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Cross Wars
IMDB rating:
Patrick Durham
Tom Sizemore as Detective Frank Nitti
Amy Jane as Riley
Justin Zev Rose as Snitch
Ned Liebl as Saint
Tim Abell as Riot
Lori Heuring as Lucia
Danny Trejo as Murete
Vinnie Jones as Gunnar
Dave Reaves as Kade
Storyline: Callan (Brian Austin Green) returns to the scene with his team in order to oppose the return of the evil Gunnar (Vinnie Jones); his path crosses again with Frank Nitti (Tom Sizemore) detective under the city of Los Angeles.
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Cult Classic in the Horizon!
I remember Friday nights with the family was a trip to blockbuster, and that's what made my weekends so special growing up. Being a big movie buff seeing everything from blockbuster hits to low budget indi flicks allowed me to appreciate filmmaking and its purpose. That main purpose was to entertain, and that's what the first Cross did for me with old school names like Michael Clarke Dunkin, Tom Sizemore, Brian Austin Green, Vinnie Jones (baddass!) and that crazy Wacky dude from StarShip Troopers, Jake Busey. I thought it was kind of fun with some one liners that made me chuckle and go back in time and visualize that these household names were built on mannerisms like these. I also thought it was kind of cool that they mixed an all star cast like this that come from different career backgrounds and made a Superhero vs super-villain movie out of it. I'm Looking forward to the non stop action packed popcorn chomping last movie on the blockbuster shelf again. I'm excited to see what Cross Wars has to offer with Danny Trejo and the rest of the Cross gang at it again. Future Cult Classic in the horizon!
Adios Amigos
Kids read from comic book #2 and the film is the story, apparently a series of tales. Vinnie Jones is a bad guy who is immortal (making a series easy). He teams up with Danny Trejo to destroy the universe with a slow moving "free flying quark" machine...red quarks anyway. It is about the size of a basketball with a couple of tubes coming out of it. No need for mile long silly accelerators. They need the power of the cross amulet and set a trap for Callan (Brian Austin Green) a good guy fighter with a crew of people which include a bunch of girls who can take a punch to the face, but can't lift their legs above their waist (okay one can.) The fighting choreography was bad. They did their best not to show any real fighting with single moves and cut-aways. The acting and dialogue was sad. The film was made for a nine year old who watches a lot of violence and killing. There seems to be an ultimate war of good vs evil involving magical amulets and high technology, but they avoid any theological references...a faith based action thriller for people without faith. One of the more boring action films I have seen.

Guild: Mild swearing (bastard, damn). No sex or nudity.
Wasted time.
There are no actors in this movie. These are just people off the street reading lines off a white board. Tom Sizemore and Danny Trejo do appear in this flick but they forgot how to act. The writing was grade school level. And don't even get me started on the "special effects", even the guns they shoot use horrible special effects for the muzzle blast. What is really strange though is there is one scene of action early on then there is nothing but dialog for about an hour. Really bad dialog. This show is probably the worst film ever made. That's all I got to say 'bout that.
Thumbs Up!!!
This action packed flick has cult classic written all over it. It's one of those films you'll want to see more than once, due to its clever exhibition of good winning over evil. From its thoughtful dialogue to zinger one liner's, and even BlackFire's witty banter throughout, Cross War's is entertaining to say the least. The audience is treated to an old comic book style narrative that leads up to what turns into a live action packed film. It's a comic book adventure with gun toting babes, teams of dutiful munition experts, a superhero, and let's not leave out…villains and their weapons of mass destruction! Audiences will be entertained with some awesome action and fight scenes throughout the film! Cross Wars is truly an enjoyable film that uses comic relief to lend even more flavor and a nice twist to the more traditional comic books.
Clearly a prank or parody ...
....or the result of a bet, to make the worst thing ever made in the history of anything ever recorded by a camera.

The good reviews on here are so funny I actually laughed myself to a little tear. Or they could be sarcastic in which case they are brilliant.

Needless to say I did not watch this eye-rape till the end.
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