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Thriller, Action, Adventure, War, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Peter Berg
Liam Neeson as Admiral Shane
Beau Brasseaux as Navy SEAL (as Beau Brasso)
John Bell as Angus
Leni Ito as Japanese News Anchor
John Tui as Beast
Gregory D. Gadson as Lieutenant Colonel Mick Canales
Joji Yoshida as Chief Engineer Hiroki
Rihanna as Raikes
Brooklyn Decker as Samantha
Peter MacNicol as Secretary of Defense
Tadanobu Asano as Nagata
Adam Godley as Dr. Nogrady
Taylor Kitsch as Alex Hopper
Alexander Skarsgård as Stone Hopper
Jerry Ferrara as Sampson JOOD Strodell
Joshua Pence as Chief Moore
Rico McClinton as Captain Browley
Storyline: Based on the classic Hasbro naval combat game, Battleship is the story of an international fleet of ships who come across an alien armada while on Naval war games exercise. An intense battle is fought on sea, land and air. What do the aliens want?
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Escapism At Its Best
Usually I would run away rather than watch a blockbuster such as Battleships. Most of the time those that are supposedly based on historic events are completely distorted (e.g. Pearl Harbor and King Arthur) and those that are not are just plain bad (Indiana Jones 4 and Transformers amongst others). In my opinion Battleship is somewhat of an exception. I really expected this movie to be full of implausibility and cliché upon cliché. And in a way it was, but it was still enjoyable and entertaining.

Whilst most other reviews seem to be very negative concerning the story in this movie, we need to face the fact that this movie is based on a game. So if you don't expect an award winning screenplay you might enjoy this rather clichéd movie. The effects are great and the acting is decent given the formulaic plot (Humans send signal into space; Aliens invade; Aliens seem to be winning; Aliens get beaten by a ragtag group of misfits) Some people seem to have a problem with leap forging alien ships and the fact that they destroy certain targets but not others. As for reviews that state that the movie doesn't make sense because of this, all I can say is if they destroyed everything that they should then we wouldn't have a movie to watch. And it becomes plain in the movie that the aliens destroy what they perceive to be a threat to them. Someone wrote that the aliens destroy a freeway and grounded choppers and that this makes no sense, but wouldn't it make sense to destroy the perceived enemies armaments and lanes of transport? I also have to admit that I liked the fact that the aliens in the movie are portrayed as bipeds that are physiologically very similar to human beings.

I agree that there are a lot of problems in the story like poorly armed alien troops, the fact that the alien commander gets sniped, or that the invaders (rather conveniently) forget to blow up the battleship manned by retired veteran troops. But then again if you were a head of the invading alien army would you really bother with an out-dated battleship manned by retired sailors? So, whilst I generally agree that there are problems with the story, I still think that this movie is very entertaining especially if one wants to relax for 2+ hours and not have to ponder all the intricacies of the plot. So I agree with one of the other reviewers who called this movie a guilty pleasure. Normally I would run from this kind of movie but I found myself enjoying it. Maybe I was just in the right frame of mind to watch a movie that I didn't have to think about and analyze. Pure escapism.
Battleship is Awesome!
No clue what the last reviewer is talking about. There is tons of action in this film. Yes the first 15 minutes are a little slow (character development) but once the action starts it's non-stop and awesome. Loved this movie, loved seeing the ships in action. Great movie to watch memorial day weekend, makes you proud of the military! Will definitely buy when it's out on DVD, but was glad we saw in on the big screen first. Your kids will love it, mine did. My only knock is I wish Liam Neeson's role was larger. I really like him. But I enjoyed seeing the younger kids take on the aliens too. Very entertaining, action film. Don't over think it.
The Not So Good, the Really Bad and the Shockingly Ugly Or ...
How much cheese do what on your corn? Let me start with the one moderately positive thing I'll say about this film; if flashy CGI, big fiery explosions and action for the sake of said is all you need to make a movie, there's about and hour and 20 minutes of it here... and absolutely nothing else.

From the outset it's awful. The first 30 minutes of the film is character "development" that is so thin and poor that it actually becomes offensive to members of the United States Navy. *knock* *knock* Hollywood it's 2012, not height of war 1942, the US military does not accept unemployed, alcoholic losers facing felony charges let alone fast track them into line officer positions. If you have the constitution to make it beyond the first half hour of this disaster then you no doubt have what it takes to become a wise cracking naval officer and sociopath who can single handedly defeat aliens invasions as well. Which leads us to ...

