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Earth's Final Hours
Action, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
David Hogan
Alex Zahara as Agent Massie
Roark Critchlow as Arnett
Julia Maxwell as Michelle Fulton
Jeff Sanca as Agent 2
Hamza Adam as Lt. Reid
DTeflon as Agent 1
Julia Benson as Chloe Edwards
Michael Kopsa as Lockman
Robert Knepper as John Streich
David Richmond-Peck as Edward Leary
Bruce Davison as Rothman
Ali Liebert as Darlene
Gardiner Millar as Scientist
Sage Brocklebank as Security Guard
Cameron Bright as Andy Streich
Jennifer Shirley as Assistant
Storyline: After dense matter from an imploded white hole hits Earth, the planet's rotation is devastated. A group of government agents must locate a lost satellite network that is the world's only hope for survival.
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7.9??? Thats ridiculous. Maybe a .9 if that.
Just don't! I don't know who gave it this may stars, but they shouldn't be allowed to vote. I hate to sound rash, but I had to write this review because of this. There are people that actually would of watched this travesty because of the high star-rating. Please IMDb watch this movie and you be the judge of this misrepresentation of a review, a complete abomination. I understand that it's someone's opinion, but really!! I mean a 7.9 star rating that is sent out in the public, shouldn't never been an issue. That is saying that this movie out does some great movies that do not have this high of a rating.

"If the highlight of a movie is the credits, then don't give it credit"
Pseudo-scientific hogswallow
Are you familiar with particle physics? Do you prefer movies based even loosely upon reality? This is not the movie for you.

The acting in the movie ranges from acceptable to contrived. The plot was probably conceived by someone that had a smattering of information on the way the magnetic field works in the planet earth.

The ill conceived plot incorrectly gives credit to the earth's rotation to its rotation (rather than the movement of it's massive and iron rich core's movements).

They shred, crap on, mock or otherwise insult the physical theories of Newton, Einstein, Hawking amongst others (I'm sure if you looked hard enough, you'd find violations of Planck or Schrodinger's theories).

Top off all the extravagantly described misinformation with stale acting... you get this pile. Now... to the benefit of the doubt of the actors. The acting may have been difficult with such a contrived plot. They may not have been entirely to blame.
It is what it is..a great 'don't have to think' movie
The movie is as advertised - a SyFy made for TV movie. The low reviews seem to be based on the expectation of a great SciFi movie like Star Trek or Armageddon. When making a science fiction movie, the film falls into one of two categories - well researched plausible subject matter or 'no way this could happen' subject. The SyFy Channel made for TV movies usually fall into the later. The story lines and scripts are usually shallow with little deep character development, less than exceptional film technique, and virtually no scientific research. This situation makes for campy 'stupid worthless, don't even bother' movies. The story plots are always the same good guys want to save the earth and bad guys want to make money. This campy bad movie is part of the attraction - like the movies that use to play on the Saturday afternoon matinées . Based on specials that the SyFy Channel has done, this is the intent of these movies. Some well known serious actors have made these 'bad' movies. Why - because it is fun!! ***Spoiler Alert*** The reason I gave this a lower rating because the camera movement. Some camera movement, like with car crashes or any situation where the camera is suppose to be 'third person' is important to the movie. This constant camera movement is more of a distraction in this movie.
Unwittingly funny
Not much to add to other reviews. Regarding SciFi, it is clearly fiction, but the science part is worse than questionable. I watched only some 30 to 40 minutes, after "missing" the beginning, and particularly the sequence from "Death becomes her".

Still, I give this movie 2 stars because it made me laugh. Here are two approximate excerpts from the dialog, from memory :

Son: "dad, there is a report that says this is the end of the world." - Dad: "it is much worse than you think."

Agent: "The earth stopped rotating. The sun won't set". - Reply: "do not tell anyone."
This one was actually a surprise...
Right, another fabulous disaster movie, where the Earth is at the brink of extinction, and yet is miraculously saved by a group of very unlikely American heroes...

Yes, that is what I thought as well when I sat down to watch "Earth's Final Hours". And I was right, as this movie turned out to be every bit just that.

