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Logan Lucky
Crime, Drama, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Steven Soderbergh
Katie Holmes as Bobbie Jo Chapman
Sutton Johnston as Levi Chapman
Boden Johnston as Dylan Chapman
Farrah Mackenzie as Sadie Logan
Eric Perez as Construction Worker
Adam Driver as Clyde Logan
Riley Keough as Mellie Logan
Tom Archdeacon as Max's Non-Tourage #2
Jim O'Heir as Cal
Rebecca Koon as Purple Lady
David Denman as Moody Chapman
Channing Tatum as Jimmy Logan
Seth MacFarlane as Max Chilblain
Storyline: Two brothers attempt to pull off a heist during a NASCAR race in North Carolina.
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Oceans Eleven done redneck style
In 2001 polarising director Steven Soderbergh unleashed the A-list filled heist caper Ocean's Eleven into the marketplace.

A fun, fast and knowingly self-aware experience that spawned a rather forgettable trilogy, if Ocean's Eleven was Soderbergh's Rolls Royce heist caper, Logan Lucky is his billy-kart redneck version, filled with just as many A-listers as his George Clooney lead feature's and in many ways a film just as enjoyable as his 2001 film, even if it's unlikely to ever be remembered by many in the years to come.

Coming out of a retirement that never felt like the real deal, what exactly possessed Soderbergh to return to Hollywood and recruit one of his as per usual star studded cast's for a crime comedy set in the Deep South and centred on robbing a Nascar speedway we will never know and while Logan Lucky won't ever be regarded as a classic or even a member of the director's best works, it's unlikely that there'd be many that wouldn't find themselves having a great time with the seemingly cursed Logan family and their quest to strike it rich.

Capturing the feels, vibes and small little eccentricities of the Deep South, Soderbergh does a great job of setting up the time and place that sees Channing Tatum's divorced ex-football protégée Jimmy team up with his one armed Iraq veteran brother Clyde, played by Adam Driver and his hairdressing, car loving sister Mellie played by Riley Keough to rob the local Charlotte Motor Speedway and strike it rich, as the family recruit a rag-tag bunch of fellow locals that includes Daniel Craig's explosive loving and incarcerated Joe Bang and his two dim-witted brothers.

It's a motley crew and Soderbergh and his actors have a blast bringing them to life with everything played straight, making the films few big laugh sequences really stick (a scene involving a giant vacuum will have you in stitches), even if it at times feels like Soderbergh could've amped up the slapstick variety of comedy a little bit as the heist gets into full swing.

Despite the film arguably not making the most of its comedic potential at times, it's always fantastic seeing such a capable collection of actors having such a good time and with the likes of a hamming it up Seth MacFarlane and bit parts from Katie Holmes and Hilary Swank, it's hard not to enjoy Soderbergh's big screen return, that really is unlike anything we've seen before and offers a fresh take on the well-worn dumb criminals trying to make it rich sub-genre.

Final Say –

Whilst forgettable in the long run and highly unbelievable, Logan Lucky is a smartly attuned heist caper that features a willing and on-song cast of professionals who help bring this redneck crime comedy to life and while his not breaking any new ground, its good if these are the type of film's Soderbergh's making while back in the Hollywood fray, films only he wants to make, like no one else can do.

3 ½ unpublished Game of Thrones books out of 5
Where's the Big Switcheroo?
So the reason you pay $10 and sit two hours is for the big heist payoff, right? Here it is: Instead of the cash being vacuumed into plastic trash bags and hauled away by a garbage CART...get this...some of the cash is vacuumed into plastic trash bags and hauled away by a garbage TRUCK!

