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Mine Games
IMDB rating:
Richard Gray
Joseph Cross as Michael
Ethan Peck as Guy
Julianna Guill as Claire
Lindsay Lamb as Sarah
Storyline: A group of young friends make an incomprehensible discovery in an abandoned mine, but the more they try to change the future, the more they seal their fate.
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Like Cabin in the Woods, it's not a horror film! Worth watching again!
Future filmmakers please pay attention to this movie and take heed. There is truly no end to the creative possibilities when you have a blank canvas and some imagination. Cabin in the Woods and Mine Games both prove this by leading you on a merry journey expecting one type of film when in fact you're watching something completely different. Cabin isn't a horror film… it's a sci-fi fantasy. Mine Games isn't a horror film… it is a survival adventure. And with a clever premise, immersive sets, and a soundtrack and sound effects that seem to take the movie seriously, I unfortunately must join every other reviewer and ask the question: Who above a 3rd grade education spends an entire mountain vacation exploring spooky abandoned mines? Yoda didn't tell them "In you must go," so wave goodbye to logic. Further question… why a mine? We could have built the same plot turns in the setting of the beautiful cabin and surrounding woods. Like Time Lapse and Parallels, I walked away from the movie with the simultaneous need to watch it again and the wish that the movie could have been more. I hope future filmmakers feel the same way and continue to think outside the box like Mine Games but with better results.
Slow Cliché Beginnings, Better Finish
This movie started off painfully dull. Seven friends are on their way to the woods where there will be

A.) no telephones

B.) no cell phone service and

C.) no other human beings for miles.

Sound familiar? Oh yeah, and on the way to the cabin in the woods (so cliché) their van breaks down. So already I'm half checked out of this movie. The oddities began with the main character, Michael (Joseph Cross), and they only ramped up from there after the gang explored an abandoned mine.

The exposition and build up phase of this movie was dreadfully slow. We were treated to little tidbits of strange activities without giving us the full entree. Though the plot can be readily deduced with all of the hints throughout you still have to be patient to see how it all unfolds. This movie is not unique and it's been done better by others. I will say that the end picked up the pace and delivered a solid finish. Not all questions will be answered, as is typical with this type of movie, but enough to at least make you feel like you were invited to the party.
If you go down to the mine today…
A bunch of friends on vacation in the country discover a disused mine and find something most strange down in its depths.

It starts off in conventional fashion, pretty looking youngsters head off to a large cabin in the woods and after nearly running someone down in the road, they arrive at their destination but nothing is as it seems. The story then spins into another dimension, cribbing from better movies like Triangle and Identity, only the screenplay isn't strong enough to make a success of it, even confusing itself in the process.

Things aren't helped by director and co-writer Richard Gray padding out the movie to meet the required run time to call it a feature length production. In truth there just isn't enough material here to extend beyond a one hour Twilight Zone episode, better editing and a better screenplay was definitely needed here. Gray over stretching his ambitions somewhat.

The cast of up coming Hollywood starlets give a mixed bunch of performances, while the low budget is often evident. Neither of these things, though, hurt the film as much as the aforementioned issues. There's a modicum of interest value here for those who like the films already mentioned above, but it's not a comfortable recommendation at all. 4/10
Bunch of young people out for a good time go where they're not supposed to. Familiar?
Engaging psychological horror thriller mystery about a group of young people who get caught in a "loop of time" in a remote area in the woods. What makes this interesting is that they actually meet their selves in the loop which is an intersection of the present and future or present and past, depending on perspective. So they meet the future condition of themselves in a nearby mine but don't understand it; don't realize they are in a loop ahead of, and behind themselves in time. The loop begins (and ends) with an accident as they near their vacation destination: an elaborate cabin in the woods.

Possibly this looping of time could have been a harmless anomaly and meeting yourself of the future or the past (again, depending on perspective) might have been a weirdly pleasant and innocuous experience except that one of the members of the group (4 guys, 3 women) has mental problems and is taking medication for it. Schizophrenia, I believe. I will say no more (Did I hear a sigh of relief?). Love, Boloxxxi.
Better than Muppets in Space...
Just watched this on Sky Movies - nothing else to do on a Saturday morning ;) I went in to it expecting another flashy slasher pic set in a dark place so was pleasantly surprised to see a different take on a normally standard horror film scenario.

Yes it is another cabin in the woods with another bunch of young beautiful holiday makers on a drug and drink fueled break in the middle of nowhere. Cripes, where's the originality nowadays! Yet, it does work a little bit better than others, it just needed to have a more solid storyline in terms of the cycle.

As the second half kicked in, most people would begin to realize that the things you've seen are things that are about to happen. It reminded me of the absolutely superb 'TRIANGLE' with Melissa George. Sadly, 'Mine Games' is an inferior wannabe.

Inferior only in terms of the storyline and the capability to provide everything 'in the past' to make sense in the present. It's tight but not tight enough to make me say wow; It is however well worked out and everything has its place.

