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American Made
Crime, Drama, Thriller, Action, Biography, History, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Doug Liman
Benito Martinez as James Rangel
Fredy Yate Escobar as Carlos Ledher
Alejandro Edda as Jorge Ochoa
Morgan Hinkleman as Christina
Lola Kirke as Judy Downing
Domhnall Gleeson as Monty 'Schafer'
E. Roger Mitchell as Agent Craig McCall
Robert Farrior as Oliver North
Jed Rees as Louis Finkle
Jesse Plemons as Sheriff Downing
Sarah Wright as Lucy Seal
Tom Cruise as Barry Seal
Jayma Mays as Dana Sibota
Storyline: Barry Seal was just an ordinary pilot who worked for TWA before he was recruited by the CIA in 1978. His work in South America eventually caught the eye of the Medellín Cartel, associated with Pablo Escobar, who needed a man with his skill set. Barry became a drug trafficker, gun smuggler and money launderer. Soon acquiring the title, 'The gringo that always delivers'.
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Entertaining as an Action Movie
In 1978, the skilled and ambitious TWA pilot Barry Seal (Tom Cruise) smuggles Cuban cigars to increase his income. Out of the blue, he is contacted by the CIA agent Monty Schafer (Domhnall Gleeson), who asks him to work for the CIA photographing facilities over Central America using a state-of-art small plane. Soon Barry contacts General Noriega as a courier for the CIA and is contacted by the Medellin Cartel that wants him to transport drugs to the USA. Then Schafer asks Barry to carry weapons for the Contras in Nicaragua. Barry invites pilots that are his friends and plots routes to smuggle drugs for the cartel. The CIA closes eyes to the scheme and Barry becomes richer and richer. He uses the Arkansas town Mena to laundry his money. But the DEA and the FBI are tracking him down. When the CIA shuts down the scheme, Barry is left alone and arrested by the agencies. What will happen to his family and him?

"American Made" is an American action movie based on a true story and told like a comedy despite the seriousness of the situation, with the American government interfering this time with the Central America nations. The plot is engaging and entertaining and the despicable Barry Seal is depicted as a family man by Tom Cruise that has good performance. The background of corruption, political interference, trafficking of weapons and drugs are treated like something usual by the story that can not be taken seriously. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Feito na América" ("American Made")
Were these rave reviews written by Scientologists brain washed to like all Tom Cruise movies? I had a hard time sitting through this. It felt like someone was tasked to write a summer movie in a day and then crapped this out. This should have been straight to DVD. Indescribably horrible.
Its an entertaining movie, quite sensational
Some people don't like Tom Cruise and thats okay. Personally i feel he did an awesome job in the movie. he brought some humour to it which is normally reserved for the comic relief characters, but in this movie he slightly adopted that role. The action and suspense in the movie is pretty good as well. its entertaining throughout generally throughout the whole film. Its definitely a fun movie for a date or if one is bored. All in all, the plot and the scenes are satisfying and there are quite a few laughs in the movie. Go give it a watch and see for yourself. but for the most part the general audience will like and appreciate it! The supporting characters do an awesome job as well, to compliment tom cruise and he also compliments them
Drugs Are Bad, Mmmkay?
Doug Liman (Swingers, Edge of Tomorrow, Bourne) is one of those directors who's built a career on confident and skilled filmmaking without actually having much in the way of a specific voice. American Made fits that resume perfectly. He takes some familiar themes (love of money is the root of all evil, dishonesty inherent in the war on drugs) and a true American story, then molds into them perfectly. It gives us a Scorsese-like knock-off that isn't terribly original but is still a solid version of an all-too-true corruption story. Cruise stars as Barry Seal, a TWA pilot in the 1980s who is recruited by the CIA to be a courier for their dealings with Central American leaders, before becoming a drug runner. With intentionally rudimentary animation, edits to old news footage, and general 1980s filmmaking tendencies, it's full of great style and appreciated detail. The plane flying is fantastic, the costuming is sweaty and authentic, and the cash and throwing motifs are prevalent and effective. When Seal is slowly covered over by piles of cash, we get the idea pretty quickly that we are watching a guy get suffocated by his own desires. There's a lot packed into the film, and this is one of those rare occurrences in which I think this would be helped by being about an hour longer. While the details of the story are well covered, the characters, their motivations and their personalities get a bit looked over. Instead of being a full engrossing narrative, it comes off more like an information document. Nonetheless, American Made is a funny, cool and intriguing tale about governmental overreach and misappropriated power.
Doug Liam and Tom Cruise make such a great pair
Very few directors have tapped the clown in Tom Cruise the way Doug Liman has. He had directed Tom in Edge of Tomorrow which was humorous and was set amidst a post-apocalyptic alien invasion. American Made is just as humorous and is also set amidst an invasion of sorts except this movie is a true story. Captain Barry Seal had the adventure of a lifetime before falling prey to a monster of his own doing. But what an adventure it might have been for this man to smuggle contraband into and out of the States.

I felt Tom Cruise did a great job portraying the pilot in an extremely light-hearted and funny way. Cruise is known for playing roles that ooze oodles of dare-devilry. But most of those roles are of fictitious characters. For once Tom plays a real man whose daring knew no bounds. Captain Barry Seal was like a real-life Ethan Hunt. Hence I feel casting Cruise as Seal was an extremely appropriate decision and should help in filling Universal Studios Entertainment's coffers.

