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Asterix and Obelix: God Save Britannia
Italy, Spain, France, Hungary
Adventure, Comedy, Family
IMDB rating:
Laurent Tirard
Catherine Deneuve as Reine Cordelia
Charlotte Le Bon as Ophélia
Atmen Kelif as Pindépis
Edouard Baer as Astérix
Vincent Lacoste as Goudurix
Bouli Lanners as Grossebaf
Valérie Lemercier as Miss Macintosh
Filippo Timi as Décurion patrouille
Dany Boon as Têtedepiaf
Gérard Jugnot as Le capitaine des pirates
Fabrice Luchini as Jules César
Luca Zingaretti as Général
Guillaume Gallienne as Jolitorax (as Guillaume Gallienne de la Comédie Française)
Jean Rochefort as Lucius Fouinus
Storyline: Asterix crosses the channel to help second-cousin Anticlimax face down Julius Caesar and invading Romans.
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The fourth film adaptation of the famous Asterix comic books is the best one so far. Entertaining and even witty at points, instead of boring and crude like the previous films, the movie is based (quite faithfully) on the 1966 album Asterix in Britain (one of the best of the series), with some bits from Asterix and the Normans. Asterix and Obelix help the Britons resist a Roman invasion by Julius Caesar (in the real history, Julius Caesar made a punitive expedition to Britain in 55 BC; Britain would only fall under Roman rule in 43 AD under emperor Claudius). A lot of the comic situations are based (like in the original albums) on national stereotypes, on how the French and the Englishmen see each other. There is also some mildly risqué humor here (with a Briton initially believing Asterix and Obelix to be a gay couple). Edouard Baer is Asterix. Gerard Depardieu is Obelix (he's fine, and by now, it's difficult to think any other actor playing that role).The veteran Catherine Deneuve has a cameo as the queen of the Britons. Fabrice Luchini is Julius Caesar. Production values are acceptable.
Fun film, very much in the spirit of the comics
This is a very cute adaptation (with updates) of the classic Asterix comics. The version I had only had French audio with subtitles available in English. This wasn't a problem, as one of the running gags of the film is that French actors playing English characters (most notably the impossibly elegant Catherine Deneuve) speak with their French with horrible English accents. The prize for best/worst Frenglish goes to Charlotte Le Bon, who sounds like she's flunking her first semester of French. The jokes are generally cute-but-harmless, notably the 5:00 hot water break that defines life in England at the time of Caesar. There are references to Star Wars and A Clockwork Orange that don't appear in the 1966 source material, and an Indian character who might strike a contemporary audience as uncomfortable. Still, of all the live-action Asterix films, this one seems to best capture the spirit and absurdity of the comics. Very sweet, very fun, and well worth catching on video.
Reasonable script - awfully filmed
I started watching this expecting to watch something similar to the old Asterix and Obelix films. This is totally different, but not in a good way (at least not for me).

The first annoying thing is the French used throughout the movie whenever someone from Britannia talks. I know they want to imitate Englishmen speaking French, but the result is horrible.

The scenes look awful. They look so artificial (the Galois village, the forest, the army). Even the grass looks artificial. Watch some scenes from the old Asterix movies (like Asterix vs Cesar or Asterix aux Jeux Olympiques) to see what I mean.

In the old movies, the characters were taking everything seriously in a comic way (remember Cesar, Brutus, Numerobis...). Here they give you the feeling that they don't really mean what they say, so much of the comic factor is artificial.

While I'd watch anytime one of the old Asterix movies, I will never see this one again.
They've got an amazing cast: Deneuve, Lucchini, Rochefort, Depardieu, Galienne... all famous excellent actors. So where is the weakness but in the script and dialogs? I hate it when you spoil good materials.

OK, it's difficult to be compared to the most excellent Asterix and Cleopatre! And at the same time it's difficult to compare: Chabat also included scenes totally unrelated to the comic (like the kung-fu fight between the two architects), but at least it was funny!

But this one was (to be honest)... boring. I quit in the middle, when Asterix started hitting heavily on women. French humour? Lame. I expect much more from Asterix : Le domaine des Dieux!
Good clean fun
In an era where we've been indundated with comic book-based movies, those Guallic warriors Asterix and Obelix have flown under the rader. Based on the classic French comic books, this is the fourth live-action movie, following 'Asterix and Obelix take on Ceasar' (1999),' Mission Cleopatra' (2002) and 'Asterix at the Olympic Games' (2008). While some of Asterix films can be quite cartoony and silly, 'Asterix and Obelix in Britain' is arguably the best of the series.

