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Amityville: The Awakening
Thriller, Horror
IMDB rating:
Franck Khalfoun
Jordyn Utz as Young Belle
Brian Breiter as Teacher
Mckenna Grace as Juliet
Taylor Spreitler as Marissa
Thomas Mann as Terrence
Bella Thorne as Belle
Kurtwood Smith as Dr. Milton
Storyline: Belle, her little sister, and her comatose twin brother move into a new house with their single mother Joan in order to save money to help pay for her brother's expensive healthcare. But when strange phenomena begin to occur in the house including the miraculous recovery of her brother, Belle begins to suspect her Mother isn't telling her everything and soon realizes they just moved into the infamous Amityville house.
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Highly enjoyable and engaging effort
Finding a new house in the suburbs, a single mother and her daughters trying to move past their past tragedies find that their stylish new house is haunted by a series of ghosts from a past killing spree targeting the family for moving in and forces them to battle their way out of the house.

This one was quite the enjoyable and underrated effort. One of the better qualities about this one is the rather fun time it has going for the first half building up the idea about the areas' history and the house being possessed. Utilizing a great trick with the series of fly gags that are quite prominent here as well as the dog barking at everything, the way this one generates a rather uneasy feeling from the very beginning about being in the house gives this a really enjoyable baseline to delve further into the story. Going away from this into the rather strong haunting scenes which are full of the usual flash-jump cuts of ghosts standing behind people or threateningly offering to attack them like in the constant hallucinations she experiences of the bloody bed in her room gives this one a rather intriguing air about it which is nicely enhanced even more by the actions involving their troubled son. Not only is the physical handicap given a nice berth here with the way he's woven into the story but it manages to generate some rather enjoyable scenes interwoven into the film from the way he always seems to malfunction around her, the swarm of flies that attack the doctor when no one else is around or the truly heartbreaking revelation sequence that turns into yet another enjoyable jump scare which gives this one plenty to like. The fact that this one gives off the idea of his eventual recovery from the forces inside the house rather than typically going for the typical jump scares so predominant in the style makes for a rather fun time here as it slowly becomes more and more obvious what's happening to him due to the unrealistic recovery that tends to be explored here. By the time it gets to the finale and features the full extent of the transformation, this turns it into a thrilling series of chases around the house that attempts to recreate the actions of the previous occupants which is where the full-on fun of this one comes from as it attempts to move between stalking and brawling while also managing to generate the kind of conceptual finale that's highly enjoyable to see it play out. These here manage to hold this one up over it's few minor and somewhat nondetrimental flaws. The first one is the rather rushed finale that does have the feeling of being run through in a quick state in order to get through the story, both in terms of the on-screen action and the newsreel footage as these go by way too quickly to take them all in. As well, the fact that no one is aware of the history of the house and how it's tying into his recovery makes no sense, as this one makes the connection obvious yet it seems to be completely ignored for no reason in order to create the illusion to come later on. These here are all that really hold this one down as it's rather fun regardless.

Rated PG-13: Violence, Language and children-in-jeopardy.
Remarkably Poor
A mother and her two kids move into the Amityville house. There's the teen daughter, Belle, the younger daughter Juliet, the dog. The mom's got a sister too. No men allowed pretty much. Oh, well, there's James, but he's in a coma and kept home. It's Belle's senior year of course and while everyone knows she lives at the Amityville house, she doesn't now anything about it. Until a classmate tries to befriend her and tells her all about the place but because he's male he's the butt of jokes and treated like crap by Belle and some other girl he introduces her to.

Back at the house, the dog barks at stuff, there are shadows, there are pesky flies and Belle starts having vivid nightmares about James. We learn that James is in a coma because of a fight he got into defending Belle, so she is bizarrely held responsible by the mother. There's some type of magic circle still around some area of the front lawn somehow.

Even though the doctor and most of the family think that James is in a coma for good, the mom, who gave up religion because of this situation, is convinced James will recover. And sure enough he does, at a rather amazing pace. The kids suspect James might be possessed and they are right. So somehow Belle will have to save the family before as the fully recovered James goes homicidal.

Even for a PG-13 horror movie, Amityville: The Awakening, is remarkably dull, lame, uninteresting. It's hard to connect with the arrogant Belle. Much of the characters' behavior is nonsensical. Worst of all, there is zero sense of dread, nothing is really at stake here. It's 10 minutes before the movie ends that finally things become deadly. By then of course it's way too late to get some excitement going. Not to mention that this movie doesn't even look good. It's the kind of movie where it's pitch black most of the time and none of the characters think about turning a friggin' light on. Darkness alone doesn't make a horror movie, let alone a good one. The only frightening thing about this movie is how bad it is.
This is horrible
I started watching this hoping it will be something scary with ghosts, but it ended up being a very bad movie with terrible acting and a bad script.This is more like a zombie movie, not scary at all just plain stupid and disgusting.When the brother becomes possessed it's just bad.You don't even get to see how he kills the mother, you can imagine it.The daughter, Bella Thorne is just a bad actress.It all seems so forced.I wanted to stop the movie since the beginning but I said I should give it a chance.What a waste of time! I don t recommend!
Finally a good horror!!!!
Obviously the average crtic thinks that a movie with the Amityville name should never ever happen again especially when it's a bigger budget film. Well they did and did an amazing job. This movie proved many critics wrong so much that it was prevented from being released for years. A 5.1 on IMDb? I think not!! A solid 6.8 definitely.

