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Miles Doleac
John Schneider as Dr. Gerry Connor
Presley Richardson as Young Jewel
Caroline Baggerly as Caroline Grant
Joseph VanZandt as Police Officer
Ella Claire Bennett as Jewel Hampstead
Megan Few as Emmie
Jessica Harthcock as Jewel Grant
Miles Doleac as Colin
Yohance Myles as Marcus
Steven Brand as Eddie
Gary Grubbs as Father Joseph Moran
Andrew Divoff as Jasper Grant
Storyline: Celebrated fiction writer and former priest, Colin Hampstead, and his wife, Kayleigh, are tormented by the ghost of her late sister, as the details of her grisly death are slowly uncovered.
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Intriguing, deep, and thought provoking!
This movie is Incredibly watchable and entertaining with great depth of characters and enough dark intensity to be categorized in the horror genre, but a truly character-driven drama with supernatural and horror elements. Invites the audience to contemplate along with the characters what type of "demons" really wreak the most havoc in the characters' lives. Jessica Harthcock is reeeeeealy creepy and believable as the unfortunate "victim", and strong female leads (Lindsay Anne Williams, Kristina Emerson) are a refreshingly unusual finding in this genre also! Loved the surprise twist and seeing John Schneider in an unlikely role that nonetheless rang true! Particularly for an independent film with a small budget, this is definitely a great way to spend an afternoon or an evening, and is likely to spark some great conversation afterwards!
A Fun and Twisted Ride
This is an excellent psychological thriller that does not shy away from taboo topics. The dynamic cast brought this female driven story to life as it dove headfirst into the characters. Thus, making it easier to understand the motives behind some of the choices. The actors portrayed the characters so true to life that it makes you take a side way glance at your neighbors. Truly, it was a pleasure to watch the way the time sequences were seamlessly welded together to bring the story full circle. All of the twists and turns keep you guessing and makes for a fun ride. So much praise to Lindsay Anne Williams for her adaptation of such a complicated character trapped between her duties, expectations, and her own internal morels!
Great low-budget horror/character drama blend
This is a fantastic Indie film. It's a great mix of the exorcism horror genre and a character drama. It's not your typical horror movie with nothing but jump scares, so if you're only looking for a fun thrill then this probably isn't the movie for you. If, however, you want to dig deep into the character's psychology then this is perfect. There's a real focus on the characters' lives and development, and the film does a great job of making you consider the reality of demons.
much better than i expected
I went into this expecting a stupid exorcist rip off.Not at all the case. The story does revolve around an exorcism that already happened and everything that ensued from it and what led up to it.A lot of it told in flashbacks but plenty going on in the present too.The story is told at a nice quick pace and keeps you interested.A lot going on here and the acting is pretty good too except for the mother(but we can let that slide).All in all,a good solid movie. I definitely recommend!
Truly unique and thought-provoking in the genre!
Demons is a gripping and unique film that delves into the realm of well-intention-ed religious fervor taken too far, inner demons that manifest themselves in horrific ways, and how these things affect the lives of a disillusioned priest and his family. Using a brilliant format of flashbacks that tantalizingly unfolds the history responsible for current supernatural happenings, Demons manages to weave enough humor and poignancy into what is otherwise a dark and psychologically deep thriller that it never loses the attention of the audience for a minute! Billed as a horror flick, Demons delivers so much more than any slasher film as it really develops the characters and I found myself terrified - not of the "Demons" that Father Hampstead attempts to exorcise, but of those demons present to some extent in all of us - regret, disillusionment, missed potential, misplaced trust, and those demons we fight because of circumstances in our past. Lindsay Anne Williams and Kristina Emerson deliver particularly powerful performances and it's truly refreshing to see a male screenwriter spending much time and thought on his female leads, particularly in a genre where females tend all-to-often to be helpless or simpering victims. With a gorgeous soundtrack, remarkable cinematography particularly for an independent project, truly brilliant casting, and a surprising and thought-provoking post-script plot twist, Demons is DEFINITELY worth seeing several times, as I have found new layers of insight each time I have experienced it. Don't miss this "horror" film that is truly unique in the genre!
I was completely blown away when I watched this movie, mainly because it truly didn't feel like an "independent film". I sometimes think that the term "independent film" can carry a stigma with it, meaning some might confuse the term with "home movie" or something. But this movie, Demons, is so utterly stellar in its production value and overall presentation, that I personally forgot that it was an independent film, and thought I was watching a legitimate Hollywood motion picture.

