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An Ordinary Man
USA, Serbia
Drama, Thriller, Action, War
IMDB rating:
Brad Silberling
Ben Kingsley as The General
Aleksandar Lazic as Salesman
Igor Kovacevic as 7 Year Old Boy
Milorad Kapor as Policeman
Bojan Hlisc as Police Officer #1
Bojan Bajcetic as Street Lieutenant
Vladimir Cvejic as Conductor
Slavisa Curovic as Police Officer 4
Edmund Kingsley as ER Intern
Robert Blythe as Grocer
Miodrag Milovanov as Kiosk Owner
Hera Hilmar as Tanja
Slobodan Ninkovic as Hall Manager
Storyline: A war criminal in hiding forms a relationship with his only connection to the outside world - his maid.
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Warrior mind
A superb psychological and somewhat spiritual story. The 'General' - Kingsley expresses the truly Grecian ideal of a warrior balanced between love and honour. While being hidden from prosecutors he does not wish to hide but to speak out and live as an ordinary man. In the 'maid' he finds a youthful, idealistic mind to have a discourse. Their arguments reveal the difficulties in reconciling the atrocities of war with the individuals guilty of doing so. One is left at the end wondering how they have influenced the other.
Not really worth the investment in time.
I found this a difficult film to get into, and mostly skirted around the periphery of events without ever being drawn into it. It's mostly about the relationship between the two characters with very little else of the plot adding much to the proceedings.

Whilst the performances are adequate, much of the time Kingsley is talking 'at' Himlar and it gives the film a stage-like experience. The script handles the requirements for a convincing repertoire between our two leads poorly, and its difficult to overlook the glaringly obvious aspect of dialect that has either been overlooked or at least ignored.

Kingsley delivers a half-decent performance, much of it as a monologue in conversation with his maid speaking in a Yorkshire accent, whilst depicted as a war criminal from the old eastern block in hiding. Hera Himlar who plays Tanja the maid, has similarly irksome attributes with accent. Though much else in the film appears genuine, the glaringly obvious omission to attempt any authenticity on the issue of vernacular remains problematic.

For a war criminal, even for one hailed as a hero but his countrymen Kingsley's character is remarkably blase about his status as a fugitive, and this is superseded only by the authorities pursuing him. They lurk around corners, watch him at distance and are constantly aware of his whereabouts but never apprehend or make any meaningful attempt to bring him to justice.

The plot is fairly weak and as I've said everything in this film hinges on the interaction between Kingsley and Himlar, which is handled only averagely. Kingsley's adequate as patriotic commander with psychopathic tenancies lurking beneath a composed articulate exterior, but Himlar's nonchalant portrayal, is somewhat less convincing.

I think the film is average at best. The script simply isn't strong enough to carry off a piece so heavily dependant on dialogue and there is very little emotional attachment between the characters. Its mostly just stuff happening but nothing much else to lure you into investing any attachment to the characters.

If I had to describe this one with one quick glib remark, it would be 'Meh'. It passed the time but I didn't find it entertaining nor would I recommend it unless your a Kingsley fan.
Ben Kingsley plays 'The General', a War Criminal in some unstated country hiding from those who would prosecute him for his crimes.

His only normal human contact is that of his 'maid' (Hera Hilmar) - an, initially, reluctant participant in the relationship.

Kingsley plays his part with equal indifference and suppressed savagery - though no explicit details are given of his 'atrocities' - you become quickly convinced that this is a creature capable of committing them.

Hilmars' portrayal of a person bound by circumstance is equally ambivalent. Initially repulsed by The General, a tenuous connection rears it's head.

There's very little in the way of 'action' during the entire film - this is not a film about actions, but about the consequences.

Watching he interplay between 'The General' and 'The Maid' is both fascinating and morbid - like watching a car crash in slow motion.

I heartily recommend this film for fans of Kingsley - but if you're expecting an action packed, explosion driven extravaganza of the more modern genre, you'll be disappointed. Hera Hilmar too, plays her part with a subtlety that shows the depth of her acting experience.
Good acting, but feel cheated by the ending
I can't write this without a spoiler, so don't read on unless you are prepared.

An unusual film in several ways. The subject is difficult and a period of history not often covered by fiction. The often surreal Yorkshire accent of Kingsley doesn't add to the immersion of the subject and surroundings - everything is in English with English accents and actors. You do forget that though, and the acting is well done, subtle and you do develop a real care for the two main characters and how that relationship deepens.

Which is why the final five minutes makes me feel let down. No attempt to explain why she was shot - it didn't fit in with the tone or rest of the movie at all. Honestly, it felt to me as an excuse to end the film because there was no other way to stop things. The final scene shows Kingsley with a line of bullets in front of him - what's he going to do? Too many bullets for suicide, is he going to kill those who have kept him alive? If so, why?

The viewer is left confused. It's jarring and out of keeping, devaluing the investment in time they've put into caring about these people, only for the entire purpose of the film to be dumped without explanation or even hint.
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