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Larry Wade Carrell
Michael Biehn as Lawrence Kell
Kelly Byrns as Renee (as Kelly Burns Smith)
Kerry Beyer as Axe Man
Deke Garner as Young Jacob
Karen Schlag as Elizabeth
Shane Stewart as Rickey
Christine as Herself
Travis Hester as Joshua
Dustin Lane as Bobby
Ash Torrellas as Mr. Whiskers (as Ash Cook)
Johnny Blanco as Quentin
James Hampton as Mayor Jack Flynn
Jennifer Blanc as Deputy Jamie
Dylan Horne as Jacob
Leo D. Wheeler as Sheriff Andy
Grace Powell as Sissy
Sandy Ray as Heather / Car Hop
Storyline: Lonely and disturbed Jacob Kell loved his little sister more than anything on earth. When she is tragically murdered by her drunken step-father, Jacob retaliates the only way he knows how...and anyone who crosses his path will know there is no limit to his brutal vengeance.
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Deserves a much better rating
I would actually rate Jacob at a "7" but I added an extra star because I feel the current rating below five is far too low. I just watched the movie on Netflix and, as it ended, I said, "Finally - a good movie!" I thought the acting was fine, especially the guy who plays the sheriff. Some of the other "redneck" characters pull it off very well, also. This is obviously a low-budget film, but I feel they did very well with what they had to work with. I do not like idiotic "slasher" movies like the Friday the 13th series, and I do not consider Jacob a slasher flick. The title character goes on a killing spree toward the end of the movie, and a flashback recalls his father's rampage in a local bar, but the violence and light gore is not the movie's main appeal. The mystery about a supernatural force can remain a mystery - not everything needs explained. The father obviously dabbled in the black arts and that's really all we need to know. Some supernatural force is apparently present in the old house and with Jacob and Sissy. The real story is the reason for Jacob's killing spree. I recommend this movie to horror fans, like me, who do not enjoy mindless slashers flicks.
A little disappointed, not what I expected from the best in town
I guess I'm not on the local bandwagon in Houston. The movie had its good moments and a lot of bad. First off, the writing for the film was shallow, filled with parts of never ending dialog which slowed the delivery. The elements of the real story never surfaced on screen & I was left to hope that the violence would pick things up, which it did. Some of the actors in the film made me think, 'why was that person even in the film?' Many of the actors brought to the film lacked any real acting talent to give substance to undeveloped characters. There were parts in the film where the lighting was just plane awful. Another thing was the sound, it was not there when it needed to be.

If the movie was presented as a rough cut, then why was it released? The heart of this film could make it a local masterpiece? Surely, there are other ways to fund and promote this film project. This film is far from perfect and perhaps far from the solid leadership required to present a completed film to it's local fan base. The producers in charge of marketing and presenting this film failed to bring a real winner to Houston after all of it's hype. I surely hope this film has mild success in it's distribution.
This movie sucked!!!
My girlfriend and I recently picked this movie up at the redbox and let me tell ya this movie was beyond bad...the acting is terrible and through out mostly all of the movie its filmed in a black and white flashback scene to let you know how Jacob became the way he is...Jacob wasn't even scary to me, he's just some fat slob that walks around with a stupid look on his face, the killing scenes were boring! Everyone in this low budget crappy film couldn't act, the only enjoyable actor was the little old tales from the crypt looking lady...this movie isn't worthy enough to even be at the redbox and I demand my 1.28 cents back now!!!
Superior indie horror shocker
Emotionally troubled hulking behemoth Jacob (an impressive and expressive mute portrayal by Dylan Horne) struggles to resist his more violent impulses. But after his despicable drunken stepfather Otis (well played to the hateful hilt by writer/director Larry Wade Carrell) beats up on his long suffering mother Edith (a solid and sympathetic performance by Krystn Caldwell) once too often, Jacob snaps and embarks on a murderous spree. Carrell offers a vivid and flavorsome evocation of the rural region, relates the riveting story at a brisk pace, does a bang-up job of crafting an intense brooding atmosphere of impending doom, delivers a handy helping of graphic gore, and maintains a grim dark tone throughout. The startling moments of ferocious violence pack a savage punch. Child actress Grace Powell excels as Jacob's sweet and protective little sister Sissy. Moreover, this movie further benefits from commendable work by Leo D. Wheeler as the hard-nosed Sheriff Andy, Parrish Randall as folksy bar owner Chuck, Michael Biehn as Jacob's deranged father Lawrence, Joe Grisaffi as concerned diner proprietor Max, and James Hampton as the feisty Old Man Jack. In addition, there's a tragic element to the plot which in turn gives this picture a substantial amount of poignancy and resonance. Stacy Davidson's sharp widescreen cinematography provides a striking autumnal look. Iain Kelso's moody score hits the harmonic spot. A real sleeper.
Intensely original and entertaining horror tale.
I had the pleasure of seeing this film's screener at the 2011 Splatterfest in Houston. Before the film began, the director apologized for sound effects that hadn't yet been added. To be honest, it was hardly noticeable due to the story and the acting pulling me into the film.

