Travis Conrad
Rutger Hauer as Frank
Storyline: An assassin seeks redemption after being given a second chance at life.
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Terrible to sit through watching a very bad film
The screenplay sucks big time, the dialog fills contrite, the acting awkward, Ethan Hawk acted quite awkward from the very beginning like a B movie actor. The way he could use some device to cancel a passenger flight is even ridiculous. The guy could fly all over the world and landed himself to meet the Chinese woman was even more ridiculous. Then he suddenly became a pick-up artist to move in to her and successfully invited her to dinner. Jesus, what a charming man.

I guess this is another film invested by some Chinese rich guys, otherwise the screenplay and the director would not have turned out so bad and so lame. I couldn't hold my interest to keep watching this lousy film over twenty minutes since the plot, the scenarios, the dialog and acting just so badly mixed up into a stinking crap, qualified to directly release to B movie DVD rentals in supermarkets. For me, even paying a dollar for the rental is kinda expensive.
Decent action thriller.
This is a pretty action packed thriller primarily featuring Ethan Hawke. Rutger Hauer is listed as co star but actually features very little in the screenplay, certainly a lot less than many of the other cast members, but I suppose even though the highlight of his popularity was a few decades ago, his name still carries some considerable credibility.

Anyway its a good film and satiates the craving for an action filled fix featuring an almost indestructible hero irrespective of grossly outnumbered opposition, gun fire and even death. Of course, as with any good Hollywood hero, a good looking sexy woman is all that's needed to trump him, and in spite of some of her other inadequacies, this bad-ass-lass with a repertoire of action moves all her own also contributes considerably to the on screen mayhem.

Fortunately dialog, character interaction, and attention to detail are pretty much secondary considerations to the theme, screenplay and deadly combat on display, so at least some of the lets say 'questionable' occurrences can be overlooked, but a little more care and attention to detail is still warranted. Close those loopholes, tighten the script, plot, and progression so glaringly obvious issues are at least addressed sensibly. I don't want to include any spoilers but suffice to say our Interpol agent is given too wide a birth regarding her capabilities and competence, and it does impact the realism somewhat.

OK as I said before this isn't a film that relies too heavily on character depiction and dialog. For the most part there is a good standard of acting. I don't like Ethan Hawke but he's a good actor and as usual, he does a commendable job here. It's a competent cast generally, but Quin Xu who plays Lin our Interpol agent probably delivers one of the weakest parts.

The direction is good, the script is good, not great but good; some questionable screenplay in places but mostly good. Fight and action scenes are fair to good. There are some of the earmarks typical to this sort of flick where a single hero goes against multiple enemies, and the bad guys dance around him looking menacing while waiting to be shot, beaten up, or killed, but it's done reasonably well considering. It's convincing enough to make Hawke a bonafide action hero, though this film doesn't reach the 'John Wick' standard in the choreographed fight scenes.

I really liked the plot. A slight variation on 'bad guy comes good to topple the evil-corp' etc, but still a good iteration and some nice patchwork on well worn thread.

Overall most things in this film work well, certainly the important things. They bring it together in a nicely formatted action movie that is enjoyable and satisfying. Could it be better? yes undoubtedly, but its still a good film worth watching. I give it an honest 7 and recommend a watch.
Poor script, tepid entertainment
I'll keep this brief, because frankly, that's all this film deserves.

Whilst the premise of a good revenge film has been masterminded in recent years by action packed thrillers such as 'Taken', 'John Wick' and 'Atomic Blonde', '24 Hours To Live' lands very much at the other end of the scale.

The story from the off seems like a convoluted concoction of 'Crank' and 'John Wick', by someone who's never actually seen either. There's plot holes galore, terrible acting (even Ethan Hawke, who is at least serviceable manages to pull off a poor, almost over the top, performance), what almost appear to be dubbed vocals half the time for 'Lin' and the script writing in general is pretty awful (every trope you'd expect, its in there).

