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Czech Republic, Slovakia
Drama, History, War
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Petr Nikolaev
Karel Roden as Frantisek Síma
Detlef Bothe as Reinhard Heydrich
Mariusz Osmelak as Kowalski (as Mariusz Jerzy Osmelak)
Zuzana Bydzovská as Anezka Símová
Ondrej Novák as Karel Síma
Adam Kubista as Eda Síma
Jan Budar as Safebreaker Petiska
Marek Adamczyk as Václav Fiala
Roman Luknár as Vlcek
Zuzana Fialová as Marie Vanková
Joachim Paul Assböck as Harald Wiesmann
Storyline: At the beginning of the story Lidice is just one of many small Czech villages trying to survive the war as best as it can...  »
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worth watching
What to say about this movie... Well it's worth watching every minute is important. The story of Lidice is important. It's the story of human cruelty and madness. And story of people who died in the village. One would think that people learned from the events of WW2, but the recent history shows us that they didn't.

The acting was superb. I'm not big fan of Zuzana Fialova but she was excellent in this. The camera was brilliant. The beauty of Czech countryside in contrast with the bestiality of genocide. The soundtrack was perfect for the movie. The movie is fitting memorial for the victims I would say it's like a Schindler's list. Everybody should see it at least once. One scene did break my heart. The scene with children and their fate.

It might prevent something like this happen in the future. Because man is easily seduced by evil. And what happened in Lidice was pure evil.
I'll Be Depressed For A Month
No wonder no one has reviewed this yet; Neither am I. Almost sorry I watched it.

Last few months I've been watching History Chanell; mostly WW2 Documentaries. Familiar with: Battles, Weapons used, Generals on Both sides, etc. etc. Also I've known about this Event since I was very young.

But this- film, excellently photographed, and Dramatized, showed details that are mostly absent in Documentaries.

Anyone 'can Google' Lidice and come up with a TON of stories, videos, etc. But this Dramatazation of the Event, and what came Before it, was too personal for me.

I feel Sick.

If you are interested in History, you may want to watch it.

Grateful it was NOT as Graphic as some Holocost Accounts; stopped watching Movies about: Holocost, Native American Genocide, Viet Nam War, American Slavery, etc.

Now I'm going to get numb.
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