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A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner!
USA, Canada
Fantasy, Family
IMDB rating:
Savage Steve Holland
Tara Strong as Animated Poof (voice)
Devon Weigel as Vicky
Christie Laing as Janice
Daran Norris as Timmy's Dad / Animated Cosmo (Voice)
Randy Jackson as Baby Poof (voice)
Steven Weber as Hugh J. Magnate
David Lewis as Denzel Crocker
Mark Gibbon as Jorgen von Strangle
Drake Bell as Timmy
Daniella Monet as Tootie
Teryl Rothery as Timmy's Mom
Cheryl Hines as Wanda
Susanne Blakeslee as Animated Wanda (voice)
Storyline: Timmy turns 23 and his godparents are fighting to keep him, while Crocker is still up to his nefarious schemes.
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"The Fairly OddParents" is a crappy cartoon and it shouldn't ever have a live-action adaptation. For some reason, the producers of this movie thought that it would be amusing to see a twenty-three-year-old man acting as a ten-year-old kid. Personally, I found that to be both creepy and depressing.

Like most of the live-action adaptations of cartoons, this has a very ugly and unappealing visual style, with terrible CGI that doesn't combine well with the real action and actors dressed like cosplayers from a fan-made movie.

The plot seem more like something borrowed from a fanfic, and it doesn't even make sense with the rest of the series (I know that "The Fairly OddParents" never cared that much about stuff like continuity and consistency with its own canon, but the ending of this movie is just ridiculous)

What is the point of making live-action versions of cartoons anyway? Those movies are ugly, annoying and poorly made. If I were a fan of "The Fairly OddParents", what I would like to see is one animated movie from that show, instead of seeing Drake Bell doing a lame cosplay version of that series.

The live-action movie versions of cartoons simply can't imitate their animated counterparts: Terrible films such as "Garfield", "Scooby Doo", "Alvin and the Chimpunks" and this one are enough proof of that.
Not as bad as you might think. Daniella Monet made it worth watching.

Just before the third "Jimmy-Timmy Power Hour" crossover TV-movie, Butch Hartman claimed he was running out of ideas for The Fairly Odd-Parents. Yet it seems that just when he thinks he can get out, either Nickelodeon keeps pulling him back in, or another idea for the cartoon that made him famous forms in his head. Either way, like a lot of other people, I expected this to be Nickelodeon's "Howard the Duck." Jennifer Stone already appeared in two bad remakes in disguise. We can only hope Daniella Monet doesn't start making the same mistakes.

Timmy Turner is now 23 years old, and refuses to grow up and make a life for himself in order to keep his fairy godparents, Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof, all of which are in CGI, and voiced by the same cast who provided their voices since the days when it was a hand-drawn "Oh Yeah, Cartoons" segment. His parents are anxious for him to move out, and his teacher Denzel Crocker is still convinced that the reason he's still in elementary school is because of his fairy godparents. Chester and AJ often appear on the sidelines watching Timmy's antics, and bragging about the benefits of being more than just a legal adult. Vicky now runs a day care center and treats kids with the same lack of TLC she did when she was a teenager. Because Timmy never fell in love, except with the noticeably absent Trixie Tang, he has never been in danger of losing the two and later three who have been saving his butt from the misery of childhood and adolescence since he was ten years old. But suddenly while watching a ceremony for the groundbreaking of a combined hotel/oil well(yeah, that'd bring in customers), along comes this gorgeous brunette who strolls over and tries to stop Hugh J. Magnate(Steven Weber), the man who wants to build it. That brunette turns out to be none other than Tootie, the geeky sister of Vicky who had a mad crush on him when they were little kids. The ugly ducking evolving into a beautiful swan routine has been done to death, but Daniella is such a turn-on as grown up Tootie, you won't care. Besides that she wasn't even ugly playing as the Tootie of Timmy's memories.

Needless to say, he makes wishes to help Tootie to stop them, and now his fairy godparents are scared because he's falling in love with her, and spend much of the movie trying to stop him. He knows this too, but he's not as concerned as they are, until they're about to kiss. Timmy's 23 and he's afraid to kiss this beauty? Hell, if I were 23, I'd not only kiss her, I'd wrap my arms around her, run my fingers through her hair, and do things to her that even Cartoon Network's Adult Swim time-slot wouldn't show! Meanwhile Mr. Crocker sets up a meeting with the tycoon who wanted to build that hotel, and reveals the existence of Timmy's Fairy Godparents. Anyone else would blow him off as the nut case he truly is and send him to the booby hatch, but the tycoon decides to team up with him to stop Timmy and Tootie. I'm going to say this, and I don't care if I get tons of hate mail in my IMDb box; David Lewis made an excellent Denzel Crocker. Daran Norris, who voiced both Cosmo and Timmy's dad was also an excellent choice to play as his dad in live-action.

