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UK, Germany
Horror, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Alex Chandon
Storyline: This film is about a group of four teen offenders who go to the country for the weekend with two other youth workers. They end up at an old country house near the town of Mortlake in Yorkshire. After they clean up the house so they can stay there they all head in to the village for some well earned drinks only to run in to the local "town folk". The next day they go to a place that has old train carriages to collect some scrap metal when they again run in to the locals, but this time it ends up with one of the youth workers being hurt badly. They go in to the village for help but it turns out to be the worst thing they could have done. The locals aren't as friendly and welcoming as they thought.
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sick and gratuitous violence
One of the sickest films i have ever seen.Absolute gratuitous violence gore and sadism.This is not entertainment in any form should be banned and if you think its funny , either A)you are intellectually deficient or B)lacking any moral spirit. I shudder to see how anyone could enjoy this film , Terrible, is this an indication what people will peddle to make money ,very sad in the true sense of the word. After watching this film i find it hard to see how it could ever have been given a certificate to be shown in cinemas or even worse be allowed to be seen on TV. Why is it these days that anything goes ,is there no moral code anymore or has that been ditched for the chase to make money at any cost or thought for the consequences.
'The Sh**ter Man'
There may have been some potential for a more understated and tasteful film here, like the also British based 'Straw Dogs' or 'The Wicker Man'. Alas, it went for the 'torture porn' thing and had dubious politics. Mix this with shoddy writing, acting, and technical production, and you have a real stinker.

I'm not really into the 'Saws' and 'Hostels' of this world, but they at least were slickly created. The film felt nasty, tawdry and gratuitous, which is not always a damning problem for a horror movie. It is trying to create horror, after all. To make for staying power, this however needs to be balanced with some social commentary or morality, and 'Inbred' does not do it (well, the name would suggest this).

What you get instead is a rather racist portrayal of Yorkshire and the countryside in general. The antagonists are written off as freaks, which just appears dismissive of mental illness and disability. What you should do is get inside the antagonists' personal motivations - them simply doing bad things because they are 'inbred' is reactionary and not good enough. The ending lacks morality also.

There are some odd traditions up North and in rural England, some involving plays or parades with blacked up (not to resemble black people, incidentally) characters. There was some mileage in that concept - but they just squandered it. Avoid like those social workers and kids really should have done.
Boring with great kill scenes
Being a fan of those movies that detail the clashes of culture, the backwoods inbred tortuous heathens vs the clean cut/city folk on vacation who always just fall right into the hands of their captors, i was right away interested to see this film. The story is a rehash of most of these type of movies. As the movie approached the half an hour mark i was starting to get bored, and once the "meat" of the movie began, it turned silly and predictable. One thing the film does have going for it are some exceptionally great kill scenes. In fact once the killing started i found myself fast forwarding to the next one, and on till the end. If the director had put more energy into the story and made me care if these people were well you know "taken care of inbred style" then it would of made for a better experience. All in all its the same ol same ol, with some great gore. I gotta give it a 5.

thanks for reading my first review!
Enjoyable, well acted and very, very funny
I was privileged to see this film at the recent Frightfest and thoroughly enjoyed it. The acting and production values are first class, the story is great and the dark humour running throughout the film is very entertaining. (I hesitate to use the term "black humour" in case the reviewer who thought this film was racist is offended - eee- by-gum, talk about missing the point!). I wish more films were as courageous as this one. There are also some very nice homages to classic horror films of the past. Don't want to spoil it for anyone as the trailers do not give too much away but I would totally recommend it to anyone who wants a good scare, a good laugh, and a break from the formulaic Hollywood junk being spewed out at the moment.
Eeh by gory
Ha! I've been to Yorkshire loads of times and have only been chopped up by yokels a couple of times. The rest of the time it's been lovely. Good food! But now after watching this I think I might have ate human flesh a couple of times.

Four annoying teenagers and two social workers head off to some backward town in Yorkshire for some reason and quickly realise that the residents are a bit Royston Vasey (the League of Gentleman is a BIG influence on this film). So what started out as a group exercise quickly turns into a total gore fest as our non-locals try to escape being forced into one of the sickest 'shows' you'll ever see.

