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Our Souls at Night
Drama, Romance
IMDB rating:
Ritesh Batra
Robert Redford as Louis Waters
Kathleen Timberman as Ballroom Patron / Dancer
Leana Lewis as Actress
Hawley Penfold as Cafe Teenager
Iain Armitage as Jamie
Audrey Walters as Realtor
Anthoula Katsimatides as Nursery Cashier
Jane Fonda as Addie Moore
Bruce Dern as Dorlan
Judy Greer as Holly
Storyline: In Holt, a small Colorado town, Addie Moore ( ) pays an unexpected visit to a neighbor, Louis Waters ( ). Her husband died years ago, as did his wife, and in such a small town they'd been neighbors for decades, but had little contact. Their children ( and ) live far away and they are all alone in their big houses. Addie seeks to establish a connection, and make the most of the rest of the time they have.
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Better Than the Book
Even though I thought the movie was better than the book, it was still too slow with a bad ending. The biggest disappointment for those of us living in Colorado Springs, where the majority was filmed, including the houses used, is the lack of scenery from this beautiful destination city and the scenes that were definitely not from this area. Such as the long stretch of road used that looked more like Texas than Colorado. Yes, there were a few local markers that were recognizable, such as one of the tunnels on Upper Gold Camp Road that leads to Helen Hunt Falls, the famous road up the mountain to Pikes Peak, and the old Gold Hill Mesa smoke stack looking out from behind it to Old Colorado City (which is in the neighborhood where I live), but I was just really surprised that since they were filming in the OCC (Old Colorado City) and Manitou Springs area that these unique tourist attraction cities were not included more (?). I read the book, as I usually do, before seeing the movie and was very disappointed with the ending. The movie took the author's intention and softened it a bit, but would liked to have seen them change that completely. Why this is a bestseller book, I'm not sure? However, the acting, of course was spot on Redford and Fonda. They make this movie worth watching.
Better than the book
...and the book was good! I've watched this 3 times this weekend. I love the subtleties in the acting, the quiet peacefulness of their retired lifestyles, the quaintness of the neighborhood... It reminds me of how I grew up. Jane is cute as Addie and Bob is a good looking 80 year old. Both experts at their craft. I first noticed in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid that both Bob and Paul used the word "hey" with the inflection of calling someone's name. I noticed Paul would do it in his movies after that and so has Bob. Makes me wonder if it's specific to them with a background story or just a way of saying it that I've never heard others use. I feel thankful to all involved in making it.
Spoiler, sort of
I was going to watch something else, but because I had added it to my queue and it was being featured in the video above, I thought "why not." Pleasant movie, going along swimmingly, until we get to the son asking his mother to move in with him to help him with her grandson. And she goes, leaving the comfort of her home of 48 years, all her things, carefully tended, AND Robert Redford. WRONG! I'm sorry. I'm a loving mother, told by all I know that I am a good mother, and I would normally say that I would do anything for my boys. But this? No way. The son is on his own to figure it out. If I were the Jane Fonda character, I think I might have petitioned the courts to take care of her own grandson, based on her son's behavior. Now that I would go along with. I didn't read the book, so I can't compare. But I was enjoying the movie, I just turned 64 so I can sort of relate to the subject matter, but then there's that ending. You lost me.
Barefoot in the Park (1967) a Half Century Later
Some have said that Napoleon would have been nothing without Waterloo. The subtext of this movie may well be that the Baby Boomers, once the top demographic on the planet, having failed to improve the political system or the economic system, or to manifest especially noteworthy parenting skills -- in fact, having failed to improve the planet in any detectable way -- may best be remembered for simply getting old.

If that theorem is to be proved anywhere, it would be in this wonderful movie.

This may be a shock to the younger IMDb members, but at one time Redford and Fonda were not merely the biggest stars in Hollywood but also the biggest sex symbols in the biz.

If in 1967 -- please put on your time travel, butterfly effect, hats here -- you had suggested to these two that a full half-century later they would star is a laid-back but irrefutably charming rom-com where, in the very first scene, Fonda shows up at Redford's door and politely asks if he would mind sleeping with her ... well, let's just say that a raised eyebrow would be least you could expect in return

The script is so subtle (a word I have astonishingly used only a very few times in some 1350+ reviews here) that the viewer does not know whether to laugh or cry. Even the way Redford's character chooses to initially respond to the invitation -- not by a 411.com search, but by looking up Fonda's phone number in a handwritten address book his late wife had left behind -- brings an unavoidable smile to those who grasp the passage of time.

The dialog is a joy. It has ebbs and flows, ups and downs, and most importantly never quite heads in the direction you expect it to.