Despite the fact that it has a scene that puts Tootie in peril, it's not as Wagnerian as made-for-TV movie versions of FOP, most notably "Abra-Catastrophe" and "Channel Chasers." Whatever else you may say about it, you have to give them some credit for staying true to the spirit of the cartoon, right down to the prop department. Live-action Dimmsdale is as loaded with 1950's and 1960's era cars and trucks as the original cartoon was, although it would've been nice to see a live-action version of Mr. & Mrs. Turner's mid-1960's Ford Country Squire station wagon. There's also a scene where Chester and AJ are given some supposedly hot girlfriends(twins, in fact), and turn to the camera and ask if we're jealous. Not of you two. Of Timmy? Definitely!
Cute, funny, live-action rendition of a modern cartoon classic!
This is a kids' movie, to say the least, but since I'm a kid at heart, I enjoyed every minute of it. I wonder what people expect from a cartoon-turned live-action movie anyway...well, judging from all the negative reviews, I'd say a lot. And might I also say: get a grip! It's a cartoon...turned into a live-action movie. It's supposed to be silly, goofy, and over-the-top. It's based on a car-toon. It's not rocket surgery.

I have loved the Fairly Oddparents since they started coming on Nickelodeon many, many years ago. I like Drake Bell, and I love Daniella Monet...a lot. She's always been a really cute, pleasant actress to watch, and now that's she's an adult, she has turned into a stellar beauty with lots of acting potential. I even watch a guilty pleasure (Victorious) with her in it, and the entire cast of that show is just a fun bunch to watch.

This movie has all the "classic" characters, with Vicky being the only exception that I didn't really care for. It's a tried-again standard plot of the cartoon series, so nothing new there, and the ending is a little forced and over-the-top (even for this movie), but I still watched the entire thing, beginning to end, never got bored, and even chuckled a few times. It was fun, and Mr Crocker actually stole the show. I was actually hoping he'd be the main bad guy, but nothing doing. I guess the writers/directors/producers didn't want to go that far down Timmy Turner Lane at this point in the series.

Daniella Monet is an absolute beauty, and I hope she doesn't do anything silly like resorting to plastic surgery to fix her (a tad childish) cheeks. She'll grow out of them if she can just wait. And those boots she wore: red vinyl go-go boots, very reminiscent of the ones Mary Horowitz wears in the movie All About Steve. I wonder if maybe the wardrobe/costume designers were related somehow...

Enjoy it for what it is: good, clean fun. If you liked the cartoon series, I don't see any reason why this won't entertain you as well for a little over an hour. It's a worthy addition to the franchise, I'm sad to see it go. I think everyone did a good job with it and look forward to watching it again in the near future.
Very enjoyable
I actually only heard about this live-action film maybe 2 or 3 days ago, and then managed to catch it on TV the next day right before it started. I was pretty skeptical of how it would turn out since turning a cartoon into a live-action film is incredibly risky and just wouldn't be the same, but since I had enjoyed the show so much back in middle school (I'm in college now) I though I'd give it a shot.

You never really realize just how WEIRD cartoons are until you see what it would be like in real life. Pirate ships crashing through your bedroom and people moving at remarkably fast speeds (lol!) but I just found it to be SO funny and enjoyable! It just brought me back to a simpler time. It was very cool to see these animated characters come to life. Mom and dad, Mr. Crocker, Vicky and Tootie, the mayor and Chompy the goat. It was all great fun, and I was pretty impressed with how well a lot of them turned out. Casting Daran as Dad was a great move since he's the actor who voices him (along with Cosmo and Jorgan), and Mr. Crocker was just hilarious and a dead ringer for his cartoon counterpart.

The plot line was childish and seemed a bit unusual for a live-action film, but you have to remember that this is all based off of a cartoon and it worked well for that particular show.

All in all, I laughed a lot and it was fun to see all the characters I loved as a kid come to life. It brought a lot of nostalgia and I'd recommend it to any FOP fan with a good sense of humor who's up for a good laugh.
An Absolute Joke
This movie is so bad that it left me speechless when it was over. All I keep asking myself was WHY WHY WHY? Some films are so bad that all you can do is laugh. "A Fairly Odd Movie" is not one of them. I just stared in utter horror the entire way through. Everything about this movie was wrong: making it live action, Timmy's casting, the script...everything. How they got Jason Alexander to sign on I'll never know.

Most of all, this heaping pile of poop is a disgrace to "The Fairly Odd Parents".

