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Thriller, Sci-Fi, Horror
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Ridley Scott
Tom Skerritt as Dallas
Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley
John Hurt as Kane
Ian Holm as Ash
Yaphet Kotto as Parker
Bolaji Badejo as Alien
Storyline: A commercial crew aboard the deep space towing vessel, Nostromo is on its way home when they pick an SOS warning from a distant planet. What they don't know is that the SOS warning is not like any other ordinary warning call. Picking up the signal, the crew realize that they are not alone on the spaceship when a alien stowaway is on the cargo ship.
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The Quiet Beginning
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Alien is one of those films that will never age. It takes the simplest story and tells it as well as it can be told. I look at this film as the first in a trilogy, many may not agree with that, but Alien is a perfect beginning. It establishes an entire world and makes it feel real. Everything feels new and interesting. The things that are not explained in this film are exactly what makes it so fascinating to watch. Where did that ship come from? It doesn't matter. Like a good novel the film allows you to fill in the pieces with your own imagination. This goes for the alien it self, since we see so little of it that it becomes all the more terrifying for it. Ridley Scott is like a painter with his images. So many frames of this picture seem like they could be made into still photographs. Alien is science fiction and yet with the way it is shot and acted the movie feels like a documentary. It's that sense of verisimilitude that has made this movie last for so long. So much is present in the subtext. I get the feeling that one of the underlying themes of the film is that technology in the future will little by little overtake the lives of human beings, but paradoxically the nostromo still needs a crew in order to operate. I believe this film is one of the few realistic depictions of what encountering a real Alien life form might actually be like, and that it may not be what we are expecting. something that has always stood out to me about the film is the level of familiarity that the characters have with their surroundings. Many science fiction films love to draw attention to their futuristic technology but the characters in Alien react to it like a construction worker would with operating a crane: it is their job. This film is so good for so many reasons. The performances are nothing short of amazing, the set design exquisite, the score by Jerry Goldsmith is subtle and evocative, but the main reason for me that alien still holds up after all these years is that it takes itself very seriously. There is no Hollywood style self referential humor that would saturate the later entries of the series. Sigourney Weaver may have gotten the academy award nomination for Aliens, but her work here is very solid. She plays a character who through much hardship finds strength within herself that never appeared to be there to begin with. If you look at the Alien series as a trilogy this is the film where Ripley discovers who she really is, or defines her character, and the only way one can do that is through the choices they make in extreme circumstances. This is a film of great tension and subtly, well worth seeing over and over again to pick up on all the layers of subtext that may have been missed the first or second viewing.
Best of SF + Best of horror = An absolute classic
I love science-fiction, but as for horror films, I'm not particularly fond of them as a genre. Most of them are cheaply done, badly written, even downright ridiculous, and not frightening at all. There are some exceptions, however. There are a handful of movies that I consider genuinely scary (movies that give you at least one or two sleepless nights, like The Exorcist or David Lynch's surrealistic nightmare, Eraserhead) and Alien is the best of them all.

I have seen Alien countless times and it never ceases to amaze me. None of its sequels or prequels managed to reach such a level of perfection (although I liked them all with the exception of Alien3). The production design (especially H.R. Giger's creations) and the visual effects do not feel dated at all even after all these years. The eerie music and sound effects still make your hair stand on end. The sequence inside the interiors of the derelict ship, the eggs, the facehugger, the 'birth scene' – all iconic moments that are just as shocking today as they were in 1979. The cast are all impeccable, but the multi-faceted Ian Holm (Napoleon & Love, Brazil, Lord of the Rings) and Sigourney Weaver deliver especially mesmerising performances. (I consider Weaver's performance in Alien her best in the series.)

Ridley Scott's blood-curdling classic is a must-see for every SF and every movie fan.
Hey guys I found a good movie
This suspenseful, spine-tingling movie keeps you on the edge of your seat right up to the time it's finished. When you watch this one, you feel like a good friend (by good I mean shrewd in picking movies) has brought it to your house to have a great movie night. In other words, it seems like director had seen it several times before he made it. He is that friend of yours by the way. A huge spacecraft has finished its mission and is heading back to Earth. We the crew members get up from their sleeping pods, they realize the spaceship is out of its course. Apparently it has received a signal from another planet, indicating some alien life form and set off to accomplish it secondary mission: investigating life in space. The extra- terrestrial life they find is by no mean friendly and brings horror into the ship.

