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Carl Lindbergh
Joseph Darden as Jacob
Lilah Lindbergh as Young Bunnyman
Joshua Lang as Joseph / bunnyman
Michael Cronin as 8mm Killer
Jennifer Hatley as Bunnymans Mother
Andrew Chavez as Victim Under House
Matthew Albrecht as John (as Matthew Philips)
Alaina Gianci as Tiffany
Scott Kuza as Jack / pops
Emerald Brown Cronin as Little Girl
Cheryl Texiera as Rachel
Storyline: After showing 8 mm footage of a handcuffed woman being stabbed to death, the film switches to six friends who are driving through a desolate area when they find themselves being harassed by a truck driven by a man in a rabbit costume... ย ยป
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War of the IMDb voters!
I can come into this honestly, for I had never heard of this movie before, never seen any trailers or had any expectations of this film. I consider myself a horror buff, not an expert but as a viewer who has seen her fill and can enjoy an exquisite masterpiece just as much hopeless schlock. Both of us run the gambit of low-budget to blockbuster. Bunnyman, however commits a serious movie crime: its freaking boring.

I can appreciate moody, atmospheric, tense. Things hinted at, mysterious beings. This however, was boring. The first HOUR gave us the token girl being killed, and then, well, we have some road rage and walking. And some talking. And some bickering. And a pointlessly disgusting hillbilly. Then a little killing. Some torture porn.

All in all, it was pointless, sloppy and lazily written. The absence of splatter gore didn't bother me too much, it was absence of caring about any of these characters, trying to find a motivation for our victims (he sets down the chainsaw-?) and trying to I guess fill in the back story of our killers since the movie didn't help at all in that regard.

I saw another reviewer bring up "The Room"- like "Birdemic", all three of these movies suffer from being out of order, story lines that go nowhere and pointless characters. Find another movie for atmosphere, if thats what you're into. This is NOT "David Lynchian"- this is freaking boring. If you're looking for atmosphere, try "Surveillance" with Bill Pullman, directed by Jennifer Lynch. If you're looking for splatter gore, try "Wrong Turn"- I suspect thats what this movie was trying to rip off. If you're looking for low-budget splatter comedy, try "Monster Man" by Michael Davis. Those are some ones I can recommend, that actually ENTERTAIN.
Bunnyman, AWFUL!
Some of the dumbest characters to ever be put on film. Dumb choice after dumb choice. Horrible dialog coupled with dismal acting make this hard to stomach. The gore is off screen and includes the disappointing spray. I expect that from television, even though shows like Supernatural have more gore than this movie. This movie had a million opportunities to be good and failed, miserably every time.

From the moment the turds in the car began speaking, I wanted them dead. I wanted them all dead. Lets walk down a dirt road lined forever with upside down crosses and then human bones in bags hanging from trees. The guy says to his girl, "I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation". Are you F'n kidding me dude? I see human remains in bags I run, the other way. If there was a sign that said "HELL" and it pointed down, this crew of idiots would go down.
surreal imagery
Here we go again. I am writing this review to counteract some of the idiocy in the other reviews. This movie is not for everyone, no movie is. It is a well shot, slow-paced, moody, and unique horror movie. It is asinine to critique a film for not being something you expect it to be. That is the exact reason why I love the film, well played.

The film has surreal imagery, a example pointed out was a scene with a giant bunny listening to classic music as it tortures a blonde girl. What I like is that the film has a David Lynch type surrealism, but always stays in the confines of a comprehensive story. The film has more interest in doing things unique, unexpected then just showing another gory scene of some blonde bimbo being killed.