Taylor Kitsch/Lieutenant Alex Hopper. On any list of pretty boys with little or no talent who still manage to land roles Taylor Kitsch is a contender to the top spot. Granted the dialog he's working with is truly atrocious to begin with and it's unlikely anyone could have made it work, but the combination of it and his lack of talent result in what starts out as a train-wreck the moment he opens his mouth that morphs into a 28 vehicle pile up with multiple fatalities on a fog blanketed road by the time he shuts up. If any member of the US military were ever to conduct themselves in the manner LT Alex Hooper is portrayed and presented he would face charges before making it out of basic training. Awful, truly, horrifically, unbelievably awful from start to finish. I feel at this moment like I wish to keep typing to try and convey just how bad he is but I know there simply aren't enough of the right kinds of words in the English language that would allow me to, so let's just move on to the next disaster.

Rihanna/Petty Officer Cora Raikes. Wow! Whoever is responsible for this casting decision should immediately be fired and never again be allowed to work in any facet of the entertainment industry again. Not only is she lacking in acting ability nearly to the degree of Kitsch, but the this fat-bottomed hip-hop skank with a history being abused by her boyfriends makes her so utterly inappropriate for this role that it should have brought every member of NOW out picketing the studio the moment she was announced. Strong female characters being portrayed by weak, profane punching bags... sad to say the least. Whether trying to convince the viewer that she's a tough enough to play soccer with and against men in an international tournament or incoherently blabbering technoishly terminology in the operation center of a naval ship or going toe to toe with an alien warrior that just knocked down a steel bulkhead, she is so utterly unbelievable doing any of it that it runs from painful to nauseating to watch.

Which leads us to the first completely nonsensical aspect of the script. Apparently the defense budget of the US Navy is in worse shape than any of us has been led to believe. Not only "destroyers" have been brought back into service and are manned with five person crews who do everything from command and control duties in the operations center, to reconnoitering potential threats in assault craft to carrying out search and destroy missions as part of a TAC team and last but not least flawless fire control operations with weapon systems that haven't been in use since before any of the characters were presumably born...

... and then to the next bit of foolishness that is the foundation of this story. Is it even conceivable to anyone that a ship that has been decommissioned and turned into a floating museum has a compliment of functioning weapons, ammo and fuel and can be put into service by the same five crew members and half a dozen senior citizens in just minutes. That the writers, producers and director actually thought that this could be sold as a valid premise just cuts to the heart of how stupid they think the average movie goer is. Patently absurd is the only way to describe it and unfortunately it not the only thing that's absurd and maybe not even the most absurd premise of this film.

I love good science fiction and action films and I get the need to suspend disbelief in order to make certain types of films, really I do. Fantasy technologies, bending of the laws of physics, impossible time lines etc when used properly can make a movie. There is however, or at least should be a limit, but not here. This movies doesn't merely bend the laws of physics and strain believability it shatters them then sweeps the shards up off the floor runs them through an industrial shredder collects the by product melts it down cast them again and then smashes the result with a sledge hammer.

Not a single solitary aspect of the sciencey part of science fiction is even remotely possible or plausible. The action scenes from first to last are so far beyond the limits of believable it almost unfathomable.

This film is so bad on so many levels that if I see the names Peter Berg, Taylor Kitsch or Rhianna associated with any future projects I will do my utmost to avoid it.
I am compelled to write a minimum of 10 lines so you avoid this movie.
I have written very few reviews on IMDb, I simply do not have the time, but on this occasion things are different. This movie could have been so good, yet it is truly awful.

I am a total advocate of having fun at movies and suspending belief but in this movie, even attempting to do that is interrupted by shocking characters with shocking lines. If people reacted in real life like many of these do in the movie, you could be forgiven for shooting them on sight.

The main character played by Taylor Kitsch is so annoying, so arrogant, so stupid so utterly imbecilic that for him to be allowed in uniform would be a slur on a nations entire armed forces. He seems to have adopted a role trying to emulate bad boy comes good Chris Pine as Kirk in the 2009 excellent movie Star Trek. But it doesn't work and he displays himself as a complete and utter loser in every respect, and frankly the screen writers should not work again.

Every cliché possible is thrown in, trying to make what is termed 'an extinction event' funny. As aliens battle to use an earth array radar to communicate with their planet and bring on the destruction of the planet, the geek in charge of the array who knows everything about it says 'what! are they trying to phone home like ET'??? Shoot that man!

I am saddened that Liam Neeson's bank balance is so low that he needed to take on his role in this movie. If he was that short of cash, had he just put an ad on IMDb I am sure we would have all chipped in $5 each to keep him out of this disaster.

