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Fight Club
USA, Germany
Drama, Thriller, Mystery
IMDB rating:
David Fincher
Edward Norton as The Narrator
Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden
Helena Bonham Carter as Marla Singer
Meat Loaf as Robert 'Bob' Paulson
Zach Grenier as Richard Chesler
David Andrews as Thomas
George Maguire as Group Leader
Eugenie Bondurant as Weeping Woman
Christina Cabot as Group Leader
Christie Cronenweth as Airline Attendant
Tim De Zarn as Inspector Bird
Storyline: A ticking-time-bomb insomniac and a slippery soap salesman channel primal male aggression into a shocking new form of therapy. Their concept catches on, with underground "fight clubs" forming in every town, until an eccentric gets in the way and ignites an out-of-control spiral toward oblivion.
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This movie will blow your mind every time
The reason I love this film so much is because every time I watch it I see something that I didn't catch before. The more you watch it the more you understand but I have to say this film has an absolutely mind blowing and amazing twist. For anybody who does end up reading this review and has never seen it there is no time to waste you absolutely need to go and buy this film and watch it so your mind can be blown into a million pieces after the big reveal.

This film more than deserves its spot on the top 250 it might sit a little to high but I still don't see a problem with it. The story and twist are easily top 3 best of all time IMO and will look forward to yet another rewatch.
good movie
When I first saw the previews for this movie, it had me interested. A movie about guys who fight - it didn't seem to deep, but I thought it would provide entertainment. I had heard buzz about, a few of my friends raved about it for a few days, and I was convinced. I should see this movie. I went to my local video store and picked up the last remaining DVD. I popped it in, sat in amazement until the last credit rolled, and then watched it again. And again. And again.

This movie is dark and disturbing, however, it is equally smart and stylistic. I found it hard to watch at points, but I couldn't turn my eyes away. Fight Club makes many bold statements against the modern consumer-driven society, and produces Norton's best performance and Pitt's second best (12 Monkeys).

Norton plays an average-Joe who is living a dead-end life. He needs something to change his life. Tyler and Marla will take care of this, and that is all I want to give away. Other comments will tell you more, but I suggest you let it all sink in while watching. As for it's ending, it doesn't rival 'The Sixth Sense' - it blows it away. One of the best movie endings I've seen. Even better if you're a Pixies fan.

As for it being important, don't worry. You will be hearing about this movie. When 'A Clockwork Orange' came out, it was met with mixed reviews, deemed too dark and violent, and is now considered a classic. These two movies share quite a bit in common - both were based on great books. If you haven't read either, get to it. Politicians will use this movie as a demonstration of careless and consequenceless violence in movies, and as a perfect example of what today's youth are being influenced by.
To overcome the fear. Trim excess. To reject all that is not true values. And slide.
To overcome the fear. Trim excess. To reject all that is not true values. And slide.

In 1996, the year the world saw a novel Chuck Palahniuk "Fight Club." The book was the body hailed by critics and soon many filmmakers interested in its film adaptation. And now, after three a year after the bestseller rocked the eponymous painting by David Fincher, causing wide public resonance. Shocking, strange and calling a film, however, flopped at the box office. But it was only the only evidence of instability of explosives, Detonated a few years later. In our days, the tape is considered the most a cult film of our time, Chuck Palahniuk, after the film adaptation of the cult of the author.

The story tells us about the history of the nameless yuppie middle- aged, Insomniac and disgust to private life. He is a typical representative of a modern middle class. Office clerk, not burdened with lofty priorities in life, with a stable income, comfortable housing, equipped according to the latest fashion interior, with lots of frills. Like all other people — a lot junk and gaping hole in the soul. This lasted until until Tyler Durden. Confident, handsome, soap salesman, projectionist, the waiter just an anarchist — he is fundamentally changing the worldview The narrator, becoming his spiritual mentor and the main ideologue fight club. What began as a kind of psychotherapy and discharge he turned around a global commitment to the complete destruction of civilization.

Plunging into the world of "Fight Club", you, like the main characters, not remain without scars. Action good hits spectator the radical ideas and rebellious attitudes, leaving him nothing but to spit broken teeth, in the form of their old beliefs and views. The film is really really excites the mind and long time will make you rake up your own worldview, reviewing and re-weighing values, but one way or another, indifferent to remain would be impossible.

However, it is not just meaningless chaos and robbery, it is deep philosophy. "Resurrection is possible only after full destruction." Civilization has stalled and needs a complete rebirth. This something was the problem Tyler and his Project "Defeat".