Honestly, this is one of those 'folks being carved up by locals' films, but with a healthy does of British sarcasm! That guy you see with the twitch and chainsaw? That's Paddy from soap opera Emmerdale! Points for that! And he's great! The outsiders go up against the local and it's literally an explosion of blood and guts, folks are cut in half, have their heads blown off, are stamped by horses, and one guy is forced full of cow crap until he explodes! This film is mental and without the humour may not have worked, but it worked for me! Paddy also made a zombie film...I'm well tracking that down...
Hey you guys get the heck out of there
I watched this movie with a friend. We watch ton's of movies of all genre every weekend and enjoy all types of horror, horror comedy, horror fantasy, horror horror and on and on and on but..... This movie gave us an ulcer. We kept looking at each other saying Why, why what, why stupid, why ugh it was frustrating. Characters in the movie are supposed to know "hey were in trouble let's sort this out" but they don't. No survival instinct at all. Since they couldn't seem to figure out "hey were in trouble let's get out of here" I really ended up not caring what happened so I just ended up screaming at the TV "hey your in trouble get out of there" to no avail. All right fine whatever I guess your all too stupid or something?
Born and bred
It is tough to write about this movie. First and foremost, I have to admit, that I think the guy that made this, is exceptionally funny in person. Very modest and down to earth, he is a guy you can hang out with and talk to. Concerning his movie though (this one in particular), I have to say, that I couldn't really enjoy this. Not my cup of tea so to speak. I watched it at Frightfest too (as other reviewers here) and though the reviews have been mostly positive, the reaction of the crowd was split down the middle.

It's always like this with a movie that dares to be different and does not care about political correctness. But that's not my beef with it. I actually liked the main bad guy of the movie. He has charisma and brings quite a lot to his role. Unfortunately the humor the director boils it down to, never quite achieves anything (not for me that is).

Plot twists that are as weak as our "good" characters or their motivation. You are not used to people being clever in these movies, but the level of stupidity shown by some of the characters here defies explanation ... I'm not trying to tell you what to think of it, but I hope you got the mood the movie does live by and can decide for yourself, if that is worth your time
Engrossing subversion of expectations
Preface: we watch a horror movie, just the three of us, every Wednesday. We have for years and have rated each as it comes along. Although we stick to supernatural/monster movies with a fervor we occasionally make an exception for something that just sounds too good to pass up.

This was definitely worth the risk.

Yes there are some things about it that certain subsets of society may choose to find offensive. You really can just suspend your disbelief and take it as the story it was meant to be though.

It has a simple premise, almost a trope: people go to remote location with good intentions but find a horrific circumstance they must battle through. The distinguishing feature is that it takes those expectations and twists them ever so slightly. Even if you are looking for them they are either too subtle or too glaringly offensive that you just don't see it coming.

It's well written, well acted and humorous where it means to be. That's amazing enough considering the subject matter.

It even shocks! That has nothing to do with the gore, of which there is a plenty. The costume and make-up is adequate to good. You can't expect modern Romero effects with this budget but the post production isn't jarring, masked as it is in the surprise.

It's grim up't north and no amount of flat caps and ferrets can change that... but this film made it jovial in a very pleasant way. A very pleasant surprise.

(Take this review in context, look at the films we have ranked this against)
one for the gorehounds
It has taken Alex Chandon, the director 10 years to make another horror after the much acclaimed Cradle Of Fear (2001). Was it worth the wait, well on part of the script we all have seen it before, a group of offenders and their workers are out for a weekend to get to know each other much better. That takes 15 minutes into this flick before it all goes wrong. But even then it takes a while before the real horror comes in. But if you have the patient to wait long enough you will be rewarded by gore galore.

If you see the opening with Emily Booth then you know what you will get. But once back in time it takes indeed a while before a small accident becomes an atrocity. It doesn't has a Hollywood ending. What do works are the effects used. For a flick like that they really looked great, okay CGI but you have to do it that way here for such kind of gorefest. A small wink to Texas Chainsaw when Podge is swinging with his chainsaw.

Not bad at all, don't think to see a flick with a great story like Kill List (2011) but a pure delight for gorehounds.

Gore 4/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 4/5 Story 3/5 Comedy 0/5
It's grim (and dangerous) oop norf
Simple premise: thing Deliverance in the north of England. Two probation workers take their four young teenage tearaways on some sort of 'bonding' exercise to a remote village in the north of England. Guess what? The locals don't take kindly to strangers! Yes, it's another one of those slasher/torture p**n films. Now you know that you can decide if it's for you. If you don't think it is, don't bother with it as you'll hate it. However, if you like blood and entrails being hurled around, you may like to know that the gore is pretty well done (especially on its low budget), plus the inbred yokels are pretty damn evil (in a good way that will have you almost rooting for them over the pretty unlikeable criminal teenagers who spend much of their time screaming and running in the wrong direction).

It's also pretty tongue-in-cheek. It's not really meant to be taken that seriously, so hopefully you'll forgive the 'heroes' when they run straight back into dangerous situations instead of simply getting the hell out of there.

If you like daft, low-budget horror, then there are worse ways you can spend an hour and a half of your film-viewing life.

I'm just glad I live in the south of England and no one who lives near me feels the need to wear a pig mask and clap rocks together in a show of appreciation.
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