The boys and girls in the CG room did an awesome job, but it was so unoriginal with all the trappings of Transformers that whilst technically superb it was just all pointless. Just where have they spent $200 000 000 ? It must all be in CG or was it the fee for Rihanna? Whatever, the budget for this movie would have been better spent on saving some third world country from economic disaster.

At the end it becomes clear that whoever the military adviser was, whatever their sins during the main part of the movie, should definitely have been sacked and not paid. Our main character the man who has led a team of misfits to save the entire planet is awarded ...the 'Silver Star', the third highest award the military can give. Where was the medal of honour? the top banana, they must have been limited as only one was given to our main mans dead brother, who did nothing other than stand on the bridge of a ship and get blown up (apart from also putting up with his cretin brother for which he definitely deserved the award).

In summary, totally disappointing. To base a movie on the Hasbro game of Battleships was always going to be a challenge, are we now going to face movies based on snakes and ladders and 'frustration'? Too many agendas were hidden in this movie to ensure a politically correct Hollywood ra ra ra conclusion. There were many points in the movie where I totally wanted the Aliens to succeed and destroy the planet, as it's occupants were proving that there was no intelligent life here. If you are dragged along to this movie then maybe just put your iphone on silent and play angry birds or some other garbage game to keep yourself entertained, or better still play Battleships.
Definition of a guilty pleasure
Heaven help me! I liked this movie, now I am going to be one of the few who did. As you can see from the other reviews a lot of people didn't like this movie, so why did I?

1. I came in with low expectations - I was expecting something horrible, boring, long and pointless, but despite myself I liked it, I laughed at the jokes, I connected with the actors (yes, Rihanna too), I was excited by the action and while clichés the plot held my interest

2. The actors did a good job with what they were given - Taylor Kitsch did a good job, Rihanna wasn't that bad, I dare say good, in her role. She was there, she didn't try to chew the scenery, she did her job as an actor/secondary character and it didn't bother me. I give her kudos

3. lost in translation? - you try to make a game into a movie and you want to put parts of them game in it? Not easy, a little cheesy? Of course, but fun? Yes, fun, enjoyable, and in the end it was a part of the story that wasn't as forced as it could have been.

So in conclusion, "Battleship" is a fun, corny, typical summer movie that I like but as you see a lot of people didn't. I think it is a guilty pleasure, something to be enjoyed by the few but annoyed by the rest. In the end I can only suggest this - go in with low expectations, expect a little over the top patriotism like in "Act of Valor" ( but not so heavy), and don't think about it. The movie is not without its flaws or questionable logic, but as it was said so well in another movie - "I suggest you don't think about it and just enjoy the ride"
Nice to look at and nothing more
No one was expecting Hollywood would so be s*** out of ideas and turn a board game into a movie but in the end we have BATTLESHIP, a movie based on the classic board game involving taking down your enemy's entire fleet through luck and grid reference. But this one has aliens which were strangely absent in the original source material.

Ridiculous as it sounds on paper, BATTLESHIP was made and here we have a passable summer time killer.

The special effects in the movie are impressive; I watched a regular screening so I can't say much for the 3D. The combat between Earth's naval ships and the alien machines was done well though it wasn't as tense as one could hope for. They're just nice to LOOK at; there's no sense of urgency or dread when the guns are loaded or when the enemy ships arm their missiles. The editing in the action scenes was a bit choppy but thankfully this does little to hinder the fact that they're nice to look at.

The movie wasn't advertised as having a thought provoking story or anything serious; the crew behind the movie knew that they made it to be nothing more than a popcorn movie that doesn't take itself seriously which is why unlike CLASH OF THE TITANS the special effects don't seem to be a hindrance to the simple story. Though I just wish someone took the time to improve the alien design which looked like it was cheaply ripped off from a video game.

But the story itself isn't even worth mentioning; sure, it's a simple alien invasion but that's about all it is, there's nothing more to it. There's no character development, it's extremely predictable and it seems amateurish. There were some good laughs here and there and bits of what could've been character development but never are they expanded. Even for a simple alien invasion movie the dialogue the characters said seemed forced; never do they connect to the audience in some way so when someone goes down or when someone's in danger, you don't feel anything. The writers tried to make things sound more intelligent than they have to and look at the end result; you have a bunch of flat characters spouting unnecessary profound crap.

The script is just bad; it looks like it was written by a kid who thought that the "cool stuff" (video game looking aliens, cheesy dialogue meant to sound deep, witty one-liners, etc.) should be added into the movie and that's why those were there. Cheap and cheesy dialogue makes the already flat cast of characters even more uninteresting; try not to groan while watching any of the "romantic" scenes or the obligatory patriotic scenes as seen in any movie made involving the military.

