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Good Time
Crime, Drama, Thriller
IMDB rating:
Joshua Safdie, Ben Safdie
Robert Pattinson as Connie Nikas
Astrid Corrales as Bail Bondsman's Assistant
Gladys Mathon as Annie
Peter Verby as Peter the Psychiatrist
Saida Mansoor as Agapia Nikas
Eric Paykert as Eric the Bail Bondsman
Taliah Webster as Crystal (as Taliah Lennice Webster)
Barkhad Abdi as Dash the Park Security Guard
Ron Braunstein as Caliph
Rose Gregorio as Loren Ellman
Rachel Black as Rachel the Public Defender
Jennifer Jason Leigh as Corey Ellman
Storyline: After a heist goes awry, a bank robber tries to free his brother from Rikers Island, all in one night.
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Unsettling, Unwavering, Electrifying
Good Time is an unrelenting edge of your seat thriller, that demonstrates the Safdie brothers mastery of both social realism and genre filmmaking. This film uses a b movie set up to hammer home an emotionally riveting story ladened with social commentary. The story is that of Connie a low level criminal who finds himself in increasingly desperate circumstances trying to free his brother whose taken the fall for a crime conceived by Connie. The brilliance of this film stems from the Safdie brothers no hold bars gorilla direction, and Robert Pattinson's powerful central performance. The direction of this film is energetic and eerie, with much of the film made using real locations and non professional actors. This makes the films various twists and turns palpably plausible. For example at one point the characters end up in a Dominos Pizza, desperate to hide. This moment comes off as entirely realistic and earned, where as in another movie it would come off as contrived. But by far the best aspect of this movie is Pattinson's central performance as Connie. Pattinson has taken a lot of flack over the years for his role in the Twilight films, but Good Time cements him not only as capable actor, but among the best working today. Seriously he's Oscar worthy here. All in all Good Time is film that shows the blossoming of both a pair of great new directors, and an actor fully realizing his craft.
Good Time
In all my life I haven't seen such a pathetic production of what they seem to think is a movie of good entertainment. Rookie actors who can't act to save their lives. Pathetic scripting. Total lack of any quality whatsoever. After watching this movie for 10 minutes, I couldn't stomach watching such garbage again. I have approx. 5000 movies and 3000 other films in my collection. I can definitely assure you that this one will be thrown out with the rest of garbage around here. What a waste of money.

How much did this movie cost to make. My guess looking at the quality of filming, the actors and production, maybe about $100. Because I wouldn't pay any of those actors based on their pathetic understanding of what a really good actor can achieve. Not even one "A" class actor. I have a collection of "B" rated movies. Compared to your production, my "B" rated movies are high class.

Seriously guys, if your going to make a movie, try to come up with something that people can appreciate as good entertainment. Try to find an actor who doesn't think the movie is about him. Trying to act cool on camera is an art, a true talent to get it right. Just look at actors like, "Tom Hanks", "Tom Cruise", "Morgan Freeman". These guys know how to act cool and do it very well. Your people suck.!! Spend a few extra dollars next time and just maybe you may get it right, but I sincerely doubt it looking at the quality of your past work.

My Rating is 0.
Excellent crime drama
Few films have such an ironic title as 'Good Time'. A more fitting title would have been 'Murphy's Law'. Anything that possibly could go wrong, goes wrong.

In this case, the law applies to Connie, a tough and streetwise New Yorker. Het robs a bank with his mentally handicapped brother Nick, who gets caught soon after. By trying to get the money for his brother's bail, Connie gets himself in deep trouble. His situation goes from bad to worse. Some of the predicaments he gets himself in, are sad and funny at the same time. He stumbles from one seemingly hopeless situation into another, but with some luck and a lot of guts he can escape most of them.

A large part of the film takes place during the night time, which gives it a special character. The cinematography shows a neon-lit urban landscape, filmed in a nervous style, corresponding with Connie's state of mind. The soundtrack full of sinister music adds to the gloomy atmosphere. The Safdie brothers, one of whom also plays the part of the handicapped brother, have shown to be very talented directors.

The interesting thing is that viewers will have no problem identifying with Connie. Although he is a criminal and a hoodlum, the ultimate motivation for his acts is the love for his brother. He has to get the money for his brother's bail, and that's the reason to forgive him for his less noble acts. 'I am better than you', he tells another criminal at one point. At first this seems preposterous, because at that point Connie seems to be the ultimate loser. But then you realize he's right: there is a deeper motivation for his acts than just foolishness.