Based on the 'Asterix in Britain' comic book, it involves the Britons – who have been invaded by the dastardly Romans – seeking the Gauls and their magical potion for help. Of course, it falls to Asterix and Obelix, and their cowardly mentee Anticlimax (a bard more interested in romancing that battling) to travel to Britain and quell the Roman invasion (lead by a megalomaniac Julius Ceasar). Along the way Asterix and Obelix are nearly torn apart while fighting over women and meeting a tribe of Normans (Odin-worshipping Norse warriors), wanting to feel fear for the first time. Gérard Depardieu is Obelix for the fourth consecutive time. As usual he plays the role with gusto and childlike innocence, a perfect foil for the heroic Asterix. It's the friendship between the two heroes which makes the series so enjoyable, even when the closeness of their relationship is (jokingly) questioned.

The great thing about this film is the humor: while not as silly as previous films, it reflects the gentle satire and light-hearted tone of the comics. The Brits are depicted as uptight and obsessed with manners and etiquette while drinking their favourite beverage "hot water with a cloud of milk". Even while their village in being invaded by the Romans, the British guards don't bat an eye, instead talking about how hungry they are.

One of the strangest things about this films is it's completely in French; even the Romans, Normans and Britons speak French. It adds to the light-hearted feel of the film.

Needless to say, if you like the Asterix series, 'Asterix and Obelix in Britain' is worth watching.
France/Spain/Italy co-production about the immortal heroes , Asterix and his inseparable partner Obelix , from French comic-books
Amusing and fun adventure with Asterix and his faithful friend Obelix fighting Romans in Britain. This was the fourth live-action version of the popular Astérix & Obélix comic books . The diminutive Asterix (Edouard Baer who in 'Asterix and Cleopatra' played a role called Otis) and his rather larger companion Obelix (Gerard Depardieu) , warriors of the last village in Gaul still free after the Roman invasion, set out on a mission to deliver a barrel of their druid's famous magic potion to help Asterix's cousin in Britain fight off the invading Roman army . The year is approximately 50 B. C, Britain is entirely occupied by the Romans commanded by Julius Caesar . Well, not entirely..One small village of indomitable Bretons still holds out against the invaders . And the life is not easy for the Roman legionaries who garrison the fortified camps. Similarly happens on Gaul, where a small village located in Armorica live our friends, the intelligent hero Asterix, the menhir delivery and addicted to wild boar Obelix, the venerable Panoramix with his potion which gives the drinker incredible energy, the majestic,hot-tempered, brave chief of the tribe Abraracourcix... There come a Asterix's cousin asking for help against Romans. As always the perilous mission is immediately trusted to shrewd and cunning Asterix . Obelix, ready to drop everything and go off on a new adventure with Asterix and this time accompanied by Goudurix (Vincent Lacoste) and Jolitorax (Guillaume Gallienne de la Comédie Française) . Asterix and Obelix then cross the channel to help second-cousin face down Julius Caesar (Fabrici Luchini) and invading Romans . As they set out to deliver a barrel plenty of powerful potion getting superhuman strength and brewed by druid Panoramix . His mission transport it for the Britons and vanquish the invaders ; fighting , as always, against the stupid Romans , pirates and a mean Julius Caesar .

This is a nice adventure with hilarious moments here and there , and has Asterix and his inseparable friend battling , as usual, against silly Romans . Full of customs critical about actual British way of life and modern anachronisms that's common thing in comic books . The cartoon movie brilliantly captures the outrageous adventures, tongue-in-check, satire , absurd humour from original story with the same title and drawn by Albert Uderzo and writing credits by Rene Goscinny . Based on René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo's "Asterix in Britain" and "Asterix and the Normans", both published in 1966 . As usual, on the finale the village people celebrating a wild party and eating boars in a gargantuan lunch . Being an European co-production there appears several known French actors such as Catherine Deneuve as Reine Cordelia , Charlotte Lebon as Ophélia , Dany Boon as Têtedepiaf , Jean Rochefort as Lucius Fouinus , Gérard Jugnot as Le Capitaine des pirates ; Spanish players such as Tristan Ulloa , Javivi and Italian such as Luca Zingaretti .