I was anxiously expecting the big switcheroo to involve credit cards, NASCAR winnings, gold bullion...ANYTHING...except more trash bags in a slightly different trash disposal vehicle. Silly me (for wasting $10 and two hours).
Fun movie
Not being a great big huge fan of the "Ocean" movies, I didn't run out and see "Logan Lucky" in the theaters. Like the Ocean movies this one unfolds at its own pace. It misses the star power and charisma of those movies (Mr.Clooney, Mr.Pitt) and also the evil, greedy villain getting their's in the end (Andy Garcia, Al Pacino). But the movie moves along briskly enough. I enjoyed the one of the final scenes with Mr.Logan and his daughter at the beauty pageant, that was touching. Daniel Craig has some good turns as Joe Bang (is that a play on James Bond?), Seth McFarlane gets some licks in as a asshole of a Nascar owner, and the soundtrack helps move the scenes along beautifully.
A brief description of the movie, in relation to other popular movies.
Well, this one made me sign up, and I'm write my first review ever. Okay... And I'm doing all of that not because it's like the best movie of the year or anything, but because how strongly I felt to express how good it is, compared to other movies that I thought were some of the best of their genre; and I'm talking here about Ocean's 11 & 13. For quite some time I thought they were very good, and Ocean's 12 as somewhat artistic. But boy I think differently now; Ocean's 11 & 13 are your typical popcorn flicks, with some nice visuals and catchy scenes here and there. That's it, Nothing more. But on the other hand, Logan Lucky is subtle at sometimes (in a good way) and exciting at others, with some very good performances by the main cast. Which makes it one of the best of in its genre.
A complete disappointment!
Now I know what you're thinking: Steven Soderbergh and a comedy crime caper set around a NASCAR race is a perfect combo. Those of you who've seen the Ocean's 11 movies will probably think the same (if you like the Ocean movies)...

Well sadly, I am here to tell you now that you are in for a big disappointment. I too, have seen Ocean's 11 and found it both funny AND thrilling and so went into this film with high expectations and was very badly let down.

This film is titled as a comedy but I found it about as funny as a young boy saying the word "vag***" out loud... Which is what actually what happens.

The real problem of this film is the script, courtesy of Rebecca Blunt. I found it one of the most boring and UN-amusing pieces of screen writing I've ever seen.

The film is only an hour and fifty-nine minutes but it feels like three hours before the heist actually takes place and that would be OK, IF there was material to keep us entertained until then but there just isn't!

Every scene is stretched-out pointlessly long and the dialogue feels it's just there to make the scene longer. What the dialogue DOES do is it drags the scene down and makes it boring and uninteresting. People about anything and everything!

After the fresh and fun scenes of Clooney putting his team together in Ocean's 11, you would think it would be the same in Logan Lucky but it's actually just as boring as the rest of the dialogue, just people talking for the sake of talking!

Moving on... One thing I will say for Soderbergh is he casts very well and he seems to get the best from his cast. The main characters give very good performances.

Tatum and Driver turn in performances TOTALLY different to what they are used to as the dumb, hill billy brothers and actually play the parts very well. Craig too is like you've NEVER seen him before as the bleached blond, crazy-eyed Joe Bang and actually plays the part (and does the accent,for those of you who've seen Cowboys and Aliens) strongly and with real zest! Any more crazy and he'd be a runner up for may be the Joker.

Good and convincing from ALL supporting actors: Riley Keough, Jack Quaid and Katie Holmes... However these did little to revive a boring, non-funny and rather convoluted movie!

Only at the end was I REMOTELY entertained but still, I was fighting to stay awake...

What makes this film such a disappointment is how much potential it had (with the plot) of being a really good and fun film. It makes me wonder if may be in another director and writer's hands (say: Wes Anderson); this could have been everything it promised to be but unfortunately, IT... WAS... NOT!
I mean...it's not the worst heist movie ever
I have to give it a 5, because honestly, my wife loved it, so there is something there. It's not a "thinker", and it's not clever. I think the best way to describe it is a good movie you can watch while doing something else.

My biggest problems with the movie are below, but before that, the acting was good and there were some lines that were very good and jokes that totally landed. I honestly didn't realize it was a Steven Soderberg movie until the credits at the end. The lighting was good, consistent. The editing, well I'm not sure they had to work with and what the director/producer wanted, but I felt like it could have been better. Overall, I feel like the cast and crew were committed and gave their best.

The downers are mostly script related though there were some very poor directing choices (which is funny, because I said the same thing about the Ocean's movies, but they could get away with it because the script and performances were untouchable.)

1. There is so much talk about the area and the geography it became very clear 5 minutes in that the writer has never been to the area, they just looked it up on a map. Case in point, if this all happened in real life, it would be nearly a 5 hour drive to and from WV to Charlotte each time.

2. I had no connection with the characters. I just didn't care because they weren't set up, their needs/wants.

Why did Jimmy need to rob a bank in the first place? He didn't need that much money to move to Lynchburg (I mean if he's commuting 5 hours for a job in Charlotte, wouldn't a 4 hour drive to Lynchburg be the same or better)? Does he have a history of crime or robbing banks?

What motivated the idea in the first place? (Had the scene where he saved the worker's life when he was buried in the tunnel, been the opening scene (before credits) it wouldn't have come out of the blue and felt more natural.

