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USA, Iceland
Drama, Sci-Fi
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Andrew Sullivan, Geoffrey Orthwein
Storyline: On a romantic getaway to Iceland, a young American couple wake up one morning to discover every person on earth has disappeared. Their struggle to survive and to reconcile the mysterious event lead them to reconsider everything they know about themselves and the world.
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Don't Waste Your Precious Time, (or: It's Not Art Either)
Do you know when you read the users' reviews and somehow tend to believe the bad ratings come from the people who don't really appreciate "art", "beauty" and "silence"? Well, that's not the case (at least not in here).

Summary without spoiler: the Icelandic Board of Tourism and a car company decided to spend their money on a horrendous awfully scripted movie, filmed in an incredibly surreal scenery.

Tip: turn the volume down and enjoy the beautiful landscapes.
Intriguing addition to the "End of the World" movie canon, but know what you're going to see!
"Bokeh" is an intriguing and unique entry in the "End of the World" film series. As the film starts, Jenai (Maika Monroe) and Riley (Matt O'Leary) are on a vacation in Iceland. The do touristy stuff, and he has a classic large format camera that he uses to take lots of pictures. One night, Jenai wakes up in the middle of the night and sees a green glow start to spread around. When she wakes up later that morning, they discover that everyone is gone and they are all alone. All the power still works (apparently, Iceland's power grid is automated, so it would run without intervention for a while), but nobody is there, nobody is answering phones, television is all static, etc.

After the initial shock, they start to gather food and necessities (they can just walk into any store or restaurant) to survive. They two of them have differing reactions -- Jenai is devastated, wants to go home, desperate to see her family and friends. Riley, on the other hand, reacts that way many men would. Basically, it's "Hot damn! I'm alone in the world with Maika Monroe!" and he sets about continuing to woo her.

She grows more and more distraught about their situation, desperately trying to make sense of what is happening, while he tries to set up romantic scenarios, tries to convince her that them being along will be just fine so long as they're together, etc, etc. And it all winds up in a real mind-f*** of an ending.

Honestly, not much actually happens. So that's a word of warning -- almost all of these type of movies end up with some sort of action sequence, but not this one. It is pretty much just these two talking, going places, and reacting. So if you watch this expecting them to meet a gang of bikers or scientists or monsters or something and have to fight them off for survival, you are out of luck. The acting is solid, and that's important since there are just two people in the cast. Maika Monroe has the tougher role, and pulls it of flawlessly. Matt O'Leary does a decent job as well. The Iceland location is more than just beautiful scenery -- since there are working cars, being in Iceland makes it impossible to take a road trip back home, adding to the isolation and hopelessness.

I do have to say I was intrigued through the whole thing, so I can definitely recommend it, so long as you don't expect it to be what it isn't.
An utter waste of your time.
The premise of this was excellent, it could have been so good.

Nothing happens! Absolutely nothing. It's boring. Lacks direction. Does not flow well.

Only positives are the locations, Iceland is just gorgeous as always... and that the actual cinematography is pleasant.

I don't write reviews generally, but this just could not pass me by without me being vocal about how annoyed I am that I stuck with it thinking I'd give a rats ass by the end of it.... I really didn't.

Do not waste 90 minutes of your life watching this.
Needs More Background
I need a back story on both characters. That way I can better understand how they approach their situation. Who are they? Where are they from? What do they do? Why choose Iceland for their first trip abroad? How did they meet? Are they married? How old are they? Why doesn't the man show any concern for his family back home?

I am perfectly willing to roll with the fact that not every person in this world is interesting, compelling, or even intelligent. But everyone has a story. I don't mind if they are boring people, but I still need to know them, in order to connect with this story.

I would go to a plant nursery and buy seeds. Then I would gather all the bulk rice I could find at supermarkets. If you have matches, a pot, and a stove, you can cook rice, and grow vegetables. There is plenty of bottled water, and fresh streams. Plus, it's "Ice"land. So you can melt snow for water.

They are young, healthy, and attractive. Why not stay alive, and investigate further what happened, and if anyone is out there? Perhaps they are the new Adam and Eve.

Do they have any religious beliefs? Can we hear about them? At least the old man had some philosophical musings.

Yes, visually it was gorgeous, and both characters are attractive. I loved the scene with the guy driving with no hands in slow motion.

Most importantly, the time lapse was too short for anyone to lose their mind. Most people would maintain hope for at least 6 months. The character in Castaway did for years.

Nice subtle use of music.

The film would have benefited from some real emotion, prior to the climax. How about a scene where the people break down and scream and cry for their loss?

This picture missed the mark. It seemed like they thought the understated approach was clever. But in the final analysis, it was just boring.
one horrible boring lame excuse for a movie
I must start this short review with a disclaimer.

I love "end of the world" movies. I also love movies about "solitude", or take place in an environment of extreme "solitude".

These kinds of movies automatically contain endless possibilities for interesting, fascinating situations and behavior.

In this movie, two American tourists wake up one morning while on vacation in Iceland. They find no humans in their motel... or on the street... or in any of the shops... or on any roads. None. No dead bodies, just no humans anywhere. When they check the internet, they notice that no messages on forums or news stories exist after about 3:30am (their time).

At this point, I'm rubbing my hands together because this kind of setup inherently has endless fabulous questions to answer and possibilities. What happened? Where did all the human bodies go? What will they decide to do? Stay in Iceland? Try to find a way to get back to north America? Do they go to a radio or TV station and broadcast a message (continuously on a loop) asking anyone remaining to call them? No. That would make sense (if they want to find other humans).

All they do is wander around looking for other humans for a few days.

