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Thriller, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Horror
IMDB rating:
James Cameron
Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley
Carrie Henn as Rebecca 'Newt' Jorden
Michael Biehn as Cpl. Dwayne Hicks
Lance Henriksen as Bishop
Paul Reiser as Carter Burke
Bill Paxton as Pvt. Hudson
William Hope as Lt. Gorman
Jenette Goldstein as Pvt. Vasquez
Al Matthews as Sgt. Apone
Mark Rolston as Pvt. Drake
Ricco Ross as Pvt. Frost
Colette Hiller as Cpl. Ferro
Daniel Kash as Pvt. Spunkmeyer
Cynthia Dale Scott as Cpl. Dietrich
Storyline: Fifty seven years after Ellen Ripley survived her disastrous ordeal, her escape vessel is recovered after drifting across the galaxy as she slept in cryogenic stasis. Back on earth, nobody believed her story about the "Aliens" on the planet LV-426. After the "Company" orders the colony on LV-426 to investigate, however, all communication with the colony is lost. The Company enlists Ripley to aid a team of tough, rugged space marines on a rescue mission to the now partially terraformed planet to find out if there are aliens or survivors. As the mission unfolds, Ripley will be forced to come to grips with her worst nightmare, but even as she does, she finds that the worst is yet to come.
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This Time It's War
One of the reasons I'm still clinging onto hope that the Avatar franchise isn't a one-hit wonder is because James Cameron has proved how well he can build out a world in a sequel. He did it with Terminator and he certainly did it with Aliens. It's not only a great sci-fi thriller, but it's easily one of the greatest action films to date.

With a much bigger budget and story, Aliens takes everything that was great with Alien, and doubles down on it. All while at the same time building his own world of Alien mythology that seems similar and different enough from Ridley Scott's film to succeed as a sequel and stand on its own. It's a hard thing to do, but amazingly Aliens does it. What's great about this adventure is that we know what to expect with the Xenomorphs. We know that these explorers and military personnel are in for a rude awakening when they reach the colony, but the film takes us on the journey anyway. Everything is avoidable, but yet, all of the character decisions feel logical anyway.

It's pretty amazing what 7 years can do to special effects and production designs. While Alien was very contained and simplistic, Aliens is just the opposite, bold with a massive scope. It's a testament to making films with real effects and minimal green screen and CGI, because films (and these in particular) are always scarier and more thrilling when everything feels real. In fact, you feel like you're going on this journey right alongside the crew, experiencing each gun shot and face-hugging with them. In this regard, Aliens plays as both a harrowing western, and an electrifying video game for the audience. That speaks to Cameron's masterful directing.

Cameron also manages to write and direct Ripley into one of the most recognizable action stars in film history. She wasn't granted a ton of action in the first film, and fittingly so, but Aliens turns a warrant officer into the queen of all things Xenomorphs. Which brings me to the theme of the film, which seems to be motherhood. It's a nice twist on gender stereotypes and harsh look into the struggle of a "woman's voice" in society. Ripley is questioned at every turn by most of the characters, even though she clearly has the most experience out of anyone. And I love how Cameron parallels Ripley with the "Alien Queen" at the end. Both of them trying their hardest to save their "children".

Aliens, much like Alien, is the perfect example of how to max-out the quality of your film in every aspect. Everything from the intense score, the gorgeous production design, the endless tension, and unique and memorable performances. Aliens is quite simply, one of the greatest films ever made.

+New take from Cameron


+Ripley is now an action icon

+Bigger scope

Disappointing sequel
All the suspense of Alien is lost. The almost invincible intelligent predator has been diminished to a mindless beast, slaughtered in masses by Ripley, a corporate jerk and a bunch of military dimwits. The only character with any depth is the little girl Newt, who's lines are the only thing remembered from this movie, and the little first time actress Carrie Henn does a wonderful job with the role. The android character Bishop is also somewhat sympathetic, redeeming the reputation after John Hurt's memorable Kane in Alien. Even if you have seen Alien many times, it is better to watch it again than ruin the whole idea by watching this.
A sequel that moved me!
Well, Alien is without a Science fiction/horror classic, but the 1986 sequel is the kind of film that in some ways surpasses the original, and can also do the series justice (corny I know) and pretty much becomes one of the most original, special effects gold, acted greatly (Weaver can't get much better than this), and exciting to watch sequels of all time! The music is some of the best i've herd of Goldsmith, if he composed, the way it sounds like something by todays standers and can really grab you're attention.