The film does have it's occasional highlights, some of the action sequences are fairly well done, but in the end that doesn't come close to making up for this bargain bin DVD rendition of 'John Wick'.

A great Ethan Hawke action movie
i give this movie 8/10 yep i'm sure you wonder how come, so let me explain there's nothing in this movie you haven't seen before but there is something different about it, you'll have to see it to see what i mean it's a mix of action, thriller, and fiction, but it's Ethan Hawke that makes it all fit. i'm a fan of Ethan Hawke, and in this movie he does what i enjoy to see him best - kick ass, and he delivers. the movie flows, smoothly, and non-stop. sure it has some holes in it, most movies have, but at the end you'll get a great dose of Ethan Hawke action, which in parts can remind John Wick, one man vs dozens of well armed and trained killers. the movie takes place in south Africa so the location makes the movie more exotic and bit more real. the actions scenes and well made, the actors are making a good job, and the movie won't stuck in long dialog or boring takes. it's a great fun movie for those who would like to enjoy some good action, Ethan Hawke is a great action actor, i wish he had much more roles like this he can handle it great (he did have parts in action flicks since Training Day), the way he moves, shoots, drive, and bleeding is simply so authentic you can just lay back and enjoy.

although there are some twists in the movie, any veteran would predict them in advance, but for me, the entire movie, from the first scene to the last was pure enjoyment, do not expect too much and you'll be surprised, highly recommended!
Plot is simple, action is acceptable, but the Chinese element is amateurishly injected
If the story is about a retired killer returning to the scene & then end up destroying the organization that hired him, fine. That idea is not new but it certainly can be done & we could all still have fun watching the action. Alas, they tried to complicate it & in turn spoil it.

The Chinese character is badly thought out & badly executed. In the beginning, she's supposed to be a bad-ass Interpol agent, the sole reason why the mole guy escaped the local militia ambush. She's also very sharp at discovering that Travis wasn't a salesman (albeit after sleeping with him & could have been killed). & yet after that she's just a helpless useless mother. She didn't even realize the fact that in any VIP escort or hostage situation, the target always is placed in the middle car & she needed Travis to tell her that. Really? This just doesn't seem congruent at all.

The way she sometimes speak in Mandarin to Travis is also unnatural & doesn't fit into the flow of the film. & why would they be speaking Mandarin if they're from HongKong, the Cantonese place, ye?

The "technology" that revolves around "24 hours" gave rise to the massacre & also to the 'timing' on Ethan's life is the center of the movie, but it is inadequately explained. It also doesn't make the ending 'twist' where Travis seems to be revived again by the doctor because he let her live more interesting. This movie isn't getting a sequel. His life is resolved & he's happy to die. So that piece of addition is kind of pointless. Revive him every 24h, really?

Ethan Hawke's part is okay, but he's kinda of bogged down by Lin's character. He could have just mugged her phone at the airport or kill her in some toilet or corners & be done with it instead of dragging her to dinner then to bed, but without that you don't really have the plot, do you? Oh well....

So all in all, it's watchable if you can overlook certain logical stuff. The action is 2nd-rate but okay, worth the popcorn. Ethan Hawke, by himself, is OK to watch. The Chinese injection just plain bad.
Bad Title. Worse Movie?
¡¡Spoilers Ahead!! I wrote this as I watched it in "real time" to make reviewing this bomb remotely interesting.

Seriously, "24 Hours to Live" is this the best you can come up with for a name? It's like they just gave up on trying to have a single, solitary, original thought and worked from a basket full of clichés.

They could have just left out the whole plot device of the protagonist only having 24 hours to live and the movie wouldn't have changed at all. It was sorta dumb.

Goof: In the beginning they say it's the Florida Keys but you see hills in the background. Anyone who has ever been there knows it's all barely above water. No big deal, but still. Just say it is where it is.