Jolly and lively musical score by Klaus Badlet with a catching song on the start and the ending . Colorful cinematography filmed on location in Wicklow Town, County Wicklow, Ireland , England, UK , France , Hungary and Malta . The motion picture was professionally directed by Laurent Tirard . This passable fourth entry shot in live acting was preceded by ¨Asterix vs Caesar¨ directed by Claude Zidi with Christian Clavier , Robert Benigni , Laetitia Casta , Arielle Dombasle , ¨Asterix and Cleopatra¨ by Alain Chabat with Monica Belucci , Jamel Debbouze ,Claude Rich , Marina Fois , Gérard Darmon and ¨Asterix and the Olympic Games¨ by Frederic Forrestier with Clovis Cornillac , Santiago Segura, Monica Cruz , Jean Pierre Castaldia and Janel Debouzze . The film appeal like to Asterix and Obelix fans , it's a funny entertaining for kids and grown-ups and nostalgics
absolute waste of time! my childhood hero is ruined!
i couldn't believe what they did! Even by trying i have a hard time seeing how you can fail at making a movie to that point; I mean how hard can it be? If you look at the comic book, they had a plot, a storyboard, the costumes and the background ready to be used. they could have repeated the cartoon version word for word and release something that was better! firstly they make a Remarque of Asterix and Obelix as a homosexual couple (I am serious) as they apparently live in the same house (which they do not if the director read the comic carefully). Unlike the last movie there was not one love story that ruined the whole movie but TWO so twice the amount of boredom. the special effects were better in the Cleopatra movie. and the acting is awful. in the movie Goudrix(from Asterix and the Normans aka Asterix and the vikings(he looks like the complete opposite from the comic))wants to be with Jolitorax's fiancée(who was not in the cartoon), and so does Asterix for a while and at one point Jolitorax was completely in the nude. at that point I wanted to leave the room shocked for life ( I wish but I was actually stuck in there). so I suffered the whole movie. the actual story that the movie is based on takes around half an hour. the other hour is the stupid love story that was added on top. the cartoon version of this movie was absolutely brilliant although there is probably the translation problem (I saw it in French). if there was one good Asterix movie with actors, it's definitely the Cleopatra one. Asterix should not be treated as a kids cartoon. i actually enjoy the cartoon for its caricature of reality and of its subtle intelligent humor that is hard to find these days. i highly recommend this movie if you want to torture an Asterix fan or if you want to painfully waste an hour. the twilight saga seems all right next to this junk. avoid at all costs. I think of this movie as a mocking parody of the brilliant comic books and hopefully there will be a better one.( i said doubtfully).this is still an OK romantic comedy but it does not feel like you are watching an Asterix movie. to be honest by the end of it i forgot it was an Asterix movie. the worst of it all is the fact that they took away the friendship between the two characters. during 3/4 of the movie the two characters are irritated at each other. this is going against the rules of the Asterix series and that is a mistake that one should not do.
A wonderful film - it needs to be released in the UK!
I was so shocked by the negative reviews of this film on IMDb that I signed up specially to praise it. I'm British, and I absolutely loved all the jokes about my home country, including the music, which is sometimes authentic and sometimes a sort of satire on British patriotic tunes. I don't read strip cartoons, so I don't know how close to the original it is, but it's excellent in its own right. The script is very good - there's all the legionnaires' comments on illegal immigrants (and the satirised illegal immigrant himself is a joy),not to mention Caesar's claptrap about civilising the barbarians. All utterly authentic ... And then there's the dreadful teenager Goudurix, who says everything dreadful British (and I suppose French) teenagers say and do. Does it really matter if he hints Astérix and Obélix might be gay? the film itself makes it clear they aren't, and anyway, gays are good. And there are all the little details, like the 'Godax' - 'Dogax' posters at the rugby match, and the fish and chip shop in Londinium, and the in-jokes about how the British and French see each other. I only gave the film 9 because I personally don't like Depardieu, but he does his job well - oh, and the opening titles are awful and totally unsuited to the film. But in general it's a joy, and it's a real pity most Brits will miss out on it because they wouldn't be able to understand it.
Fun for all the family
I have not much to say but this film is horribly under-rated. It has no dark undercurrent, no social engineering (a rarity these days), it is just light, laugh out loud funny, with good acting, cast, sets and story.

I have not watched something this fun and innocent for a long time. This is far cleaner and leaves you feeling better than any Disney or animated film i can remember.

Also there is none of that horrible Hollywood overtone where everything is over done & there is no subtlety because the audience is assumed to be morons.

People claiming this film promotes homosexuality (an agenda in society i am very aware of and personally protest) have no idea what they're talking about. The English dignitary was just inferring that Asterix and Obelix are homosexual because they live together, as a jibe. Nothing more.

Go watch it, have fun, feel good.

I hope they make another.
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