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USA, Mexico
Thriller, Action
IMDB rating:
R. Ellis Frazier
Jorge Ariel Gardea as Man in the chair
Toktam Aboozary as Isabel / Capitan's Wife
Steven Dell as Actor
Luis Gatica as Capitan
Storyline: The CIA enlists a professional thief to break into the safe at Mexico's top secret Guantanamo Bay-style prison facility and retrieve sensitive information being stored there. All hell breaks loose when the local Cartel Boss, who's millions in confiscated cash is also being stored in the safe, sends waves of thugs and professionals to siege the facility and steal back the money before the Mexican Army arrives with backup.
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Very Lame
a very thinly veiled attempt to insult our president and conservative Republicans it was a bad Idea a Bad movie a very hard to believe plot and even harder to believe those were real actors a total waste of time. it never works out well when you interject your politics into a move We watch movies for an escape from politics and all the other crap going on in the world not to have your views shoved on us.
I have seen short films, which were shot with no budget have better story, acting and set decoration. From the very get go set designs were terrible, only to be surpassed by how terrible most actors were. They used a hall probably from a school as the cafeteria for a prison (Seriously??) The acting was so cringe worthy it all. That I had to give up 32 minutes through the film. And not to even mention that whole use of colour editing to make the film look more specific. This film fails to be a major movie on every level. It is sub par indie feature films and even some short films. Do your self a favor and save 30 minutes of your life and skip this.
Absolutely terrible!
When this movie popped up recently on Netflix, I decided to give it a look, seeing that Dolph Lundgren (one of my favorite B movie actors) was in it. But it didn't take long to realize that I was watching a real turkey of a movie. Do you remember those lame shot on videotape movies that popped up in video stores during the 1980s? Well, this movie looks and feels amazingly like those ultra cheap efforts. It has the same kind of lethargic pace and really low rent atmosphere. So it should come as no surprise that when it comes to action, the filmmakers totally botch things up. Believe it or not, there's less than five minutes of action in the first hour or so of the running time! There is a bit more action in the last half hour, but it is choreographed and directed in a manner that makes it feel like it has heavy weights tied to its feet. What this results in is that the movie is an excruciatingly boring experience. Even Dolph Lundgren can't build up enough enthusiasm in this atmosphere; he is visibly bored and uncomfortable. I can only imagine how I would felt about this waste of time had I actually paid to see it.
Such Larceny Malarky!!! don't waste time on this
Wow such a horrible movie!!!! I watch because I like Dolph Lundgren but I decided to sign up an account on IMDb just to warn people not to watch this movie. I failure to understand how this movie was made as i saw from review for 6 million dollars. I don't believe. The action scenes felt so cheap and the acting horrible. The story was all over the place and was not interesting. Music felt like fake orchestra. This should also be example to why sound is important for movies. The sound fx, very low fi and old sounding. The sound mix was so bad in places that I could not understand words, especially outside scenes. please don't waste time on this movie, I have no idea why it was made.
Good Start, Boring Continuity
The CIA enlists a professional thief to break into the safe at Mexico's top secret Guantanamo Bay-style prison facility and retrieve sensitive information being stored there. All hell breaks loose when the local Cartel Boss, who's millions in confiscated cash is also being stored in the safe, sends waves of thugs and professionals to siege the facility and steal back the money before the Mexican Army arrives with backup. Larceny is one of the thousand films that Lundgren is doing each year and it's not that great of a movie unfortunately because after a kinda promising start and a good prison fight that was enjoyable the film starts getting boring and it simply goes nowhere and even Lundgren himself seems to be bored out of his mind.
Um... okay. Whatever.
* May contain mild spoilers* It's really hard to write a review for a movie like this, but I'll try: Take some thieves who don't seem all that interested in what they're doing, add some bad guys who aren't really paying attention, throw in Louis Mandylor as a Southern politician with a god-awful accent (Costas was busy, I guess) who's trying his best to sell... I don't know, that he's a Southern politician, and Corbin Bernsen (who was wonderful in the TV show "Psych" and who gets a free pass from me on this one) and you get ... this.

