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Once Upon a Time in the West
USA, Italy, Spain
IMDB rating:
Sergio Leone
Henry Fonda as Frank
Claudia Cardinale as Jill McBain
Jason Robards as Cheyenne
Charles Bronson as Harmonica
Gabriele Ferzetti as Morton (railroad baron)
Woody Strode as Stony - Member of Frank's Gang
Jack Elam as Snaky - Member of Frank's Gang
Keenan Wynn as Sheriff (auctioneer)
Frank Wolff as Brett McBain
Storyline: Story of a young woman, Mrs. McBain, who moves from New Orleans to frontier Utah, on the very edge of the American West. She arrives to find her new husband and family slaughtered, but by whom? The prime suspect, coffee-lover Cheyenne, befriends her and offers to go after the real killer, assassin gang leader Frank, in her honor. He is accompanied by Harmonica, a man already on a quest to get even.
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**** out of ****
Sergio Leone set out to create the ultimate western here, and succeeded. Combining pieces from all of the great westerns that preceded it, he made a one of a kind film. Showing the natural progression from his first three westerns to here, he more or less takes a lot of the same themes and ideas from those and pulled them together. More epic and operatic than `The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly,' and without the lightheartedness that gave that film it's undeniable uniqueness. Instead, Leone focuses more on the dark side of the west, and the dark side of human nature as well. The four main players, Charles Bronson, Henry Fonda, Jason Robards, and Claudia Cardinale, all give the performances of the lifetime. From a filmmaking standpoint, few movies have ever been so perfect – the combination of gorgeous cinematography, incredible music, and the sheer style are second to none. A true masterpiece.
Another epic western from Sergio Leone
I never thought Leone could ever top The Good The Bad The Ugly, one of his greatest works, but with Once Upon A Time In The West he comes really close.

Once Upon A Time In The West (I'll just call it The West for this review) tells the tale of Jil McBain(Claudia Cardinale)who comes from New Orleans to be with her husband in the west. Once she gets there she discovers she has been widowed because her husband and his entire family have been wiped out by a ruthless assassin named Frank(Henry Fonda). The land, which was owned by her late husband, was going to be used to build a railroad station which would've made them all rich. However Frank and a railroad baron named Morton (Gabrielle Ferzetti) have there own plans for getting rich the same way and that's why Morton had Frank kill them. Neither one of them knew about Jil though, and soon their vile plans turn on her.

However there is one man (Charles Bronson) who plays a harmonica and steps in to keep her safe. With the help of a desperado named Cheyenne (Jason Robards) they work to protect her from the evil clutches of Frank and Morton. Harmonica however has other reasons for wanting Frank dead, and it is left as a guessing game up to the end when we finally discover the real reason why Harmonica was after Frank in the first place.

Just like with The Good The Bad The Ugly, Leone uses extreme closeups of peoples faces as well as wide long shots of large opened settings to tell a wonderful story about the west. With TGTBTU he told a story during Civil War times, but with this movie he talks about the time period when railroads were being created to stretch across the country.

The acting in this film was phenomenal. I loved the expanded shots of the characters which said more than any words could ever say. Don't get me wrong though. The West had a lot of interesting dialoque which helped embellish the characters flaws and behaviors even more.

The movie is long, as was TGTBTU, but like that earlier film, this one never becomes boring either. If I were to compare the two films and make a choice, I would say that both were great movies. However TGTBTU would edge out The West as the better movie.
Leone and Morricone Do It Again
These two made one hell of a team, Leone with his marvelous directing/story telling and Morricone with his music. That HARMONCIA MAN theme tells you everything you need to know about Charles Bronson's character without him having to say a word (the same is true of all the characters.) This theme stays with you long after the last note has sounded, and it depicts pain and a desire for justice, and a determination to get it one way or the other. (Man, don't that harmonica sound like a wail of pain!!! It gives me chills every time I hear it.) The ending of this movie is perfect justice. Talk about make the punishment fit the crime! This gives a whole new meaning to that phrase.

