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Thriller, Action
IMDB rating:
Peter Engert
Bo Mitchell as Cowboy Hat's Son
Tody Bernard as Wendell
Christine Kelly as Angie (as Christine Kelly)
Jessie Rusu as Jennifer
Ross Britz as Jonathan
Ted Ferguson as Dying Refugee
Randal Reeder as Cowboy Hat
Kennon Kepper as Satchel
William Baldwin as Shane (voice)
Bobbi Sue Luther as Basement Rufugee
C.J. Thomason as Hunter
Monica Keena as Elizabeth
Andre Royo as Rob
Storyline: Searching for a happy ending to a tale of unimaginable disaster and horror, nine strangers find themselves holed up together in a farmhouse cellar in rural Texas. The United States has hastily become embroiled in World War 3. A young doctor named Hunter survives the nuclear attack and is thrown together by happenstance with a group of wounded and frightened victims, including Elizabeth, a strong-willed confidant to Hunter, Brad - an antagonistic redneck jackass, and Jennifer, a barely coherent young woman suffering from severe post-traumatic stress. Together, they attempt to endure the devastating holocaust as they struggle with claustrophobia and conflicting personalities. In a makeshift shelter, Hunter and his dying companions wait for news from the government while fending off hunger, radiation sickness, and a horde of frightened and dying refugees.
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Wrong movie, wrong time, wrong everything.
Calling this movie depressing would be uplifting it. Through some mix up at Netflix we ended up receiving this sad and miserable movie that was nothing at all what we ordered and expected. I love post-apocalyptic movies so I gave it a shot. Just about when I thought it could not get any worse, it did. The AFTERMATH we were waiting for is no longer available through Netflix which is too bad since I was looking forward to it. I'm sure the script was probably much better than the execution. Interesting production values was just about all it had for me, if that much. This might be one of those movie that the sequel turns out to be way better than the original. That's my opinion and your mileage may vary.
Not bad for this kind of movie
When I first found out about this movie, I looked it up here and read the previous user comments, and I was intrigued that people were pretty much split on the movie, some liking it and some hating it. This intrigued me enough to go out and rent the Blu-ray.

I thought in the end it was pretty good. Now, I feel I should mention that I have an interest in post-apocalypse movies as well as low budget B movies, so there was some appeal for me that other viewers might not find.

But there is some other stuff - good stuff - that I think might please other viewers. It is well acted, with even fallen actor Edward Furlong gives a good performance. The direction is very atmospheric - you can really feel the grit and gloom the characters are experiencing. The movie definitely does not sugar-coat the situation, and what it portrays I think would be accurate if the situation did happen in real life.

There are a few unanswered questions, like how the survivors happened to have a stethoscope, but such questions didn't concern me that much since most of the rest of the movie is solid. If I have any real complaint, it is that the direction is too up and close to the actors at times. I realize that 90% of the movie takes place in a basement, but I think the director still could have given a somewhat wider view of the situation at times. Despite that, however, I would recommend this movie.
Mon Deiu! What a shame eh!?
This maybe 'Dark', 'Gory' and 'Brutal' but for me it just lacked 'Fascinating!' Every part of the story seemed to have been hand picked from a 'Guide to Post-Apocalyptic Film Making'.

So it felt really predictable, the acting wasn't great and sets were very standard, low budget CGI (the nuclear clouds)and although he was heavily credited William Bladwin, is not in this movie, repeat NOT in this movie (its a five second sound clip which to be honest may as well have been a voice-a-like).

My highlight was the makeup, which was pretty good actually.

I love B-movies and low budget but this was areal disappointment. Shame too as I was really looking forward to Edward Furlon's return to the big screen!
Reality TV-ish film reminiscent of the TV movie "The Day After"
I probably should of rated this movie an 8 instead of a seven but it wasn't an "A" movie ("A" movies start at an 8 rating for me or else they're not "A" movies... ) If you, as well as I, love: B-movies, independent films, low-budget movies, documentaries/docu-dramas and of course the "post-apocalyptic" genre then you will like this movie. It has a reality TV feel to it and is along the lines of the made for TV movie "The Day After" but with a smaller cast and budget etc.