Personally, one of my biggest selling points on that claim was actually the soundtrack, in that it was an actual movie score! When it comes to movie music, a lot of times independent films can fall short, because they'll just have somebody strumming a few chords on a guitar or something, no matter what the story's about. But Clifton Hyde's and Darren Morze's actual full score is not only refreshing to witness in an independent film, but it is also very suspenseful, and is an absolute perfect fit with the action that's playing out on screen. Checkout the film's trailer to see what I mean.

This movie also has just awesome performances, and a deliciously clever story written by the film's star and director, Miles Doleac. So, yeah, especially since it's about that time for Halloween again, forget about the whole "independent film" thing or whatever, and get out and go treat yourself to this highly entertaining movie.
There are fake reviews and the cover is poor, but...it's a good movie.
It's not the first time when I see fake reviews appearing for a decent movie, probably because the movie didn't get enough attention, I don't know. Note to distributors or authors - you're just shooting yourself in the leg, especially when you have a solid material. Stop. Doing. That. People won't believe your movie is decent and you'll just bring the people who will rate it 1/10 not because of the movie, but because of the fake reviews.

Tagline is also somewhat misleading, it's not really your typical exorcist movie. The cover is somewhat amateurishly made, the movie itself is not like that at all. Why spending budget on making a good movie but not ever think about cover?

As for the movie, I'd say it's a solid mystery / psychological thriller, told through the two connected stories (present / past events). Also, the one about the past is either shot on film or has a grain filter added in post-production, in any case it's a great touch. It's intriguing and captivating, characters are nothing special, but are memorable and the actors do their job. I also like the acting and voice of Andrew Divoff, he's just as charismatic as he was in Hatred (2017) and he's also playing a religious fanatic here as well. By the end you'll learn why the movie is called "Demons" (how I said, it's not really your typical exorcist movie).

Worth a watch, maybe even two or three.
The body overcomes the spirit.
PLOT SPOILERS The film opens with Jewel (Jessica Harthcock) dying in what appears to be an exorcism gone bad. We then jump 14 months to the future where Colin, the priest of the failed exorcism (Miles Dolec) is on a honeymoon with Kayleigh (Lindsay Anne Williams) the sister of the victim, apparently a common thing in Louisiana. They are at the Hotel Hesperides which is explained in a flashback. We then jump to another 8 years in the future where Colin is a famous author and the couple has a child, named for the dead sister, as they live in Savannah. They are hosting two other couples in a clothes optional get together prior to a wedding. Lara (Kristina Emerson) who doesn't wear clothes, can sense things besides a light breeze. When Jewel haunts them on what would be her 26th birthday we get a long numerology explanation, which was more detailed than their one line summary of the works of Immanuel Kant.

The film has frequent flashbacks recreating the events leading up to the death of the sister with daddy issues being hinted at early as well as a scientific explanation. Lara, BTW believes in everything and has her own theory of everything which she states in one line which includes "point of singularity" and of course the number 26 as apparently God uses the Gregorian calendar in preference to the Julian calendar. She made the film worth watching, for more than one reason.

The flashbacks were confusing as I wasn't sure what we were seeing. Why are the people who were there, acting like this is the first time they were seeing this? Some of the things, sure, but all of it? Apparently taking a pitchfork to the gut is just a minor flesh wound. No sense in dying. Just get up and walk around like you were never struck. "'Tis but a scratch. I've had worse." And or yes, the other twist which you half saw coming. This is a somewhat clever idea. Miles wanted to keep the twist secret until the very end which meant he had to jumble the chronology and create flashbacks that didn't work well.

Guide: F-word, sex, nudity (Kristina Emerson)
A Masterful Psychological Puzzle
The difficulties of creating an independent film extends from creating the script, finding the right actors to filming it with the right crew. Under a limited budget and time sometimes films under these circumstances will have major flaws. Demons however is not one of these films.

Demons is a very intellectual piece of literature delving into the deep psychological aspects of the human being bound by religion, family, and societal challenges. It is a rich narrative that leaves a lot to the imagination all the while leading you to complete a puzzle that is the story. Though it is hard to follow at times due to the philosophical and intense psychological aspects, it will leave audiences in awe of how the causality of every action in the film intertwine. I will be honest in saying that not only is this not for the faint of heart but also those who do not wish to take the time to piece together details. As previously stated it is a psychological puzzle piece in my humble understanding.

As with the technical aspects, I will just say that it is not a blockbuster film and so some people may not agree with some of the choices that were bound by the time and budget. The narrative and the acting in the film more than makes up for it under my most humble opinion.

Definitely looking forward to what Miles Doleac will do next.
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