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Berlin Syndrome
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Cate Shortland
Rene Barra as Coal Man
Maia Absberg as Bar Member
Thuso Lekwape as Billy Dharma
Malin Steffen as Swedish Girl
Emma Bading as Franka Hummels
Lucie Aron as Elodie Zadikan
Nassim Avat as Aron Hurwitz
Max Riemelt as Andi
Teresa Palmer as Clare
Storyline: While holidaying in Berlin, Australian photojournalist, Clare meets Andi, a charismatic local man and there is an instant attraction between them. A night of passion ensues. But what initially appears to be the start of a romance suddenly takes an unexpected and sinister turn when Clare wakes the following morning to discover Andi has left for work and locked her in his apartment. An easy mistake to make, of course, except Andi has no intention of letting her go again. Ever.
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Surprisingly thrilling
This film tells the story of an Australian tourist, who meets a charming German man while she is backpacking in Berlin. A night of passion then leads to months of nightmare, as she is locked up in his fortified home.

I have not heard of the film "Berlin Syndrome" before, so I was pleasantly surprised by how well made it was. The story is realistic, convincing and very very disturbing. The thing is that, it could really happen to anyone in every day life. How would you know your new friend is not a psycho? The man in the film is so sick and perverted, that words just cannot describe it. This fear and uncertainty translates to real life easily, which makes the film very engaging and unnerving. The thrill of the film is very well portrayed and maintained. I find myself hoping for the best, but mentally prepared for the worst. It is a surprisingly thrilling film, and I would definitely recommend it to other people.
A very bad man and not a bad film
I saw this film without having any idea of the plot other than it was a thriller about an Australian tourist in Germany.

The production is very well done. It has enough stylising to make it visually interesting without being overbearing - it fits the subject, which is the darker side of a European country that has emerged from an old oppressive regime.

I don't recall seeing either of the main cast (Teresa Palmer and Max Riemelt) in anything before and was impressed by their portrayal of Clare and Andi. The characters were real - they were believable.

Overall this is a good quality film worth watching, especially if you are a fan of movies that portray the darker side of life without ridiculous amounts of inappropriate gore.
Wasted my time
One of the worst movies ever. It contains too much non explainable things. I hate it when certain people do irrational things. For example when they decide to go by themselves somewhere instead of calling police. Movies like this make me consider stop watching movies at all...
Psychology minded people
I have a degree in Psychology, which made me want to watch this film. Seeing the characters develop is amazing. The film is played off of "stolkhomx syndrome". The dynamic between the two actors is mesmerizing, especially if you look and listen to every detail. If you are Psychology minded like I am, you're in for a real treat. LOVE LOVE LOVE this dark movie!
Again Woman are portrayed as too weak to find a solution
Yes shes in a difficult situation but shes not locked in the dungeon. She has the full apartment to herself to find a way to knock out her perpetrator but only tries one attempt. She succumbs to him as a prisoner, everyone would consider it rape. If that's the case the anger should muster enough energy to take him out. The one attempt is pathetic, one minor strike which leaves him completely mobile, why not hit the leg. She doesn't even lock the door behind her to give her more time. She thinks asking a little girl, when hes close, for help makes more sense. As a lesson, its similar to a CA movie about girls meeting guys online without telling anyone. Well when she goes to his apt, she doesn't notify her mom with her good phone either where she will be. Girls/Young woman might not have the foresight to be safe when they might be in love. This might be the lesson. The ending does not redeem this movie at all.
Teresa Palmer has finally found a role for her to shine.
In this independent, psychological, semi-horror film we meet Claire, a young and aspiring Australian journalist who has come to Berlin to take pictures of the of the spectacular DDR architecture. During her trip she meets a German English teacher with whom she hooks up. But when she wakes up the next morning, she realizes that that was a big mistake…

The directing was fantastic. Cate Shortland used a lot of close ups with heavy focus to capture the isolation of Clare, but by doing that she also accentuated the amazing acting of Teresa Palmer. We were able to see what was going on in her head and that again proves how fantastic Palmer was. Shortland was able to create some very good tension which made the film a very edge on your seat film at times. Whilst this is a horror film, Shortland managed to create one without any of the horror clichés. There were neither jump scares nor a ton of gore; she was able to create tension with fantastic editing techniques and an intrusive soundtrack. Sometimes she breaks the tension up by having a slow motion montage, which gave the movie its needed breathing room. The realistic atmosphere set up by Shortland helped to create tension since it's so believable and could happen to any of his while abroad. There's quite some sexual content in the film and she made them feel very uneasy to watch. She also didn't use them as a tool to go watch the film, which I really like, because there are a lot of films that get their audience to watch a film solely because of scenes like that. The scenes in this movie however are not as "sexy" as you might think. The score's unsettling and so is the subject material and I found it to be handled wonderfully.

Teresa Palmer has never really been able to make me see her character on screen rather than just Teresa Palmer. In I am Number Four she failed to amaze me, but I think that we all can agree on the fact that the whole film failed to amaze its audience. Even in movies like Hacksaw Ridge I never really found her to be good. I was however able to see some potential in her role in that film. And then Berlin Syndrome passed by. And by god was she fantastic. At first I was still pretty skeptical, but after the first ten minutes she had sold me. Palmer had a difficult task to become her character and she really did that well. For the first time in her career I didn't see her, but I saw Clare. And this acting job was far from easy. Clare's a complex and multi layered character that undergoes quite some character progression and changes, which is to be expected when you've been held captive for more or less nine months by a psychopath who doesn't even realize he is one and even denies the fact. The characters were by the way really good and well thought out.