"A Fairly Odd Movie" was just so unnecessary. The moron who green-lighted it needs to be fired. Nickelodeon should be ashamed.
Perfectly captures the style of the TV series.
The world premiere of Nickelodeon's new, made-for-TV movie based on their long-running TV series "The Fairly OddParents" aired this evening. I spent a good portion of my morning and afternoon watching the 10 original "The Fairly OddParents" shorts (made between 1998 and 2001 for Nickelodeon's "Oh Yeah! Cartoons") so I could refresh my memory of the beginnings of the series before seeing the end. Those original shorts, and the earliest seasons of the series (which started its first full season in 2001) are full of offbeat humor and larger-than-life characters. Every character, every story line is over-the-top, but always brilliantly so.

That's why I'm happy to report the new, live-action movie is just as over-the-top as the earliest episodes: a now 23-year-old Timmy Turner is still in the 5th grade, completely content to live like a child if it means he can keep his fairy god parents, Cosmo and Wanda (much to the chagrin of his parents). Unfortunately for Cosmo and Wanda, the once obnoxious Tootie has moved back to Dimmsdale as a full-grown woman. Even worse: she's captured Timmy's attention. When an evil oil magnate teams up with Denzel Crocker to capture the fairies and harvest their magic powers for evil, Timmy has to make the biggest decision of his eternally-youthful life: will he grow up and be with Tootie, or will he leave Tootie to rescue his oldest friends?

The editing and pacing of the movie are reminiscent of a typical episode from the TV series: Mom & Dad quickly swoop into scenes to toss out some quick dialogue, and swoop out as quickly as they came; Denzel Crocker's erratic twitches when he says "FAIRY-GOD-PARENTS" are intact; Cosmo's idiocy is as smooth as ever. Long-time fans of the TV series will find a lot of little touches in the styling of the film to appreciate it (my personal favorite: an appearance by Chompy the Goat).

As a capstone to one of Nickelodeon's biggest successes, it is as good as a live-action movie based on an over-the-top, highly stylized cartoon could be. It is not, however, a perfect movie. The whole thing isn't much longer than an extended episode of the TV series. It only filled its 90-minute time slot because of the long commercial breaks. As a result, most of the supporting characters are only seen briefly, and are anything but developed. Tootie, who hasn't lived in Dimmsdale for thirteen years, has somehow never gotten over her third-grade crush on Timmy. Timmy's feeling of repulsion toward Tootie quickly switches into admiration, and not too long after, his Love-O-Meter (which Wanda checks regularly) is beeping madly. Evil babysitter Vicky appears so briefly, there's almost no point to her being in the movie beyond a one-note joke (it involves Vicky's chosen career for her adult life). Timmy's childhood pals, Chester and AJ, appear just long enough to establish what has become of them since elementary school, but do little else to support the story than give Timmy a ride because he only owns a bicycle.

Then there's an issue of inconsistency with the fairies. The Schwarzenegger-like fairy Jorgen Von Strangle is portrayed in the movie by a human actor. A scene in the later part of the film depicts many other fairies in human form. So why do Cosmo and Wanda spend all but maybe five minutes of the movie as creepy computer-animated versions of the series' classic 2-D depictions? For that roughly five minutes of screen time, Jason Alexander and Cheryl Hines portray full-sized human versions of the magical duo. Susanne Blakeslee and Daran Norris continue to provide voices to the animated Cosmo and Wanda (as they have done since the series premiered). Ignoring the fact that the animated and live-action voices of Cosmo and Wanda do not match (a fact alluded to by Mr. Alexander and Miss Hines shortly after their first appearance on screen), one is left with no explanation as to why these two fairies were computer-animated for the bulk of the movie, and every other fairy is seen in full-sized human form. With today's technology, it should not have been hard to digitally shrink Mr. Alexander and Miss Hines so they could float around Timmy during the movie. It would have been better if the filmmakers had made the creative decision that all non-magical humans would appear normally, and all fairies would appear in CGI form. The gag the humanized Cosmo and Wanda appear for could easily have been accomplished with a bit of magic from the CGI fairies. The fact that the humanized Cosmo and Wanda never reappear after that scene makes it all the more distracting. I should also mention that Poof (Cosmo and Wanda's son, introduced in 2008) also appears in CGI form with his parents (he's a pretty silent role until the end of the film, when he opens his mouth and releases a surprise voice).

Fairy inconsistencies aside, the movie is definitely worth a screening for long-time fans of the series. It's not brilliant movie-making, but it is a sweet little coda to the long-running series (seen on Nickelodeon in short and series form since 1998). I've already added the first season of the TV series to my Amazon.com shopping list, and when this movie finds it's way to DVD/BD, I'll most likely add it to my movie library.