Then they do a bit of relaxing and driving around (like on vacation).

The couple are MORONS.

But they are geniuses compared to the screenplay writers! Nothing happens in this movie. They just wander around and repeat endlessly "I don't know what to do".

Almost at the end of the movie, when they go way out into the countryside to relax in a cabin on a lake, they encounter an old man who is still alive... barely.

Why is he barely alive? Who knows. They imply he is dying of thirst, but... give us a break! His home is literally 30 feet from a fresh water lake (and certainly has his own water well, since he is far out in the countryside).

So they give him some water.

A few hours later, he dies.

No reason is given, and in fact it is obvious that no reason exists for him to be sick or ready to die.

There was zero point in finding him... except to make the conclusion of the story INFINITELY STUPID.

Yes. The only real problem the couple has is... the girl is home sick. Never mind that nobody is alive back at home, so there is literally no point in going home anyway.

So the ONLY significance of the old guy they found was... what? It was to show them that OTHER LIVING HUMANS PROBABLY EXIST SOMEWHERE.

And so, what happens next? Does the girl get happy, excited, encouraged that other humans are alive and they can find them? NO.

She kills herself because she is lonely! Just after they find that at least a few other humans exist in the world.


She and her boyfriend had a great life. Everything in the world, including all luxury, was theirs to enjoy. And they were in Iceland where geothermal will keep the electricity running without attention for hundreds of years. And even if that didn't work, there were thousands of generators and thousands of gas stations with fuel to power them all over the island.

They had a great life... and she killed herself.

Then... what does the boyfriend do? He just drives away with a glum look on his face while all the credits rolled.

I mean... HOW STUPID.

Sure, he should be sad his moron girlfriend offed herself.

But... they can't just end the movie this way, right? After all, they just discovered there are more humans out there to find.

So please... at least have a twilight zone ending of some kind, right? I mean, maybe he doses off at the wheel then wakes up in bed and finds it was all a dream. Yeah, very lame, but better than NOTHING.

Or maybe all of a sudden all the other humans re-appear... maybe even driving on the road he is driving at the end. But no.

The credits end... the movie ends... that's it.

This really has to be one of the dumbest movies ever made. They could have done endless interesting, fascinating things with the setup in the first 15 minutes of the movie. But they did nothing.

TERRIBLE. 1 out of 10 stars.
Bad and boring had so much potential
This movie was so boring and very slow it had So much potential. In the beginning of the movie it seemed like it was gonna be a good movie, where they filmed it was beautiful, the acting was OK, but as the movie continued it just dragged. It doesn't tell you why something happened, why they are there, why they are alone and the end was dreadful. I don't recommend this movie it will bore you to death, but the idea was good it could've been so much better, I don't recommend this movie so if you want to be bored then watch and judge for yourself.different strokes for different folks I guess.
Great deep complex calculated movie --Spoiler alert--
not your typical zombie movie. --- spoiler alert --

suddenly it's just two of you. in iceland (please see map where iceland is), no zombie, no alien. the strength of this movie is the conflict of point of view.

the beautiful scene of iceland makes the conflict more thrilling.

if there is only 2 person left in the world, basic need is not a problem, then you have stronger character and not try to adapt to other person character, there will be price for it, enjoy your loneliness in the world with your so right point.

please don't rate this great movie with low score just because you can't see the beauty of this movie.
For the sake of our lives
Every day, for the sake of our lives we spend the blessing of drinking water, electricity, food that has been processed and we just use it. We are even daring to think that we could live alone, without needing anyone ... This plot is for us to remember the value of all the people who in one way or another have improved the world in which we live, and that we really could not live alone because we wanted it or not a species that we need from one to the other. But it seems to me that the most important thing is to appreciate, to care for whom we have decided to share our day, and that we do not make our relationship a unique system, it is not enough to supply food or comfort, but to be aware of what our companion feels and avoid Where our conscience does not, absolve us. Deep, splendid and daring is a production that must be taken to more people so that we do not forget the value.
Mysterious and attractive, yet...
One of the best choices the creators of this film made, was selecting Iceland for the location of their story. Iceland as a majestic country, offers a lot to this film, it is the main source of its power and attractiveness, thanks to the breathtaking landscapes and photography that keep the spectator posted and curious for what comes ahead.

Their..."Bokeh" though is not so successful as for the rest of the film's parts, and photography is not even close enough to making this film go as it should. It seems that there is something missing somewhere in between, something that was essential for the story to be continuous and structural. That awkward emptiness no matter how scary it is, how mysterious and appealing to a sci-fi film, it doesn't seem to convince of its cause and purpose. It is possible that this may be a reflection of the protagonists love story, the void that is there between them, initially unseen by both of them, but later on becomes a realization for her, that doubts, questions and seeks return to her home; her escape, or a form of cowardice? As for him...he keeps on living in his dream world.

So, in the end it felt more like a failed love story, that even in the absence of people, this relationship couldn't be saved. None of both parts wanted to struggle, to truly fight for both of them and that lack of will for salvation passed to our own hearts and minds leaving us alone as well, wondering and wandering.
Applause for the Tourism Bureau of Iceland
I had such high hopes for this movie loved the thesis. I dragged my entire family into the playroom one Sunday night to watch this and my mistake was not reading the rating or the reviews beforehand. Suffice to say my movie cred has been dragged way down my making my family suffer through this.

My views of this movie is well said by earlier reviewers with the title "Postapocalyptic boredom" and "post apocalypse without soul" , so won't repeat these reviews.

My conclusion is that there was a fantastically creative person at the Iceland Tourism Bureau, who sponsored this, as the movie was just very bad but made me want to visit Iceland.
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