It's a shame us horror fans were punished because of egos and Hollywood bs. If you go in to this just wanting to be entertained and not thinking what should and shouldn't be you'll whole heartedly enjoy this film. Obviously there was no one that moved in to the amityville house that was based on any character in this movie. But I don't care same way I didn't care that penny wise is a fictional character
A Bigger Let-Down than an Express Elevator
This movie is trash. They tried turning it into a possession type horror story which completely ruins what we got from the previous Amityville story.

I felt no connection to any of the actors/ actresses. The story is predictable and boring to the point of stupidity.

After all the build up and suspense James only kills two people. There is no horror here. You don't even get to see one of the deaths!

Should you watch it? No.
It was Good Decent movie
This is the first time I am doing a review on a movie. I was bit sceptical after the poor reviews on IMDb regarding this movie but I still gave it a try. It is a decent good movie.It's not WOW movie but its a good decent movie to watch on a Friday night.It is a movie which am sure I can re watch in few years time like I normally do with good movies.
I really wanted to like this movie - I went into with an open mind not really knowing what to expect from it as I had not read any of the reviews.

For me it lacked atmosphere, reminiscent of a made-for-TV or direct to DVD movie.

The idea of a family moving into the actual Defeo house 40 years on was an intriguing premise, but what I could not get past was the fact that the eldest daughter had no idea about the house and it's history until her new-found friends informed her, along with it's grisly back- story. Had she been living under a rock? At first I thought - OK, the movies don't exist in this universe but then they actually mention the movies, sequels and remake and even venture to watch the 1979 original.

Still, it was watchable and although there were the usual clichéd horror tropes it did hold my interest until the end.
a disaster
Amityville: The Awakening is one of the worst movies of the year, and one of the horror films of this century, a weak film, full of flaws in the script and with a competent cast very poorly used, the plot is problematic and not exciting at all. The film does not scare, director Franck Khalfoun has problems, he does scares well predictable, and can not take advantage of his cast, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Bella Thorne, Cameron Monagham, Jennifer Morrison all these were poorly used, the Bella Thorne still has its highlight Amityville: The Awakening is very bad, full of problems, weak direction and script, I do not recommend it, even for horror movie lovers, it does not work and it's just more an adaptation of a story that has had several movies and none was a big deal. Note 0.7
Good performances but a pitiful script
This movie had enough to be good but I did not make it, the only thing a highlight is the cast and performances, they try to do what they you can but with that script simply does not give.

The script was lousy, too slow, nothing happens in most of the cinema beyond the closing doors, some voices, windows that open and flies, but everything is minimized, it does not compare with none of the predecessors. The family is supposed to come to a house haunted and do not feel that terrifying atmosphere and in my opinion the true villain of the movie was the mother played by Jennifer Jason Leigh who is an excellent actress has seen her in The Hateful Eight, The machinist and recently in the series Atypicall and his Characterizations always work, make one hate and catch annoyance. Here she succeeds, is an odious mother and only thinks of her attachment to the sick son leaving one side to his other daughters. All fault is She has and enjoy that they will kill her. At some point they want to give us a understand that he stopped believing in God and wanted to worship Satan if he that he saved his son, they do not say it but it's what they want to give us to understand and not understand why not say it, that would have been Excellent

Finally Cameron Monaghan is wasted, if he is afraid of makeup and its crazy expressions (thing already seen in Gotham) but one I would hope that if in the whole film did not do anything, at least look at the end and no, it is thrown through a window to finally die because they simply pull you out of a circle around the house which protected the '' supposed '' demon or evil spirit. A complete stupidity

The secondary characters have hardly any relevance, I thought that the Thomas Mann's character would be more important since at the beginning sale pretty but then no more does not reappear.

I liked to mention the previous films and even the book. Beautiful throne with that look of Gothic charm, I do not know but this woman It fascinates me, unfortunately in this film could not look like but like I said sorry that it was not the fault of any of the actors but of the script.

The truth was I expected much more, I had not been able to see it in movies because not hard nor 1 week and I guess I already know the reason for that. I stay With the Remake of 2005 there are innumerable films about this event of real life (about 15 CAN BELIEVE?) and the first I could not finish it, supremely boring or my mood with any of the others, none have good reviews then really they do not encourage me
I loved it! Really entertaining film.
They finished filming 'Amityville: The Awakening' in 2014 and supposed to release in 2015, but release date delayed more than once. Anyway, my waiting time is over. I finally saw it! I absolutely loved it.

What's it about? In 1974, 'he' murdered his entire family as they slept in a haunted house, in Amityville, but 40 years later, a single mother that moves her three children into that the same house.

This movie is terrific, crazy and scary with some creepy moments. But yet, it's a lot of fun to watch. It has great jump scares! I found the twists incredibly crazy.

One thing in this movie made me surprise is that they showed the actual Amityville DVDs (the original, Amityville II: The Possession and the remake) and I loved how they showed it in this Amityville movie lol. They said new versions are boring, so they picked the original to watch and some of the characters watched it on TV. 😂

Let's talk about the characters: Bella Thorne gave a likable character, good acting and she showed her emotional moments. She wasn't dumb, neither annoying. She seemed awesome when she was fighting with the demon in the last scene.

Jennifer Jason Leigh gives a creepy performance. She played really crazy mother who already knew about the 'Amityville Horror' murders and she thought everything would be better in a possessed house in Amityville, but she was also good. She did a good job.

Cameron Monaghan was really creepy as looking. He was easily the best and creepiest part of the movie.

It's not for everyone, but if you waited to see it in a long time, you should to see it if you want. Since you need a time for this movie to release.
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