The character development is better than I expected, seeing as you come to know these Marines and relate to us (much like in The Thing, one of my favorites.)

The special effects are so good, most people say "this move is way ahead of it's time!" My response is, Agreed.

The plot is at first view (for people we aren't SciFci nerds, I'm one) hard to understand, unless you watch this movie many times, What I did with the Thing.

The quotes are really memorable; such as "GAME OVER MAN! GAME OVVVERRR!!!" or "Get away from her, YOU BITCH!!! I love the dialogue, it's just plain good.

Overall, watch this film if you enjoyed T2: Judgement day, The Thing, Alien, or Invasion of The Body Snatchers, or just want to have a thrilling, epic, long (I have the uncut version), cool, outstanding, groundbreaking, or just plain great this October, then you need to see "Aliens"
The darn best monster movie of all time! (includes Special Edition DVD review)
My Take: Takes the already remarkable concept of the original and improves upon it in every way. Sequels have never been this great!

(This is an extension of the review I wrote on February 2007)

If ALIEN was the 2001 of monster movies, its sequel ALIENS is its STAR WARS. Here's a sequel that knows that the only thing that would satisfy its fans is to give 'em exactly what they wanted. Then ALIENS adds in a little more to that successful recipe: breathless action, gripping tension, reliable characters and the slimiest monsters in all of movie history. The result isn't only a sequel that's better than the original, its one of the best movies of the genre.

Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) reawakened from here naturally-long hypersleep which began at the finale of the first ALIEN. Forward 57 years later. The world she knew was unlike anything she has seen before, but she really has no time to know anything else than this: the distant planet LV-426, the planet where they encountered the hostile space killer, has been colonized. And when communication on the LV-426 colony is lost, Ripley agrees to return to the hostile alien planet, this time, accompanied by marines, to investigate the sudden communication loss. Of course, this ain't just a technical failure. The slimy alien from the first film times 10 has overrun the colony, turning in into a dark, gooey wasteland; the perfect place for an all-out war that pits top-tech Marines against the slimiest monsters ever.

As a monster movie, ALIENS gives you your due, but not contented simply to give you your money's worth, ALIENS offers more, unexpected surprises. For a monster picture, there are some genuinely pleasant characters existing here. Sigourney Weaver, who hit big time for being the most reliable female action heroine in the original ALIEN, is able to stretch the personality of her character here. This time, we are able to see Ripley's maternal instincts when she claims responsibility for the safety of Newt (Carrie Henn), a little girl who has successfully survived the apocalypse of the outside world she lives in by climbing through hidden ducts. The climax inside the exploding atmosphere processing station won't soon be forgotten, and I'm not just talking about the explosions. In fact, I bet ALIENS is one kind of film you won't soon forget. Not the words you drop on an explosive monster movie.

Rating: ***** out of 5.

154-min Special Edition DVD review (submitted March 10, 2009): And to think, I thought ALIENS was good enough as it is! This Special Edition DVD, which I bought a few days ago, is everything this ALIENS fan could ever want. 17 minutes of additional footage, deleted prior to the films original 1986 release, is added in able to deepen the emotions and character development of this terrific film, while it also adds an additional (though easily expendable) action scene. The first added scene shows the newly awakened Ripley discovering that her daughter has just died... at the age of 60. So much for being there on her 11th birthday. But the scene everyone will get a real kick from is the scene where we catch a glimpse of the LV-426 colony before it is overrun by aliens, as well as a look on Newt and her family. Another scene has Ripley and Hicks exchange first names, which deepens the relationship between them. Add to that, there are a few extended scenes on the Sulaco and the Colony stations, as well as the aforementioned action scene which has the aliens cleverly trying to pass through the barricade of automatic weapons. Then of course, the film is presented in a clear, pristine transfer which makes the film look good for something released back in 1986. The special features aren't big, but if the best possible way to see this modern classic is what I'm looking for, I already got my end of the bargain.
Aliens, a personal favorite and a marvel in special effects.
Despite the fact that the movie is now a bit dated, the special effects remain stunning. Many have claimed that "Alien" is best movie of it's type. Many also claim that no sequel can ever surpass the first. Aliens is better than Alien, because it does not drag out the suspense of waiting to see aliens quite as long as the first movie did. As for action, it can't be beat! Lots of creatures and lots of firepower give a gung-ho movie fan what he/she wants. The acting is convincing, the technology is amazing, and the explosion of the reactor on LV-426 is simply out-of-this-world! The only detractor from this movie is "Alien3", which takes most of "Aliens'" great characters and flushes them right down the toilet. Anyway, "Aliens" is a great movie in it's own right and deserves credit for that. Thank you.

