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Brawl in Cell Block 99
Crime, Thriller, Action
IMDB rating:
S. Craig Zahler
Vince Vaughn as Bradley Thomas
Dan Amboyer as Longman
Geno Segers as Roman
Michael Medeiros as Mismatched Eyes
Rob Morgan as Jeremy
Fred Melamed as Mr. Irving
Pooja Kumar as Denise Pawther
Clark Johnson as Detective Watkins
Tom Guiry as Wilson
Don Johnson as Warden Tuggs
Udo Kier as Placid Man
Jennifer Carpenter as Lauren Thomas
Storyline: A former boxer-turned-drug runner lands in a prison battleground after a deal gets deadly.
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Not for the faint-hearted
This movie should make Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction roll up into the fetal position and suckle at Quentin Tarantino's titties. Gratuitous violence has never done it for me, but as another reviewer has said, this violence is not gratuitous. It is well deserved justice to the low-life scum portrayed that actually exists outside the safe environment of gate-guarded communities and well-armed bodyguards. No matter how badass Vaughn's characters, there is the understanding that it is acting after all. I wasn't a fan at first. Swingers was my introduction to Vaughn...the sort of hipster doofus dooshie buddy to Favreau's character, Mike. Didn't care for him at all back then. However, Domestic Disturbance illustrated Vaughn's range and acting ability. I absolutely loved him in Wedding Crashers and The Internship. His chemistry with Wilson has always been nothing short of epic. But man alive, Brawl is quite a ride that had me wincing and turning my head at a couple places. This would be a good film to show kids that are headed for a life in the DOC.

I heard rumor that Vaughn's conservative politics in Hollywood had him on the outs with many, but I can think of a few of his lower-budget projects that I have thoroughly enjoyed. His body of work is prolific and impressive. Very interested in seeing some of Zahler's other work as well.
Best movie, writer, director, and actor in 2018!!
I gave this movie a ten out of ten and believe it's one of the top 100 best movies ever made. I never cared for Vince Vaughn watching a few of his comedy movies when he was a slightly overweight guy playing like Will Farrel of some sorts but after watching the HBO mini series I noticed that Vince had his 'acting chops' and played his criminal bad guy character very well up against fellow actors Matthew Mcconaughey, Colin Farrel, and Woody Harrelson. In this film Vaughn is not the 'bad guy' that the Movie ad poster would make you think. This is a good honest man that starts plunging into the depths of Hades with no way out. I might be going out on a limb but I believe this entire movie is an allegory of the Lord Jesus Christ. I'm sure others caught that too. Yes, it's very violent but almost in a 'cartoonish way' but drives it's point home. I highly recommend this perfect winner and I believe Vince Vaughn and this movie will destroy at next years Oscars. Kind of unfortunate though since not really being a Tom Cruise fan especially after his last bomb 'The Mummy' I totally loved his last movie 'American Made'until I saw this movie! Bad Timing Tom et al. Go see Brawl on Cellblock 99 asap. You'll love it!! Not really a date movie unless your significant other isn't bothered by this type of film.
Where is this going?
I'm confused. Christian-like guy turns to a drug delivery job to take care of himself / family. He has rage issues, dominates and controls his wife by sheer size yet they are deeply in love. He has bad luck on a job, gets arrested all while demonstrating he's really not a 'bad guy' but then he turns into a numb, killing machine because he needs to save his wife and unborn daughter. I watched this movie because it had good reviews but now I don't understand why. It reminded me a little of Tarantino movies like Reservoir Dogs or Django, but those movies had clear plots, clear direction and climax. Once Vaughn gets his wife rescued I found myself thinking, now what? This movie was gory, seemed like it was going somewhere but it ended and I just felt confusion as to what the point was.
10/10, Writer/Director of the Year!
What a great flick just like Bone Tomahawk. This writer/director really does a great job at making movies. Everything is just perfectly executed with the right amount of action to go along with the story.

Looking forward to what he's got next up his sleeve.

Casting Vince Vaughn for this role, what a surprise how well that turned out... Genius!
Well-Paced Prison Movie
Vince Vaughn does a great job with this character. Usually I've seen Vaughn in comedies, but he plays this somewhat darker character perfectly.

The movie starts out with him getting fired and showing the state of his life, and it was very easy to identify with the character. From there on out it was smooth sailing. Gun fight, story takes a turn, prison fights, takes another turn, and bam! over too soon.