My only gripe about this movie is what they did with Jill's character. At first, you're made to feel sorry for her because she comes up and finds her family murdered and she is in danger of losing her home, possibly her life. But when she makes love to Frank (Henry Fonda) later on in the movie, (oh, hell, let's be honest. She didn't make love to him, she f**ked him.)I lost my respect and sympathy for her. Instead of being a widow mourning for her dead husband, she seemed more like a common slut who would do anything to save her own neck and to hold on to her late husband's property. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with this story line, but if we're supposed to feel sympathy for Jill, this scene kind of spoils that effect. Cheyenne and Harmonica were more worthy of respect than she was after that scene, although Harmonica has a score to settle big time and I found myself rooting for him throughout the whole movie.

My favorite western. 9 out of 10.
The woman, the good, the nearly good and the bad.
One of the first scenes of this film is Jack Elam playing with a fly running on his face.After a while he manages to put the fly inside the barrel of his gun, which he is closing with his finger. There are two long scenes when Jason Robards comes in, looks at Claudia Cardinale and after a while asks for a coffee. The first time she does not know how to do it, the second time she learned. These scenes seem to last ages. The showdown between Fonda and Bronson takes about 15 minutes. Once you accept this slow rhythm you are in for quite a good western. Leone pays homage to High Noon, Shane, Pursued, The Searchers, and specially to John Ford by showing Monument Valley. Here he goes for the super production epic style, many scenes made me think of Gone With The Wind, Lawrence of Arabia etc... I do not think of this film as his masterpiece, I would leave that for The Good The Bad and The Ugly, because to like OUTITW you have to acquire the taste which is not what happens with TGTBTU. Comparing the characters of the two films Charles Bronson would be the good, Henry Fonda the very bad (next to him Lee Van Cleef is an angel) and Jason Robards a bandit that is almost a good guy. Claudia Cardinale is the main character. Try to see it in DVD with progressive scan.
Probably my favorite movie.
The fourth Leone movie was supposed to be his last western movie. It may not have been that since he made "A fistful of dynamite" and co-directed "My name is Nobody" later but it is without doubt the one I'll remember best. It's a Leone's requiem to the Western movies and it may well be the best movie ever made.

The dialogue is simply amazing, it's said that the script consisted of just ten pages of lines, however it's all so well written that it makes my spine chill. I mean Bronson can't have more than twenty line throughout the movie, and all of them a remarkable.

The shooting is superb, I can almost remember every single shot in this movie, the blend of extreme close-ups and wide shots is just perfect and creates a wonderful result.

An awesome score written by Morricone makes this movie even better. Every one of the main characters have their own score and every score is great.

Fantastic performances by everyone is the final reason why you should stop read this now and go and by the movie instead. Henry Fonda, Charles Bronson, Jason Robards and Claudia Cardinale are all playing on the top of their abilities.

Now some people may have trouble with the slow pace of it but for me it actually adds to the atmosphere, you can almost smell the dust and death in the air when you watch this movie.

Just go and buy it. OK?

One of the top ten great films
After having perused the various user comments about this film, I haven't got a lot to add, but I would like to say my piece about this wonderful film. It was only a month ago that I saw 'Once Upon a Time in the West' for the first time, and I'm in my early 30s! What a lovely thing it is to be amazed by a piece of art work after you think you've already 'seen it all'. This film was breathtaking to behold, from the marvelous and spirited acting to the languid, Ennio Morricone score, from the scenic cinematography to Leone's purposeful and flawless directing; you get it all in this film.

I now own 'Once Upon a Time in the West', after having seen it several times as a rental. The purchase of this film in DVD form provides the added bonus of commentary from various directors, actors and Leone scholars. It's some of the best commentary I've heard yet on a DVD. Certainly worth the purchase!

Leone's other films are fantastic, of that one can have no doubt, but this one tops them all. I give it my highest recommendation (10/10). If you haven't seen it, see it tomorrow...you haven't got a second to waste!
'Man with no name' but with revenge, a loaded gun and a harmonica
It might be a sacrilege to call this a better Spaghetti Western than 'The Good, the bad, and the Ugly' but i loved both the films equally. The mellifluous soundtrack by Ennio Morricone further adds to the greatness of the movie.