I've been watching the "Doomsday Prepper" shows on TV for the past season or so and know much about the survival situation that is to come after the bombs drop, esp now with us letting Iran get nukes and ICBM missiles to deliver them, in the next 5-10 years (as of 7-14-2015) and only a fool or extreme optimist can't see this coming. Well this movie has one leader who sort of knows some of the the things needed to survive at least the initial onslaught...

By watching this movie I've learned that I'm not as prepared as I thought I was. I learned various things about not only vulnerabilities to exposure but how essential medical supplies and training are.

This movie should be a wake up call for civilians to learn about how to survive large scale disasters. It's more a "warn-a-mentary" than an entertainment pill.
I wish I could give it a zero
The people who gave this the great reviews it didn't deserve must be friends of the filmmakers. Done on the cheap, the acting is bad, the story is dull and predictable (I think they were going to make a zombie movie and changed their minds), and the scientific accuracy is laughable. These people out in the open when the bombs dropped, aren't going to survive even 30 minutes, let alone days. Where were the firestorms? the great winds that the release of nuclear weapons causes? These were just many of the gaffs. This was like a low budget version of The Day After. Want to see a truly great terrifying nuclear war film? Get a hold of Peter Watkin's The War Games or Threads. As for this, I wish I could just forget I've seen it.
Incredibly well made...but awful.
Tonight, I watched "Aftermath"--a tense and scary film about a small group hunkered down in a basement after a nuclear apocalypse. While it's a pretty good film, the film I expected to see was "Aftermath"--a film about a Polish-American man who is returning to Poland for a visit. Somehow, Netflix just released the film...the wrong film. I called them and they said that the company NEVER ordered the apocalyptic film...and others are apparently reporting that they, too, got this film instead! Well, I guess it was just meant to be that I saw the other film instead!

Both films were made in 2012--so I can understand the mix-up. The Aftermath I saw was directed by Peter Engert and stars a variety of talented but relatively unknown actors. This was a good thing, as the movie is about ordinary people and how they react to a nuclear war. Having Brad Pitt or Meryl Streep in the film might have been cool...but it wouldn't have worked with a picture like this.

When the movie, you learn that several nations have begun detonating nuclear weapons on each other. Exactly how and why isn't important-- what IS important is that somehow a chain reaction occurred and nations are now nuking each other! The film is set in rural Texas and even there they are impacted as soon bombs start detonating all around them. A young doctor, Brad (C.J. Thomason) is backpacking when the bombs start going off nearby--and he and a woman and her blinded brother rush to find supplies and shelter before the effects of the blasts kill them. Finding the supplies is amazingly easy as is a vehicle, but the shelter is another thing. Brad and his two new friends aren't sure if they'll ever find a basement or bomb shelter, as the first place they try results in Brad getting shot! He's going to survive but what about the next place they try? And, even if they find a shelter, what will happen when the folks that remain start to behave like animals...as they most certainly will.

If you are looking for a feel-good movie or a date film, then you need to keep looking. Not surprisingly, "Aftermath" is incredibly depressing and eventually looks a lot like a zombie movie in many ways. But that does not mean it's a bad film--and nuclear apocalypse, unless I am mistaken, SHOULD be incredibly depressing!! Christian McDonald's script is very intelligently written and SEEMS probable. While I am sure nuclear physicists and engineers would find lots of plot holes, it sure seemed real and kept my attention. I also appreciated it because it was a great look at human nature--at least for us pessimists who assume such a horrific event would be made even worse by many of the survivors and near-survivors.

In some ways, the film reminded me a bit of the classic film "On the Beach"--but without all the movie star cameos. In this 1959, the world also starts to slowly die because of a widespread nuclear exchange but too many of the characters seemed amazingly nice, decent and orderly in the face of certain death. I am not knocking it--it's a good film despite this. But it lacks the grittiness and ugliness you see in "Aftermath". Ugly, tense and awful--all good reasons to give this independent film a chance. However, also very good reasons NOT to watch this with your kids!! In fact, I really think it's perhaps too tense, depressing and bloody for many adults--but it STILL is a very good film because it never falls back on sentiment or clichés. It's worth a look...for the right viewers.
No pillows, and the mystical origin of that brains
Escapist entertainment no – this film shows the 'original' sin of motion picture: it carries you away not to entertain you but eat you, chew you up and spit you out. Hollywood is not here with its heartthrob, its please you to buy a ticket, its placate your desire to see "everything is awesome," to quote from the Lego's movie. I do have to say if you want to slit your wrists don't watch this film tonight.