I give "A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner!" a total of 7 Magic Wands out of a possible 10: *\ *\ *\ *\ *\ *\ *\
Perhaps this cartoon doesn't lend itself well to live action
So why exactly was this live action? Really for gimmicks sake, but I imagine it was a successful gimmick, and one that peaked many viewers' interests (including myself). So basically what we have is a live action version of a cartoon show that doesn't particularly lend itself to live action, with a plot that zips along at about an hour, with no real time to build up anything that feels cinematic. Basically, this feels like a longer, live action episode of the show (though it would have to take place long after the series), that probably would have been better as a cartoon.

Timmy Turner (Drake Bell) is 23, still in the fifth grade, and still living with his parents so he can keep his fairy godparents Cosmo and Wanda. At a public event to destroy the town park, he sees Tootie (Daniella Monet) who has now become an activist, and he begins to fall in love with her. Cosmo and Wanda can't let this happen, because he will lose them, while meanwhile an oil tycoon Hugh Magnate (Steven Weber) and Timmy's crazy teacher Mr. Crocker (David Lewis) hatch a scheme to steal Timmy's godparents.

The performances are fine, if not a little corny. Drake Bell is really hamming it up with his overly enthusiastic acting job, but for a 23 year old man-child this seems quite tame compared to Pee-Wee Herman or Madtv's Stewart, so it could be way goofier. Daniella Monet plays Tootie and she gives an okay performance, about what you'd expect from Nickelodeon. Mark Gibbon plays Jorgen von Strangle quite well, and sounds a lot like him from the animated show. Daran Norris who plays Cosmo and Mr. Turner on the cartoon show, also played both of them here, and was actually quite funny and sort of deranged looking as Timmy's dad. Everybody is over the top, as this is a live action cartoon, and there's no drama at all, but whatever, it's not really a movie, just a goofy extended finale (?) to the series.

Nothing really stands out as being particularly good here. The plot plods along very quickly, assuming we all know the characters already, as most watching should. The ending is forced, and corny, and kind of bizarre in how fast Timmy and Tootie's relationship has progressed so quickly, but whatever, it had a nice message. Jason Alexander and Cheryl Hines show up for some reason as Cosmo and Wanda when they take the form of human beings to destroy Timmy's date, and there's no reason whatsoever for them, except for some celebrity cameos, and again, they're fine in the roles, but pointless.

Everything here moves along as quick as it possibly can, and while it's pretty entertaining is a very stupid way, it's also not really cinematic, and many of the plot points are retread from other episodes, but it's basically what one would expect when they heard about a made for TV live action Fairly Oddparents movie. Not a lot of laughs, many of the jokes fall flat because these cartoony gags don't really work too well in live action, especially live action filmed as safe and sit-commy as this, but at the same time it's not boring, the colors are bright, and the story moves along thanks to silly (not a bad thing) performances and a short running time. And if you love the ending to Back to the Future parts 1 or 3, and have longed for the Fairly Oddparents to homage it, then your wait is over. Expect goofy entertaining mediocrity, and you will probably enjoy this to some degree.

My rating: ** out of ****. 60 mins. Not rated, contains some "poopy" humor.
An Abomination of Television
I feel that as a once avid fan of the show and as a living breathing human being that this was the worst thing I've ever had the misfortune of sitting through. Even if the creators had attempted to make this watchable (which they did not), it would not have mattered in the slightest, because the very premise of Grow Up Timmy Turner is wrong. The Fairly Oddparents was NEVER meant to be live action, and anyone who saw The Last Airbender can attest to that.

And this is without even mentioning the dialogue (which is atrocious even by kid TV standards), the characters (whose attributes in no way reflected those of the actual cartoon characters), and the complete miscasting of Drake Bell, Jason (George Costanza) Alexander, and Cheryl Hines.

Even the defense that "it's just for kids" would be invalid because Nickelodeon has created some of television's best shows, shows that to this day I still remember fondly (Rugrats, SpongeBob, Rocket Power, Doug, Hey Arnold, and EVEN Fairly Oddparents!). Every person involved with this production should be ashamed of themselves for not only creating such dreck but for insulting the intelligence of every viewer ages 0 and up!
Are you kidding me?
This is a joke! Absolute bullshit! The acting is pretty bad, I mean what's the point of making a crappy film if you know people are gonna hate it! The cartoon i like but this... no. I'm sorry but this is a joke. And the actors were annoying as hell... especially Cheryle Hines and Jason Alexander as Cosmo and Wanda. And some characters were disturbing and crappy and weren't meant for this utter file that you call a film. When the movie started, I sighed and yawned, and at the ending I wanted to shoot myself. And when Tootie came in I was like, "What the hell happened to Trixie?" And Jorgan was weird... so was a lot of charac-let me refrase that... ALL of the characters sucked! Utter crap. Don't watch it.
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