I think we can agree, whether you love the film or hate it, (I happen to love the film) we should all appreciate filmmakers wanting to make unique horror films and encourage them, or we'll just get another countless sequel to Friday the 13th.
Really People? Bunnyman is GOOD
I'm so tired of enjoying a movie, and then wanting to go online and share the experience with other people. All people do online is hate, and judge. Seriously.... Bunnyman is a good film. You need to check your expectations at the door when you rent a movie with a giant bunny on the cover. In my book, I rent these types of films, the Roger Corman films, the Troma films to laugh at them. I was expecting that level of filmmaking when I rented Bunnyman. What I got, was a good film leaps and bounds better then these two studios have ever produced. Bunnyman was done seriously, and introduced us to a interesting bad guy (that they are already expanding on) as opposed to a recent b-movie I rented with a giant two headed shark. Seriously, if you want to rip a movie apart (to feel better about yourselves), go rent that film. Or better yet, go try and make a film yourselves.... and learn to respect a good film when you come across it.

To everyone else who has come to this board, don't let the haters distract you. I for one, loved Bunnyman and can't wait for the sequel.
somebody upset The Easter Bunny!
Bunnyman. How do we review Bunnyman? I suppose by reviewing all the other slasher flicks ever made. The bottom line: Bunnyman is Texas Chainsaw Massacre, except our killer is inside a cuddly, white, bunny costume. He, too, has a chainsaw. Unfortunately for the viewer, Bunnyman brings nothing new to the table. We've all seen this type of movie many times before, and they all seem the same: Senseless , silly executed slayings. The remaining victims run, nobody seems to want to help them, somethings moving out there, let's go check it out...oh, look, there he is, carving something bloody with a knife. Let's face it, the whole serial killer thing has been run into the ground a long time ago. I was hoping Bunnyman would deliver something new, but it doesn't. There's no wisecracks before the killings, just a lot of grunting from Bunnyman, he doesn't talk. Not much twists or anything out of the ordinary. Any favorable scenes? Can't say I saw them. In spite of it all, it was actually a fun flick to watch for me, the truck chase scene was quite entertaining. The cold feeling of it all, for me, was the fact that Bunnyman explains nothing. Why is he so upset? Why is he killing random people? Why a chainsaw? Where's his back story? And what about the 8mm video footage in the beginning, how does that solidly tie into our story? All in all, this wasn't bad for a low budget indie flick, I've seen worse. And, just to be safe, next Easter, I'd lock the door for the Easter Bunny, you just never, ever know!
The reviews of this piece of rubbish are overwhelmingly negative. With good reason.

Some people have suggested "Bunnyman" was inspired by "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre". The similarities are apparent. Unfortunately, they are all bad. The victims are in an isolated area, no one else or even a telegraph pole in sight, and there is a monster on the loose, in this case one that has the appearance of an eight foot Bugs Bunny. One can listen to a lengthy piece of music or even a song in a foreign language and derive pleasure from same without even the pretence of understanding it. How much pleasure can one derive from watching an endless stream of torture, gruesome murder and the occasional rape? Not a lot, unless your name is Ted Bundy.
underrated film with flaws, but good for 35k budget
A underrated film but with it's flaws. This is the original film in the series, and from my research made in a couple of weeks for 35k. I mention this, because you have to put the film into context of what you can really expect from a non budget horror film. For example if you go into the original Friday the 13th expecting high end production values, your gonna be disappointed. With that being said, considering their resources I think the filmmakers did a great job in laying out the groundwork for the franchise as a whole. I saw part 2 first, and then went back to see how it started. The films seem self contained when you watch them alone, but some things make more sense after watching the sequel first. Not sure what order to watch these films to be honest. I have seen other "weekend shoot" type horror films, and believe me these people nailed to compared to the rest of the similar elk. That being said this film can't compete with the million dollar budgets of horror films in the theaters, heck even the 100 thousand sci if movie of the week crap. But with a third of their budget, this film tried to do something different, and in my book they deserve a high rating just for aspiring to be something different.
Pathetic and hard to watch... but I did watch it.
So you're watching a guy in a rabbit suit surrounded by dead bodies and you watch curiously without any hint of alarm? So you are caught by the guy in the rabbit suit and proceed to be mauled by his chainsaw but the look on your face seems to imply nothing particularly wrong is happening? So you wrangle the chainsaw from the guy in the bunny suit and have ample time to take him out but instead hover around the doorway and let him walk away? So you then leave the chainsaw on the floor and run into what is apparently the killing room, then leave your friend there because that gimp in the Burning Man goggles is pretty freaky, right? So you're in a tree being sawed down by that guy in a bunny suit, surely facing a slow and painful death if caught, and you scream "take off your mask!"? So are we supposed to think the guy in the bunny suit is some kind of Josef Mengele protégé with his love for classical music and medical experiments or is that element just supposed to be ironic and "scary"? They should have just used Wagner and gotten it over with.