Jason Robards provides the much needed humor in the film.

Frank(Henry Fonda) and gang kill all the MacBains. Frank fakes evidence and makes everyone believe Cheyenne's hand behind the heinous crime. Frank's activities are funded by an affluent owner of the train company, Mr.Morton. The secret idea was to grab the land the MacBains live on, which could fetch them millions of dollars.

Their plans are thwarted by the arrival of a certain Mrs.MacBain, who refuses to sell the property to Frank, and a man who goes around playing harmonica. The man is after Frank to avenge his brother's death and with the help of Cheyenne, they bring his plans down one by one. They slowly decimate Frank's manpower, then take hold of the land through auction and then put a bullet in Frank's body. The man however doesn't wait for the bounty and leaves the town after accomplishing what he had come for. Cheyenne dies after being shot by a dying Mr.Morton and Mrs.MacBain decides to stay in the town and watch MacBains' town build and grow.
Art meets the West
'C'era una volta il West' is not an easy film to watch. Its pace is hypnotic and the story unfolds in a way that blurs the viewer rather than provide exposition.

Saying that its not easy to watch, doesn't necessarily mean that the movie is not a great one. In fact OUATITW is probably the greatest art western ever made. I still believe that 'Unforgiven' is the greatest western story of all time, but this one is a joy to watch, for all its artistic endeavors.

The casting is genius. Especially Henry Fonda. It takes a genius to see that Henry Fonda could play the ultimate bad guy. Bronson's movie career was defined by this movie and Claudia Cardinale is absolutely stunning.

If you are a DVD enthusiast, the restoration of the movie will bring tears to your eyes. It's superb, better than 'Laurence of Arabia'. You can even see the pores in the actors' faces. Highly recommended.

A Good Story, Well Written and Directed
What I did not like about this film is the "Harmonica" character. His way of acting is not realistic and usually repulsive. The scenes he is playing the harmonica have no point at all probably because: Charles Bronson's poor acting or the unrealistic sound coming from the instrument. I do not enjoy watching characters seem to be knowing everything and omnipotent or too heroic, in other words.

Sergio Leone is well at reflecting the atmosphere of times and and locations of his films to audience. He does it by making us hear the sounds nearby and by slow- motion filming for minutes and minutes mostly in the beginning of the films. Remember the 10 minutes telephone ring at the beginning of the 'Once Upon a Time in America' and now the the sound of winds, signboards and the fly. I enjoy it.

I like the story of a family founding a new town and a station at all. 'Cheyenne', Jason Robards is the most colorful character traveling on the thin line of goodness and evilness. Mrs. McBain by Claudia Cardinale is also well played and making us wonder and think what a lonely woman can do after losing his future family. IS she so lonely that that she sleeps with the murderer?

I did not know Henry Fonda up to this film but I understand that Leone has made a big surprise to the fans by making Fonda a bad character for the first time he appears on the films.

A must watch movie especially for Leone and Western lovers!
Charles Bronson and Sergio Leone Are Their Finest
Let me tell you what, this has to be one of the Greatest Charles Bronson/Sergio Leone movies in their career. I watched a lot of good Charles Bronson films like Death Wish and The Mechanic but this film is just the greatest. From Director Sergio Leone who did The Man with No Name films and Once Upon a Time in America and those were great films but this the best Sergio Leone western ever. Also Henry Fonda and Jason Robarbs were the perfect suit for the characters. Claudia Cardinale was Hot in that film, in all the western films I ever seen, I believe she is the most beautiful western characters out of all. Charles Bronson was 100% great in his role as Harmonica and the best character in the film. Sergio Leone did a very good job of directing the film like his other great western films and I honor Sergio as the best director in Western Films in Hollywood History. Let this film be remembered as one of the greatest western film in History.

I give this a 10/10.
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