Must say some of the fight scenes were a bit off, and the special effects needed more money. But I couldn't bring myself to deduct any points.
If you are watching this movie you're sitting in that cell
Zahler is a new style in film industry. This is the second movie of him in the same style. Here is what counts: 1. Excellently thought out plot 2. Short powerful dialogues 3. Meticulous examination of characters, and therefore stunning performances 4. Aestheticization of violence (radically differently from that of Tarantino's)

These points are unique and uncompromisable in the movie. One can easily imagine that flaw in the performances has not been negotiable in the eyes of Zahler. Vince Vaughn gives a solid performance - a strong emotional character, who only expresses his emotions when he is alone, otherwise he keeps straightforward and mixes little jokes in his treat for easing his own inner feelings. Jennifer Carpenter goes as realistic as it gets. The rest of the characters are well-developed too. The only negative criticism I have is that two-three little episodes in the fight scenes were unrealistic. E. g. when he fights with the Chinese guy while others are watching. The fights themselves had very little dry elements, reminding Van-Damme style. The most of the fights were well prepared too, especially breaking parts.

If you like strong character movies just go and watch it. And I don't bother to warn you for the violence, you will get over it anyways, cause it's a good movie.
A winner, but not the film we were expecting
Bring a strong stomach with you to S. Craig Zahler's Brawl In Cell Block 99, a casually vicious ode to 1970's exploitation that pulls no punches, kicks, backhands or wet-crunchy head stomps that will make your balls retreat up in those nether regions. Zahler is also responsible for 2015's incredible horror western Bone Tomahawk, which set him on the messianic path to bring hard hitting genre cinema back to the forefront of our awareness. He's proved here that he plans to make that his long-game plan, with an utterly unapologetic, icily paced prison flick that ramps up into levels of violence that shake and stun. Vince Vaughn, that neurotic, rotund teddy bear, sheds his image as well as his shirt to ruthlessly pummel anyone that gets in the way of his quest to save pregnant wife Jennifer Carpenter after a drug deal gone bad, an area of employment he only entered to provide for those he loved. Stuck inside a minimum security prison, he's visited by a deliberately sinister old gentleman (Udo Kier, whose very presence solidifies the film's perpetual eccentricity) who uses the man's captive wife as leverage, and orders him to get himself transferred to a hellhole of a facility run by a nasty warden (Don Johnson, sadism incarnate). There's he's forced to fight tooth, nail and skull to stay alive, and fight he does. It all sounds rather lively, doesn't it? Not so much. Zahler is fascinated by subverting stereotypes and upturning genre expectations, going ballistic here with the film's patient, slow-cooker pacing. There's a Tarantino vibe to the wait vs. payoff in terms of violence especially in the last side of the third act, but it's much more perverse and played up, and if the carnage in Tomahawk made you queasy, you'll go full chunder with what Vaughn inflicts on his fellow jailbirds here, and shudder at Kier's casually evil approach to his job. Zahler has given the ol' German another chomp at the bit in terms of roles, as he hasn't done much in years, but he'll turn up again next year in the director's 'Dragged Across Concrete', which headlines Vaughn and Mal Gibson, so there's that to wet your panties over. Like Tarantino, Rob Zombie and others, Zahler like ms to handpick actors from bygone eras and showcase them in his roster, a quality I love in a filmmaker and one that shows they've done their research. Vaughn is an absolute demon here, a man with a specific, patriotic code of ethics and honour, but also not one to shy away from getting his hands dirty. Don Johnson is riding the wave of a magnificent comeback, his characters here has a southern prince exterior, with evil positively oozing from beneath. This was not the film I expected, not should it have been. It's unique, purposefully dodging expectations, and hits home with the crippling impact of Vaughn terrifying fists. An unconventional winner.
Great Grindhousesque Flick
Just saw this movie and loved it, a lot works really well and a lot is intentionally cheese bad and one hell of a fun ride, Vince Vaughn is great in this he immediately commands respect, in the way he walks slowly, in the way he talks and responds slowly, this is done intentionally to give him a Michael Myers/Jason type of Stalking type of look, the Violence in his brawls and kills range from high to graphic or even Extreme Ala (RIKI-OH: THE STORY OF RICKY 1991) level, it's a movie that is just fun to watch, it's not that the script was that good or that and I can only imagine the budget had to be minuscule because I'm assuming the pay of all these well-known actors combined had to be more than the budget for the type of movie this was, I highly recommend this movie for those that like ultra violent Grindhouse revenge type movies, I was raised on this stuff, good times
I was unprepared for how dull and forgettable it was.
Absolute garbage. There's a such thing as good trash. This tries to be good trash. It only gets the trash part right. It's one of the most slow moving B movies I've seen. Horrible pace. No cool shots or cinematography. No style. Not one good scene. Not one good performance. Laughable and boring violence which takes almost an hour and a half to even start. I have no idea what all those people liked about it. It's obnoxiously uncool. Super low budget movies can be cool. This movie is just a pathetic failure from top to bottom. One of the biggest turds I've seen in a while. Damn this movie. I hope everyone who made it lives to see their favorite people die in preventable accidents.
Vince Vaughn gets a ruthless makeover! [+74%]
There's only one word to sum up Vince Vaughn's performance in this movie - supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