It's more of a horror film than a science fiction one. I am sure you have seen those horror films in which some people are stuck in a hut in jungle and there is some nasty creature lurking to hunt them one by one. Well, now make the hut full of small rooms and send it to space. This, has provided director with a lot of close-ups which sends a shiver to your spine. It keeps you guessing when something is going to jump into the frame from an angle and kill people on board. But the brilliance of the movie is in what it doesn't show. By this, I mean unlike other horror movies you don't see people running around, crying or screaming ( not that much anyway). Also, when the astronauts find the organism, they do not celebrate nor freak out. They act vary nonchalant like they come across these things all the time. And this, has saved a lot of time and helped the director and audience focus on the story.

A lot of unnecessary scenes have been cut out. And there's your good friend Ridely, selflessly sparing you from all the fake screams and tears. At times you guess you are going to see some sentimental crying or other reactions, but it never happens. Well, crew members are scientists and not some clueless teenagers. Sometimes in comedies, actors act normally in funny situations which makes it even funnier. This technique has been applied here and if you ask me it has worked like a dream; a scary one too.

Right at the beginning of the movie, the camera is roaming in the spacecraft which seems horrifyingly deserted. While we are curious to see some people or aliens, we reach a room in which astronauts are sleeping in their pods. And when the camera approaches the room, the automatic door goes up. This, throws the audience right to the spaceship. There is another scene in which the senior commander, frustrated to find a way to kill the monster, tries to get some answer form the computer brain of the craft called Mother( discover the irony yourself). He keeps asking about the creature but the computer has insufficient knowledge. Then with all his hope gone he types: 'What are my chances?'
This is without a doubt the greatest movie ever made. Amazing acting, Amazing lighting, Amazing sets and outstanding effects. None of the new modern day films can even come close to this Master piece. Now days Hollywood think they can spend millions on special effects and just get some hot chic to play the main character just to please all the teenage pop culture fans and think the movie is going to be good. But they are so wrong.. Alien 1979 is a one of a kind film and I hate to say it but, we may never see anything like it ever in this life time. I can seriously put this movie on loop and watch it over.. and over.. and over. Its just the most beautifully crafted film in the history of movie making. Alien will always be king. Always.
This guy should have directed Prometheus
What? It's the same guy? Can't be! The only reason I went back to Alien is 'cause I just saw Prometheus. You know. The one that is supposedly not a prequel to Alien but is nothing but that.

I think the problem with Ridley Scott is that he was able to get his teeth into the script process in his latter films. I would have to imagine that he was controlled and was far away from the screenplay for Alien, since this is far better than Prometheus.

Unlike the latter, I liked and was invested in the characters of Alien. I couldn't figure out why 'cause the presentation of such was so similar. Then I realized that it was 'cause they were workin' class people. The title card says it's a mining vessel. My mind then made the connection due to real life and past caricatures. Then the quality acting helped, too.

And characters were the main problem in Prometheus. Ill-defined and vague. I didn't care. (The mohawk guy was portrayed as a no-nonsense in-it-for-the-money guy. That's the blueprints for a mercenary or gun for hire. Not a geologist.) I miss the sci-fi of the 70s and 80s. Sure, the computer graphics were silly compared to today. Along with all the blinking lights that obviously had no purpose. But the models had dimension and the shooting style had grit. And story was king.

The best part of Alien is that it could breath. Slow and steady but it all had a purpose and was interesting. But then dozens and dozens of horror movies took that as "kill time for 45-minutes and then start the movie".

Then someone thought they could second-guess the process and invited the marketing guys to the table. What a bad decision!
This movie is the best horror movie ever! It has a very spooky feeling and you can watch this movie over and over again and never gets boring. In my opinion I think alien is better than aliens but that is a question of taste. Sigournew Weaver is an excellent actress and really gets the movie to be that spooky that it really is. When I said that is a classic movie, I really mean it. It has has mystery, entertaining and very good actors. Even that the film was made in 1979 it still feels very good and new in some way. The cons of this movie is that the computers in this film is old, but that dos not have a big deal, and you don't notice it to much. Overall this movie really shows what a horror movie looks like and I give it a big thumbs up and I would love to see it again.
The beginning of a memorable series
Alien was the first film that started it all. It gave us Aliens in 1986 and then two lesser sequels in the proceeding years. One can not review Aliens and not review Alien because both films go together so perfectly. Even though both films had their different styles, they both had Sigourney Weaver and one of the most fearsome creatures to ever grace the big screen. It's also my second most favorite horror movie of all time behind Jaws, a film I saw when I was just a wee lad.