A good example of not setting up characters, is that it was a good 1/2 hour into the movie before I realized that Milly was Jimmy's sister, not his girlfriend.

3. Why did his brother go along with him? Why was Joe Bang interested? Why would Joe Bang want his brothers involved when one of them had helped his wife steal Joe's savings? Why did Joe even want anyone else involved especially his brothers who opened their mouths about his savings?

Joe and his brothers never even had good chemistry and only a few minutes on screen together.

4. Adam Driver never had to go to prison in the first place...so why? If he didn't there was no need for the brothers anyway.

5. The story with the nurse was so weak...it really didn't need to be in there.

6. The FBI characters where introduced so late into the story it is just distracting. You have to introduce the main characters in the first act you can't pull them into the story that far in.

7. What was the point of giving the money back? The only people they screwed over were the Bang Brothers. But there never felt like there was any animosity between the Logans and Bangs, and there was never a suggestion the Bangs were even upset at the end when they got screwed over...so why?

8. Why did a multi-millionaire walk into a crappy bar in WV at the start of the movie? Couldn't Jimmy and his brother crossed paths with him in a more realistic setting like, the motor speedway that Jimmy was working at?

9. I didn't need the back story to the race car driver, that just ate up time and wasn't funny.

10. Why give that much money to the prison at the end but completely screw over the Bang brother who did more work? Why give the banker with the cake get money?

I was just kind of shocked this script was bought. The writer is apparently a pen name, so I'm assuming someone very famous who is likely an actor in the movie was the writer and that's probably the only reason it was picked up.

But after all that, most people don't get that obsessed with the story like I do (ie, my wife) and if you're looking for something fun, yeah I don't think you can go wrong with the movie...it could have been funnier, it could have been more clever, but it wasn't a horrible movie, just some very poor writing.
Another Heist Movie but with a Fresh Story that's Chock Full of West Virginian Accents and Humour
If you are a fan of the iconic 2017 Texas based western "Hell or High Water", then this West Virginia-based heist film is sure to please. In "Logan Lucky", Channing Tatum and Adam Driver play two distraught and estranged brothers who are down on their lucky and willing to risk everything to rob a vault at a NASCAR racetrack during one of their busiest events.

While the setting in this film is definitely new, the usual fare that come with bank heist films can be found throughout this film. But the movie is definitely worth watching as it is sure to deliver more than a few laughs. Despite the tense moments, there is plenty of humor sprinkled throughout the narrative.

There are definitely moments to remember such as Daniel Craig, who plays a convict that the two brothers go to for help with their robbery, raising his hat to the American national anthem before putting his hat back on and gleefully exclaiming in a thick country accent, "let's blow this thang". Then there is the part where Daniel Craig is writing chemical formulas in chalk on the walls of the vault room. He ends up having to deploy his make shift explosion device twice because as he confesses, "I twisted the bag too many times". Perhaps the funniest and darkest moments of comedy in the film happen when one of the brother's prosthetic arm gets sucked in by the vacuum which is being used to suck money from the NASCAR vault.

While many heist films try to be gritty, Logan Lucky takes the heartfelt route ending on a positive note. Everybody gets a cut in the end. But the end is open-ended, and the audience is left wondering if the brothers get away or not. Either way, it's not the destination, it's the journey. In this case, Channing Tatum's and Adam Driver's journey is funny enough to warrant watching at least once.
Not good.
There are some great heist movies out there and considering this is by the oceans 11 guys I thought it would be great. But it just isn't. The characters have no development to them. In a heist movie you are supposed to root for the robbers and want them to succeed. This movie made me not care about their plan and the jokes in it are not thought out properly.

Channing Tatum's character was not very believable as both a red neck or a single dad down on his luck. Adam Driver was very boring and stilted with his southern drawl not really impressing anyone. Katie holmes was also in this film but she is a small character. I thank god for this as she just can't act convincingly (watch Batman Begins and you will see why Nolan got someone else to play Rachel in Dark Knight). Overall the 2 of the 3 main characters were boring and the actors were not on their best for this film either because of poor direction or because the actors did not give a sh*t.

The only good person in it for me was Daniel Craig. His accent was okay, nothing to get hard over, and some lines he said were at least funny. The little girl in it was okay. Child actors are always going to be rubbish but at least she was convincing. The two redneck brothers were just a stereotype to be laughed at but they again fall flat and are not funny.