"Earth's Final Hours" follows the shamelessly abused blueprint of how-to-make-a-generic-disaster-movie, true! However, it does manage to lift itself up and out of the mediocrity that tends to permeate the disaster movie genre. There just was something a bit more enjoyable and watchable to "Earth's Final Hours".

The story, well, it can be summarized fairly easy. Actually, just read my opening statement, and you have the entire movie summarized right there.

It was the fast pace of the movie and the progression of the storyline that actually made "Earth's Final Hours" stand out where many other disaster movies failed and sunk deep into mediocrity. But also the acting performances, as they weren't as generic and mediocre as they tend to be in this genre.

As for the special effects, well let's just say that they had CGI special effects and that these effects served their purpose well enough. However, it is not effects that will blow you away or leave you impressed in any way. So don't get your hopes up.

I was actually quite surprised with the performance that Robert Knepper put on in "Earth's Final Hours", because he really carried the movie quite nicely. And it was also nice to see Bruce Davison here as well, although his character was a very generic one to say the least - not saying that his performance was generic, just the character.

"Earth's Final Hours" is not the best of disaster movies, it is nowhere near the likes of "2012" or "San Andreas" in terms of CGI and entertainment where you just sit back and enjoy the effects. However, it did distinguish itself from many other generic disaster movies.

If you enjoy the disaster movie genre, and if you have nothing better to do or to watch, then take the time to watch "Earth's Final Hours". I was actually quite entertained by it.
Pretty Good For A SyFy Channel Movie
I don't understand why so many people post negative reviews on some of these SyFy Channel movies. These movies aren't made to be blockbusters. I don't take any of them seriously. They're meant to be entertaining, and more often than not, "mindless" entertainment that you can often sit back and have a few laughs with on a Saturday or Sunday evening.

Unlike many reviewers, I actually "enjoy" watching SyFy Channel movies. Knowing how cheaply they are made and how far out some of them are makes them all the more entertaining. That being said, some are still better than others. Quiet a few of the newer ones have been very enjoyable to me, and this one was no exception.

It's science fiction, not science fact and I was entertained for an hour and a half. I won't go into the plot as you can read that under the main page, but if you like watching SyFy Channel Disaster movies like myself, than you will probably feel it was time well spent. If you don't like "out there" plot lines, low budget effects and some bad acting then don't watch it and stick with "Hollywood" style films.
If they can stop the earth from spinning for this movie you can stop your sensibilities long enough to watch it.
There are so many things wrong with this movie, where to start.

People with a soccer ball size hole in their chest tend to not be able to talk.

Synopsis : Neutron star particle large enough and dense enough to go thru the entire earth damage our magnetosphere and stop the planet from rotating bringing on global extinction.

Given the current state of astrophysics the existence of such a particle is theoretically possible but that it would cause the type of damage to our planet is not even remotely possible.

Given the mass of the earth and it's sheer inertia it would take a lot more than a single particle no matter how dense to counteract that force.

Then there are those rays of solar radiation that seem to make it thru the magnetosphere and slice across the earth, hitting anything with a badge when they are about to arrest the well meaning hacker teenager who only wants to expose the big evil government plot to not tell people of the impending doom.

Luckily those rays don't go after the hackers dad who happens to be one of the a fore mentioned badge wearer of the Federal variety, and work together with the well meaning scientific geek'ete agent of the same variety to find a fix.

All they have to do is restore the magnetosphere and push start the earths spin with two satellites... peace of cake.

Enter scientist who saw the error of his ways after creating a dooms day device that will now be just the ticket to fix this sticky situation.

Good thing that the scientist even while being under arrest was able to hack into the system and have his 'device' moved from a guarded warehouse to some other location.

So the evil Federal agents are trying to get the device back and how do they do that.. well they shoot at the only people who know where it is.. and shockingly the scientist is shot and killed. Luckily he is able to tell his group of do-gooders the GPS coordinates of the 'Device' and some other cryptic mumbling...

So the big ending battle, bad feds vs good ( scientist-geek'ete/hacker-teen/agent-Dad ) for control of the device ( satellites ). Good guys want to save the world, bad guys want to save a small section so that they can create a small green zone of safety and screw the planet nearly 7 billion people.

