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47 Meters Down
USA, UK, Dominican Republic
Drama, Thriller, Adventure, Horror
IMDB rating:
Johannes Roberts
Matthew Modine as Taylor
Santiago Segura as Benjamin
Claire Holt as Kate
Yani Gellman as Louis
Mandy Moore as Lisa
Storyline: Two sisters are exploring the deep blue sea until something goes wrong. As they submerge 47m they encounter a creature that only wants flesh and blood. As they fight their way back to the top, they shortly run out of oxygen. With only an hour left they're not only racing against time they are racing against life and death.
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The best shark movie since jaws
Why is this a 6 ? what is wrong with people's expectations these days ? This is simply the best shark movie you have ever seen . I wouldn't want to write why , you ll have to go see to find out.This movie was exceptionally directed , it will give a thrill ride that you ll be forced to remember, DO NOT UNDERRATE THIS GEM !!
Are you serious? Worst movie I've seen in a while
No story development

Director should do their homework on diving as a start - 47m down you have 9mins air period.

Unrealistic - just awful in so many areas.

Cages, divers, emergency equipment lo and behold all fail together.

Sharks made to be massive dogs that just want to chew everything in site.

Sudden loud music to achieve 'shark scary' moment.

Nothing in the movie was believable, the story, the acting, the character development. Absolute rubbish - should have donated the money spent in this movie to the homeless.

The only achievement of this movie is to scare the general unfamiliar public with 'sharks' the size of small houses.

Don't know what movie the other reviewers saw.
Solid, entertaining movie keeps you entertained until the very end, and IGNORE the dive experts please
OK, so this movie was quite nice! I saw it at a sneak preview, had no expectations and was surprised in a positive way. Its no Oscar-winner, the constant moaning of the girls kinda irritated me a few times but overall...scary, but not in an 'average shark movie' way, some nice twist and just fun!

So why this kinda dull review? Well, I read a lot of reviews on IMDb, never feel the urge to write one. But there is something with IMDb reviews which bothers the hell out of me. Allow me:

There is this guy here (he must be so much fun at parties), who wrote a review presenting 14 reasons or so, why the diving in this movie was impossible/not logical/not realistic or whatever. Therefore, the movie received one star. This bothers me. Why? Allow me again:

So, I do not dive, but I teach at University. Not really movie material, but let's say a movie is made about the life of a University teacher (why would you do that you ask? good question). Let's say in this movie, ALL details about the very complex and technical nature of ' University teacher' are impossible/not logical/not realistic. But, the movie is fun and entertaining. Why, oh why in Gods name, would I feel the urge to write a review to correct all these 'mistakes' related to something I happen to be an expert in?

In other words, why do so many reviewers here feel this urge to correct the impossible/not logical/not realistic with regard to something they happen to know a lot of? Just enjoy the movie (or not, if its s*cky), but over-analyzing it from your 'expert view'? To be honest, most of us don't really care about that and just want to enjoy the movie...
Acting killed it......
I wanted to like this film. The tension was pretty good, the jump scares with the shark were pretty good, but i'm sorry, the acting was just TERRIBLE. It was cringe-worthily bad. I do not know much of these 2 actresses, but whoever gave them a role in this film should be kicking themselves. This would have been a great film if they had found better actors.
Terribly boring.
This film is pretty much just two girls floating in a cage under water. That's it. Sharks appear once or twice very briefly.

I could have just drawn some bars in marker pen on the door of my shower and filmed myself sitting inside for 90 minutes. It would have been exactly the same movie.

Don't waste your time. Watch 'The Shallows' instead.
simple premise
Sisters Lisa (Mandy Moore) and Kate (Claire Holt) are vacationing at a Mexican resort. Lisa reveals that her boyfriend Stuart had broken up with her. The girls connect with a couple of locals who take them to a shark cage excursion on Captain Taylor (Matthew Modine)'s boat. The cage is lowered five meters but something goes wrong. The cage sinks and lands some 47 meters below the surface with sharks circling above.

The premise is exceeding simple. Many shark movies are relatively simple. Two aspects do hold this back. The girls have to wear masks which limit any acting strictly to their voice work. The second is the blue nothingness. Everything looks the same and there's no way to comprehend the geography. The sharks come out of nowhere. One could dread every moment waiting for the sharks but I tend to drop the entire pretense and get bored. The final reveal is not that compelling. It's not my type of shark movie.
Decent Premise, Bad Acting
I went in with somewhat low expectations, despite promising reviews. Someone said it was much better than the Shallows, which I really enjoyed, but in my opinion the two movies don't even compare. This movie had promise, but I just could not get past the horrible acting. I am a Mandy Moore fan, but this movie was nothing short of a teenie bopper (even though I know the characters were older than that) wanna be underwater thriller.

Bad writing, bad acting, and totally predictable. I was not entertained, nor scared. The premise was good, but they failed to produce the quality of work that this film had the potential to be.
Nice Movie, Realistic, Could have used more creatures
Overall a nice movie, realistic, could have used more creatures, scope of using an angler fish was good in one scene(flash light scene). Lesson learned: Not to go cage diving if the cage is holding off to rope, make sure steel cable is being used. My review has ended, but I have to type to meet the minimum requirements to post my review.
don't see this..........just look at the movie poster!!!
Bad movie can't tell people too see it look at movie poster the best thing about this movie........don't even see it if it comes on TV......bad movie..........sorry just a bad bad bad movie worst movie ever!!!!!!! !can't tell you how it ends its a bad bad movie...acting is bad the plot is bad the whole movie is so bad out of 10 stars 1 star that's it
47 meters down
we went to the drive in to see this movie and i have to say it was the stupidest movie i have ever seen. really has no story line. yes there were a few scary moments when the sharks would come from out of no where but i figured it would be better than it was. previews had you wanting to see more. i would like to have seen more action in the movie than two girls plummeting to the ocean floor and staying there the whole movie it never shows anything after that. by far the stupidest movie I've seen yet.
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