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My Amityville Horror
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Eric Walter
George Lutz as Himself (archive footage)
Kathy Lutz as Herself (archive footage)
Laura DiDio as Herself
Neme Alperstein as Herself
Ronald DeFeo as Himself (archive footage)
Susan Bartell as Herself
Lorraine Warren as Herself
Storyline: For the first time in 35 years, Daniel Lutz recounts his version of the infamous Amityville haunting that terrified his family in 1975. George and Kathleen Lutz's story went on to inspire a best-selling novel and the subsequent films have continued to fascinate audiences today. This documentary reveals the horror behind growing up as part of a world famous haunting and while Daniel's facts may be other's fiction, the psychological scars he carries are indisputable. Documentary filmmaker, Eric Walter, has combined years of independent research into the Amityville case along with the perspectives of past investigative reporters and eyewitnesses, giving way to the most personal testimony of the subject to date.
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A story straight from the source
Nevermind the reviews that say this documentary is boring, making up stories for attention, nonsense, etc. It's a story straight from the source, not just another documentary. It's not a Hollywood movie or scripted story. What you see is what you get. For those who don't know, the Lutz family was the family who came after the murder family known as Defeo family. The movies were even focused on the Lutz family. Just look at the character names in the movie. Furthermore, Daniel Lutz's story in this documentary is a big deal if your fascinated with the Amityville hauntings.

Like the guy or not, believe in his story or not, he is the real deal. He may be an adult now, but it took him many many years to tell his childhood traumatic story. If he was out for attention, why did it take him so long? I'm not one to believe in ghosts and such as I'm a skeptic, however I believed that this guy believed in his story. You can just tell by the way he's in tears and takes pauses before continuing. Is it possible he's a lunatic and that's why he believed it? Sure. That doesn't mean he's lying though.
Powerful movie
I just saw this Dead by Dawn in Edinburgh, Scotland. Excellent insightful horror movie. You can watch it in two ways as a documentary about the events or as an out and out horror movie with the evil perpetrated against the minors in the Lutz family. Either way it is a superb watch. Esp the part with the Christian with the two cockerels.

Sometimes real life is so much more harrowing than fiction. Forget the question of whether this happened or not and look at the subtext. This is a movie about a guy who has had to live a fictionalised life. It all happened in just one month in the 70s. This one month has had a huge impact on his life since then.

As such it begs comparisons with people involved in similar traumas.
Engaging portrait of a psychologically troubled man
As most of the other reviews have already mentioned, this is not a movie about the events that purportedly happened in the Amityville house in 1975. Instead it's a truly engaging portrait of Daniel Lutz - the 10 year old boy at the center of the events, and it's more about his (potentially abusive) relationship with his stepfather and the media scrutiny that invaded and shaped his life thereafter.

While the documentary is competently made, it's Daniel Lutz himself who is the engine behind how powerful it is. He's a character full of nervous twitches and aggressive, eloquent storytelling. He's clearly got psychological problems and he wears most of them on his sleeve, but you also get a strong sense that this poor guy has a wall of defense mechanisms built up so high that he'll probably never escape it. He jumps in a single beat from being angry and intimidating to being open and borderline in tears. It would take a mean-hearted viewer indeed not to feel some sense of sympathy for him in spite of his abrasiveness.

Director Eric Walter wisely leaves the documentary very open to interpretation. There's no narrative to guide the viewer to a moral conclusion. There's no musical soundtrack to subconsciously push emotional responses. This is just Daniel Lutz, sat in front of a camera and pressed to open up. The theme by the end seems to be an invitation to the viewer to make up their own mind about what happened in that house but with more complex possibilities to choose from than the usual "was it a real haunting or not?" angle. Was it child abuse? Was it fanatical parents leading suggestive children? Was it a structured hoax that inadvertently led to the crumbling of this poor child's life and psyche? Did something paranormal happen but get embellished in a ten year old's mind?

All in all, a very compelling and thought-provoking biographical documentary. Well worth watching.
Factually worthless portrait of a damaged mind
One thing becomes plain early on as you watch this "documentary;" Daniel Lutz is a very troubled and damaged soul. I have known a few people like Danny over the years: he shows definite signs of both being a victim of abuse and a result of substance abuse. He has also been counseled extensively on coping mechanisms, and is therefore not a credible witness to anything in reality. Too much of what he perceives as his reality is the product of rage and bitter emotions, which tend to skew his testimony. In court, he could never be considered a credible witness on any factual occurrence.

Besides this, many of the people involved in the making of this film are merely facilitators for his skewed perceptions. Anyone approaching objectivity is only included in the film without Daniel present, since he would react either violently or passive-aggressively if he had heard any of what they said about him, as evidenced by his reactions even to those who do not challenge his assertions and are merely facilitating his coping mechanisms; he still gets antagonistic at the slightest expression of skepticism toward anything he says.

As a factual record, this documentary is worthless. It verifies nothing except that Daniel Lutz is a severely damaged, unstable person.