I don't know if you've noticed it, but today especially there are a number of end of the world movies out. If you watch this one you'll probably not see the end of the world, but the end of a couple of cities as we know them – the closest look at apocalypse limited or otherwise in cinema thus far, hands down, unless you're old enough to remember Testament. Pity this film chooses a total U.S. nuclear holocaust as opposed to a limited nuclear disaster, but then so does dream, amplifies things so to show them, and this film does reach those engrossing depths of human nature, unknown actors though it has, unknown but lost in their parts, and, consequently, you too.

You just think I'm in an armchair with my review rant, but in 1982 I parachuted with my A team into what was then West Germany with a tactical nuke (our captain carried), Donny Duke that Green Beret that found the world was not what it seemed, an unquestioning patriot from Texas. You don't know the carelessness with which we treat nukes. You don't know how close we come. Only weapons grade plutonium we lacked. Sound familiar?

I wonder at the mistake Netflix made with this movie, releasing this one instead of the Polish movie of the same name and year it was supposed to release, how that happened, because without that glitch this unheard of film would not have gotten a wide audience. Who did it, purposefully I mean, man or fate? We only know that this film gives both knowledge and a warning both almost unpalatable to our movie going tastes. We are shown what we need to do in the event of a nuclear explosion, and we are shown more in the bargain, uncomfortably more than what we bargained for: ourselves at one and the same time the worm and the demigod. You have to watch intimately to see this film is not as hopeless as it seems, with the 'good doctor', the hero of the film, reduced to barbarity and the good people shown to be the animals they are.

If you have an eye for the depths you'll hear the token Black, here well chosen, a cultural determinant thought to be a nobody, tell us what's up. Listen to his report, how the immigrants are lined up and shot, how people just give in to their inhumanity, how despite all that this is your moment in the sun with destiny, and you don't want to meet your maker a coward shaking in your boots. He gives us such an example of what humanity is more made of than the beast with his good death – his self-sacrifice to take the body of a child away so that it doesn't rot in the room of our hope hopeless though it is. See the old man die with such dignity not a burden but a blessing to all, the child die slowly not complaining at his pain, and watch the despicable man you want shot change into the man you want to be there when you need someone to depend on, and you will see the power of cinema, and maybe too a future for some unfortunate city or two somewhere or another on our crowded warring planet. Can you stand and face them?
Depressing Beyond Belief ... What A Wonderful Movie
OMG This Was A Great Movie ... A Group Of People Try To Survive After A Nuclear Attack ... It Was Sad, Horrifying, Heartbreaking, Dismal, Depressing And More ... The Message Is Very Clear This Is What Waits For Us If We As A Species Do Not Change Our Ways, A Tale Of Unimaginable Disaster And Horror ... The Movie Was Made For 2.5 Million Which Makes It Low Budget By Regular Standards And Yet Everyone Working On It Gave It The Respect It Deserves And It Plays Like A Major Budget Film ... The Acting By The Whole Cast Was Exceptional And Believable ... I Did Not Know What To Expect But This Was One Of The Best Surprises I Have Had In A While ...
The return of the feel good movie.
Actually no, I had a particular busy week and as I work Saturdays I enjoy a glass of wine and a movie on a Saturday night. This was one of the most pointless films I have endured, I can sum the film up quickly, nuclear attack on America, a group of strangers dying of radiation poison in a basement. So why score the film 1? we just have no empathy with the characters, we simply have no background and the whole film is a depressing mess, why not have some background on the characters? we simply go from start to nuclear attack to basement to death. There are huge holes in the plot which I can not be bothered to list. There are people giving this 10, do not be fooled they must have a vested interest in the movie.
It was just OK, didn't fully click with me
The poster to the movie was far cooler than the movie itself.

It feels like the filmmakers allowed their love of Zombie films to influence the movie they made. The plot is about a nuclear holocaust that seem to come out of nowhere hitting on American soil and focuses on a handful of people who are dealing with the whole thing.

The cast of characters are all locked in a seller waiting for the radiation to clear up enough for them to surface. Like most small movies of it's caliber, the movie focuses mostly on the inner turmoil between the characters, who I did not find that interesting. This small crew also had to deal with others from the outside who minds have been altered do to what's happening on the surface.

Not much to the story but it did not need to be, but I my interest in the characters was lacking.
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