It takes a lot for me to give a movie one star. I'd even give Troll 2 a few more stars because at least the sheer badness of it is entertaining. The acting and casting in Bunnyman is just as bad but not as laughable (cue depraved redneck hillbilly guy in plaid with shotgun and chaw in his cheek and "pre-med student" in daisy dukes). It looks like they trolled the local community college drama department to find their actors not to mention the crew. Just read other reviews to find out how abysmal the special effects are. I could do better just having watched a few seasons of Face Off. And can we talk about the convenient similarities the dinner table scene has to both TCM and House of 1000 Corpses? Notice some of the same audio effects as well. So original, guys!

The one star is for the creepy female antagonist who reminded me of a less funny soccer mom version of Sleepaway Camp's Angela Baker.
a good indie horror film
Say hello to the launch of a new franchise, BUNNYMAN ! I was intrigued by this character from the trailers, and the film did not disappoint. Hands down, the dinner table scene at the end of the film had me glued to the screen. I love the absurdest, dark sense of humor in that scene. Seems like the sequel is taking that tone, and kicking the kids to the curb (great idea, they sucked). I also like they are bringing back Joe, who was another highlight of the film. Now as Bunnyman 2 follows just them, then we're good. That brings me to one point of contention I had with the ending of Bunnyman 1, they didn't even try to kill Bunnyman. He just walks off into the sunset. I applaud them for doing something different, however I would have liked some closure on the character/film. Show us more Bunnyman, and I'm there !
Was anyone trying?
It's not very often I watch a movie and find myself confused by how it ever managed to finish production, but I have to say that for me, this is one of those rare few. As someone who is certainly not opposed to watching (and occasionally enjoying) low-budget, independent or otherwise B-horror movies, I figured this one could be interesting to go into with an open mind. I read no reviews, nor had I ever even heard of this movie when I happened to find it on a channel I frequent. However, almost instantly my open-minded policy was dampened by the sheer idiocy of what I was seeing. Now, I don't expect the plot of a movie like this to be particularly good, but at least TRY to make it somewhat interesting to watch.

Most of the early parts of the movie involve watching a group of "kids" (most likely in their mid-late 20's) sit around in their car trying to figure out what they can possibly do about the not-so-menacing farm truck that seems to be incapable of doing more 50 miles an hour, chasing them. The writing and "acting" (which is generally about on par with your average porn movie) range from bad to bizarre. As we have a group of supposed friends who barely flinch at one of their own being crushed to death beneath their own car. Followed soon after by two disturbingly bad dialogue scenes with a random hillbilly in the woods, and then a woman with her injured "friend". Both of which make little sense and go on to prove just how poor the scripting and acting are in this movie.

Finally in the latter half of the movie we have the group of friends actually dealing with the movie's namesake. A seemingly psychotic hillbilly(?) in a bunny costume. Right off the bat we have another completely bizarre and unrealistic scene with one of the friends watching the "bunnyman" carve up some bodies. Instead of being afraid or running away, she simply sits there and then yells at one of her friends for disturbing her. Which of course gets her swiftly murdered, with a chainsaw no less.

All-in-all this has to be one of the poorest low-budget slasher flicks I've ever seen. The lack of any coherent writing and absolutely bizarre emotionless acting almost make the very poorly done chainsaw death scenes comedic, which is perhaps the movie's only redeeming quality. At the end of this movie the only question I was left with is.. "Was anyone even trying?" It seems like the writers, director, and definitely the actors had simply given up before the movie began.

Unless you have a masochistic streak, I strongly suggest you avoid this movie, as it will more than likely make you want to rip your eyes out after seeing such pure unadulterated garbage.
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