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Crime, Thriller
IMDB rating:
Steven C. Miller
Nicolas Cage as Eddie King
Tamara Belous as Janet
Abbie Gayle as Alexis
Christopher Coppola as Buddy King
Jared Bankens as Skittish Man
Kelton DuMont as Young JP
Todd Jenkins as Pawn Shop Owner
Lydia Hull as Lizzie
Sean Paul Braud as Mr. Kuchar
Catherine Ashton as Bartender
Abbie Gayle as Alexis
Storyline: A powerful action thriller, ARSENAL tells the intertwining stories of the Lindel brothers, Mikey (Johnathon Schaech) and JP (Adrian Grenier), who had only each other to rely on growing up. As adults, JP found success as the owner of a construction company, while Mikey became a small-time mobster, mired in a life of petty crime. When Mikey is kidnapped and held for a ransom by ruthless crime boss Eddie King (Nicolas Cage), JP turns to the brothers' old pal Sal (John Cusack), a plain clothes detective for help. In order to rescue his brother, JP must risk everything and unleash his vengeance against King's relentless army of gangsters.
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Not groundbreaking
This film tells the story of two brothers who had a difficult childhood, witnessing the violent death of their father. They depend and rely on each other since, and help each other out in times of trouble. One day, the trouble with mobsters gets too big, and a brother decides to take matters into his own hands.

"Arsenal" has two big names playing supporting roles, but these two big names have not been associated with good films lately. Indeed, "Arsenal" is just an action thriller wannabe. It has over the top violent and gory scenes, which is augmented by visual effects that make blood and bullets fly in slow motion. Though this visual effect made "The Matrix" an instant classic, it does not quite work here because it is simply too gory. The ending is a little puzzling, as the brother could have ended the whole thing way earlier because it turns out that he knows the location of the other brother! "Arsenal" is an alright film to pass time, but don't expect anything groundbreaking or memorable.
Exteme Violcene works for me but movie didn't work anything for me
it's really noting special it's film i think it's more of time waster it's not much action in film there is some but not of all of it i thought the lead characters were eh it's like you don't care about The actor is mostly wasted is John Cusack he is not even in this film only for 5 minutes or more but they don't met up together noting like Con Air Nicholas Cage i don't blame him over he's not doing any good films anymore that's opportunity from the directors from him but he is doing it for paycheck i have seen Nicholas Cage as villain it's movie called Face/Off with John Travolta a lot more better but I LOVE Nicholas Cage

films i am fan of The Rock, Con Air, Face/Off, Snake Eyes great thriller then this, Gone in 60 seconds, 8mm, Windtalkers, Lord of War, Ghost Rider 1&2, Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans Drive angry but now i understand his paycheck that's all his their its not him choosing the films its him their only for check, his not really in film he is only in for 10 minutes or less he is not much of villain. i would say his Villain in Face/Off is a lot more better and Bad Lieutenant has better performance then this his looking as villain looks with hair and mustache is like 70s porn star. with terrible looking jeez i would say in Face/Off looking of cage is a lot more better. this film is SO wasting of your time there's not much like there is action shooting scenes but theirs no fighting or bit of it, there's no big explosions i thought the lead actor (Adrian Grenier) is eh weak actor hes like another Weak Version trying to be DJ Cotrona From dusk till dawn series i wish it could be him rather then lead Adria Grenier. Adria Grenier i think of him as lead is very weak actor in my opinion i really wish it could be someone else as lead a better actor like him i think hes not that great as main actor the characters you just don't care about they are all just eh noting the ending is eh. i like director hes good director the only movie i like his only film Extraction. but this didn't save it the director never saved any of his films they all flop. the plot Follows 2 brothers JP (Adrian Grenier)is younger brother and older brother who is pain in butt Mikey (Johnathon Schaech)Mikey met Eddie King (Nicolas Cage) lame way for his role hes crazy guy who loves cocaine who doesn't give a dam about anything his character is main villain who doesn't do much hes just going crazy with his 70s look porn star looking as the cold blooded killer that's also quite funny with his fake nose and mustache combo, his snickering and his dog-like growls, an interesting styling to this slight silly take to The King of