"Who are we? We're just consumers, obsessed with the external trappings prosperity." (C)

Here the familiar world we are shown awesomely, horribly empty and artificial. Order. Blue tie on Tuesdays. House. Work. Disposable ware. Greatest comfort. And it all collapses under the pressure of two rebels, to feel alive, awakened from their lethargy everyday, feeling the power in their hands to direct the course history.

Intrigue, chaos and soap — to watch it all with such gusto was not be possible without the brilliant tandem of brad Pitt and Edward Norton, who played some of his best roles in his career. It is also worth to note Helena Bonham Carter, who plays Marla singer. And separate ovation David Fincher is one of those rare occasions when adaptation is not inferior to the book. Bravo!

10 out of 10
Generally positive comments
This film, is basically, at least in my opinion, one of the greatest films ever, period. I read the book afterwards, and equally enjoyed the book. The film is definitely for younger people, the critics of films, in general are older, so they cannot appreciate this film. The film defines the younger generation, only younger people can relate to it, however, older people(middle aged+) can appreciate the art of the film, the beauty of the camera work, as well as the excellent acting. The film, in every aspect is fantastic, it begins with a rather humorous narration, from a person we grow to know as, "narrator". It goes about to show how he lives, and his way of life. In these scenes alone, movie lines that will go down in history are said, and it's only the first twenty minutes. The film tends to progress faster and faster as the film continues. We delve into the narrators psyche, and find that he is not unlike most people in this world, he has a tendency to say to people what they want to hear, even if it is not the truth in it's entirety. Almost all folks can relate to the main character, and he feels to be a real human, not a character in a story. This, is partially due to the excellent directing, as well as book, but it is mostly due to the fantastic performance by Edward Norton. It, in my opinion is an Oscar performance. Bradd Pitt gives his best performance to date, he is definitely an excellent coworker with David Fincher, they seem to share a common thread when it comes to film making I suppose. I have full intention of purchasing this film when it is released on VHS and DVD. Do yourself a favour, see this film, if that is not an option, at least read the book. If you are younger and feel unrest with society, this is the film.
Fincher's best film along with Se7en
"The first rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club"

I will go ahead and break the rule and simply talk about Fight Club; the 1999 film that I recently added to my favorite movie list. In my opinion this is one of Fincher's masterpieces along with Se7en. David Fincher has made some great films, but none have ever rivaled his work in the 90's with these two films. Both Se7en and Fight Club are among my favorite films and consider them superior to Fincher's other great recent films like Zodiac, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Social Network, and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Fight Club is an extremely violent film, but I don't think it's gratuitous because the movie really works as a satire and raises several philosophical questions about how enslaved we've become under the capitalist and advertising system, but it also points out the danger of anarchy as well. We've become materialist beings finding our purpose in our possessions and have left out the spiritual part. Sometimes we need to feel pain to remind ourselves that we are alive, and in a way this film works as a highly crafted metaphor. I loved the way the story was presented and how this surrealistic film worked. Based on Chuck Palahniuk's novel of the same name, and adapted for the screen by Jim Uhls, Fight Club is a masterpiece thanks to Fincher's direction and the performance from the excellent cast which includes Edward Norton, Brad Pitt, and Helen Bonham Carter. I really loved this movie from beginning to end, including the twist in the final act. 1999 was the year of great twists considering this is when The Sixth Sense was released as well (my all time favorite film). Fight Club is a must see film for all.

The movie begins with a scene where the narrator (Edward Norton) has a gun forced down his throat by Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt), to which the narrator begins to tell the viewer what has led him to this point through voice over narration, and so the film is told in flashback. He takes us back to the days when he was an office worker who experienced severe insomniac problems. The doctor recommended that he visit a support group with men who have suffered from testicular cancer in order for him to really see the pain other people have gone through. Despite not suffering from this condition, the narrator decides to do so and discovers that going to these therapies allows him to finally being able to sleep for the first time in months. After this, he decides to attend a different support group every night and everything seems to go well, until he discovers a manic depressive woman named Marla Singer (Helena Bonham Carter) who is doing the same thing he's been doing: jumping from one support group to another. Seeing her as an intruder and a liar, the narrator can no longer find peace in the support groups and so his insomniac problems begin again. His life will change dramatically when he meets Tyler Durden, a soap maker, in an airplane and has an interesting conversation with him. They exchange numbers and when the narrator arrives home from the airport he discovers his condo has been blown up. He then decides to call Tyler and ends up moving in with him at an old abandoned complex. The two start a very different support group which they call Fight Club since they have to fight one another. The movement becomes popular and little by little they begin to form a revolutionary movement known as Project Mayhem, but things begin to escalate too fast and dangerously.

