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Peter Askin
Dominic Colon as Hefty Dude
Robert Arensen as Physical therapist patient
Jackie Brown as Parishioner
JR Carter as Parishioner
Hal Cohen as Barbershopper #3
Thomas Brucia as Barbershopper #2
Jo Armeniox as Christine
Adelaide Clemens as Deb Catalano
John Auer as Acting Student
Maria Dizzia as Serious Lady
John Cariani as Odd Interviewer
Larry Clarke as Mike
Tammy Blanchard as Melissa
Storyline: In the big city a loving young couple Deb and Dom planning to get ready to marry seek guidance from the Catholic Church, which only brings out the true life problems they may encounter with each other and their friends. A sobering real life scenario on how religion can affect couples future together.
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Certainly not F'n Phenomenal
3.25 of 10. For every step forward this film takes, it manages to trip like a drunk and fall backwards. Too many clichés. The ending helps rescue the film from complete failure, but feel confident you'll still be creeped out despite this being intended as a love story aided by some romantic comedy sub-plots.

Acting is believable enough along with the camera shots and audio. No sign it was done on a low budget. Keep in mind, however, that the main actors may as well be body doubles for better known actors and do nothing to separate themselves.

In summary, stuff you expect on TV (and avoid TV because of it), not in a theater.
Strong comedic drama - fair handed
An intelligent and adult treatment of issues of faith and marriage in the modern day. Good laughs but also though provoking. I think a lot of indie dramas would have gone a more obvious route with this material, been more critical of religion, been more interested in poking fun at their characters. This movie doesn't do that. It never speaks down, instead it gently prods its material, pulling out some great character moments in the process.

If you like that Martin Sheen movie "The Way" or "Love Actually", then I can whole heartedly say you'll love "Certainty."

Highly recommended.
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