For an artist who had been delegated to play repetitive roles (lead or secondary) in comedies (or romedies) throughout his entire career, Vince Vaughn's act in 'Brawl in Cell Block 99' comes across as a reincarnation, the seeds of which, were faintly planted in 2016's 'Hacksaw Ridge'. This S. Craig Zahler directorial is a refreshingly entertaining throwback to some of the glorious grindhouse flicks churned out by Hollywood in the 20th century.

'Brawl in Cell Block 99' is an excellent follow-up to Zahler's 2015 cannibal-western 'Bone Tomahawk' (which is already on its way to become a cult-classic) in more ways than one. The action-choreography is surprisingly real-time, the violence unflinching (definitely a step up from 'Bone Tomahawk', and will have viewers cringing on plenty of instances). Zahler's notion of the human bone is one that cracks like a weak tree-branch or a brittle ceramic pot. We have some sensational (skull &) bone-breaking on display here, especially in the latter half. If the decapitation scenes in 'Bone Tomahawk' were any indication, Zahler's sophomore venture is literally off-the-chain.

Bradley (Vaughn), a tow-truck driver gets laid off and goes back to his (earlier) drug-peddling ways while rebuilding a healthy relationship with his wife Lauren (Jennifer Carpenter) who's second-time pregnant (the first having been a miscarriage), eventually screwing up an assignment (with seemingly hefty payoffs) and is subjected to jail-time. The boss, whose shipment was caught in the bust (plus additional reasons expounded later), kidnaps Loren and threatens to kill her and their unborn child if his demand isn't met - that an inmate be finished off in prison. The outcome is a brutal delight for 'grindhouse' fanatics. Limbs are ruptured, skulls are stomped on, and knees are pierced with shards of glass.

Another appreciable aspect is the absence of lengthy monologues (from protagonists, antagonists or anyone in between) - the exchanges are concise and very much to-the-point. Bradley's responses have bravura written all over them (much like Kurt Russell's in 'Bone Tomahawk) - he's pretty much an unstoppable force of machismo. Not even Warden Tuggs (Don Johnson of 'Miami Vice') can tame Bradley, who's also a former boxer (a touché done right), when on a rampage.

Set in an exceedingly grey universe crammed with savagery, Zahler has also managed to weave a tale that focuses on an intricate husband- wife relationship. The scene towards the end where Bradley converses with his unborn child over the phone is thoroughly touchy (and executed to perfection by a spectacularly grounded Vaughn), and reminds us how good Zahler is, at pulling off dramatic moments. The prison ambiance looks uber authentic (the faeces-filled WC, the kidney-taser belt, the dimly-lit cells..all of it), and the supervisors mercilessly hostile. Plus, Vaughn's appearance was spot-on, and the stiff demeanor sported by him was exactly what the character warranted.

There are few (minor) issues however: the film's title could have actually been something artsier; the climax, although one that provides proper closure, feels a little rushed. But the pros definitely overshadow the drawbacks, so go ahead and give this one a viewing if you like your movies bloody violent and backed by a solid screenplay (à la Jim Mickle's 'Cold in July' or Jeremy Saulnier's 'Blue Ruin'). I can't wait to see Zahler's next - 'Dragged Across Concrete', featuring some of the lead cast from this movie, along with the magnificent addition of Mel Gibson.

Verdict: Superb!
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