Edward Norton appeared in the big movie screen during the 90's and this was when he made his best films (American History X, Primal Fear, The People vs. Larry Flynt, Rounders, and Fight Club), although I would have to argue that his best performances were in American History X and The 25th Hour. However he is still excellent in this film as well. Brad Pitt is at his best playing the sort of chaotic and anarchic character who in some ways is similar to the narrator, but in others very different and more dangerous. He has a strong pull on Norton's character and influences him deeply. Helena Bonham Carter also plays one of her best roles as this sort of manic-depressive character who stands her own ground in this mostly male dominated film. The performance from the cast is one of the best things about Fight Club which works in every level. The visuals and special effects are also fantastic. It is a dark film with a lot of violence mixed with satire that had me laughing quite a bit. I absolutely loved this movie and the ending was just brilliant.

It keeps topping its own giddy excesses. Adapted by Jim Uhls from Chuck Palahniuk's novel, this has something--but only something--to do with a bored Edward Norton encountering a nihilistic doppelganger (Brad Pitt) who teaches him that getting your brains bashed out is fun. Though you're barely allowed to disagree with him, your jaw is supposed to drop with admiring disbelief at the provocation, and the overall impression of complexity might easily be mistaken for the genuine article. In other words, this is American self-absorption at its finest. With Helena Bonham Carter, Meat Loaf, and Jared Leto.
Fight Club
When I first heard the name of the movie (Fight Club) I thought "Oh so it's basically just guys fighting the whole time. Like main character is probably a boxer or a fighter or something. It's not really worth watching." I didn't think it was a kind of movie that I would enjoy. But, Fight Club is not just a movie where guys beat each other up because they have nothing else to do. On the contrary, the movie has really clear statements about the society that we live in.

During the last week of school of my junior year of high school, we would watch a different movie everyday because we didn't have class. One of the movies we watched during that week was Fight Club and I think I was the least excited person in the class about watching that movie. However, throughout the movie, I had a great time. I absolutely loved the movie and it's definitely one of my favorite movies. It was definitely not what I thought it was going to be. I liked everything about it, it was great until the end. I've watched that movie multiple times and I still watch it without getting bored. I can watch it again and again and it will never get old or boring. Fight Club is a really unique movie. It's intense, aggressive, deep, dark and maybe disturbing for others. However, all those things made the movie a lot better and in my opinion more successful. The movie was brilliant, in my opinion, from the script, the lighting, the music, cast choice, to the acting. I'm not a person who knows a lot of thing about movies, or lighting, or settings of movies but from what I know everything was brilliant in this movie. The lighting throughout the movie, in different scenes matched perfectly. It helped the person who was watching it understand the scene or the seriousness of it better. The screenplay was definitely perfect according to what I think and I think casting couldn't have been better. The cinematography, pacing, twists, transitions are excellent. I've seen a lot of movies of Brad Pitt and Edward Norton and I can say that Fight Club produced their best performance. I thought they were the best fit for the characters.

The movie begins with a narration from a person who we know as "narrator." It goes on by showing how he lives his life basically. What he does at work, at home, etc. It helps the viewer to get to know the narrator and this happens throughout the movie. Norton plays the narrator (we are never given his name). Starting from the beginning of the movie, he tries to find something that will change his average life. He is living this boring, dead-end life. He is trying to find meaning in his little life. Tyler and Marla help the narrator and change the narrator's life. Tyler is almost everything that the narrator wants to be. He is spontaneous, does whatever he wants, etc. These two personalities go well until they start to kind of destroy each other. And the love triangle that came with Marla makes things more complicated than it already is. When I watch a movie, the first thing I really want to know is how the movie is going to end because the filmmakers make either something big or something small for the end. I am not going to tell the ending because I do not want to spoil it for anyone but the ending was definitely amazing just like the rest of the movie.

I would definitely recommend this movie to everyone. It is an amazing movie. I will never get bored of watching Fight Club. It should be on everyone's list of movies that they should watch.
Its majesty Figh Club
I've read few 1 star rated comments of FC and I got amazed how people who dislike this movie enjoy trashing and insulting people that find it masterpiece... I didn't like it at all first time I've seen it and if I knew about IMDb then, I'll surely give it 2-3 stars. But when I've seen it for the second time (even if I wasn't keen of it, friend made me) – all bits and pieces came in their places and I've realized that this is the best movie ever made. Unlike most movies today, this one makes you think. You may enjoy it without being anarchist, whore, drug addict, uneducated, aggressive, neo Nazi and everything else that caring 1star givers classified us. It's their problem they want from movie to be linear, classical thriller, to have logical plot, believable characters etc. It's their problem that only conclusion they can come up with is that "this will make stupid people that are on the edge, to blow up buildings and deliver pain" or "it portrays sadistic violence, anarchy and terrorism in an appealing light and attempts to make it seem intelligent; instead of what it is insanity". If it isn't sad, it would be funny...