I'll admit, I was expecting BATTLESHIP to be total crap but I'm slightly thankful it didn't turn out to be the complete waste of money and time I was expecting but that isn't saying much. All the movie turned out to be was a popcorn movie that couldn't even entertain me all through out its run time. In the end, BATTLESHIP is a corny and clichéd movie (to describe it this way is being lenient) that relies on action sequences to draw in an audience. This movie didn't really feel like an alien invasion summer flick, it felt more like a 90 minute ad for a board game.
Disengage Brain, Enjoy.
How this movie needed to be based upon any game I have no idea, all I can say about it is that my wife and I sat back, decided to ignore the obvious impossibilities and enjoy the movie. Doing that it was a fun time with my wife, however as a Science Fiction writer myself I still cringed more than I every want to admit.

What I will say in critic is something that Asimov and Clarke both agreed upon. "Never ask your reader to disbelieve more than one thing." Whomever wrote this screenplay really badly ignored that warning. Still in all it was a heck of a lot better than anything that the SciFry channel has ever put out.
substantially better then I expected
I based my initial opinion on the IMDb score and from the odd critic review when this was released. I watched this last night and was pleasantly surprised. its a lot better then I expected. I wont go into detail about the plot etc as its in the summary. the only actors I knew were Liam Neeson and Rhianna. Rhianna was better then most other singers that attempt acting. I think to put this in perspective I will tell you some of my favourite films as I feel if you also like these you will like battleship: transformers, skyline, matrix, avatar, lethal weapon, die-hard, van damme films, terminator 2. (I couldn't list them all. :-) ) ignore the fact the enemy look like transformer. I think the makers have done well turning a very old, guesswork boardgame into a pretty decent movie.
went in with low expectations but actually enjoyed it
ill have to browse other movie reviews to compare but i watch a lot of movies and rarely give bad reviews to action or suspense type movies which i enjoy. 007 skyfall and con air may be the only movies I've ever truly hated but anyway i heard a lot of bad reviews on this movie and was really skeptical but it came on HBO so i decided to watch it and i think its one of the better sci-fi movies I've seen since starship troopers or independence day. it was hard to overlook rhianna being a character in the film but she did an OK job. i don't understand people saying the movie was "boring", i mean there was action almost the entire way through once the invasion came. like i said im pretty reasonable, i enjoyed waterworld as well even though thats considered one of the biggest bombs ever.
C'mon, it's not that bad
There may be some inadvertent spoilers in this review, so beware! I went to see this movie with my girlfriend expecting an action movie with (based on the previews) really good special effects. After the first 5mins of the movie, it became apparent that Battleship was going to mix in some comedy as well. Both my girlfriend and I were both laughing a lot at the beginning of the movie, and it loosened our original perception of the movie. Now, we were just there to have a good time.

For the most part, I was impressed. A good amount of the negative reviews I have read seem to not even be about this movie. I read one that literally stated, "Why did we have to slaughter these aliens that were just trying to get home?" They were obviously not watching the same movie. These aliens were trying to use our satellites to bring more ships to earth to take over the planet! They were piggy-backing on our technology because their communications ship crashed at the beginning. They weren't some well to do aliens who accidentally crashed and were trying to get home! This was an invasion! Another review said there were too many side stories... There were literally two. The main story arc deals with the main character fighting the aliens, and then his girlfriend is helping an army vet who lost his legs and they get into some trouble. That's pretty much it.

The one big problem I had was the super cheesy part towards the end when all of the old veterans working on the Mighty Mo are posing all over the ship and Hopper gives them the mini speech about asking them to do more for their country. Plus, the idea of running a WWII era battleship with about 10 Navy Sailors and 10 60+ year old vets is a little... unbelievable. I'm not 100% on this, but the standard crew for a Missouri type battleship is over 2000. That was just way too corny for my taste, but it didn't take away too much from the over all movie.

All in all, it was a lot of fun. The movie had great special effects, the interplay between the actors was amusing, and at times, just plain funny. The story was okay, there are a few things that were kind of left hanging, but this isn't supposed to be some artsy, independent film. I disagree with the reviewer who says that "It's an action movie" isn't a good excuse. I say it is. If you want moving dialog, Oscar worthy acting, and a swath of top name actors... This probably isn't the movie for you. If you just want to have a good time, have some laughs, see some great special effects and walk away from a movie with a smile on your face, go see this movie.
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