In the end Connie becomes more and more desperate, and throughout the film you know that this can't end well. But it does: although he doesn't succeed in his goal and has to face defeat in the end, the very last scene of the film is a very hopeful one. It adds to the theme of moral ambiguity that gives this movie an extra dimension.
Pattinson's best work
OK let me come out and say it, this movie is not likable in the traditional sense of the word. In fact you may walk away hating the main character and you will have every right to.

But damn, i'm proud of Robert Pattinson. He's joining that club of former YA actors like Daniel Radcliffe and Kristen Stewart who are pushing themselves when it comes to their independent film choices now.

Credit should be given to the Safdie brothers, who I honestly don't know much about but this movie makes me want to look into their past work.

You can tell they have a visual style. This is one of the grittiest looking thrillers to come out in a while

and the way they have colors just pierce through the darkness and edginess just fuels this acid-induced thriller more.

Every time these guys turn up the suspense this movie just grabs you by the cortex and never lets go. Part of that is the most kick ass musical score you've ever heard. This score is phenomenal, it is workout music times 100.

But yeah, the reason this works so well is really Robert Pattinson. This is his best role ever. I know there are going to be teenage girls who are like "noo", but i'm saying yes, mostly because the dude is mostly making you have to like him through facial expressions alone.

He plays a guy whose brother is mentally disabled and in order to get them both out of a shitty situation, he manipulates the brother into robbing a bank in which case the brother is arrested and he has to figure out a way to get him out of jail.

And that Pattinson manages any sympathy at all is really something cause he does some seriously screwed up stuff in this movie, like try to seduce a 16 year old type badness.

He's a scumbag and Pattinson never makes you lose sight of that but he's a character in a story with many scumbags and in the end his motivations are at least understandable.

What hurts this movie a little more than you may not be totally behind the characters is the down time. Sometimes it's funny and sometimes its clever but it doesn't exactly have a story populated with enough ideas or action to constitute the run-time.

So I go 7 out of 10 guys. If you liked this, check out Craig James Review on Youtube for more.
hyper-kinetic frenzied trip
Greetings again from the darkness. The Drifters and later George Benson sang "the neon lights are bright on Broadway". Well, we aren't on Broadway, and though they aren't bright, the neon lights are ever present and crucial to the tone of the latest from brothers and co-directors Benny Safdie and Josh Safdie.

Robert Pattinson stars as Connie Nikas, and turns in a performance unlike anything we have previously seen from him. Connie is protective of his brother Nick (played by director Benny Safdie), and he's also a grungy unhinged bank robber. He doesn't look like a man with a plan, but fortunately, Connie is a smooth talker who thinks 'quick on his feet'. We say fortunately, because he is barraged with an endless stream of danger, catastrophes and near traumatic events as the story progresses.

A botched bank robbery separates the brothers and sends Nick to jail and Connie on the lam. Co-writers Ronald Bronstein and Josh Safdie seemingly take immense pleasure in sending Connie off-the-rails has he desperately attempts to avoid capture while simultaneously figuring out how to spring brother Nick. With a frenetic pace that escalates Griffin Dunne's misery in AFTER HOURS, Connie's escapades have him crossing paths with his girlfriend played by Jennifer Jason Leigh (wish she had more screen time), a psychiatrist played by Peter Verby, a new anxious-to-help acquaintance in Taliah Webster, an accidental partner-in-crime played by Buddy Duress, an amusement park security guard played by Barkhad Abdi ("Look at me!"), and a brutish thug played by hip-hop artist Necro.

The pounding, pulsating techno/synth music perfectly complements the unusual tone (almost noirish, and bordering on comedic), feverish pace, and fascinating visuals throughout. Some viewers will be turned off quickly, and those that stick with it will be rewarded with an entertaining crime thriller featuring Pattinson's best performance to date.
More drama than crime flick
This is actually a social drama speaking of petty hoodlums, as DOG DAY AFTERNOON was in its time. The overall scheme seems sometimes similar to the Sid Lumet's movie, with a armed robbery at the beginning which everything gets awry just after, with two hoods very close to each other. The whole stuff made by an underground movie industry director. And who will be surprised to see Jennifer Jason Leigh here, for an underground like movie? Jason Leigh who, at 55 years old, could play the Bob Pattinson's mother...But she is still in such a good shape that she easily plays the TWILIGHT star's girl friend. Not a bad film, although not exactly my cup of tea. Good acting and direction too.
A great movie
I thought this was a great movie. It's very entertaining and well acted. It's soundtrack is a bit heavy on the 80's synths, very similar to Stranger Things in fact, but overall I think this works well and adds to the feel of the film. The only downside I would give this movie is the final scene, I think the director got this wrong, I think he was trying too hard to make a moment in the final scene and it detracted from the character involved in that scene and actually annoyed me.
Pointless writing, terrible screenplay and awful score = pointless toxicity that left me feeling sketchy, stale, empty and cold
Not sure why this film has such a high rating.

