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Ghosts of Darkness
IMDB rating:
David Ryan Keith
Steve Weston as Mysterious man
Paul Flannery as Jonathan Blazer
Michael Koltes as Jack Donavan
Lisa Cameron as Laura Johnson
Lisa Livingstone as Rebecca Donavan
Lindsay Cromar as Shotgun victim
Morgan Cox as Sarah Johnson
Liam Matheson as Big Beard
Storyline: Two paranormal investigators are unexpectedly thrown together in the hope of solving a 100 year mystery. Locked for three nights in a house with a dark and unsettling past, the two investigators must put their differences to one side and work together. Scepticism and showmanship are soon put to one side when the two investigators realise there is more at stake than just their professional reputation. For once they have stumbled onto the real thing, but this time it's their own lives at stake.
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Don't waste your time or money
Got this on VUDU, had a cool poster advertising it so looked promising but how I was wrong, first off the greatest investigators don't know about the house, they do no research and they move around with no plan yet supposedly best in the field but no idea what to do. The music is weak, the dah-dumb dah-dumb constantly playing in repeated motifs at the same volume detracts from the stunning cinematography pushing a creepy feel, also there is a scene where paul flannery's character is explaining the ouija board and some happy music starts playing, it kills the vibe of the scene before it even starts. Also this is not a horror, its not even close to one, its not scary at any point, and it seems like the producer decided halfway through filming to go a comedy route as the opening of the movie to 30 mins in, changes completely in tone in the later half. Paul Flannery who plays Jonathan Blazer however is absolutely amazing, this dude cracks me up, delivering a performance which will secure him for many future film productions. The CGI that is used was a waste of money, it did nothing to help, only destroy the movie, it kills it seriously. Bar the cinematography and the performance by Flannery, this movie is awful.
Excellent Possessed House movie
Just watched a great possessed house movie "Ghosts of Darkness", where two men are hired to stay in the house for three nights, and prove it is safe even though many many people have died in it over a long period of time, and nobody has lasted more than three nights. IMO, this is one of best such movies I've seen for a while. The makeup and special effects are awesome, and it is filled with some great jump scares. Really good script, outstanding performances, and about all you would want. I highly recommend this dandy.
If it moves, kill it again.
The film opens with the girl being dragged across the floor and not the closing shot. Afterwards Sarah (Morgan Faith Keith) shows her father Mike Johnson (Cameron Mowat) what she thinks of her cereal breakfast. It appears the Richmond Manor has some possession issues. Two polar opposite ghost hunters are called in to give the house a clean bill of health. Jonathan Blazer (Paul Flannery) is old school psychic equipped with candles, salt, and a Ouija board. Jack Donavan (Michael Koltes) is new school with electronic gadgets. He is also a skeptic and believes Blazer to be a phony and doesn't mind saying so. The two are tasked to spend three days in the house, come out and say "nothing happened." Except something does happen.

The film starts out with music and events that make you think it is supposed to be a comedy-horror. There are later events to indicate this too, however when the film attempts to take itself seriously, it fails. Perhaps the worst scene in the film was when Jack laments about his dead wife to Blazer. We have already seen what happened in a flashback. Jack speaks very slowly taking Shatneresque dramatic pauses that dragged along giving us information we already know. Just run the clip again! There were scenes that reminded me of "House" (1985) but they didn't pan out as well. Better than most horror films out there with some originality. Paul Flannery gives a good performance with unkempt hair reminding me of a little of Gary Oldman as Sirius Black.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.
Surprisingly good
The is a UK low budget horror movie so when I say surprisingly good I am referencing the word budget from many angles.

The two relatively unknown actors carry virtually the whole film between them... No mean feat... And they do it very well.

The story isn't bad, the suspense is good, the creepiness is well timed and the scares are well launched.

I would go as far as to say I would watch it again in time and I would certainly recommend to friends.
Although Low Budget Movie.... GOOD ACTING & ENJOYED IT.... Truly Worth A Watch
It should be rated much more higher on overall ratings.I don't like to reveal the story and I won't..... Because If I did, I would Spoil the Fun....BUT the

STORY. 8 / 10.... Good Mystery and Horror

ACTING 8 /10.... Loved it

DIRECTION 8 /10..... Really Good Job

MUSIC 8 / 10..... The Music makes you get into the movie even more.

