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Manhattan Undying
USA, Canada
Drama, Thriller, Mystery, Romance
IMDB rating:
Babak Payami
Daniel Kash as Det. Roberts
Sylvia Zuk as Vampiress Slave
Katie Buitendyk as Vampire Waitress
Bonnie Siu as Raver
Brendee Green as Elizabeth
Earl Pastko as Dr. Wilkins
Milton Barnes as Andrew
Lizz Alexander as Vampire Queen
Noah Danby as Johnny
Sarah Roemer as Vivian
Christopher Jacot as Det. Bradimore
Storyline: A vampire seeks out an artist to paint her a portrait so that she can see her image for the first time.
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Don't waste your time on this one
So the idea of this movie might seem good at first. You are a vampire and you want a painter to paint your picture. Why?Well probably because you can't see yourself in the mirror but this is a really thin idea and very under developed. You got people swearing and smoking all the time and people taking drugs. You've got detectives trying to find a vampire murder but we don't care much about anybody in this film because nobody's really interesting. And the nudity is of the uninterested kind ,short,sideways,mostly in the dark like the director had a strong desire not to excite anybody.Still can't understand why movies like this get financed.
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