Comedy. Mikey met Eddie since he was kid Eddie always gives them jobs and says them he says i raised you all that he Nicholas Cage character is lame but his performance is a lot more better then his character. Mikey character is ass too his younger brother JP hes not normal character to me his like bad guy. he didn't do good in Army he didn't do good at anything he always let everything down of their feelings because hes younger brother JP is married Lizzie (Lydia Hull) who worked with Steven C Miller few times but not all of his films. and his working with Eddie king for Longtime And They Kidnapped Brother because Eddie King needs money from JP has 3 days to get his money to get his brother back. here goes Sal(John Cusack)He Is Cop Helping JP John Cusack doesn't do anything in movie besides hitting guy Getting Answers He Is Not Villain but Nicholas Cage and John Cusack they don't met each in 3rd time in film its like Nicholas Cage and John Cusack did Con Air as Team then 15 years later another Trashed Frozen Ground John Cusack is villain they both met up then in this its like John Cusack at end of day hes their only for paycheck he wasn't even in it didn't do anything didn't EVEN DID A SCENE WITH NICHOLAS CAGE for 3rd time i am like jeez

why is John Is Involved for oh wait silly paycheck thought he pay Nicholas in scene again for 3rd time didn't again. you have good Gore scenes movies with Gore works but it doesn't save it Because I Got Very Disappointed with film not because its gore but its story and lead actor and story and action was noting Special at all. Slow Motion when Nicholas Cage Punch's the guy in face blood slow Motion is cool i seen that in Sin city but still Movie Didn't Save it for me. Sal gets answers and find Eddie King goes around Investigation And Goes With JP to find his brother and find Eddie King who has been working for him in while but JP decides to move on with his life not working for Eddie So Mikey Ended Up Going on his life but i thought the characters the lead roles its like were they bad guys ? because JP and Mikey worked longtime with Eddie king sine they were kids. but so we follow these characters working with Eddie in years i thought these 2 guys were villains at start they don't look like good guys because hes brother is ass to JP since in there childhood i am like lead actors they are not Likable characters Or Charisma they don't have it in there characters, the lead characters were rubbish to me its really painful film
A enjoying crime film
Arsenal or southern fury is a surprising adrenaline crime and betrayal film that is much better than you think.

Mickey and his brother JP have not had the best start in life but along the way the 2 brothers picked different paths with JP becoming a successful construction owner and Mikey a life of drugs and quick buck.

Despite their differences a brothers love is unbreakable with JP always looking out for his troubled older brother Mikey, throw in a erratic local mobster (Nicholas Cage) and detective and family friend (John Cusack) and you have the ingredients of a great film.

Gotta say the plot as basic as it is it's put together really well with some brutal scenes and a story that's told between the characters Arsenal is a great film, with great acting from JP (Adrian Grenier) and (Johnathan schaech) who plays Mikey, with a great supporting role from Nicholas Cage and John Cusack. yes you did read that right Cage and Cusack are great in this film.
Extreme Bloody Violence
Nicolas Cage portrays another over-the-top cartoonish character here, as he plays Eddie King, a sadistic and psycho mob boss who talks like he's always constipated and sports a horrific looking hairpiece. He decides to kidnap the screw- up brother (Johnathon Schaech) and extort his straight arrow successful brother (Adrian Grenier) for 350K.

Often in the film, there's extreme brutal bloody violence, sometimes in slo-mo, and, as expected, lots of explicit language and on screen drug use. The movie is directed by Steven C. Miller with a first-time screenplay from Jason Mosberg.

Overall, unless you like intense bloody violence or wants to laugh at Cage's character here, I don't really see the point in one viewing this flick.
By the numbers DTV effort with a terrible lead and good supporting actors.
Not sure who thought Adrian Grenier was a good lead in an actioner but he kinda seemed out of place in his role. Not to say he is a bad actor but he didn't fit the role here. The best role and acting in the movie belongs to Johnathon Schaech. He might have played a supporting role but his character had the character development and emotional layers to it. They could have just focused the story on his and Nicolas Cage's character. And coming to Nicolas Cage, say what u want about the man but he still really do a great job in whatever role he takes up. This movie may not be up to his standards as an actor but he played the role the second time in the best way possible. Of course,when he did this role the 1st time,he had more screen time and more craziness to his character. Here,it's toned down a little. I would say that's a mistake on the director and screen writer's part because Nicolas Cage is easily the selling factor of the movie and why would you limit his screen time and the amount of crazy acting he could deliver? Still,Nicolas Cage did a great job and the movie is easily worth watching for him but i do wish he takes less roles like this and returns to serious,award worthy roles and movies. He has the talent and would be such a waste to be a regular in movies like this. The movie itself wasn't a terrible one and at the same time,isn't anything to rush out and watch. Too average and doesn't have any factor that puts it different from other DTV movies except for the presence of Nicolas Cage. It's nice to watch once but that's it.
Trashy, Freak-A-Zoid, and Whacked
Rivers of Blood Flowing in the Slowest of Motion Resulting in a High-Def Deluge of Jaw-Dropping, Gonzo, Grind-House Movie-Making.

Unrestrained Ultra-Nuttiness from Nicolas Cage, Dressing and Made-Up like a Clown and giving a Freak-a-Zoid On-Screen "Performance" that cannot be Ignored.

John Cusack, in one of His Patented Baseball Cap, Vape-Pipe Outings. It's all Whispering and Dreamlike, Detached from the Proceedings afraid to "Dip-a-Toe" for Fear of an Infectious Cesspool.