The story begins as a classic ghost story- 3 young local boys are gathered for an afternoon of fun, and 2 of the boys dare their squeamish younger friend to join them at the ruins of an infamous local house. The antagonists are run off by Sheriff Billy (played by the film's director), and the timid youngster asks him if the stories about Jacob Kell are true. This leads into our tale.

Dylan Horne is creepily effective as Jacob Kell, a young man who reminds one of Steinbeck's Lenny, albeit that Lenny was 3 times larger, stronger, and mute. Grace Powell is his beloved baby sister Sissy. I see a big future in film for this little girl. While Sissy's age is never given in the film, we are led to believe that she is around 7. She is the only voice of reason in a household that finds her mother, Edith, being brutally beaten by her stepfather Otis (also played by the director.) The world-weariness that Powell gives off when witnessing the fighting and tending to her mother afterward, while still finding time for dolly tea parties with her brother, will seriously tug at your heart.

While I think that Carell did an amazing job as director, I also consider him an excellent actor. To play both honorable Billy and cretin Otis is an admirable feat, both in performance and the fact that both characters are so different.

The character interactions give major drive to the story. While the viewer may wonder just why hapless Edith, Sissy's and Jacob's mother, stays with horrible Otis, we also gain insight from how her neighbors waffle in attention and affection for her. We learn that her first husband, Lawrence (played by the always-brilliant Michael Biehn) met a terrible end due to an unknown evil taking over him and leading him to commit multiple atrocities against the town. Her boss, Max (Joe Grisaffi) is a sympathetic character for whom I was certainly hoping would not get torn to shreds at the end of the film.

The bloodbath begins when Sissy is accidentally killed during one of Otis' alcoholic rages. While I do not want to give away details for one of the most original kills put to film, I am not joking in regard to my use of bloodbath. Emphasis on bath. The blood flies, and it flies for a long time.

When the town rallies together to stop Jacob, all bets are off. I have seen many gore-fests over the years, and the kills in this movie alone put 20 years of viewed kills to absolute shame.

The supernatural element to the story was an interesting angle as well. While motive is never fully given for the evil events that occur, it offers up a nice little twist at the end of the film.

While there is no shortage of somber moments in 'Jacob', there are also plenty of hilarious one-liners to liven the mood. Otis' party-buddy Earl (Jeremy James Douglas Norton) has, hands down, one of the best one-liners in the film that is sure to become popular once the film is released, while another particularly hilarious moment pops up during Jacob's reign of terror against his lynch mob.

Overall, I consider it a great privilege that I was able to see this film. It's a rare thing to find truly original films, and as Michael Biehn stated earlier in the evening "Big budget and big studio don't necessarily equal great movie." To me, this year's Splatterfest was a celebration of originality. Michael Biehn's "The Victim" certainly fit the bill, and the 'Evil Dead' series, which headlined the weekend, is a classic case of gory originality. "Jacob" is fiercely, intensely original and deserves to be recognized everywhere as a new horror classic.
Great potential with bad acting
This film had great potential to remind viewers of some of the horror greats like Jason or Michael. Instead it fell flat with disappointing performances from all but Grace Powell and Dylan Horne. Terrible camera work, bad sound broke any immersion that might have been possible. But sadly the first thing I noticed was terrible make up. I have seen first year make up students apply better make up than this movie had.

