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Crime, Drama, Thriller, Mystery
IMDB rating:
Christopher Nolan
Guy Pearce as Leonard
Carrie-Anne Moss as Natalie
Joe Pantoliano as Teddy Gammell
Russ Fega as Waiter
Jorja Fox as Leonard's Wife
Storyline: Memento chronicles two separate stories of Leonard, an ex-insurance investigator who can no longer build new memories, as he attempts to find the murderer of his wife, which is the last thing he remembers. One story line moves forward in time while the other tells the story backwards revealing more each time.
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Confused but interested until the very end
First and foremost I'd say to anyone going into this film blind, do not come in thinking you're in for simple linear narrative with a clear start and end point; it's one of those films that can will never be easily explained, the narrative is just that complex.

The film follows a man named Leonard or "Lenny" with after an accident now lives with extremely short term memory. This characteristic is the very foundation of the film because we as the audience follow Lenny from start to finish, we know everything he knows, we learn everything he learns. However just as we learn everything Lenny does, Lenny is unable to remember the new information which adds good layer of intrigue and mystery as to how the film will end.

The narrative as I've mentioned before is non-linear, the events as we see them are not chronological for the most part. The only scenes that actually run in chronological order are the series of black and white scenes that incorporate flashbacks providing additional plot points. The scenes in colour play backward in contrast to the black and white scenes in what Christopher Nolan (the director) describes as a hairpin narrative where the narrative loops on itself and the true end point lies around the middle of the story.

As my summary suggests Memento had me confused for the large majority of the run time, what with the unconventional narrative structure and the slight frustration I felt as Lenny's memory issues proved to be his greatest weakness amidst everything and everyone around him. However the overall mystery of the film kept me engaged from start to finish, although the conclusion may leave some (as it did with me) with an anti-climactic feeling due to how Memento resolves its plot threads. Despite this Memento is still gripping from start to end and I'd highly recommend checking it out, especially for those interested in more unconventional and experimental storytelling.
Very boring movie
It eludes me how this movie has gotten such high ratings and even two Oscar nominations.

This movie is for the most part mind-boggling boring, with endless repetitive sequences of how our main character writes notes, tries to remember certain events or persons. This goes on for about 80% of the movie in an desperate attempt to create "suspense"...but it gets tiresome. The end admittedly had a moderate surprising twist...however, from a certain point of view, the end was also predictable and, somehow, disappointing. The only positive thing about the movie is a good performance by Carrie Ann Moss, however the main character did not convince me, neither did the plot. (If there was one, besides of a repetitive line-up of the character's confusion and attempts by him to puzzle together memories.) This movie is breathtakingly boring and the ending *extremely* underwhelming. One of the movies which is praised about all over, you watch it - and it turns out a huge disappointment.
OK, granted this movie has a unique premise. This movie is quite entertaining and will keep ya watching. But this movie is not the amazing work of art many would have you believe. It is a decent thriller with a twist in that it works backwards and puts the watcher into the same mindset of our main character who has reoccuring amnesia. Decent movie that changes the viewers opinion throughout the flick as our character slowly works his way through time in reverse. We see things happen and then we slowly find out how those things came to be as we move farther back.


One major fault in the movie. The scene where our main character is manipulated by the lady to deal with her boyfriend is completely screwy. They tried to make it out that she totally planned it and covered all the bases but if one watches that scene one can see that one million things could have gone wrong and even should have when she plays her game and gets hit. Hiding of the pens, the seriously fast relapse of the main character (and her not knowing at that point how fast a lapse takes), and other problems just bugged me with that one scene. It was the most far fetched part of the entire movie and should have been done differently.
One of the most innovative works I've ever seen!!!
This is my 1st review on the site and I have chosen this masterpiece of a movie to review.

I have seen movies in my life with an innovation factor whether its the characters, the plot, the directing or even the soundtrack, but this movie deserves to be a great, clear contender in the innovation land.

Since the 80s, we are tired as viewers of clichés regarding protagonists or antagonists and this movie serves the cause of surprising the viewer not necessarily plot-wise, but character-wise. I mean all of the characters in this movie have their ups and downs within the build up.

Guy Pearce is certainly one of my favorite actors of all time, so it isn't new to me that I got owned by his acting and for Carrie-Anne Moss, she is an actress of natural, God-given ability. So, where did the pleasant surprise came from?... It came from Joe Pantoliano who added THE flavor to the movie.