The Two Brothers that the Story Wanders Around are Adrian Grenier and Johnathon Schaech. They Barely Register and are as White-Bread and Generic as Cage and Cusack are Wacky-Packs.

The Allure in "Arsenal" is the Carnival Visuals and the Study of Bloody Body Parts, Crunching Bones, and Side-Show Antics.

Worth a Watch for its Excesses and Peep-Show Salaciousness. All Involved seem to be Proud of its Pandering.
Half-assed fury
This review of Southern Fury (Arsenal) is spoiler free

* (1/5)

PERHAPS SURPRISINGLY GIVEN that his name is at the top of the cast list we don't see Nicholas Cage's hard-headed villain, Eddie King for about half an hour into Southern Fury, at which point given his short screen time he gives a lengthy monologue which is over-the-top even by Cage standards. It's a solid performance, as the cold blooded killer that's also quite funny with his fake nose and mustache combo, his snickering and his dog-like growls, an interesting styling to this slight silly take to The King of Comedy.

Inexplicably styled in the wrong way as this interesting premise is constantly destroyed by director Steven C.Miller's historic tendencies to go overboard. Unfortunately that is the only interesting thing about Southern Fury (had a name change in the UK from Arsenal for obvious reasons) although the players only have access to a handgun for most of the time. The final result is a poorly titled, pretentiously boring - frankly silly gangster thriller. Firstly opening poorly with Adrian Grenier's (his second collaboration with Miller, the first was last year's Marauders) J.P Lindel a construction worker, who only gives one line via a poorly narrated script.

There is an earnest flashback showing his rough childhood with older brother Mikey, who even then liked to get into trouble with his friends it's a lengthy flashback that gives the film it's latter for emotion but is roughly done by the director. The film skips 23 years to an older Grenier, who's now a father and a husband and also enjoys time with his best friend John Cusack's Sal - a plainly dressed undercover cop who investigates the rough streets. Until he's caught up with how rough the streets can get after J.P's brother is kidnapped by a gang leader and held for a ransom of $350,000. The film riffs at this for quite a while which gives another style to this gangster thriller.

There are perhaps intriguing aspects to this, which manages to keep the film going to a particular standard, there's some dizzying action, with some fresh slow-mo shots, which we haven't seen before like a man being shot by a shotgun in his nether region. Also there is a moment when King tries to reach out to a bruised Mikey, by reading a letter that he wrote to his brother here he tries to seek emotion by shouting and giving moments of solidity to the film which can't save it. Despite the solid performances by Cage and Cusack who are left on the sidelines, the film is hacked 'n slashed by the director's historic tendencies.

VERDICT: While Cage and Cusack deliver solid performances, the rest of the film is half-assed, hobbled by the director's horrible decisions of historic tendencies.
Slow and dumb
The simplest way to put this film is simply slow and dumb.

One would expect a little more from such a cast, but this is not the case here.

Had this been an indie film with amateur actors, I would have rated it higher. But all I can give it now is a 5/10.
Generic and predictable. A really good made-for-TV type movie that is nothing to rush out and see
"Someone once asked me why I stick up for Mikey. They clearly don't have a brother." JP (Grenier) has always looked up to his older brother Mikey (Schaech). As adults JP is the one that is supporting and trying to help Mikey anyway he can. Mickey finds himself in trouble once again and goes to a mob boss for help. After receiving a phone call JP once again is in a position where Mickey needs his help, but this time is different. First of all, this movie is not bad at all. It is a decent B movie. On the other hand, it is extremely generic and I'm sure even just reading my synopsis of the movie you can predict everything that is going to happen and how it will turn out. John Cusack is in this for about 2 minutes and his character is pretty useless. Cage is, as usual, over the top and I'm not really sure what he was going for with his acting in this. All that said, most people that watch movies like this watch for the action and not the acting or story that much. If you are one of those people you will enjoy this. Overall, generic and predictable. A really good made-for-TV type movie that is nothing to rush out and see. I give this a C.
He would die for you
Mike (Johnathon Schaech) and JP (Adrian Grenier) are brothers. Growing up Mike looked after JP. As adults, Mike has a messed up life while JP has a successful life in construction. Mike is mixed with Eddie King (Nicolas Cage) a crime boss with a bad rug. Eddie devises a plan to extract money from JP. John Cusack plays undercover cop Sal.

The drama and dialogue was poor. I am not sure why Cage wore such a terrible rug (see DVD cover) and I couldn't figure out that fake accent that varied from scene to scene. Cusack was only marginally credible. The whole plot reeked. What was good was the slow motion gun shot wounds near the end of the film. Worth passing up unless you really have to see a slow motion shot of a bullet exiting a cheek.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity...why did the club have "GIRLS" on the side when there were none in it?
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