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Thriller, Horror
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Anthony DiBlasi
Louise Fletcher as Claire
Amy Dionne as Cherise (as Amy Hicks-Bevly)
Sarah Sculco as Michele
Janine Klein as Mother
Rachel Durose as Haley (as Rachel DuRose)
Amy LoCicero as Jennifer
Hank Stone as Maxwell
Christina Bach as Gabriella (as Christina Bach Norman)
Lucius Baston as Officer Hall
Lucas Beck as Thomas
Rus Blackwell as Christian
Storyline: Devastated by the death of her younger sister, Lily Morel seeks solace at the spiritualist community of Cassadaga. But instead of finding closure, she contacts something else - the vengeful ghost of a murdered young woman. With her life crumbling all-around her, Lily races to unravel the mysterious circumstances surrounding the woman's death - a task that will bring her face-to-face with a sadistic serial killer known only as "Geppetto".
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A Very Hum Drum Movie
When Lily loses her sister due to a car accident, she seeks solace from a local spiritualist. Unfortunately, Lily gets more than she bargained for when the restless spirit of a murder victim "latches" onto her and starts to show herself more and more. Realising that the spirit is actually trying to show her the path to who killed her, Lily becomes involved in a shocking mystery that will lead her face to face with a brutal serial killer who seems to like making puppets of his victims.

After watching Casadega, I so wanted to like it and give a pretty good rating, but unfortunately I can't because, well, it's just a pretty boring movie really and I'm being generous enough with my 3-star rating.

It doesn't grip you; it doesn't really scare you; and it doesn't have that much of a riveting story. Don't get me wrong - there are a few good moments in the movie but these are ultimately very few and far between.

I sometimes look forward to a low-budget movie like this as they can sometimes be better than some of the usual predictable Hollywood serial killer movies. Unfortunately, this is no better THAN the usual predictable Hollywood horror/serial killer movies.

The killer's setting was a bit too Hostel-like with the workshop, his overall's and mask, which I didn't really mind, but the menacing effect this look had in Hostel gets lost with him wearing his little pink dress underneath the overalls.

Also the deaf character of Lily done a fantastic job of knowing what some people were saying to her, even when she wasn't even looking at them or their lips.

All in all, Casadega is a very mediocre serial killer horror and I guess as long as you go into it not expecting much then you should be fine. Just don't be surprised if you feel a bit bored when watching it.
Not too bad
As B-horror movies go, this was actually one of the better ones. I actually really enjoyed the idea and it was surprisingly thematically quite strong. Exploring issues of control and a desire for being a puppet master, the film goes deeper than just telling us that the villain likes to make marionettes out of his victims. We actually get to know a little about his psyche and why he does this. The plot idea is original even if it is trying to ride on the idea of shock that was introduced with movies such as Saw and Hostel. I would not put this on the top of my list of good entertainment, but it was worth the time watching it. The execution of the film is standard. Though it won't win any awards in my book, it is done by the book and the thematic ideas are interesting enough to keep you seeing it though.
Good, but lots of missed opportunities.
"Cassadaga" is a supernatural thriller that has a lot going for it, but also had loads of missed opportunities.

Kelen Coleman stars as Lily, a young deaf woman art teacher. Kelen is the best part of the film -- attractive and charming, she is instantly likable and easy to root for, which is important in a film like this. Early on, she suffers a horrible tragedy, the loss of her younger sister, and she moves on to take a fellowship at a college in the title town.

It's there that the film makes it first misstep. After setting Lily's situation up, the film has her immediately jump into bed with the first guy she meets. And, of course, he is a doting single father, heroic paramedic, and former sports star -- the Triple Crown of Douchery. The setup parts of the film are dragged down by this unpleasant "romance" and the film only really starts to take off when he exits the scene.

During an early date, Lily goes to a psychic to speak with her dead sister but ends up calling an apparently malevolent ghost. She also starts to see and hear things and general act a little crazy to those around her. Eventually, she starts to tie the spirit to the girl who lived in her room previously who went missing years ago, and also to a shadowy killer who likes to make human marionettes...

As I said, "Cassadaga" has a lot going for it. Kelen is charming and easily carries the film. There are some creepy parts, and the killer's actions are suitable horrific (although "Criminal Minds" had a similar killer who was waaay creepier). But lots of missed chances, too. As I mentioned, the "romance" hurts the film. Lily's deafness is occasionally used to good effect (the audio goes silent), but other times it's almost ignored -- she can flawless read lips, sometimes characters aren't look at her, etc. Also, the killer appears to be an expert ventriloquist (although that's not explored) and Lily would be immune to that. And no matter what happens to Lily, nobody thinks to bring her to, you know, a doctor or hospital. And finally, the killer's identity is easily deduced using Roger Ebert's "Law of Economy of Characters."

Even with it's problems, though, "Cassadaga" is worth checking out. Don't be afraid (or pulled in, whichever may be the case) of its poster, which promises a grisly time. The killer is a very minor part of the film.
Tries to be everything, ends up nothing
CASSADAGA is a movie that tries to have it all but ends up coming away with nothing. It starts out as a traditional ghost story with a deaf girl losing her little sister in a car accident and afterwards finding herself haunted by the spirit of a disturbed spirit. About halfway through it veers off into needless torture porn territory and becomes much, much worse.

CASSADAGA has a good sense of creeping dread going for it but that's about all it does have. It lets the lead character be defined by her disability because without that she'd be a totally forgettable and uninteresting person. It doesn't help that the supporting cast are entirely bland in themselves and will quickly disappear from memory once off the screen.