OVERALL FILM 7.5 / 10 In the end a Good Film about a haunted mansion and the mystery is why they are invited there and what happens eventually..... WATCH IT TO KNOW.... I Enjoyed it and So Shall You..... Guaranteed.... A MUST WATCH.... Thanks For Reading... Thumps up if it was helpful.. ENJOY 😊
Low budget horror flick and it shows.
That being said, I did not find it entirely unlikable.

The premise was interesting at first but once some things were revealed, it didn't really go anywhere with the info or finish the story along those lines. I wanted them to go more in-depth with the reveal. Instead, it just became a silly try-to-scare-ya movie, which fell flat.

While Michael Koltes performance as Jack the paranormal investigator was lackluster and stoic, Paul Flannery as Jonathan the psychic steals every scene he's in with his Cumberbatch acting (reminiscent of Dr. Strange)/Sirius Black look. I finished watching it just for his performance alone, wanting to see what he would do next. It definitely kept me from falling asleep. If your a Cumberbitch, you'll enjoy his performance because his delivery is VERY similar. Its the main reason I rated it as high as I did.
"Somebody is playing games with us"
Two investigators, one a psychic and one a sceptic, are tasked to stay in an allegedly haunted house to prove that nothing is there so the house can be sold, or developed, or something. The two agree and before long strange things start to happen. The house has a history of violence and eventually the reason for this is discovered. The film works very well for the first two thirds but the last third descends a bit into silliness which is a shame.

The location is atmospheric (Ardgour House in Scotland),the photography competent and the earlier scenes are well directed until the movie comes apart. Michael Koltes was not convincing in his role but Paul Flannery was excellent. He brought well balanced humour, feeling and intelligence to the role as the psychic.
Almost a comedy - certainly not a horror movie
Firstly the positives: the poster, awesome. Very Army of Darkness feel. Secondly: Paul Flannery - delivery was great, just a hint of light-heartedness & gravitas. Thirdly: cinematography was good - not enough dark or shadows but generally OK. . Sadly that's where the positives stop. . Unfortunately Michael Koltes was flat & delivery was ordinary. His timing & tone need work. His facial expression was just as flat. There was a lot of "Dean Winchester" style about the character without the bluster, fun or aggression. . The story was fairly typical of this type of movie & had potential to be a fun/action movie. . Certainly not the best movie nor the worst.
Ghosts of Dullness
It still amazes me how people involved in a film can manage to mangle it so bad that it comes off as a joke. Such is the case for "Ghosts of Darkness." I rarely go on about a movie this bad, but I'm going to make an exception here because this movie had potential--the house and its back story. However, given what was put on the screen, you'd never know it.

Two paranormal researchers are contacted by a mysterious man who offers them each $50,000 if they can stay in a house with a gruesome history. Jonathan is a medium; Jack is the "I'm-not-going-to- believe-anything-unless-it-bites-me-in-the-ass" dude. If that isn't bad enough, he also has the personality of a fence post. Mystery man takes their cell phones and car keys and tells them they will be locked in for the next 36 hours. They are each given $25,000 up front and told they'll get the remaining $25,000 upon completion of their "project." This is where the film went off track completely, and if you're smart, you'll realize what I'm talking about.

For a movie to rely on two people, those people should have some kind of chemistry. That is nowhere to be found. Jonathan acts as though the entire project is a joke. Jack acts as if he's just been hit in the head with a brick. The director couldn't make up his mind if he wanted a comedy or a horror movie and although you can have elements of both in a movie, you need to know how to blend those elements. It also would help if your characters could ACT. It was pretty evident to me the guy cast to play the "tortured soul", a/k/a Jack, couldn't act his way out of a paper bag. The character of Jonathan looked eerily like Gary Oldman's character of Sirius Black (from the Harry Potter movies). Another suggestion is to STOP with this crap of CGI demons. They are not scary and give me an impression you're too lazy to hire real makeup artists.

Rated "R" for violence, disturbing images, and language.
Totally enjoyable
Very much enjoyed this movie. Was not expecting it to be this entertaining. The lead actors Michael Koltes and Paul Flannery played off each other quite well. The script was well written and the cinematography was spot on. Rare to see horror films where the characters develop their relationship with each other so well.
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