(P.S.) Petition 20th Century Fox to release "Aliens: Special Edition" to VHS where it rightly belongs.
Excellent sequel--matches the brilliance of the first film
Series note: It is strongly advised that you watch this film only after seeing Alien (1979). This is a direct continuation of that story.

57 years after the events of the first film, Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) is found and awakened from hyper sleep to discover that a terraforming colony has been set up on LV-426, the planet wherein she and her fellow crew of the mining cargo spaceship Nostromo first encountered the titular aliens. When Earth-based communications loses contact with LV-426, a band of marines are sent to investigate, taking Ripley and a representative from the company that financed the colony, Carter Burke (Paul Reiser) along for the ride.

For the difficult job of following up Ridley Scott's excellent Alien, director James Cameron decided to go a completely different route--to make a fast moving, slightly tongue-in-cheek, boisterous action extravaganza. Remarkably, he was able to do that while still maintaining a stylistic and literary continuity that melds Aliens seamlessly with the first film.

Ripley is much more fully developed in this film, although unfortunately, some of the most significant scenes were deleted from the theatrical release (if at all possible, watch the 2-hour and 37-minute director's cut instead). Cameron fashioned Aliens into a grand arc where Ripley's actions at the end of the film have much more meaning as she's not only fighting monsters, but also fighting to retain a semblance of something she lost due to her 57-year hyper sleep. As in the first film, she is still the most intelligent, courageous and resourceful member of the crew, but she has much more colorful company.

The marines accompanying Ripley back to LV-426 may be too cartoonish for some tastes (as for viewers of that opinion, most of the action and the film overall is likely to be too cartoonish), but for anyone more agreeable to that kind of caricatured exaggeration, it's a joy to watch. I'm a big fan of both Bill Paxton and Lance Henriksen, and both turn in wonderfully over-the-top performances, at their diametrically opposed ends of the emotional spectrum--Paxton as the spastic surfer/redneck and Henriksen as the intense, moody sage, with a surprising reality and an even more surprising conscience to go along with it. We also get a cigar-chomping Sergeant, a crazy, butch Private, and a complex, pensive Corporal as main characters, and a mysterious, bright young girl (played in a terrific performance by Carrie Henn). Much of the center section of the film hinges on the interrelationships of these characters, despite the action trappings going on around them.

Cameron carries over the crypt/labyrinth motif of the first film, and adds a metaphorical descent into the bowels of hell in the climax. The action throughout is suspenseful. Aliens contains one of my favorite "cat fights" in any film. It's also worth noting the influence this film may have had on Paul Verhoeven's Starship Troopers (1997)--although admittedly, we could say that Cameron was influenced a bit by the Robert A. Heinlein book, as well. Throughout all of the varied action sequences, as well as the important early scenes of colonists on LV-426, Cameron is able to clearly convey the logistics of very complex sets, so that viewers remain on the edges of their seats.

Part of what makes the monsters so effective is that we're not told too much about them. We only get glimpses into their physiology's, their behavioral patterns and their intelligence. Cameron gives us just enough to become wrapped up in the film, but not so much that we become overly familiar with the aliens, or start to question the logic behind the film. He also smartly carries over some devices from the first film that were abandoned to an extent, such as the acidic blood of the aliens, and he supplies answers to the few questions that the first film raised, such as why the blood doesn't corrode instruments and objects when a dead alien is examined.

Aliens is yet another example of a sequel that is just as good as an original film in a series. Just make sure you watch both in order, and try to watch the director's cuts.
A rarity in the world of sequels....
Can it be possible; a sequel that is as good, if not better, than the original? Yes, it not only can be possible, it is, and "Aliens" not only proves a fantastic sci-fi movie in its own right but again proves the power that Sigourney Weaver has in the right film, as well as the over-powering direction of James Cameron.

Picking up 200 years after the fact, Weaver is once again thrown into a battle along with the Space Marines that are called to the planet where Weaver's team originally found the alien of the first film. The colonies that have been built there have been obliterated of all life and they are being sent there to wipe out every last alien on the planet.

Of course, in a movie like this, nothing is as it seems, and that's a positive quality. Weaver misses nary a beat as Ripley, a woman as un-trusting of aliens, most humans and just about anything else in general as she was before. It's only when they discover a small girl (Carrie Hehn) left alive that she finally finds something that perhaps shows she has some feeling left.