The biggest problem was that nothing made sense. The violence was barely explained, though a back story is mildly flirted with. The only reason even mildly hinted at is a mental handicap. However, that feels like a cop out from a writer that lost the story.

All things said and done budget problems like shoddy camera work, terrible effects, and bad make up can be forgiven. If there is a well thought out and intriguing story to watch. Unfortunately this film fails in all categories.
Wow....pretty awful
Unfortunately, this is my first review I've written here on IMDb. The only thing that compelled me to write one is that this movie was BAD. The make-up was horrible, the acting was atrocious and the story was laughable. The only saving grace in the whole movie was Sissy....the little girl looked like she was the only one that didn't know she was in a bad movie. And how did they get Kyle Reese of 'Treminator" fame to be in this movie ?? Did he lose a bet ?? But really, plenty of other ways to wast 90 minutes of your day....re-arrange your sock drawer, wash your vehicles, clean the bathrooms or wash the dog....twice. I mean, it wasn't even 'horror-comedy', what was the point ???
So, this is how Houston quality is made?
I witnessed this thing go from script to screen and I dreaded seeing it, only because half of the cast and all of the crew were from the local Houston film scene and a bunch of drama monkeys. But it took me several years to finally watch this 'bird that couldn't fly' and there was just so much 'junk' in the film that I was a little surprised I made it through to the end; it has it all, bad acting, bad lighting, bad sound, bad editing, bad this and that, and some terrible performances from actors that I know are far more talented than their performances in this awful, awful film. Somewhere it was boasted as almost being a "million dollar production" and I couldn't comprehend it then and certainly not now. I've had some slow Mondays and I am sure that I played it through several of them just to get through it. But if this is 'Houston's best', then Houston dashed it's dream on the wrong director/writer/editor...However, I will give kudos to the music, it was about the only thing that was original and paid for. There's no way they could have screwed that up.
Quality Horror Movie With Superior Acting
I screened Jacob last night in the awesome Vineland-NJ, based Landis Theater. Jacob was shown, with its director present, as part of a 1-day Horror Movie screening-fest.

I was glad that I got to see one full-length movie among the shorts, most of which were not that great.

Jacob captured my interest from the first minute. The story takes place in a bleak southern town, likely somewhere in Texas. I'm wary of inadvertently providing "spoilers," so I won't provide plot points. Rather, I will talk about the quality of the film: Jacob provides a great story, great acting, great direction, and an outstanding mood is set.

There are a couple of known actors, but every single individual in this film makes a bright contribution with their acting. The film is the brain child of director and lead actor Larry Wade Carrell, who after the screening chatted with audience members. This guy is the real deal. Frankly, he strikes me as dead ringer for Billy Bob Thornton. He looks like him, acts like him, and writes like him. He is a skill movie-maker.

I thoroughly enjoyed Jacob. I'm not sure where this independent gem goes from here, but I think it would be successful on the big screen -- or, at a minimum, distributed in wide release on DVD/Blu Ray.

Thanks, Larry, for making the horror movie event worthwhile.
slice of life with horror undertone
Finally, I had the opportunity to watch JACOB and I truly liked the movie. The story line is very compelling and the characters well developed. Indeed, I would describe the movie as a slice of life with a horror undertone. Everything is quite well done , from the script to the cinematography, the editing, the music, you name it. I found the movie to be very entertaining; it even had some humor in it, which made us smile and laugh. The locations, small Texas towns, woods and an amazing old mansion on top of a hill, create a suggestive atmosphere, full of pathos and anticipation. The movie builds up slowly, allowing people to fully understand the events leading to Jacob's final act of rage and, when everything is over, we feel like we want to see more!
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