If you still haven't watched this movie and I doubt it, then go and see it today for it is a masterpiece not necessarily in its epic, rich, novely aspect, but for its innovation.
A string of pearls ...
This interesting movie is about a man who can only remember stuff that happens within a minute due to an accident he had when some rapists were molesting his wife. The story shows us a man on a quest to revenge the death of his wife, but with a twist! The movie moves backwards in time although the sequential series of events that progress in clusters are in a normal timeframe moving forwards in time. This way of telling a story opens up the narration in such a way that new perspectives and surprises revels themselves at the beginning of each new cluster, thus creating a deeper understanding of the previous cluster / action. There seems to be a metatheme in this movie. The main character was a detective for an insurance company before his accident. Now the whole movie seems to follow the path such a detective would go by when investigating. Namely, starting out with the crime itself and working backwards untill the person who did it and the motive is found. This movie might also allude to the current state of our historical science, showing that memory, and especially history can be tampered with and changed (especially in the hands of less morally founded individuals). Thus one might even say it is a profound criticism of the all objectivity. Basically though, this is a thriller about manipulation in its different shapes and forms, and how people use each others weaknesses to outwit each other and sometimes even themselves....

One of my favorites-Excellent!!!
I was totally blown away by this movie. I think this is a total masterpiece. I wish I could have thought of something as ingenious as this. I recommend it to anyone that enjoys a good mystery, acting, editing, directing, plot. I can and have watched it over and over again. This should have won for best picture the year it came out. Go out and rent it. Go and watch it. Go out and buy it. you will not be disappointed. This movie is about a guy who loses his short term memory and tries to hunt down his wife's rapist and killer. I won't say anything else. It is a masterpiece, thought not perfect it probably should be about a 9.8 on the IMDb but I'll give it a 10 out of 10.
Mediocre story saved by cinematographic contrivance
Perhaps because this movie was rated SO HIGHLY, my viewing was tainted by unrealistically bolstered expectations. Maybe...

There was a strange twist of irony at work here: the more I watched this film the less I liked it. What began as a wonderfully, refreshing look at (reverse) story-telling, became less entertaining and more tedious with each passing (and re-passing) flash-back (or is that flash-forward?)

Part of this film played like an old Twilight Zone episode I recall seeing many years ago. And that's not a bad thing. I enjoyed piecing together the "why" of the plot, since we already knew the "what." However, generally uninteresting and unappealing characters mar the performances, and while our hero may be unaware of time, as a viewer I was painfully aware of how his film seemed to drag, lacking a good sense of timing. As for the ending, it too could have been given the same delicious touches as the beginning sequence, but alas, it does nothing to reward the viewer for having endured the bulk of the film.

One reviewer commented how well this HIGHLY RATED film will hold up in another few years when compared to the classics. Others have asked how on earth it could have rated so high to begin with. The former will be answered on its own, and I believe time will not be too kind. The answer to the latter is akin to the McDonald's Syndrome: Those who grew up eating Big Macs on a regular basis erroneously come to believe it's actually good food. Perhaps compared to what Hollywood is offering these days, Memento is indeed gourmet fare. To me, it's still just a hamburger. (6 out of 10).

Mass hysteria?
Memento is far from an original concept and the plot closely resembles Swiss-cheese. It quite simply does not warrant the praise given it, which I suspect is heavily weighted by the 15-21 male demographic (see Bottle Rocket). The blatant contradictions presented by the sub-standard writing are conveniently covered with mind-numbing violence (as opposed to that which is stimulating, thereby justifying the waste of 90 minutes of my life). Ooh! I have no memory; it must be a "condition"!

If you don't get it because it is so "mind-blowing", wait until you grow up and understand that being confused by the story doesn't indicate clever writing. I can't stress enough, SAVE YOUR VOTE UNTIL PUBERTY IS OVER! At the very least, commit to a second viewing before casting! It is simply embarrassing to indicate that this movie is rated as #9 by US voting standards (what are the French going to think?). It is going to lower the standards of movies being produced worldwide!

Resist the temptation to fall into the pit of hype! Watch Groundhog Day instead.
Best Movie EVer
I cannot believe when I see the other bad reviews of this movie. Once again, I think that the plot goes over peoples' heads and they do not realize what is going on. If you have a good head on your shoulders, there is no way you could fail to be drawn into the mystery of this film. Guy Pearce is unbelievable and this was the first time I saw what an incredible actor he is. Also, Carrie Anne Moss is ubelievabley gorgeous and Joe Pantoliano (also another favorite) is hilarioius and inscrutable. I can watch this movie time and again and never get tired of it. I love it when a story takes a twist on classic Noir. The other plus is that the soundtrack/score is really edgy and complements the b leak tone perfectly.
Memento or how to make an insipid story seem intricate
As for the story: throw in the usual wrongfully deceased wife/daughter. Add a formula, like memory loss, also a proved recipe. Now throw in a little gimmick, lets write it backwards in time, or half of it forward and printed backwards so you need to read it using a mirror.. Something like that. Great idea! Really, after I managed to recompose the story from its fragments, all I had was an incredibly thin story. With entirely one- dimensional characters, all equally unlikeable. This one I can spoil in a single line. Guy suffers from memory loss from a head injury, and tries to get revenge, but is used time after time because of his memory loss. Give or take a handful of unimportant and uninteresting details. Top ten movie? Apparently people can be bought cheaply, and they take chaos for complexity when given the chance.
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