For starters, the sound/score must be the worst I have experienced in any film - so bad, that had it been different, I may have enjoyed the film a little more (and perhaps added at least two more points to my rating). It was way too overpowering, evident and distracting. Having a popular electronic musician doesn't make the score good, acceptable or appropriate to a particular film. Had an amateur composer submitted something more fitting that worked, I wouldn't have spent this much time critiquing it. It just didn't make any sense, nor contribute (if anything, it detracted) to what the viewer is supposed to feel. It made me feel sketchy throughout the entire film.

Then there's the pointless writing... starts off with a normal planned-out heist for the first part of the film, then stupid decisions to get another 10k, or was it 15k? Why not save us all the pain and agony and go rob another bank with a note for the rest of the money? Dumb, just dumb. There is no way a seemingly effortless bank robbery could end up with such bad decisions afterwards. Very far fetched and I didn't buy into the premise. Sure it's different, but pointless and unreal. I expected much more and was left very unsatisfied. There were many plot holes in the screenplay, dragged out scenes, too slowly paced and no proper resolution or climax to this film.

It's a very generous 3/10 from me as I had a Bad Time watching this pointless toxicity that left me feeling sketchy, stale, empty and cold.
So surprisingly fresh and unique!
'GOOD TIME': Four and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

The new stylized heist genre flick from directors Ben and Josh Safdie; Josh also co-wrote the script with Ronald Bronstein (the trio performed the same duties on 2014's 'HEAVEN KNOWS WHAT'). Ben also costars in the movie with Robert Pattinson, Buddy Duress, Taliah Webster,Jennifer Jason Leigh and Barkhad Abdi. The film tells the story of two brothers that rob a New York bank together, but things go horribly wrong when the younger brother (who's mentally handicap) is caught and taken into custody by the police. His older brother will then desperately do anything to get him out of prison. It's received rave reviews from critics, and it also premiered at the main competition of the 2017 Cannes Film Festival; where electronic musician Oneohtrix Point Never's score won the Best Soundtrack award (Iggy Pop collaborated on a track as well). The movie is now playing in indie theaters, and I absolutely loved it!

Connie Nikas (Pattinson), and his mentally handicap brother Nick (Safdie), rob a New York bank together. They appear to get away with several thousand dollars of cash, until a dye pack goes off in one of their bags, and causes their getaway driver to crash his car. Connie and Nick flee the crash scene on foot, but they're stopped by police for questioning. Nick panics and runs, so Connie follows. Connie is able to evade capture, but Nick is caught and arrested. Fearing for his brother's safety, Connie desperately tries to get enough bail money together to get his brother out of prison. When Connie finds out that Nick was taken to a hospital, after being beaten in a prison fight, Connie attempts to break him out. He mistakes another criminal (Duress) for his brother though, and things keep getting worse from there.

The movie is so surprisingly fresh and unique, that I can't help but rave about it. It's stylized in a familiar genre way, but the story and characters are so original and different (than almost any other film out there), that you can't help but be completely captivated by every minute of it. The characters are mostly unlikable, and the entire setting is pretty depressing and disturbing, but the film leaves a very memorable impression by it's conclusion. Pattinson also gives arguably the best performance of his career (and I remember when I use to think he was a horrible actor), plus the soundtrack is also totally awesome and classic as well! I think this film is definitely worth seeing, that's for sure.

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A 2017 cult-movie like The Rocky Picture Horror Show
The movie named: Good Time, is anything but a good time. It is not about luxury, rich finances and Wall Street. Instead it is about a middle aged man with a developmental disability and his creative brother who is a criminal. What makes this movie special is the cinematic styles of very creative film frames combined with very unique self-developed sound effects (like an echo in a time warp machine) and the flash blurry mixed camera frame shots. In a way, this movie was like a Tarantino's 1994 movie Pulp Fiction. To me, this movie Good Time could become a 2017 cult-movie like The Rocky Picture Horror Show (1975). This story-line was a warped story line from beginning to end; nothing good happens and everything is set-up to fail. However Constantine is a sympathetic character. He, in his own way, cares about his brother a lot and wants to protect him in the way he knows how. Throughout the entire movie, Constantine continues to come up with artistic ways of survival. It is clear that Constantine is living on borrow time; but time and time again he escapes the tightest of dead-ends - and he keeps a spirit about him. His attitude is similar to Jack Nicolson character in Five Easy Pieces (1970), which was set to become an All-American movie genre (but did not).
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