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Kangaroo Jack
USA, Australia
Crime, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Family
IMDB rating:
David McNally
Marton Csokas as Mr. Smith
Damien Fotiou as Baby J
David Ngoombujarra as Sr. Sgt. 'Mr. Jimmy' Inkamala, Australian Police
Dyan Cannon as Anna Carbone
Marco Sellitto as Blasta (as Mark Sellitto)
Bill Hunter as Blue
Estella Warren as Jessie
Michael Shannon as Frankie Lombardo
Jerry O'Connell as Charlie Carbone
Christopher Walken as Salvatore 'Sal' Maggio
Anthony Anderson as Louis Booker
Storyline: Louis Booker and Charlie Carbone are close friends with an association with the mob. After the duo botch a delivery of stolen TVs, the duo are given a second chance by mob leader Sal Maggio, who happens to be Charlie's stepfather. The duo are to deliver $50,000 to a contact in Australia. As simple as the job sounds, complications emerge when a kangaroo steals the money. Now Charlie and Louis must find the kangaroo and get the money back before they find themselves in a worse predicament.
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Pure trash. Jerry O'Connell (commiting career suicide) and friend travel to Australia on a mission for their mob relative (Christopher Walken, hamming it up in a brief cameo) and wind up spending the rest of the film chasing a kangaroo that accidentaly runs off with their payoff money. Halfway through Estella Warren shows up out of nowhere for a steamy wet t-shirt seduction scene that is odd for a film marketed at kids... but besides that the film just is misguided and awful. GRADE: F
I know I shouldn't have, but I did....
I enjoyed this film to the fullest. I pretend to be a good film critic, I never think anything of these types of films, but I diverge from the crowd by liking this film. It's predictable, the story isn't that intriguing, and not terribly original. So why do I enjoy this film so much? I'm still really not sure, there are a couple lines in this movie that are superb and seemed out of place (in a noticeable, but good, way.) The acting was good and bad, Christopher Walken is always pretty good, but Jerry O'Connell wasn't so believable. Anthony Anderson did a great job being a pretty run-of-the mill character, the silly friend. Estella Warren should probably stick to the runways, but I don't think this performance is too bad.

In retrospect, this looks like a review that I would give to a movie that is about a 5, and I really can't explain what grabs me so about this movie. I guess if you let yourself into the fantasy mode, it just turns out pretty good.
This is ONLY No. 30 on IMDB's worst?
Truly, can Jerry Bruckheimer keep ruining his career? Pirattes of the Caribbean better be good, or he won't be able to churn out the inevitable sequel which will most likely follow this gutter trash. Man, what can you not put down about this movie? You can start off with the pitiful Jerry O'Connell, round it off with a dull and obnoxious Anthony Anderson, add in a `What the hell?' factor with Christopher Walken, and you clearly have one of those movies which makes you want to put your money in a slot machine, because it would most likely be put to better use. I just want to know how in the world did this movie lead the box office?
Things Are Far From "Hopping"
Kangaroo Jack is nothing more than a very silly little farce about a kangaroo who makes off with The Mob's dough.

This film is super-lightweight comedy. And, it is basically unremarkable, despite some truly funny moments that pop up once in a while.

As the story tediously rolls along - Two childhood buds (one a dreamer, the other a mob boss's stepson) must retrieve the long-gone cash from the speedy marsupial before consequences escalate out of control and take a real ugly turn for the worst.

Warning! - The scatological humour in this flick in greatly overdone. And, once again, flatulence is repeatedly mistaken for laughing gas.
This is a family flick?!
Two American dudes (Charlie and Louis) are forced to deliver $50,000 to some guy in Australia called Mr. Smith by Charlie's step dad, Salvadore (or Salv) only they run amok of a kangaroo they dub "Jackie Legs" who steals their moo-lah. They spend most of the entire film trying to get the money back with the help of pretty wildlife expert, Jessie (who Charlie gets off to a bad start with 'cause he groped her tits but they eventually get together- what else do you expect!), but their plans fail and they find out that they are actually paying the Mr. Smith fellow to kill both Charlie and Louis (SHOCK!HORROR!) This movie definitely ain't the best family flick ever made. If anything it's pretty damn crude and low-brow. ie, lower-than-low-brow toilet humour, gangsters, shoot-outs, unwanted boob groping, quite a few sex references and some bad language. I read that the movie was a flop and really I am not surprised one bit 'cause as I said it's most definitely NOT a la-di-da family movie.
Two friends from Brooklyn (O'Connell and Anderson) are forced to deliver mob money to Australia. Their misadventures begin when one of them places his red jacket on a kangaroo while attempting to snap a picture. When the kangaroo bounces off, they realize the mob money is in the jacket and are forced to give chase through the Outback. When took it out of the DVD player i thought:"Did i like it or did it just become another failure?". Then I decided it was neither because it is just right in between: AVERAGE!.My advice is to see it but i am very sure you'll be confused at the end trying to like it or hate it. Kangaroo Jack 7/10
This movie deserve better
I doubt most of the near 700 people that voted 1/10 on this movie obviously haven't seen this movie. A movie with a talking kangaroo, deserves a 1 right? Well, the kangaroo doesn't talk. And the plot is just as good as most action movies, which doesn't really mean much. I'm just saying this movie deserves better than a 2.7. I would say this movie is between a 5 and a 6. If you take out most of the bogus votes for 1, thats what the rating would actually be.

The biggest mistake they made was making it seem like the kangaroo talked during the movie. But the kangaroo talking is actually just part of a hallucination sequence. But when everyone saw the kangaroo talking in the trailer, everyone was just stupified how ridiculous the movie seemed. This should be a lesson for people making trailers thats for sure.
Not worth your time or money
The only positive that can be said about this movie is that it is only 86 minutes, but possibly the most boring 86 minutes of your life. Kangaroo Jack is dull and predictable, and has awful acting as well. This is the story of two men who go to Australia to give a man working with their father a large sum of money. Unfortunately, this money is placed in a jacket that is stolen by a kangaroo. The movie is about how they try to find the kangaroo. This movie drags along seemingly endlessly, although there are a few laughs. Do not waste your time on Kangaroo Jack, it is not worth the precious 86 minutes. I am not rating it a 1, because there is some humor in this movie, and there are definitely worse movies out there.
Some laughs, but please....
If you have never been to Australia then you might be forgiven for thinking this could be how it really is "Down Under". But for anyone who lives here or has visited, then you know that this movie takes a very large (intentional I hope) swing at Australianisms (just made that word up!). If anyone out there thinks you can drive out of Sydney and be in the outback in anything less than 3 or 4 days (let alone later that day) then you are kidding yourself. Just have a look at the map where Alice Springs is in relation to Sydney, or Coober Pedy for that matter. Having said that and ignoring the blatant overuse of Aussie slang this movie has it's moments and would be sure to give most people a few laughs.

Not the best comedy ever made but worth a look for a family outing
Two plots that got mixed up.
Warning: Possible spoilers.

This movie is best described as two plots that had a baby. We have a mob-boss son who's going to be disposed of, and a kangaroo urban legend. What?

Basically, this movie is awful. Cheap fart jokes, stereotypical "Look, we're PC!" characters, bad dialogue, etc. etc. - the only redeeming fact is that Jerry O'Conell is cute. You can't build a great film on that. The love interest is about as perfect as they get; to quote a literary term, she's a Mary-Sue among Mary-Sues. According to my sources, there is now a sequel. I don't know how that happened, either.

4/10. Just go fold paper airplanes. It's more worthwhile.
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