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Brief Reunion
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John Daschbach
Alexie Gilmore as LÊa
Quentin Mare as Mark
Kristy Hasen as Simone
Faith Catlin as Cynthia
Raven Pierson as Katie
Francie Swift as Gitta
John Griesemer as Det. Pond
Storyline: Aaron Clark's comfortable life in the bucolic New England countryside is shattered by the unexpected arrival of former classmate Teddy who accuses him of business improprieties and cover-ups, with unforeseen consequences.
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The worse mistake anyone can make in a heated moment of confrontation with a blackmailer seems to be trying to reason with them, a tactical error at the heart of this indie that was shown recently. Our only point of interest was the fact that Alexie Gilmore, whom we had recently seen in another independent entry, "Fairhaven" was featured in it. Ms Gilmore shows a great promise to make it in the film business.

Created and directed by John Daschbach, "Brief Reunion" is a film that would have fared better with a different cast and perhaps pacing. Joel De La Fuente does not bring anything to Aaron, the man at the center of the story. He makes a bland hero, something that does not add anything to the narrative.

The best asset of this film lies in the crisp cinematography of Joe Foley, who catches the beauty of the area where the film was shot.
Nic Roeg's kind of mystery
Saw the genre-bending BRIEF REUNION at THE QUAD CINEMA in NYC. What I liked best and which most of the crew of critics completely missed in their rush to apply niche keywords to this first feature-length effort by John Daschbach is the great skill with which the director puts his characters through their paces in the fractured unraveling of an enigmatic and complex mystery (The 70s work of English directors Nicolas Roeg and John Schlesinger come to mind).

Daschbach also places his people in a lush atmosphere of lakes, country houses and green meadows at summer's height. The landscapes he chooses, vividly photographed by Joseph Foley, virtually shimmer in spots. The locations undertake as much a role in the course of the story as the actors. They bely the chicanery, evasion, mayhem and murder that ultimately occurs while at the same time foretelling it. In this way BRIEF REUNION works against expectation and more importantly, convention. The film rightly avoids the boilerplate smash cut storytelling so prevalent these days and takes its time. The characters breathe and the effect is that tension, foreboding and turmoil slowly build. Our discomfort grows incrementally with the characters on the screen. At film's end we are surprised to find out whom we have and haven't been rooting for.
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