Good thing that a non technical federal field agent could find the two wires that would make the satellite up-link work. Phew! Close one.

Save the planet, save a handful of people... decisions decisions.. Funny how all the people going after the good guys would be dead if they succeed. I guess that little point went unnoticed. Silly mindless Federal agents.

But once again the suns radiation comes to the rescue and smote those evil doers. Good ol' solar radiation. But it misses the main evil agent, dang it. So he manages to shoot the nice geek'ete and begins to smash the up-link. Silly evil agent didn't count on agent-dad kicking his butt, not to mention that the solar radiation always gets it's man. Poof, no more evil agent. The planet is saved and all is good. Miller time.
Stinks like week-old kippers!
Another day, another Sy-Fy (do you think they understand how ridiculous that contraction is?) production. Guess what? It's awful! I know, right? You'd have thought by now they would have taken the criticism of thousands of people on board and worked to produce movies that don't make you want to smash your face into a brick wall in stunned disbelief.

Sadly, it appears they are incapable of learning. Also, it appears, they are adept at hiring people to write sci-fi that exhibit an extreme form of the Dunning-Kruger Effect. Namely, they know enough to think they are clever, but actually are dumb as stumps.

Apart from the utterly bobbins plot, which is just beyond ridicule, they proceed to ignore even basic science involving the characters and their abilities.

Guns never jam or seem to need reloading. Satellite dishes never need to be aligned before use. Twenty year old technology works at first power up. The list is potentially endless.

I felt sorry for Robert Knepper. He was by far the most capable actor here and actually tried really hard with his role. Sadly, his co-stars didn't put the same amount of effort into their parts. As a result, it seemed like his son and girlfriend had mental difficulties grasping the concept of the end of the world. They didn't. The actors playing them just had difficulties being actors.

This effort also suffers from the "shaky-cam-to-make-it-look-more-real-and-exciting!" effect. It was clear that the cameraman had no direction other than "don't hold the camera still." Or maybe the guy holding the camera suffered from cerebral palsy, I don't know. Whatever, it's a nausea-inducing wobble-fest that gets annoying almost immediately.

All in all, this one, like all SyFy movies, smells like something your cat squirted out of its rectum after rummaging in your junk-food-addicted neighbour's garbage bin.

It's the kind of movie that makes you wonder if you've fallen through a hole in space and time and ended up in an alternate universe where the laws of physics are not just different, they're ludicrous.

Just who is the target audience for this tripe? Do SyFy think so little of their viewers that they think any old bullshit they film will do? Surely they'd be better off spending the production budget on securing broadcast rights to actual movies, rather than trying to make their own? I really don't know what SyFy are doing. I really don't. They can produce some decent TV shows, but movies appear beyond them. What's worse, they are associating actors who should know better with utter garbage.

SyFy channel....please stop!
Never mind the plot and acting...
Never mind the plot and acting... I don't even have to talk about them.

This is seriously the most nausea-inducing movie I've ever seen, and it's all due to the shaky-cam. I actually had to look away during several of the scenes and those include the set-bound "office" shots. And don't even try to follow any of the flight or flight scenes.

The other irritating thing is the score. You know how for the main menu on a DVD the music plays on a loop? Well, get used to it. This soundtrack consists literally of one blaring chord, which just gets louder as things get more "dangerous".

The main character was not too bad as an actor, and Bruce Davison did what he could. The girlfriend was one of the worst I'd ever seen, smiling through every single line, as much as Denise Richards in Starship Troopers. Can you believe two people in this film were in the X-Men movies?
1.5 hours of your life you'll waste and never get back.
This movie is a total waste of time. Trailer looked good but don't be fooled..

Too many far fetched inconsistencies and coincidences.. Throw darts the floor if you want to have more fun.

It starts with one of the only people who knows how to save the world getting a hole blown through his chest where his heart and lungs used to be, and somehow manages to talk.

Don't bother watching it..

How it was ever rated a 7.9 is beyond me, must have been based on 2 votes.
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