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From Beneath
IMDB rating:
David Doucette
Blake Retter as Dan Kentley
Jamie Temple as Jason
Jasmin Hawkesboyd as Sandra Kentley
Bella Hawkesboyd as Elizabeth Kentley
Nicole Smashnuk as Sarah Kentley
Storyline: Jason, is bit by a strange organism while on vacation with his girlfriend, Sam, at her sister's secluded farmhouse. The bite begins a transformation in Jason, and now the couple must race against time to figure out what happened to Sam's sister and her family, and what lies in store for them. All of these elements are tantamount to the ultimate fear addressed in the film, the fear of losing a loved one and worse, becoming a monster in their eyes.
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Absolutely ridiculous
The only thing this movie has going for it is the soundtrack and some of the cinematography. How it has a rating of 6 I'll never know.

Jason and Sam are going to go visit Sam's sister who lives in the middle of nowhere. When they arrive, the relatives aren't around, so they decide to go exploring. They come upon a nasty looking lake and decide to jump on in. Not a good plan. Jason ends up with a parasite in his leg and the leg becomes badly infected. He stars losing his mind.

Sam and Jason arrived by car. Does Sam take Jason immediately to the nearest town where he can get medical help? Of course not. Do the phones work? Of course not. Do they find a key they need when they have never been there before? Of course they do. Does Jason's limp come and go? Of course it does. Does Sam conveniently find a video camera that partially explains where her family is? Of course she does.

Horror movies that are stupid and convenient really run my nerves. Add to that the insipid dialog ("I'm the reason why my car isn't working! I can't control myself anymore!") and horrible acting and you've really got a turkey on your hands. I managed to make it all the way through, but it sure was a struggle. My eyes hurt by the end of this debacle because of all the rolling of them I did.

The fact that it's low budget isn't an issue for me. I've seen low budget movies that I've absolutely loved. This isn't one of them. I wouldn't recommend this film to anyone.
Very bad cheap movie and IMDb rating is flawed
About 3 seconds into this movie I knew it was a bad movie and was checking back on IMDb like "what convinced me to check this movie out again?" I don't know how this movie got the rating it has.

This movie has that very easy-to-capture atmosphere of "cheap movie made by high-school kids." It's not a fun kind of bad movie. This one is just bad. Bad script (but not bad enough), bad acting (but not bad enough), poor quality everything.

This is the first time I have watched a movie that was rated over a 6 on IMDb and found it to be anything but great. Why did this exception have to be so exceptional?

This movie will almost definitely NOT make it into the elite group of bad movies which become cult classics.

Don't waste your time on this movie.
Be open minded, not spoon fed
When you watch this movie you need to look at the right things. Yeah it may be slow in spots. Yeah the acting can be painfully average at times. But look at the cinematography, the eerie colors used to set a surreal scene where you don't know what's reality and what isn't. The score is unreal, it suits the movie so well. It's simple and to the point and it was obviously done intentionally. So anyone who says the score is too repetitive or you don't get to see the creature.. you are missing the whole point. You are looking at the film completely wrong. You need to appreciate it for what it is. A slow suspenseful film that doesn't spoon feed you every little thing. If it did it would be just like a million other creature thrillers. This one shows you just enough to frustrate you in a good way and make you think. Good independent filmmaking with a few bumps in the script. Watch it and appreciate it for as a well made, original take on a creature feature
I fall for it every time!
6.9/10 - That's the score this... thing had when I watched it. It is now at 3.2/10 and I have no doubt that it will fall to one of the lowest scoring movies of all time!

I've seen some bad movies in my time but this one really has lowered the bar. It is, without doubt, the worst movie I have EVER had the misfortune of watching!

I somehow managed to make it to 25 minutes before the desire to rip my eyes out of their sockets took over. Fortunately, the movie was so bad that the feeling of bewilderment counteracted this overwhelming desire, so I'm now in a position to warn any potential viewers... Do not watch this movie... you will regret it!

Words cannot describe how bad this is!
It will put you to sleep...
I thought I had already seen the most boring movie, but then I came across "From Beneath". I stand corrected. This movie was so boring and uneventful that it was a struggle to stay awake through it from start till end.

The story in "From Beneath" is about a young couple who are out somewhere in the middle of nowhere, apparently, as they have no coverage for their mobile phones. A strange creature latches onto Jason and starts taking over his mind and body.

Sure, the story was good enough in theory, but it just didn't offer anything new to the genre, nor did it at any point turn out to be anywhere remotely near scary or thrilling. The story was slow-moving and uneventful. And the horrible dialogue and staggering acting didn't really help the movie along in any way.

There were so many things in the movie that just makes you stop and wonder in amazement, why someone would do such a thing in the given situation. There was a lot of moments in the movie that was just not making much sense.

