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Natalia Leite
Adam Lazarre-White as Lieutenant Kelly
Liberty Hobbs as Marcy
Kyler Pettis as Conor
Mariah Owen as Charlotte
Mike C. Manning as Jeremiah
Christina Cha as Party Girl #2
Peter Vack as Luke
Kelly Walker as Katie
Marlon Young as Professor Rudd
David Sullivan as Cavanaugh
Michael Welch as Mason
Karalynn Dunton as Art Student #3
Storyline: Timid and withdrawn, Noelle, a California fine arts graduate student, is an outcast having trouble to socially fit in and to impress her fellow painters with her work. Under those circumstances, the thrilled Noelle will accept an invitation to a party by a handsome classmate she has a crush on, only to be lured into his room and be viciously assaulted. As she leaves the house a different woman, Noelle will accidentally kill her rapist on the following night, and much to her surprise, an unexpected surge of inspiration will gradually fuel both her stagnant artistic expression and her thirst for revenge on those who destroyed the lives of innocent women. Now, Noelle is a pitiless vigilante who uses her newly-found sex-appeal to serve her cause. Who says seduction is a dying art?
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Revenge & Art
Revenge showing off with art and talking about real injustice hidden by money and power. It's an entertaining movie, very well acted. The main character is very attractive and his actions surprising and violent allows you to discover in some way same. It's a movie about something that has already been portrayed in documentaries but that is still ignored or left aside as if there was nothing to do ..
Francesca Eastwood is something else
I am not aware of campus rapes but i am sure that this situation if it did happen would put the boys that did it in deep trouble. This is a sensitive issue right there and women have more power then men when this happens.

Francesca Eastwood is the only reason to see this movie, she is hot and you get to see her fully devoted of clothes great body.

Other then that the deaths where less then impressive and the end payoff ends up flat.

She should have gotten away with it in a good revenge flick but she did not...... kind of a let down all in all i give it a 3 because its been done a zillion times and a lot better.
A real solid revenge thriller with a main topic that needs this kind of attention.
This was a good to very good thriller. Francesca Eastwood painted a wonderful portrait of a victim turning to vengeance. The director obviously knew the subject matter well as the plot of the movie came across a entirely possible with the original premise being all to factual, The action keeps moving, It will hold your attention without being to gory or intellectual. Plenty of violence

The rape culture, the crime of rape and societies reaction to the victims and the rapists are a stain on America. This movie draws some needed attention to the priorities of our judicial and higher educational systems with regard to rape, victims of rape and it's perpetrators, I thank the all people who worked on this film for their efforts to bring attention to this very uncomfortable subject. A special vote of appreciation to Natalia Leite who directed this both from the heart and from personal experience.
A Powerful Mediation on the Campus Rape Culture and its Consequences
MFA was really well-received in its premiere at Austin's SXSW Film Festival. There is a long tradition of vigilante films dating back at least to Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry. There have even been a few female vigilantes (Jodie Foster in Brave One, for example), but this seems to be the first set against the issue of campus rape culture and a woman seeking vengeance for being horribly violated. The script and the acting is Francesca Eastwood (Yes, Clint's daughter) and Leah McKendrick (who wrote the screenplay) is excellent. The script is subtle and nuanced. The use of original artwork by the Noelle who is an art student is particularly powerful. There are some aspects of this revenge fantasy that are a little unbelievable, but that doesn't really take away from the powerful story which raises an important issue that is gaining more attention (typically in documentaries like Hunting Ground). While this issue has gained a lot more attention in recent years, the conversation really needs to continue. I hope this film gains distribution, because it deserves to be more widely viewed.
Sensual, Tormented, and Sad
Francesca Eastwood stars as Noelle our protagonist art student at Balboa University in a rape-revenge film.

Who doesn't love a good rape-revenge film. I did an on-line search and discovered there were over a 100 listed and a few that I have seen that were missing from the list. There are two things that distinguish this one from the pack. One is the timely message. This takes place on a college campus and deals with the issues of reporting the rape where the victim is blamed. The second is Francesca brings great face to the screen. Clearly the "B" movie horror/thriller genre is her calling...or at least where I like to see her act.

Guide: F-word, rape, nudity (Francesca Eastwood, male victim, female model)
Only reason to watch this is Francesa Eastwood
If you expect a rape revenge thriller you will be disappointed. There is not much revenge here. Instead it's a straight forward no budget rape vigilante drama with a few thriller elements.

Neither the director nor writer took their time to actual research the subject or talk to victims. Or even bothered to watch much better movies on the subject of the last four decades.

They just took some stuff from headlines over the last few years as well as YouTube and Facebook comments - you know where everyone is an expert on everything. And then they just ran with it as they hard a marketable script that was probably whipped up over a weekend.

Basic premise: all men are evil, no one cares about rape victims, rape culture everywhere and all women are victims. This is quite an insult to any real life rape victim.

The movie stays as shallow as possible on the subject and instead tries to adds a few graphic scenes and some thriller elements to get it going. But even there it stays tame and fails basic writing class.

The script is not very well written, the actors are bad, overall low production quality, shots are framed bad, music not matching, bad sound recording/mixing and so on. Basically it is amateur hour.

But there is one exception. And that is Francesa Eastwood.

And she is the reason you should watch this movie. Put in in your queue on your streaming service.

Eastwood basically takes a very bad script to begin with and a not fleshed out main protagonist and gives that character life and depths. She carries the movie on her own and is the only reason you keep watching it to the end.

The movie itself gets 1 out of 10 and is absolutely forgettable. This could have a much deeper movie if writer/director actually cared to investigate the subject and cast some talented actors.

But Eastwood's performance makes is a solid 5 out of 10. She carries the movie and is the only reason why you should consider to put this drama with thriller elements on your watch list.
Reflection of what goes on in campuses!
So when I read the synopsis and after fining out Francesca Eastwood whom I didn't know and found out she's Clint's daughter, I had to watch it. Francesca's performance was very good, the script was good and plausible. She took care not to leave any finger prints, but in one scene it looked like she wasn't wearing gloves. I don't know much about forensic science, i.e. whether CSIs could find clues etc or not in real life. But that is not important. What is important is that it highlighted what goes on for real and how college students either through their wealth or their athletic scholarships get away with unconsesual sex. My one criticism was Skye's suicide scene. Supposedly she had slashed her wrists and bled to death. And all that could be seen was a red line on her wrist with no blood anywhere else. Overall I give it a thumbs up.
Stereotypes of the Tom and Jerry kind
All men in this movie are bad, evil, stupid cowards (including all police), all women in this movie are victims, yet smart, merciless, strong... I have never had to do with rape, date rape or the like, but I do believe this movie to be both an insult to real rape victims and also a dangerously stupid way to depict this rather dreadful kind of scenario. Anyway, my reply in stereotype kind: many women - NOT rape victims - are going to feel mighty good watching this movie. Guess which kind women I believe these are.
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