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Max McGuire
Miriam Colon as Esperanza
Peter Yunker as Ron Hodges
Demián Bichir as Salvador
Matt Frewer as Mr. Steadman
Thomas Dekker as Bobby
Laurence Leboeuf as Hannah Crane
Sarah Smyth as Penny
Max Thieriot as Will Rankin
Chris Shields as Dr. Abissi
Storyline: William has cystic fibrosis and is struggling to live life to the fullest, choosing to spend his time shopping for coffins. After his friend Bobby dies, William finds himself in a lawyer's office trying to understand the ludicrous conditions Bobby put in his will. William is committed to driving Bobby's ashes to a healing shrine in Mexico. Along for the ride is Bobby's sister Hannah and a home-built car unlikely to go the distance. William and Hannah form a relationship along the Pacific Highway as William struggles with his declining health and the pair fight the obstacles in the path to a miracle.
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very good
Quite an enjoyable movie. A spiritual adventure for a young man. It was pleasurable with it's twists and turns..This is a real movie with a plot and capable actors, unlike most of the junk that is released today. No computer generated special effects.

An honest believable plot. that gracefully reveals itself at just the right pace.

There was a hint of the supernatural, done in the way without no gimmicks. The young man was totally believable. I'm sure most viewers will relate to him in some way whether they have a life threatening illness or not. Reminded me of myself, when I would hitchhike a lot as a young man. The world was so much simpler then.

It was a work of love for the director, he gave this movie 'soul'...
My friend died at 23 from cystic fibrosis
My buddy Brent Peterson died from cystic fibrosis at 23. This movie was right on the money regarding all elements. I saw Brent in William. I saw Brent during the drinking scenes, the tapping of the body to have the mucus move around in order to breathe, the first pill scenes, his one love before he passed, his thirst for adventure, having awesome parents.

The final scene was moving and full of appreciation that I have lived into my 30s and the road ahead looks interesting.

Brent never asked for sympathy or your help -- he was a surfer, an individual, a funny guy who would always be down to go out and have a beer. The writer for this movie did a flawless job.
Considering cystic fibrosis is one of the more common of the rare diseases, there haven't been that many movies made about it and it's interesting to watch a movie about the disease. A cystic fibrosis sufferer takes a road trip to Mexico to scatter his friend's ashes.

The cast is good. Max Theriot has gone from children's roles to an watchable actor in serious and horror including Bates Motel. He brings a slightly humorous likability to the character. Even if he looks a tad too healthy for a sick person. His love interest is played by Laurence Lebeouf and she is quite good too. Small but effective supporting roles by Juliette Lewis and Demian Bichir.

Unfortunately the road trip though interesting to watch is rather unrealistic. How he could sleep in the outdoors and stand out in the cold hitchhiking with his condition is a bit absurd. Then only from dipping into the stream for a while he gets so sick. Anyway the feel good ending is moderately uplifting.
Small, powerful film
I saw this film recently and had the chance to meet the writer/director, Max McGuire, at the Bytowne cinema in Ottawa. It was a powerful film whose intensity sneaks up on you. The storyline was made more relevant that the director is living first-hand with CF.

It is a road trip picture with a twist at the end that I will not reveal. Unlike some other road films, it is entirely believable, including all of the characters the two leads meet along the way.

During the Q&A session after the film, it was interesting to hear about the five-year journey it took for the writer/director to complete this project. It is truly a labour of love, and this usually leads to the most worthwhile films for audiences.

It is a solid addition to the recent catalogue of sleeper Canadian films. I hope it finds an audience both here and abroad, and that this talented filmmaker will continue to evolve his craft.
life-changing Foreverland
Foreverland; is a drama movie; i saw it yesterday; and it was incredible; it's about friendship; keeping promises; love; adventure; letting go of a boring routine; discovering life; dealing with obstacles; always staying optimistic no matter what; staying strong; sacrifice; and so much more meanings that i can't even count; watching this movie will make you re- think of your life; saying sorry to a friend after a fight; or an argument; keeping your head up; and face life; and go for an adventure. Alas; this movie is underrated and i wish people could see it because it's life changing as i said before; the casting was perfect; the performances were superbly amazing; the story was great; soundtracks were awesome; filming was charming; it was a flawless deep touching movie that left me in happy tears; i proudly recommend it.
For those who know CF
For those of you who know someone with CF.... this will make you cry and laugh... mostly cry. Its a beautiful story about a boy becoming a man and the adventure it takes him on. I have a friend with CF, I have watched her grow and adapt from an early age. She's twenty now and one of the strongest, most crazy people I know, crazy being a huge compliment. I have been on the outside of her life for some time now and I think the world/her world will crash when she goes. For those of you who know what its like to listen to a person with CF this movie is for you and for those who don't, remember its like drowning from the inside out.
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