The crew of the Nostromo, a large space freighter that looks immense and incredibly scary thanks to director Ridley Scott's camera work, is awaken early from hyper sleep to investigate what seems to be a distress signal coming from a nearby planet. After a rough landing on the desolate planet, three of the crew members go out to investigate and find a large spaceship. However this is not all they find. Soon one of the crew members, who gets a little too curious, finds himself in a coma-like state with something attached to his face. He is soon brought back to the Nostromo by his shipmates, where they go about analyzing him to see what has happened. But this crew of working men and women have no clue what grisly horrors soon await them because they are no longer alone. Something dark and dangerous with no remorse for humankind will soon be stalking them one by one, and there seems to be nothing on board that is able to stop it.

This movie was fantastic in every way. Ridley Scott uses mood and shadows as well as size to make the Nostromo look like the biggest, scariest haunted house ever. He also uses fabulous camera work to get his points across as well.

The suspense in this movie builds and builds, and the creature is kept mostly in the shadows until when it attacks. And it attacks with a lethal efficiency. It is never seen for long periods of time, and this works perfectly. Like Spielberg with Jaws, Scott realizes that what is unseen is always more terrifying. One of the most effective murder scenes in this film is unseen, but we clearly hear the horrifying screams and panting of the victim and know that something horrible is happening.

I can go on in on about this movie. I can talk about the music score which adds more dread to this film, and I can talk about the acting which was superb, but it would take up way too much space. I can also go on about the Oscar worthy special effects which are probably the best ever for 1979, but I won't. Lets just say this. If you like horror movies that build suspense and are not filled with senseless gore that looks unrealistic, then you are in for a treat. By the way this film does have some bloody scenes. One of the best involves sitting around a dinner table while everybody is eating. Yuk.

Many people always compare Alien and Aliens. Some like Aliens the most and some like Alien the most. Both are classic sci-fi horror films by two different directors, and both get my highest marks, but if I had to chose, Alien would be my first choice, followed closely by Aliens.
The mother of all movies
Back in early 20th century, Lumière brothers didn't have a clue of what they were playing with. I'm freaking sure that if somebody could have magically told them that thanks to their work, a movie like 'Alien' would have been made in the future, they both would have died of a sudden, shocked by the consequences of their labor, like an honest scientist would if he was shown an evil use of his research. In that sense, but in the best way imaginable, 'Alien' is the atomic bomb.

In my opinion, 'Alien' is the only perfect movie in the history of cinema. Of course, this could be debatable, but of all the films I've watched since I was born, this is the only one in which I haven't been able to find the slightest flaw. It gets a golden ten out of ten. Bright, solid and massive.

I could go on with a panegyric, but I'll try to be short and accurate:

The direction is just perfect. Every shot is marvellous, every movement of the camera is breathtaking. There is absolutely nothing you could add or subtract. Touch it, and you spoil it. Seriously.

The acting is splendid. The performances build a credible world centuries away. I don't know about you, but this take on the future was unveliabably acceptable. Sigourney Weaver is more than a revelation, John Hurt is a master, and the rest are nothing short of marvellous.

The script is a work of art, the story is mesmerizing, well-constructed, well-developed, and free of absurd twists. Its simplicity and efectiveness are yet, 25 years after, to be matched.

The atmosphere is pure genius. Gothic, claustrophobic and sometimes baroque. The use of light and dark is beyond description, the use of sound is as creepy as it gets.

The FX are the best possible for 1979. In the time of the release, some scenes were stomach churning.

The score. Jerry Goldsmith's work matches the images so perfectly it seems to bleed from them. It is and will be the best soundtrack for a sci-fi flick in space ever.

The tagline. "In space, no one can hear you scream". THIS is a tagline.