I would not have been at all surprised if some of the dialogue (what there was of it) went something like, "Hey, we should probably shoot that bad guy." (Long pause.) "Oh, did you mean now? Oh... yeah, okay. Whatever." Nobody seemed to care, and neither did I. Save yourself some time and don't bother.
Lundgren can not act as in Rocky 4, because at that time the context of the film called for a character without emotion and with the least of speeches. In that film, he acted horribly, with no emotion in the scenes. Is it if he liked this job? As for the film, the story unfolds with facts without ties. Realize that it has never been easier to enter a penitentiary. Wow, how pathetic. I do not recommend!
Only For Dolph Lundgren Fans It's Not That Bad of Movie
Yes People Yes we all know it's a B-Class movies most of them are good most of them are bad but this movie is alright unless i like it better then Last Dolph Lundgren movie he did as cameo is Altitude and Kindergarten Cop 2 this movie is a lot of thriller less action but their Is Action In Movie Less Fights Less Shooting. This Movie Isn't Bad Movie Like What You Think Of Rating Because 3.7 Rating believe me it's not that really really really bad film. I Thought Dolph Lundgren Role is good i liked his role his doing good in movie but not best movie or very underrated movie. it's just good for Dolph Lundgren and movie is thriller it's thrilling another characters are good his team. it's not a very slow movie it does little bit of talking but doesn't make movie BORING. it will get to thrilling point and action scenes. story of film is just simple it's not very long movie only goes for 1h 27min. Story Follows Team Went to Mexico The CIA enlists a professional thief's Jack (Dolph Lundgren) Ramon (Eddie J Fernandez)and Norma (Jocelyn Osorio) made a plan to Jack get him in prison the safe at Mexico's top secret Guantanamo Bay-style prison facility and retrieve sensitive information being stored there. safe has a lot money in it from Cartel Boss and another person is in team who was a Navy Seals Tank (Isaac C. Singleton Jr.) who is acting like quiet person is part of team after when all hell breaks lose cartel boss is after Team who is stealing his money their is action like Dolph Lundgren fight scenes their is not all of it their is shooting little explosions in movie

i thought Characters did good job Norma i thought she was a tough woman in movie. i rest noting to say as much. it's more of thriller then action but i would say it's good to see Dolph Lundgren in movie because he is in the all movie for good if he is not in all movie then the movie would suck it would be noting special. i thought this should have more action more of fight scenes more of that but their is fight scenes now i understand this has bad rating all that but hey give movie a watch it's not that bad it's not long long long movie you will ever see like it's 2 hour 15 minute long movie it's 1h 27 it's OK to see if your Dolph Lundgren fan and yes it's Unrealistic movie all movies do that. if lead hero dies in movies it would suck bad yeah ?? so their is a lot Unreal staff in movie not stupid or see any CGI in movie. believe me if your fan of Lundgren this movie is not much of action more of thriller but if your their to see lundgren because he is in all movie not like 5 minutes he is in all movie for good just go and see it i saw it for free on Netflix go and see it it's worth it for Dolph Lundgren only the movie is good but not's full of action their is action but not much of it but believe you won't get Disappointed at all because it's unreal or didn't had much in it please give it look if your Lundgren fan that's it
Not good.
Probably the worst movie I've seen this year. Only thing worse than the acting was the dialogue and the 2-note soundtrack. (Hmm I wonder why it is necessary to have 5 lines minimum here. This movie was not worth wasting any more than 2 lines on! I prefer to be recommending films but when I can't, I just don't want to be really derogatory.)
Very bad movie
This must be one of the worst action movies that I have seen.

The acting is not of a good standard. Actors look like amateurs. Storyline is very predictive. The action scenes are terrible and unrealistic. Nobody in the movie can be killed with a automatic rifle. In the one scene Lundgren is like 3 feet away from somebody that's shooting at him with an automatic machine gun but none of the bullets hit him. But he is able to kill the attacker with 1 shot from his pistol.

This movie is not worth watching. I've given it 3 stars but that is actually more than it deserves.
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