If you were awed after seeing the aerial sequences in Dunkirk, wait until you have seen this film. The planes are subjected to go through some intense acrobatics which will please you. If you were disappointed with Cruise after watching The Mummy, I can assure you that you will heave a sigh of relief after watching this film. The film's story is not only engaging but also witty and hilarious. There are hardly any stagnant moments so the probability of you getting bored is very low.

A very ironic thing about American Made is that in 1986 when Barry Seal must have gone through whatever turmoil he did, a young Tom Cruise played a pilot in Top Gun which released that year. Did he know he would pay a real-life pilot who was very relevant during those days almost 31 years later ?

Watch American Made . Don't watch it for Tom Cruise's stardom. Watch it because you deserve to watch an entertaining and great film on the big screen that coincidentally has a superstar playing the leading man. I humbly apologize for the length of this post but sometimes I just can't control myself from pouring my thoughts out
chaotic fun
very good show of roller-coaster riding aviation and muffin puffin drug humour.especially one scene with tom cruise running along with a cloud of ''flee powder'' are extremely fun. i like the sound and light settings in this movie.very nice choice of music,though a little bit chaotic and shallow script to follow. it is a hasty lesson of American hidden ''red fear'' policy era, so i feel that the basic knowledge of the real history is beneficiary to enjoy this movie..too much money to hide to make it a 10'er. this is a likable edition of tom cruise,and the movie are within the range of my top 100 movies
VIEWS ON FILM review of American Made
You wanna bring back "The 'Me' Decade" by curating a grainy, weathered look? No problem. Just add Cesar Charlone, the director of photography for American Made (my latest write-up).

"Made" chronicles one Barry Seal (played by Tom Cruise). In the 1970's, Seal starts off as a bored TWA pilot who wants more money and more excitement in his life. He hastily quits his current job, gets contacted by the CIA to fly reconnaissance missions, becomes a gunrunner, and eventually smuggles drugs for the Medellin Cartel. The movie ends with him being fatally assassinated in the mid-80's (spoiler).

All in all, this may not be Cruise's greatest performance but it's still darn good. It's much different from his all-American heroes in the past. Notwithstanding Tom's mundane likeness, he's still got the charisma, he's still got the charm, and he's still got those whitening chompers. Cruise disappears into his role easily and effortlessly. You almost forget that you're watching Tom Cruise, the megawatt movie star.

Directed by Doug Liman and scripted by Gary Spinelli (Stash House), "Made" is a frenzied, bouncy affair. Liman usually makes action pics like The Bourne Identity, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and Edge of Tomorrow. His American Made is something invariably different. It's unlike anything he's ever done before. In fact, I'm not sure Doug Liman was even behind the camera. His film at just under two hours, breeds kookiness, contains a rich, poppy soundtrack, and breaks a few rules. Heck, Duggy and lead Cruise are all the better for it.

With the addition of an old school opening sequence a la Universal Pictures, Liman uses a host of cinematic techniques in regards to "Made". There are freeze-frames, archive footage, some jittery camera-work, random inserts of narration, and low grade animation. Doug seems to be channeling his inner Martin Scorsese along with his inner Oliver Stone. Also, despite the fact that American Made is based on a true story, Liman still had to of watched 2001's Blow or Lord of War for a little inspiration.

In hindsight, "Made" is mildly tense, feverishly paced, and even intently funny. I didn't quite embrace its ending for it made Seal's death a blase, abrupt, and forgettable event. Furthermore, I didn't completely know what was going on for most of the way. "Made's" plotting is sort of underdeveloped with a concealed, murky tone right from the get-go. Still, I dug Liman's groove, his balls out craft, and his breakneck style. I can't wait to see what this New York born director does next. Rating: 3 stars.
The early 1980's
Loved this film. I believe based on a true story as their was some litigation about the character Tom Cruise played, but you did not want to get up and go get a Coca Cola. Not a dull moment in this one, with enough comedy to accompany the action. Sorry drama fans, this movie although surely dramatic for the man the main character is based on. This movie is action, laughs , fun and makes you remember those early 1980's. I thought it was novel the way the movie was brought along in acts giving a timeline to what was happening when in the film.
Colorful true story by Tom Cruise
After the disaster of "The Mummy" in June, this movie prove that they are so much better that. It might not live up to your expectations. You might enjoy Tom Cruise flying planes across countries and the colorful 1970-1980 . It might get some audience confused because of the plot that goes sideways at any time. At first, I did not expect anything from this movie. For me, I give this movie 8/10
A great comeback for Tom Cruise after his role in The Mummy.
American Made stars Tom Cruise as Barry Seal, a pilot who begins working for the CIA and begins a big business as a result, which eventually leads him into some difficulties with the law.

After seeing the movie, I have to say that this is an interesting, immersive movie. Within the first 5-10 minutes, I got easily sucked into the movie. Tom Cruise does a great job playing the lead role of the movie. It does have a hint of a Goodfellas vibe with the way the movie's story is told in a fast pace, but it still is told in its own unique way that is hard to get into because it goes into spoiler territory. My main flaw with the movie, however, is the pacing. Often times, the movie feels like it is moving too quickly and it feels hard to sink in what has happened in certain scenes. With that being said, it ks a movie that should be watched a few times over because a lot happens throughout the duration of the movie. Tom Cruise's American Made is definitely worth the watch even despite the small narration flaw

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