And, of course... the alien. The only alive creature that can steal Weaver the movie. Its design is the most innovative I've seen. It has spawned dozens of disgraceful imitations. This is the real deal. Not only the look, but the complete design of a life form, including biological features. Acid instead of blood. Jaws inside jaws. What more could you possibly want? This is how a movie is done.

A very good sign of a movie that has gone down in history is the amount of collectively well remembered scenes. Well, 'Alien' has so many that I won't go into it. This movie contains so many iconic scenes that has become an icon itself.

So, what else? I urge all young directors to watch this movie a zillion times, as I've already done, and take notes all along. But not in order to rip off from it, as many others have done, but to learn, learn, learn, learn and learn how a movie should be done. 'Casablanca'? You must be joking.

Oh, I almost forget! There's a lovable cat in it.

Sci-Fi/Horror Masterpiece!
"Alien" is one of the most intense Sci-Fi thrillers to have ever graced the silver screen or the home theater in any format! It is the film's intensity that provides such an incredible draw to this extraordinary film. I was pulled in by the ultra high sense of realism. This film almost feels like a documentary because of a lot of the subtle hand-held camera work (read; not like the shaky, seizure inducing hand-held work of today's films). There's much going on in that film that was revolutionary for the time. Great ideas, design, cinematography, subtle, very realistic performances.

Sigourney Weaver stars as Ellen Ripley in her film debut role. Weaver is absolutely perfect for the role, and was practically the first girl-power type female heroine who single-handedly carries this international blockbuster right through until the final minutes. John Hurt also plays Kane to excellent effect, especially in his death scene as he frantically wriggles on the table with the alien inside him. Harry Dean Stanton is brilliant as Brett, as is Tom Skerritt as Dallas. Yaphet Kotto is also perfectly cast as Parker, who provides many on-screen laughs. Veronica Kartwright (who later went on to star in The X-Files some 20 years later) stars as the lovable Lambert, the only other female member of the crew along with Ripley. Ian Holm as Ash is absolutely brilliant in his role as the android secretly sent on board to bring back the alien life- form, while - in his eyes, and "Mother's" - all other crew members are expendable. The acting in this film is really first-rate, which is another big factor in why the film works so well.

The art designs are incredible: the entire look of the film, from the commercial nature of the spacecraft to the iconographic alien itself is right on the money. It amazes me how well visually this movie still holds up. It feels as rich and deep cinematically as most anything today due to Ridley Scott's brilliant visuals. You watch this film at certain points and it feels as slick and polished as any current genre film without the hollowness or incompetence.

All in all, Alien is a terrific sci-fi horror movie that plays with your senses incredibly well. Nothing happens for the first 30 minutes, and that is exactly the director's intent. By doing so, a feeling of extreme suspense is instantly formed, leaving you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

Overall rating: 9 out of 10.
The First of a New Sci-Fi Horror Breed
Alien (1979)

The First of a New Sci-Fi Horror Breed

It's hard to believe how fresh and scary this movie was at the time, but it's also a relief to see it still holds up as a well made movie even now. Is it a classic great movie? Almost, almost. But not quite, in the end--mostly because of some clichés and goofs in the acting and dialog--although it has really great moments. And it's a great way to discover director Ridley Scott's unique style.

Certainly now that H. R. Giger the artist has gotten famous in his own right, the alien itself deserve special mention. And the sets are impressively otherworldly and familiar at the same time--not only the huge and hugely baroque ship, but the interior scenes on the planet toward the beginning. These are marvels whether or not your style (and for my money, the alien is a really improbable type of extraterrestrial, more at home in a comic book Hades than actual space). Another novelty to note, probably a product of the shift in movies in general since the 1960s, is the director's intention to keep things real and everyday. Things are dirty, people worry about their paychecks, and so on.

This is a long way from the sterility of 2001 though head to head the earlier Kubrick film is on another level of art. I know a lot of people would rather be entertained, though, and Alien is entertaining. It's fast, it's scary, it's gory, it's messy. It's surprising. It's beautiful. And it spawned a whole series of follow-ups, the next one confusingly called Aliens (1986), also a very good take on the new genre.

I first saw this when it came out in Colorado and it was on a huge, curving screen that wrapped around the audience, and I was really, truly scared. Now, thirty years later, the scary parts are still really scary, and it's edited so quickly you won't spend more than a minute on any one scene that doesn't quite click. Horror sci-fi has never been the same since.
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