People can't make difference between satire and critics on the one side and glorification on the other side... Fight club is wonderful and poignant critics of the world today and 8.8 rating tells me that most of the people got it right. For all the others – too bad for you that you're not able to see it's excellence...
Superb, and truly one of the greatest movies of all time.

It starts with the screenplay. Adapted from, and very faithful to, an excellent book. The book by Chuck Palahniuk was perfect for a movie: vivid, powerful, challenging, original, unpredictable. Considering how perfectly formed the book already was, the screenplay would have been a doddle.

Some very interesting themes are explored - consumerism, class warfare, multiple-personality disorder, male bonding, terrorism and anarchy - without being judgemental.

Direction is spot-on. Perfect cinematography, pacing and editing. The twists and nuances of the book are captured perfectly.

Edward Norton and Brad Pitt are perfectly cast as the two lead characters, and deliver in spades. Helena Bonham Carter is a strange selection to take on the role of Marla, as she tends to act in Shakespearean dramas and other period pieces. However, despite this, her performance is very convincing.

An absolute classic.
Such a Classic
This film although quite a mental thriller sides with a sense of classical cinema. This movie falls between realism and an avant-garde. Many of the events taken play may have happened before as well as can happen in the future. The final scene does get a little extreme but theoretically an act of terrorism similar to that could occur. Due to the film being narrated by a character, there is more freedom for the story to be twisted around a bit. Everything can be twisted due to complexity of an unstable mind, leading to a more artistic stance.

The lighting in Fight Cub was minimal, casting shadows around every corner. Although the lighting set the mood for the movie, it was used realistically. Nothing was un-natural, some of which I have experienced myself. Turning off the power to the house while it rained created a sense of realism. I'm not saying everyone does that, but when it comes to living in a house that is falling apart and leaking, it is something that should be taken care of. The basement scenes were great when it came to the lighting, there was little to none. It lowered our senses, making it more difficult to track what is going one, and get lost in the pure violence that was going on between two people. One film that comes to mind, using light as an expression of feeling is Limitless. Every time the main character takes a performance enhancing drug, the lighting around the world changes. Everything is more vibrant and energizing and contrast was enhanced to give the viewer a chance to walk in the main character's shoes.

Now let's talk about the shots. Fight Club covers all of the classic types of shots, from static to full motion this film seams it all together flawlessly. Close up shots made the fights personal, giving the viewer a chance to be in the shoes of the narrator. Being this close, raises the heart rate, nothing matters but this fight. The viewer is forced to watch the violence and there is no chance of getting out, just like the narrator taking punches. Extreme long shots were used when setting the scene. Displaying the whole back of the bar and the parking lot took the minimized the violence. It gave the viewer a chance to watch it from afar. The fight is meaningless and the viewer is no longer attached to it. It doesn't affect anyone but Tyler and the Narrator. This distance adds a sense of humor to lighten the mood. When the random guys come out of the back of the bar, the viewer sees what any onlooker sees, a fight between two people over an important reason. This adds a sense of humor to lighten the mood. The viewer knows they are beating each other up for fun, but the other guys see it as a serious fight between two drunks that should be broken up.

The production design crew did a fantastic job creating the apartment for the narrator. Filing it up with furniture to make it look similar to an Ikea magazine. This is a major part for setting up the story, showing how materialistic the narrator is. Also a slight foreshadowing with the yin and yang table. As the narrator transforms, he becomes less materialistic, he loses a sense of what it's like to own nice things, and does not miss it. He even points out that after a month of no television, he almost forgot it existed. The costume design department did a nice job on the narrator's work attire. Starting off well dressed with a tie and clean pressed shirt and eventually changing to an unbuttoned coffee and blood stained shirt. I noticed Tyler's shirt at the end was very unusual looking. After doing some research I learned that the shirt he wore was covered in pornographic magazine covers. The rating association made sure to tone down the movie to receive its R rating, but they completely missed the nude images portrayed on the shirt. That shirt really resembled what Tyler stood for.
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