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Thriller, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Horror
IMDB rating:
Webster Batista
Pablo Time Nuñez as Father Joseph
Abel Rivera Villalobos as Morngan (voice)
Hunter Alexes Parker as Cindy Hagen
Mason Parker as Tommy Hagen
Diana Cabuto as Morgan Le Fay
Jennifer Elaine Parker as Reporter (as Jennifer Parker)
Jessica Edwards as Reporter
Matt Holbrook as Richard Hagen
Lara Jean Mummert as Paige Hagen
Charles Chudabala as Robert Baez
Jared M. Reeder as Richard Hagen (voice)
Storyline: The terrifying story of a family that experienced the biggest demonic possession after moving into a house plagued by malicious spirits.
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I'd rather sit through a 3-Day insurance seminar
This movie is so gawddog awful. The effects are preschool and the acting is a disgrace to the profession. The father's character is unbelievably terrible to the point where I was experiencing uncomfortable squeamishes. There is one thing going for it. It's so bad it could probably be, with a lot of tweaking, a pretty good comedy.
Flawed but worthwhile
Having seen the reviews, I wasn't optimistic. First the negatives: the son's lines and behaviour were of someone much younger. The dialogue sometimes sounded odd, like it was dubbed as an afterthought. The latter part was formulaic and the least believable and effective part was the interview/narration which bookended the story. The creature effects were mercifully kept short as they were clearly limited (it's good that this was recognised and understood) although the end shot succeeded as a clever misdirection.

The positives: genuinely creepy in places. Surprisingly so given that the flaws would normally have me tuned out of any attempt at building an atmosphere. The soundtrack and sound effects, cinematography and production quality were above average for lower budget indie standards. The script was hit and miss but the acting was again above average, substantially so with Paige who went from homely domestic to yelling possessee and back again. And it was refreshing to not have models cast for every part.

Overall and even with the flaws, I thought this punched above its weight which is a credit to everyone involved.
Impressive content! Highly recommend! I would love to see more work done by this director. Who ever the casting director was, Great job in casting, great acting by the actors. Loved the creative camera angels. The choice of composer for the film was outstanding. Very believable film. I would like to see a sequel made to this film, as it would lead us to think their is a possible continuing story to tell. The New age Exorcist!
Do Not Believe The High Ratings
People are obviously voting high as a joke, or the creators are doing so.

I swear on my life Amomaly is the worst movie I've ever seen.

Apparently a group of everyday people decided they wanted to try & make a film.

Better acting & costumes in a 6th grade play & I'm not exaggerating.

What was supposed to be horror unintentionally turned into comedy.

It is truly sad that these ppl couldn't see how awful every scene they shot was, when watching it back.

Watch only if you have time to kill & want a good laugh.
Complete and utter Garbage
I'm so tired of phony reviewers! IMDb, PLEASE figure out a way to prevent people who are obviously personally involved with the making of, casting, Directing or Producing of films! It's simply dishonest and wastes people's time and money when great reviews are given and people view crap like this "so called" Horror film.

Whenever you see all 1/10's and 10/10 reviews, Alarms should sound! Clearly, people can't possibly be that far away at either ends of the spectrum to not be able to determine a good film from bad.

Of the 30+ reviews I've given on IMDb, I always try to be honest and fair as a big fan of cinema. I also enjoy many Genre's. Horror being one of the top three. This is all I will write about this film. It's total garbage. From the acting, camera work, Direction, audio, lighting, special affects and editing. It's something out of a grade school production. I read all the previous reviews and noted that the 10's all seem to praise the director (are they all related) and others put down those or make excuses for those who were honest and rated it as terrible.

BTW, to the reviewer that gave this pile of Dung raves and went on to theorize that people are haters and perhaps actors jealous etc, etc.... Horror fans have brains and the ability to determine a good movie vs. a bad one. Flowering up your review with fancy words and theories is transparent and makes you look like a fool! I'm very sorry if you put up your $20,000 life savings to produce this film, if that's the case. You are a liar who tried to debunk others reviews (when bad, and as I'm sure you will do with mine) rather then just avoiding the obvious.

This IS, as one reviewer stated, one of the worst films I've ever seen. And I've seen thousands over 40 years.

Hint.....click on the Director. (Batista)...there is no photo of him. It mentions that he has shot big production music videos for major labels, however, not one label is mentioned. It states he first picked up a camera in 2005 and enjoyed storytelling and that's how he got into the business!? WHAT? You might want to add a photo, some information on the accredited Film or acting schools you attended and perhaps the Big Labels you shot videos for if you want any credibility.

I have a GoPro, and $1100. Think I'll go make a great horror film. Then I'll have all my friends write great reviews and maybe I'll become a star.

I also have a Bridge to sell you. CHEAP!....AVOID AT ALL COSTS!
Finally a horror film worth watching
I had to give this film a 10 star rating. Being In the horror genre myself, this film was extremely well put together from every aspect. Quality of the film is awesome, actors were very believable to convey this story. Extremely well done. I am happy to see the quality of horror film coming back, it has been a long time waiting, since the classics. Too many people want to make a horror film and disregard quality, and this director brought quality back to viewers. Excellent. I was more than pleased to watch this film. No cheesy editing and sound was superb with incredible actors. A must watch! I would have to agree with a previous review. I would like to see a sequel to this film.
Robbed of 5.99 ...
Or whatever I paid on demand for this abomination. I actually feel embarrassed to have watched the whole thing. I feel like at some point my self respect should have kicked in and I should have turned it off in utter indignation. But honestly, I really wanted to find some value, after all asking for a refund is a huge drag. I assume the time frame is supposed to be sometime in the 70's, and I assume this only because of the way the woman was dressed and the fact that the kids are immature for their apparent ages. They spend the entire second half of the movie crying and hugging each other and they seem to be teenagers.

I could've made a better movie. I could have rallied my extended family and come up with a better story line. There are two positives about this movie, the cover - cool pic - it sucked me in. And it was short. It is difficult to believe that such a clunker made it as far as this thing did.
Totally craptastic
There's really no foothold to gain in order to redeem this film; none other than watching it for a laugh. Bad cinematography, bad editing, bad acting (the male character above all others) and what's more important, bad storytelling. The scenes with the priest were the ones where we laughed more hysterically: the one where the guy budges around as if he was annoyed by a mosquito rather than a demon takes the cake. (MEMO: bring insecticide rather than holy water next time.) Oh, don't forget to take a look at the fake 10 star reviews here on IMDb for an additional laugh.
A Must See, Great Flick
The story was well written, very well put together. You can see the exceptional level of work done by the director in this film, from writing all the way through post production, very high quality film. Great eye and cinematography. Excellent job! The actors were exceptional, and you can see they have a great level of experience behind them. The mother was very believable! The kids did a stellar job portraying their characters, very well done in delivering a variety of emotional highs and lows. The narrator, did a fantastic job telling the story, with the understanding this person has been through some trauma and very numb, very well done. The Priest, was great, it is nice to see a younger priest in a film for a change. You can see these are working industry actors that made the story come to life with the directors vision. AAA++++++ Great late night flick!
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