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Mark Cantu
Gregg Rodriguez as Thug 2
Scott Ivey as FBi Agent
Javier Medellin as Dir. Bob Womack
Dan Karam as Chuco
Jeremy Hayden as Agent Simms
Mike Dell as Merick
Shawn Brooks as Agent Leonard 'Lenny' Gaulke
Allison Gregory as Agent Abbey Vaughn
Storyline: After a fateful mission two years ago that left eight Special Forces soldiers dead, newly promoted Naval Investigator Abbey Vaughn makes it her personal mission to find the man responsible: the infamous drug lord Reynaldo Benitez. When her investigation brings in former Elite team leader Lt. Sam Harrigan, she reluctantly partners with him in order to bring the savage cartel leader to justice.
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This movie is so disjointed, it's hard to watch. It's also hard to listen to. The sound editing is very uneven, the video editing is jumpy and disjointed. The story line is sloppy and assumes you will fill in the blanks for yourself. I have just wasted an hour watching this rubbish. Why has movie making slipped so far down the scale over the last few years? Is it because everyone with a smartphone thinks they are directors? This movie could have been so much better with a bit of extra attention to detail.
We were ambushed
The film opens with a poorly shot fire fight in an unnamed Central American country that speaks English with Latino accents. We then see submarine qualified Lt. Abbey Vaughn (Allison Gregory) becoming an NCOC (NIS?) investigator working in Texas appointed by a senator who once "busted a Lt.JG to a Chief Petty Officer"...seriously who writes this stuff? Not possible. While investigating a cold case (the one we saw earlier) she enlists the help of "not active" Sam Harrigan (Jason Scarbrough) who she meets in front of a shack with an uncut yard while he is chipping golf balls in a pink bath robe and a teddy bear for company. Good visual. He eventually helps her. At 30 minutes into the film we pause for character introductions and then back to the action which was made lackluster due to the fact our lead character was poorly written and not that well played. While I like the character of Sam Harrigan, Jason Scarbough didn't project a good tough guy persona to pull it off.

The film used good graphics for the opening credits. It has the nuts and bolts in place for a decent film, they just fell short.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.
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