In fact -- this for film historians only -- it may be a true breakthrough in concept. Remember that in the 1970s scriptwriters tried to "take the rom-com up a notch" by deliberately cutting out the "boy meets girl" portion of the traditional formula. Dozens of rom-coms since that era have started with the very first scene taking place "the morning after," leaving the audience to wonder how the original romance blossomed, before getting caught up in the subsequent events.

In that context, the premise here, if this film resonates with people in the months and years to come, could become a milestone in rom-coms. And deservedly so.

Recommended? Absolutely.
Harmless, entertaining movie for old people.
I enjoyed this movie because I am a senior citizen, and I'll watch just about anything with people near my age. I am not Fonda's and Redford's age yet, but in the ballpark. Anyway, I wouldn't discourage anyone from watching it; it is a nice, safe movie with no gore, horrible accidents or terrible heartbreak. However, I think the idea for this movie is some old man's fantasy of what might happen to him. I mean, JANE FONDA, showing up on your doorstep wanting to sleep with you? Okay, then. I wouldn't watch it twice, but I was entertained for about an hour and a half.
Sweet and melancholic
Sweet movie about two elderly neighbors who connect after the death of their spouses. Redford is the reserved Louis and Fonda the more outgoing Addie, who one night knocks at his door and proposes they spend some nights together, just for chatting and company.

With nothing to loose, Louis accepts the proposal and after an awkward start, they connect. Then, Gene, Addie's son (a miscast Schoenaerts) pops up to drop his son with grandma, because he is in the middle of a divorce, not to mention his business going bust.

Grandson Jamie pushes the couple even closer and just when everybody is cozily settling in, with a lovely rescue dog to complete the picture, Gene is back with his baggage of complaints and jealousy. Will Addie and Louis manage to be happy ever after?

It was good to see Fonda and Redford back together. I used to love "Barefoot in the park" as a child, they were such a hot couple and the movie was so much fun. They still look good for their age and their acting is superbly understated, although it made me feel a bit melancholic about the passing of time.
Explores beautiful psyche of old age human
I watched this movie in MAMI, year round program film screening. I had also got opportunity to interact with director of the film - Ritesh Batra. He is called as cinematic tinder of common man, because he brings romance into lives of characters that have faced struggle and challenges in life.

It is a beautiful story of old aged woman and man who were living alone for years after their spouses have died. They break silence and start sleeping over same bed only to escape loneliness. Both of them continue talking and gossiping about their past lives, happy moments as well as regrets. Their children have grown up and are living their own independent life. Film is an emotional drama, warmth in relationships, and shows sense of human life in dialogues. It explores psyche of old age through their responses to life circumstances. Film end up teaching many life lessons through these characters. Addie regrets that she has spent years thinking what people would be talking about her.

Film is adapted from the novel of same name by Kent Haruf, who died just few weeks after publishing his last novel.
A laughable drama about masochism and technological illiteracy
Jane Fonda and Robert Redford are great, as always. My rating here is based on what the story (adapted from a book) is all about - an absolute snoozefest.

Two senior citizens. The woman comes up with the strange idea that her male neighbour sleeps with her for soporific purposes only. He has nothing better to do, so he accepts. She starts using him as a talking sleeping pill. He panders to her exploitative "communication" gimmick without reservation. She dumps him. He goes back to his routine. Alone again and in another city, she feels nostalgic. He is too, that's why he sends her a present, including a mobile phone. After some hesitation, she calls him in the middle of the night (she realizes she can use him again for her sleeping disorder - 'cause human, she's not! - by learning how to use a mobile phone) and the movie ends on a happy note: even if she's far away, she's finally learnt, in her old age, how to use a mobile phone in order to continue to use another human being who is more masochistic than her.

An absolutely terrible excuse for quality drama.

Young people, don't see this film. You'll hate your elders for their stupidity.

Old people! Buy a mobile phone while you can!
An enjoyable movie for the whole family
I had read this book last year, and we visited the Springs just after they finished filming, so I was eagerly awaiting the film's release. I am a Redford fan and enjoyed his previous movies with Fonda very much (I think there have been 3 previously?). This movie was heartfelt and entertaining. Fonda is always entertaining-I enjoy her in anything she does and she does not disappoint in this role. Redford was also good, played kind of a dry wit-he also never disappoints. The little boy did a good job also. If I have anything at all negative to say, it would be that it seems to move a little slowly-hence my 9 rating. That may just be me since I had read the book, or maybe my sense of being entertained has been warped by binge watching Shameless, Mad Men, and Breaking Bad. But this G-rated movie was definitely a heart-warming story for everyone in every family.
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