Of course, there are other great performances by Biehn, Henriksen, Goldstein, Paxton and Reiser, playing well fleshed-out characters against a backdrop of desperation, fear and outright gut-wrenching horror as they find out their mission wasn't as easy as they all thought.

But then comes James Cameron. Having proven his mettle with "The Terminator", he works with a bigger budget and shows just as much ingenuity and flair for big, flashy action as any ten action directors. But even if the story seems routine, Cameron's approach is not; he makes every single moment seem as fresh now as if it were being seen for the first time in motion picture history. Always a good thing in science fiction, where there aren't exactly new ideas coming out every day.

As with the original "Alien" (and Cameron's "Terminator"), the last half-hour or so is so much edge-of-your-seat and nail-biting tension that you'll feel like a wrung-out wash rag by the time all is said and done, and rightly so. And, more than ever, you'll empathize with Weaver as her character fights not only for her own survival, but for that of others as well.

So, "Aliens" is great science fiction and great film-making, but is it a worthy addition to the saga? Most definitely, especially when you consider that most sci-fi films can't muster HALF the story this one does, much less a sequel to one.

Ten stars (eleven if I only could) to "Aliens", one of the best science fiction sequels ("Star Wars" movies excluded) ever.
My Review
57 years after defeating the rogue alien, Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) is finally rescued from space, only to face a different world. Her daughter - who was 10 when she left - passed away two years earlier at the age of 62, and she's facing harsh criticism from the company who sent her, demanding an 'actual' reason why she had to blow up the ship.

Things change when people who live on the alien planet start disappearing, and Carter Burke (Paul Reiser) decides to reinstate Ripley so she can lead an army of Marines to the planet to face this alien. She reluctantly agrees, and they travel to the planet where they come into contact with not just one...but several...aliens.

James Cameron ("Titanic") directed this magnificent science-fiction horror film, one of the best sequels ever made in any genre. Sigourney Weaver once again reprises the role that made her a star, and makes Ripley into one of the best action heroines in movie history.
Intense, jaw-dropping, brilliant "analog" action flick
Many times replicated, never equaled, Aliens is the best action movie of all time. There is nothing that even comes very close. It's hard to articulate the effect this film has had on me. It's one of those rare cinematic experiences that doesn't spoil with time and so-called "maturity." The first time I saw Aliens was at a friend's house. I was 13 and I was totally blown away. I'm now 31 and Aliens still rocks my world. Where Alien is stark and slinking and great in its own way, the sequel is bombastic and balls-to-the-wall.

So many scenes stand out. I'll never forget my initial viewing of the terrifying, kick-ass sequence where the creatures first attack the Space Marines ("They're all around us man!") However, the brilliance of this film lies in the fact that the "quiet" scenes are as powerful as the action-packed ones: The hint of romance as Hicks demonstrates his assault rifle to Ripley; the look of despair on Ripley's face when she's told there are families colonizing the planet.

I will always love Weaver for her achingly intense performance here. I've never seen another like it in the genre. The supporting cast is wonderful, as well. Standouts include Biehn (also awesome in Terminator), Henricksen, Reiser and of course Bill Paxton, who practically steals the show.

You look at sci-fi/action flicks today, and most of em are soulless exercises in CGI. Cameron's models and costumed monsters are much more effective than anything George Lucas tried in the Star Wars prequels.
Aliens menacing and agile.
The planet from Alien (1979) has been colonised, but contact is lost and a rescue team is dispatched. This 1986 sequel is action packed, bigger, louder, very gung-ho with Vietnam parallels.

I'm torn… I must say that at the time Aliens was the best action sci-fi films ever and probably still is, but overtime, I have grown less fond of Aliens and prefer the first Alien and re-edit of the 3rd.

What is superior about Aliens is that it builds on what Ridley Scott created in first film, (even though some of Aliens ideas are based on cut scenes) surprise killings, misdirection and so on. The design and movement of the Alien is greatly improved, making the Alien far more menacing and agile than before. Space is stark, dark and cold and James Cameron captures the isolation and ominous atmosphere perfectly, with an effective use of lighting, shadow and set design.

There's no doubt that Cameron is an exceptional director and writer. All the characters are built up slowly, Lance Henriksen as the synthetic Bishop and Paul Reiser as Burke give subtle performances. Michael Biehn as Hicks and Sigourney Weaver are terrific. Ripley as a character is fleshed out further and the effects and sound are amazing (winning Best Visual Effects and Best Sound Effects).

Aliens is an unsurpassed solid sci-fi horror sequel packed with action and suspense but in retrospect it really is Alien pumped with more Ripley, testosterone and guns.
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