The "comedy" in this "comedy, crime, drama" is stilted and boring with very few jokes making me laugh. For instance during the prison riot in there's this big Game Of Thrones reference which falls flat on its face and is boring. It revolves around the books taking a long time to come out…..That's it, no set up, no reason, it was just there to be "random" and relevant as far as I can tell.

I actually made a note of the number of times the audience laughed during the film. Most of the time the audience was silent as the jokes were told except for one or two times like when a red neck says that he is "really good with computers, all the twitters I know em"……No accounting for peoples tastes in comedy I suppose.

The plot is simple and effective with the actual "heist" bit being okayish. This film was marketed as being from the same guys who did Oceans 11,12 and 13 however the script was written by Rebecca Blunt who to this day has received no other writing credits for any other movies. This is where you have been lied to ladies and gentlemen! I believed going into this film that the plot would be written by the team that wrote Oceans but nope!!

The film is not as clever as Oceans 11 for its heist plot. The big reveal at the end is boring, revealing that they just threw a few bin bags full of money in a garbage truck, berried it and then dug it up a couple of months later whilst the FBI was following them?? How did they achieve this anyway??? Surely the FBI would have been keeping tabs on them the entire time and knew they were doing this?!

The technical side of things works quite well for this movie as the cut scenes showing the plot of the heist are edited really well. The film did have a flow to it, not being bogged down with pacing issues at all. The colour palette used as well was very efficient and was dark when needed. The sound did not wow me in the least but it was not awful like in some other movies I have seen and was used effectively to create feelings and atmosphere. There was a big John Denver vibe going on which is in keeping with a stereotype that all people from west Virginia love John Denver and know all the words to "take me home, country road" which is simply not the case.

All in all this film has good parts in it but not enough to warrant a £8.95 theatre ticket. With characters that are flat and comedy that is not funny this film is not the worst I have seen but is missing things that would make it a good movie. I would suggest that you wait for it on DVD or stream it if you really want to see it. Seeing it in the cinema was a bit of a rip off.
Logan Lousy
I'm not going to pretend I'm a professional critic and write a novel- length review...that's just pretentious. But I do want to say this: Logan Lucky sucked. It wasn't even remotely funny. It was extremely slow, dragged on, and the ending--I ticked the spoiler box just in case, but believe me, there's nothing to spoil--the ending felt so much like a cheap, lousy cop-out. Lousy, lousy, movie.
Caper film has a sluggish start, comes up a tad short
If this film is Soderbergh's return from his brief retirement, his craft is a touch rusty. Not for nothing, his style of filmmaking is uniquely dynamic and almost always has a crisp air of confidence. Here, that kind of verve is largely absent and the narrative is curiously tentative and low-key for the much of the early part of the film. This surprising lethargy is not terminal, thankfully.

This film seeks to emulate Soderbergh's work in Ocean's Eleven, but with a scruffy, backwoods, up-from-the-bootstraps kind of flavor. This heist story centers around two redneck brothers (Tatum and Driver) in West Virginia, both of whom have a sad history of setbacks and little to show for as grown men, who boldly decide to pull off a robbery of the Charlotte Motor Speedway right around the height of NASCAR season. They enlist the help of a skilled explosives expert who is still in prison (Daniel Craig) and their erstwhile law-abiding sister (Keough).

No one can fault the performances. Everyone here excels with what the script affords, especially Craig, Tatum and Driver. I never had much of an impression of Riley Keough's screen presence before, but I know it now and she's quite good in this. Unfortunately, a lot of acting talent is squandered in smallish, thankless roles. Katherine Waterston is one example as a medical practitioner who happens upon Tatum. Katie Holmes, although quite good as Tatum's scornful ex-wife, fades into the background. And Hilary Swank gets way too little screen time with a law enforcement role that she clearly has fun with. On the bright side, it sure is nice to see a familiar face from Wedding Crashers in the person of Dwight Yoakam as a somewhat clueless prison warden.

But the film's muddled first half is molasses slow and so low-energy that it feels like an eternity before we get to the greatly anticipated heist. At that point, the film takes on the more brisk pacing and vitality you would expect from Soderbergh, but it's a bit too late. I try to look at the big picture and call this a near-miss, mostly because this is still a joyful portrayal of a criminal scheme perpetrated by a bunch of dim bulbs with a little help from a hardened, smug professional. And a wonderfully touching rendition of John Denver's "Country Roads" adds to this film's plus side. Recommended to those looking for carefree, lowbrow fun.
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