I also liked that the film didn't see its audience as stupid. It doesn't take it's time to explain what's going on. They don't explain the ideas Palmer has or how long she's been there. There's almost no exposition whatsoever and I loved that. It's like a breath of fresh air in today's movie industry which basically exists out of exposition. And it's not hard to figure out what's going on if you were paying attention, but if you were paying attention you'd have noticed that there's quite a lot of foreshadowing in the beginning of the film, which is the only downside to this film in my opinion. I know that the character of Clare is naïve in the beginning, I get that, but there are so many foreshadow moments when Clare just should've gotten the hint, which she time and time again didn't.

The characters were the main focus of the film. It's a real character study and I'm a sucker for character focused films. The film set's up Clare nicely by giving her a few character traits from the beginning. She's open to new things and new cultures; she's always willing to do something new. This character trait's also the one that'll bring her into trouble. At the moment she's captured however, the real character study starts. We're looking at what isolation and loneliness can do to someone. And since everything's handled so realistically it's painful to see her suffer. Not only was it a character study on Clare, but also on her capturer, Andi, masterfully played by Max Riemelt. It was interesting to see a man with these psychological disorders and I liked that they also showed how he acted towards his friends/colleagues and family, because just by those little conversations you could pick up that he's a psychopath, but only because you already know he is one. His colleagues don't pick up on it, because to them it's just another conversation with Andi, who just has some weird character traits. This character too had some real depth and it was captured wonderfully by Max Riemelt who managed to give a multi-layered performance.

In the end this was a very good psychological thriller that managed to keep me engaged throughout. There were some fantastic performances, notably of Teresa Palmer, who really got her time to shine. That's why this film get's a 9.1/10
Psychological thriller
Berlin Syndrome is a psychological thriller. The location is Berlin as the title shows. So there is a bit of German language but not that much. The movie tells the story of a freak that actually looks perfectly normal and that what makes it creepy, a guy that holds an Australian tourist hostage in his remote apartment. A story like this would be very surprising fifty years ago but now we got already multiple examples in real life of such kind of deranged people. So it wasn't a big surprise or something new. Nevertheless the story might start slow, the rest of the movie is full of suspense. The suspense is mostly psychological bit it definitely works. The acting is good, and that from the whole cast. Maybe it could have had a bit more action, but than again I don't think it was very necessary. I didn't get bored at all and I'm sure you won't be either.
In Andi's apartment, no one can hear you scream
If you are hanging out for a good thriller with real style then this will capture you as surely as the girl at the centre of the story is caught.

Clare (Teresa Palmer), a young Aussie tourist travelling alone in Berlin meets handsome Andi (Max Riemelt). They have a one-night stand in his apartment in a rundown neighbourhood of Berlin. However when she goes to leave next morning she finds that Andi is a man with unexpected interests and likes having her around so much that she isn't going anywhere.

"Berlin Syndrome" has been compared to "The Collector", the old William Wyler movie with Terrance Stamp, but that was an overly mannered number compared to this.

If the film reminds me of any other, it would be "Something Wild" starring Carroll Baker and Ralph Meeker as the kept and the keeper. Made in 1961, there are big differences, but that film has a dose of Stockholm syndrome before we realised there was a Stockholm syndrome (named in 1973).

Of course the Stockholm syndrome is a theme in the "Berlin Syndrome" and if I have any criticism it is that the title "Berlin Syndrome" is a bit too obvious for a film that takes a fresh approach in nearly every other way.

Director Cate Shortland ("Somersault", "Lore") tells her stories as much visually as she does verbally; she isn't afraid of silence, and her choice of actors is inspired.

Teresa Palmer is disarming. Her Clare is a little shy, but she also invests her with sexiness, and feistiness. Her character epitomises those youthful, adventurous spirits that parents wave off at the airport all over the world hoping that nothing like what happens to Clare will befall them.

Good looking Max Riemelt's Andi seems so intelligent and grounded at first that it is a surprise when his true nature is exposed – perfect casting against type.

"Berlin Syndrome" oozes quality from the engaging actors to great locations, photography and an understated, atmospheric score. Cate Shortland has cast just as fresh an eye on the psychological drama/thriller genre as Canadian Denis Villeneuve did on "Prisoners".
The Collector in Berlin
The Australian photographer Clare (Teresa Palmer) is visiting Berlin alone on vacation and taking photos of the buildings since she intends to write a book about architecture. When she stumbles upon the German high school teacher Andi (Max Riemelt), the chemistry is good and they have one night stand in his isolated apartment in an abandoned building. In the morning, Clare wakes up and does not find the key to leave the apartment. When Andi arrives from his work, Clare tells that she was locked but Andi shows the key on the table. Clare spends another night with Andi, but on the next morning she finds that the key does not open the front door and the chip of her cellphone was removed. Soon she learns that Andi is a sexual psychopath and will not let her go away. What will happen to Clare?

"Berlin Syndrome" is a tense and quite theatrical Australian thriller with a storyline very similar to 1965 "The Collector". Teresa Palmer is an excellent actress and has a magnificent performance with Max Riemelt. They practically participate in most of the scenes and have the chance to shine. The direction is precise and the makeup is impressive, giving the sensation to the viewer that the characters are wounded indeed. The pace is adequate to build the tension until the last scene. My vote is seven.

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