The ghostly elements of the film, although predictable, are better handled than the shoddy torture scenes of the most routine serial killer imaginable going about his business trying to make life-life puppets from dead people. It's needlessly unpleasant, and helps sink the whole project. The expected chase scenes between killer and 'final girl' are as routinely staged as possible and the whole film has a familiar Hollywood vibe to it despite it being an independent production.
The movie was not received well at the Frightfest festival in Glasgow in general. You can see why of course, especially towards the ending, when things got ... well a bit out of hand, you could say. The laughter that befall most people was definitely not intended by the filmmaker. The supernatural elements in it mostly work I'd say, if you let yourself into them of course.

It's a tough sell and I think you'll have to have a heart for that kind of movie. I didn't particularly think this was great, but I also didn't think it was as bad as some people thought. It comes down to if you think this will be worth your time.
Worth a watch
This is a movie where I wasn't sure I'd like it; the name sounded like it might be a foreign film and the poster seems somewhat disconnected from the feel of the movie (at least, I think so).

I gave it a try anyways, and I'm glad I did. It had its flaws, definitely, for me mostly in that it could have been longer; more build- up and getting some of the smaller plot lines tied up neater would have easily pushed this movie to a higher vote. I can see why not to do it, though, as it's already longer than the standard 90 minutes.

To its credit though, I was scared enough to jump a couple of times and I was touched when I was supposed to be - which is more than many horror flicks can do these days.

All in all, I came away with the feeling that it was well worth my time so I definitely recommend checking it out at least once.
Is making a good horror THAT difficult?!
My kingdom for a half decent horror film! Thinking that I'd cleanse my mind of the initially promising but ultimately abysmal Lovely Molly, I immediately skipped to this one... Only to find it was just the same! A young lad cuts his pecker off in the introduction because he wants to be a girl, and the deaf woman's sister gets herself mown down on the road, and the stage is all set for no-hards-barred gore fun... But NNOOO!!

Instead we have to tolerate the cutesy-poo relationship between the hearing impaired lady, one of her sickly-sweet pupils and this schoolgirl's seemingly perfect father, who might as well have Generic Love Interest tattooed on the back of his head. Oh, and his break off of their relationship two-thirds of the way through and his reasons for doing it are utterly nonsensical. Couldn't they pay him enough to stay for the entire film? Same with the uniquely voiced Louise Fletcher, who disappears without a trace too with no explanation. You think we should form a search party?

Aside from that, we get sub-standard Sixth Sense style scares, a LOT of running about with no clear motive in mind, and of course the main draw... Girls being abducted and turned into human mannequins. It sounds like fun, and it is... But after a few short interludes of this, its back to the mind numbingly tedious main story, with the hopelessly convoluted antics and CRINGE CRINGE CRINGE dialogue. In fact, it got so painful at times, I wished I was as mutton as the heroine. And if you don't know what I mean, learn to speak Cockney. You Philistine.
What a mess!
There appears to be an attempt to make a coherent film by the filmmakers, but they misses it by a long shot. The production values for this independent film are the best part of it. Some of the acting is good. It's the story and then the subsequent direction that leads this film astray.

The attempt is to concoct some kind of horror/mystery/ghost story. The attempt would have been best to focus on one and not go scatter shot at them all. For in the end, it all just doesn't make sense. The writer could've plucked the horror part out and still had a good , if not standard, story. Or maybe just focus on the horror. I think the producers were looking to be clever in some way by combining it all. It just doesn't work. There are way too many "Why is this happening?" throughout.

There is also the now gratuitous drug smoking scene. No one else smokes cigarettes throughout the film. But drugs are OK. Sheesh! I get it, film makers - You want legalization. Maybe if you weren't so concerned about the politics and more about the story, the whole thing would have worked better.

The worse part of the film is the main actress who is supposed to be deaf. Then what's with the Valley Girl lingo? There are several goofs throughout the film where suddenly she hears. I get the feeling, the film makers didn't take the time to learn about how people who are actually deaf make their way in the world. Frankly, that could've been left out of the film and also helped with the story telling.

This is more observation: I also wish they had made more use of Cassadaga as a backdrop. There is limited use of the area throughout the film while it has so much charm and historically interesting structures. Spelling more out about the history would've also helped in storytelling. Then fleshing out more of the area's people and what they do. Otherwise, this could have just as well been shot in Micanopy or Arcadia which have their own ghost stories and spiritualists.
Bad "Stir of Echoes" rip-off
I really didn't like this movie.

It started off OK with some promise of an OK movie (never had the potential to be good though).

The first irritation was when the deaf woman started to speak. She spoke in a normal fashion, whilst deaf people tend to pronounce everything in a different way, because they can't hear what they say.

The story was slow and felt like a cheap "stir of echoes" rip off. At times it was confusing. They failed to get in a suspenseful setting and in the end, they have never explained where the voices the victims heard before they were abducted came from.

In the end, when Christian is about to kill the deaf woman, even he hears the voices. WTF... what was the point in putting these voices in, if they first help out this guy and then work against him and then leave us guessing what they were and where they came from.

I say, don't waste time on this garbage. You're better off watching Thomas the Tank Engine, that has more suspense and if makes A LOT MORE SENSE.
Underwhelming mixed bag chiller
Mix of serial killer mystery and revengeful ghost that doesn't really work.

Bad dialog, wandering script, unnecessary drama, characters that seem relevant disappear half way through the movie to not come back, sub-plots not closed, predictable double end, bad guy is easily spotted at the moment he shows up on screen, deafness of the main character largely unexplored and unused, and so on... Looks like the movie was half-backed when they started shooting so the final product feels like needed much more thought and work in many levels. As it is, is just barely entertaining.

Some good things like the two main plot lines coming actively together for the ending or the interesting and creepy idea of the human marionettes don't make up for the rest. Watch only if you don't have anything else near you and do so with very low expectations.

4 stars for the effort and some good moments here and there.
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