What I found most fun about "From Beneath" was the undefinable sources of bright light that was present in the middle of the dark woods at night. That was just hilarious. And as for creature effects, well don't expect to actually see anything aside from the odd tentacles emerging out of the water.

If you enjoy thrillers and this particular genre of movies, then there are far better movies available. "From Beneath" is unfathomably boring on every account.

I was thoroughly 'bored from beneath'.
Now with 50% potential!
I love a good bad movie, if you know what I mean.

Cheesy plots, poor acting, bad special effects and lame music usually make my night.

I also love really good movies, where all the elements are seamlessly directed and molded into a fine masterpiece.

THIS movie, unfortunately, falls right in the middle, which is much like being friend-zoned by the girl you love. The words "almost," "lukewarm," "medium," and even "common" fit this movie more than any other words I can think of.

The acting is good overall, with one major flaw: The director allows too much space between each line, giving the flow of the dialogue a halting, plodding effect. This is not the fault of the actors, it's the fault of the director and even the editor. It ultimately did not feel natural at all. The actors never even successfully interrupted each other. They just kept waiting patiently for the other person to finish their line. It felt hesitant.

The music, on the other hand, was absolutely sub par in every respect. The entire "soundtrack," if you'd care to bless it with such a prestigious title, was entirely made of one guy (maybe two, I don't know) playing his bass guitar and doing some other guitar work over the top from time to time, with scary sound effects mixed in. It was much too simple, and was played way too loudly at the "scary" parts of the film, quite literally drowning out the action! And there was one, and ONLY one, musical theme, consisting of three notes, doh may ray, played over and over and over and over and over and over again to the point of absolute annoyance. Don't you think that even an amateur musician could come up with something slightly more.. long-ish?

I kept thinking of a hippy smoking weed in his garage, playing the same three notes on his bass and saying to himself, "Oh maaaan dude! Maaaaaaan. This would make such a great soundtrack."

Other than that, I quite enjoyed the film. The setting was nicely done, being filmed in a wet, lush environment that left you feeling that warm, dry creatures like human beings didn't really belong in it, and were less than welcome. It was good usage of the terrain and gave the film an adequately creepy feel. The actual shooting of the footage was nicely handled as well.

And the reactions of the protagonists to their situation, while somewhat unoriginal, were believable enough. Though I must admit, there was not really any surprises in this movie. You sort of see everything coming.

Overall, I just feel that this film was good, but didn't deliver the way it could have.
Acting terrible. But good other than that.
Listen,the acting in this movie is painful. But the cinematography is great. I just read they made this movie for 13 grand! The production value seems way higher than that. And I read this was their first feature. If they had better actors and a little bit better script...there was some plot holes... this movie could have been insanely good. Very interested to see what Doucette does next. For now I would say watch From Beneath for yourself. It is a little hard to sit through at times... Like I said the acting is so bad but kind of funny because its so bad. But its worth the watch. Indie film is always interested when you take a look at what they were able to do with so little.
Visually Stunning
Besides the first scene, the fifteen minutes or so after that are a little slow as the characters are being developed. After that the movie is a slow burn as the intensity ramps up. The last 20 minutes alone make the movie worth the watch. From Beneath is also visually really stunning, especially the night scenes and the blood scenes. Not to mention the fact that this is a low budget indie so the fact that the cinematography was pretty well done is even more of an accomplishment. Im interested to see what David Doucette does next. With a tighter script and a bigger budget his next film could be unstoppable. Also the simple roughness of the score through out the movie is awesome, it really makes you feel the doom that awaits.
Stomp on it quickly
OK, the last few films I've seen were pretty bad indeed, but the ineptitude of this little movie about parasites that burrow under the skin of the male half of a couple who take an impromptu dip into a lake takes it up a notch (or is down a notch the correct terminology) in the bad movie spectrum.

Everything about this screams awfulness. Whether it be the horribly stilted dialog, the forced unbelievable relationship strife, or even the uninspired musical score, it all adds up to one unwatchable mess of a movie.

Where I saw it: Redbox Innstant
Unexpected Ending
This film, while currently it shows a poor rating, had me enthralled right to the climatic ending.

You can't go into this film though thinking big effects and high budget because if thats the case you will be disappointed. Simply put it is not a A list movie and didn't have the big production behind it. But the quality of what was shot on a limited budget is remarkable.

The story and the delivery from its actors especially Lauren Watson who in my mind was the standout and carried the film through some of the slower scenes, was realistic, and raw. Her delivery made me really feel for her character; especially through some of the more emotional scenes.

While it was slow moving at times, I didn't find myself ever bored. I was always curious to how it would end and never once did I even get close to guessing the startling conclusion.

If you can watch a film with an open mind then I recommend this one to you.
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