The tired old story of the burned-out case who has lost his wife and kid. The thing is, if the guy was such a creep he was probably crap at being a husband and probably worse at being a dad so he should be relieved that he was relieved of those duties.

Just when the plot begins to thicken there is a shootout amid shipping containers which was horribly choreographed and stupid. I'm not sure a film can survive such an infantile action sequence (another spoiler alert: it doesn't recover).

So the Interpol woman knew that her information had been compromised yet they didn't move their witness? How good could she be? How good could the writers be? Not very, is my answer. This leads to another idiotic shootout with multiple soldiers with assault rifles against the woman with a pistol inexplicably dragging a perfectly healthy man behind her. Even more inexplicable is how the hero shows up just in time to run over two guys about to execute the woman and the witness…and she just happens to be out of bullets right when she goes to shoot him. Up to this point the guns used seemed magic and not in need of reloading.

In this scene there's also a dumb car chase, of course.

Either the woman is a really, really bad actress or the director is really, really bad at his job, or both but any way you slice it things come out bad for viewers.

The flashbacks of dead wife and kid thing got old the first time. The tired thing of the wife not liking what he does for a living has been done to death, no pun intended although I'm not sure that was a pun. Perhaps it was a poor choice of words but I'm not getting paid to write this so who cares? He says to his wife, "I can't keep having this conversation." Exactly what I was thinking about this lame plot device.

"Your wife and son?" she asks of a photo. "No, it's my parents." Who else would it be, you moron? "Faster! We can't lose them." Brilliant dialogue.

And then it gets really stupid.

13 shooters and not one of them has ever fired a weapon before? How else can you explain that they all missed? The shootouts are all like a Harlem Globetrotters game against the Generals. They should have hired Don Knots to be the leader.
Very enjoyable action thriller worth the watch!
Ethan Hawke is always awesome in all his films and this one is no exception. His amazing fast paced action kept you reeled into this film. At first I thought "great, another one of these films" but it was very well done. Great direction, writing/screenplay, cinematography and action scenes. It was great to see Rutger Hauer in a film - been a while, but it was also enjoyable to see GOT's 'Sir Davos' Liam Cunningham in a role he played well. Much better film than I expected and certainly not deserving of its low rating. It's a well deserved 9/10 from me!
It's not very good but I can't pinpoint what
This film tells the story of an assassin, who is shot by the bodyguard of the target he has to assassinate. He is mysteriously revived and is given another mission that lasts for 24 hours.

I keep thinking there is something wrong with this film, but I can't pinpoint what it is. Maybe it's because of the absurdity of reviving someone for 24 hours. Why try and succeed in the mission, when you'll die in 24 hours regardless of success or failure? Another thing is that there seems to be a lot of movie logic present. Why use an office that is completely exposed to being shot, when you're interviewing a high value target? The story doesn't make much sense.
Action movie Renaissance is officially on...
Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying this is a great movie. By all means no. It has a decent plot, couple of twists and well acted characters.

What i want to focus on is the primary goal of every action movie: delivering understandable action. Now since "John Wick" came out i've watched a lot of action movies and started to notice a change in the way action is filmed and edited. Of course there are a lot of quick cut/shaky madness action films from recent years, but for every "Sleepless" you get a movie like "Acts of Vengeance", for every "Kickboxer 2" you get "Boyka: Undisputed", for "The Hunter's Prayer" you get "Bushwick" and for "American Assassin" you get "24 Hours to Live". What i mean by this? These movies actually let us see what is going on in terms of action scenes.

In this particular movie when Ethan Hawke fights, we see all of it. No quick cuts. The camera moves in wide angle, giving us a clear view. Gun fights have clear sense of direction and geography. Even shootouts during car chase are done better, than in larger films. Now is it as good as "John Wick Chapter Two" or "Atomic Blonde"? No! But it's better than most.

So if you want to watch and enjoy an Action film, where you don't get lost in the action itself, i definitely recommend this movie.
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