All one can do is to continue to wonder why.
angry kid, turned angry adult
i have no doubt D.Lutz had these horrific experiences, but most of this film was lashing out at his stepfather. Not a scare or a "how or why did this happen" no answer just venting . an hour or so long therapy session. sorry i had high hopes for this, fell flat felt bit sorry for him, he childhood was so unstable poured over into his adult life it seems. hard to distinguish the truth from angry ravings. D Lutz seemed so overwhelmed by unresolved issues with his mother and stepfather it overshadowed his experiences in Amityville. Not too much about the haunting or why they actually left the house. revisiting with the original demonoligsts was pretty neat
Danny Lutz says he wants to tell his tale -- why didn't he tell it?
For a person who claims he wishes someone had asked him to give his version of events in the famous Amityville Horror haunting story, Danny Lutz shares very little of it in this documentary. The man is clearly in pain, clearly carrying a load of emotional baggage. However, the more he talks, the more it seems that Danny Lutz's angst centered on his hatred of his stepfather, George Lutz.

For all the interview questions asked of him, for all the talking he does, Danny Lutz says very little. The Amityville Horror story has become very murky over the years. The only thing anyone can seem to agree on is that the book and movie were wildly inaccurate. OK? So, what's the real story? In interviews, George Lutz spent much of his time talking about what DIDN'T happen in the house. Danny Lutz doesn't take that route, but he's clearly holding something back.

Are the few paranormal experiences Danny Lutz shares convincing? Not especially. He does himself no favors claiming to have witnessed George Lutz moving tools around his garage with telekinesis.

Out of the 90 minute only two things were made clear: Danny Lutz hated George Lutz. Danny Lutz hated being identified as "that Amityville Horror kid". Neither is much of a revelation and neither sheds any light whatsoever on this campfire story that just won't go away.
A Fascinating Character Study
Back in 1979, writer Jay Anson wrote a story about a real-life newlywed couple that moved into a new house in Long Island where a murder was committed. Upon moving in, the couple and their three children began to experience strange occurrences and manifestations that could not be easily explained.

The book was The Amityville Horror and its popularity in paperback drove MGM Studio's to option a screenplay by Sandor Stern (Pin) which soon became a popular movie of the same name starring James Brolin and Margot Kidder. The Amityville house soon became – and still is – the most recognized haunted house in the world. And even though the Lutz family moved out when the terror reached its pinnacle 35-years ago, the experiences and memories of the horrors experienced in the house haunts the family to this day.

Daniel Lutz was a member of the terrorized Amityville family and his story of experiences back in 1975 is the focus of My Amityville Horror, a new documentary by filmmaker Eric Walter. Daniel has stayed fairly quiet about his family's ordeal three decades ago and now he is ready to tell his story and reveal the psychological strains and scars that have plagued him for 35 years. The documentary that includes exhaustive research by Walter includes perspectives of those close to either the family or the house during the events of 1975 and many are interviewed offering their insight and recollection into what may have (or have not) happened to the fated Lutz family.

For those expecting a seriously scary insight into the unexplained events in the Amityville home, you may be disappointed. My Amityville Horror doesn't offer any new real insights. Daniel does speak of levitating beds, the infestation of flies and a few other unexplainable phenomena, but the heart of the movie is really a character study of the boy who became a man amongst media scrutiny and mockery.

Daniel comes across as a complex and angry man. He calls his experience in Amityville an 'unfortunate gift' and he gets defensive if cornered (Lesson learned: Don't ever ask Daniel to take a lie detector test). He is both playful and willing but when discussing uneasy topics such as his turbulent relationship with his stepfather, George Lutz, Daniel can be seen almost frothing at the mouth barely containing his rage so that his blood pressure doesn't make his head explode on screen.

Audiences will endear themselves to the older Daniel. He will remind you of the guy who sits at the end of the bar at the local tavern and has fascinating stories to tell. He won't be the type of person that gives you comfort and who you might pursue to tend to your children, but he is genuine and honest through the many layers of his complex personality.

As a documentary, Watler's meticulous detail and use of both stock and family photos allow us a glimpse into the Lutz family. Not so much a glimpse into the house that the Lutz family thought possessed, but a rare peak into a complex and dysfunctional family that may or may not have been terrorized by spirits in their Ocean Ave. home.

The makers of this film should be ashamed of enabling and exploiting a man with obvious mental illness. But after watching, it seems they themselves are likely too out of touch to even realize their mistake. In reality this is a documentary about a man with countless unresolved issues from childhood that he has carried into his 50s; issues that have only compounded as he has aged.
True, interesting, a sheding of new light on an on going horror story
I've noticed with the Lutz family interviews that all of them including Daniel Lutz that they don't really explain or go into detail about the events that took place in that house in 1975 and '76. I feel as though in this film they really do more of a personality sketch and check on Daniel as they try to get him to explain in some way shape or form the events going on in the house.

This movie is dramatic, interesting and kind of gives way to how emotionally scarred this older guy is from all the press, media, and failing on George Lutz part as a parent. This movie will engross you more about the Amityville Horror and what really made these kids what they are today.
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