And then I saw the budget - $1.5m - you can hardly make a TV episode on that nowadays so the overall finished product is very good. The directing is pretty good, the acting is as you would expect. The standouts for me were the lighting within the mines themselves and the music is above average for this type of movie.

One thing that really annoyed me though was the character of Rose, I couldn't really put a finger on it save to say that she made no sense whatsoever! I don't understand why she needed to be in the film and the reason for her visions apart from being on drugs is never explained.

I revert back to 'Triangle' again where the ending of the film is a perfect nod to the start of the next sequence but the ending of 'Mine Games' is pretty terrible and in terms of the cycle make no sense. Unless the cycle has been broken but then it wouldn't be a cycle in the first place and how could two people from two different timelines co-exist in the same place? I like films to ask questions and I like to see something different from the usual clobber we get. 'Mine Games' doesn't really stand out and there are far superior films of this niche out there.

However for the budget and the production quality, the filmmakers have done a good job and for a Saturday morning when it's a choice between this and 'Muppets from Space', I'd go for this.

And it isn't the first time I said that... Oh!
My Review Of "Mine Games"
"Mine Games" creates a strong story that manages to be chilling and intense. There is no lag in the time span from when the film starts to when the action begins. The film isn't an all out high production thrill ride but it maintains a steady, entertaining pace filled with creepiness, and excitement. The style is pretty standard as far as horror direction and character definition but the unique blended nature, adding time/space situation on top of mythology, keeps the "cabin in the woods" set-up from being cliché or boring. "Mine Games" offers a more cerebral nightmare that never looses total cohesion.

The cast deliver pretty believable characters, they are stereotypes scene in horror, however Gray and the writers give enough material to allow the characters feel authentic, convincing, and relatable. The acting never becomes stale or over-drawn. A lot of horror films either play up the clichés until they look clownish or create characters that not even fiction could make believable as friends. "Mine Games" keeps the relationships and social dynamics even keeled enough to make, both the group, as college friends, and the individual interactions seem plausible.

The special effects utilized in "Mine Games" are tight. There isn't an exploitative nature to the gore or deaths, but what is scene on film comes across realistic looking. The shadowy nature and fact that almost all of the scenes are in nearly dark areas, or at night, gives the film most of it's spooky quality. The cinematography hearkens back to more traditional methods of straight cam shots, light inflections and natural third person views. With all the gimmicky, modern methods of handhelds, shaky cam shots, or first person view points, it is nice to see some aspects of classic horror story telling style still used. Not that I have a problem with fresh, innovative filming techniques like first person POV or found-footage.

Overall "Mine Games" gives us a great nightmare scenario that is well executed. The story is creepy, creative and cerebral. It will not appeal to all horror fans, and there is plenty to get the intellectuals stirred up, with the whole time/space-Ouroboros aspects of the story. Personally I spent a lot of the film wondering what exactly was the real deal happening- was it a "Soul Survivors" situation or was it a take similar to "Triangle". Once I caught up with the true nature of the hell these guys were dealing with I was still compelled to the story. It does weaken a bit toward the end after the big reveal. Not much though, and the time until the ending-when it all becomes clear- isn't all that long, so "Mine Games" works pretty much from start to finish.
The deeper you go, the darker it gets!!
A-Z Horror Movie of the Day..."Mine Games" (NR - 2012 - US)

Sub-Genre: Paranormal/Psycho

My Score: 5.8

Cast=6 Acting=5 Plot=4 Ending=7 Story=6 Scare=6 Jump=5 F/X=5 Creep=7 Psycho=7

A group of young friends make an incomprehensible discovery in an abandoned mine, but the more they try to change the future, the more they seal their fate.

The deeper you go, the darker it gets reads the tagline for a movie that tries to be two separate stories. You start with the whole cabin in the woods concept...but then you get an almost sci-fi element with the mine and the visuals within. This is a horror movie fan's idea of 'fast food'...yeah normally you want a steak, but sometimes you just grab a cheeseburger and chow down. Well this is that cheeseburger...it should get your horror fix satisfied while you wait for the next ribeye to reach your plate!!
If you've watched Triangle(2009), you've watched this flick.
This is the a better funded version of Triangle, which is the only reason it got 6 stars. If one could look pass the horrid clichés, basic acting, and boobs, this movie would be quite enjoyable. Micheal is the saving grace of this film, though the stupidity of the other characters is sure to annoy throughout. Seriously who the hell goes into an abandoned mine at night? More importantly, who the hell, after seeing what the charters saw, goes back into said mine repeatedly.....still at night?!
Good little movie for mind bender alternate reality fans
It's not the best in the mind bender category. I rated it an eight to offset the low IMDb rating. I'd give it more like a 7, if I were to be honest.

The acting was okay. Nothing really cringe worthy. I happen to love this type of premise, which is somewhat mind bending and converges alternate realities.

If you liked Triangle or Coherence, you would like this. I think it's right on par with Triangle, but not as good as Coherence, but that is my opinion.

If you are a time traveling or alternate reality mind bender junkie, you will absolutely enjoy this ride. Understand, it's not the best in that category, but it's well worth the watch.
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