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Crime, Thriller
IMDB rating:
Luis Prieto
Shend as Meten
Bill Thomas as Jack
Ray Callaghan as Maurice
Adam Foster as Zack
Daisy Lewis as Danaka
Richard Shanks as Junior Officer
Badria Timimi as Senior Officer
Zlatko Buric as Milo
Paul Kaye as Fitz
Bronson Webb as Tony
Joanna Hole as Frank's Mum
Neil Maskell as Marlon
Mem Ferda as HΓ₯kan
Richard Coyle as Frank
Storyline: In London, a street dealer's life spins out of control over the course of one week after he borrows money from his supplier on what's supposed to be a sure thing.
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Pusher or pushing it...
To review this film you need, no..., it depends on where you start - This is a remake of the film of the same name 'Pusher' in 1996. I have seen both now and I can say I did not enjoy this version nearly as much. It has lost some of the grittiness found in the original, in Copenhagen things felt so much worse even the police seemed a little more hardcore, you will probably laugh out loud at the bad cop in this! Does that ever happen in the UK? The set locations just feel a little 'staged' and maybe contrived I am not even sure where he was based, London? The lead did a fair job and 'Milo' (who played the original 'Milo' in the 1996 version)did a classic retake of it, inspired - In my view Oscar winning. Supporting cast less so.

I did find the characters are not as fleshed out as much in this version and that did not help, you learn more in 1996 which adds to his problems and worries - I notice that they have changed some critical scenes as well - and while I would not disagree to their inclusion, they change the tone and flow a little compared to the original telling switching it to something a little deeper and in some cases complete bemusement - does it work, not for me really.

His partner though now seems a little crazy and it seems too unlikely a friendship for it to be real - whereas in the original that friendship never really came across as that but more of a forced together kind of bond; Bound by criminal acts rather than friendship (Later sequels better explain their partnership). Don't get me started on the £3,000 scene!

Having read this review(if many do?) I can see you asking yourself "this guy constantly compares to the original" - and that's the thing. This is an unashamed remake and they have taken that tag and ran with it - I end up reviewing more as to how close to the original they go and not whether I liked it as a standalone film! The problem is that a remake has to be better than the original otherwise what's the point?! ...this is not better than the original. You just never quite believe it. Go and see the original it's a better film.

As a standalone and assuming the viewer has not seen or heard of the original I think it just about stands up - 6/10 for me. A good try but it had stiff competition.

Don't forget that the original has 2 further films which loosely follow each other, by watching those you get the story first - there is going to be a remake of 2 and 3 next, I can just feel it!!

Edit - after having slept on it, my review changed to a 5 - Why, this adds nothing and simply remakes by numbers. Is it bad, No - the original was not so it had a blueprint. Is it good, No not brilliant since it misses (almost) everything that made the original good. Worth a watch.
Stylish, if unremarkable, British re-make
STAR RATING: ***** Saturday Night **** Friday Night *** Friday Morning ** Sunday Night * Monday Morning

Frank (Richard Coyle) is a London drug dealer, whose friend Tony (Bronson Webb) brings him in on a deal that could net him some serious dough. He tries to rope Eastern European crime boss Milo (Zlatko Buric) in on the deal, but things go pear shaped when there is an unexpected police bust and he is forced to dump his stash in a pond. Now in major debt to Milo, Frank finds himself in a desperate race against time to come up with the cash he owes...or else.

Luis Prieto, the man behind the recent hit thriller Drive, here takes Nicolas Winding Refn's cult Danish original from the nineties, and injects it with the same drowned out, moody style, as well as the grim, gory violence he employed with Ryan Gosling. Given the original film's critical raving and cult status, it probably had a big enough cult following that a remake, as always, was inevitable. While he's crafted a film with an absorbing sense of style, his narrative flow as a story teller is left slightly wanting, and while the film is not quite a case of style over substance, there still seems more emphasis on the style than the substance.

The cast really raise it up a notch, most notably Buric as the head gangster, really filling the screen with a natural air of big hearted warmth under which lurks a psychotic monster. The support cast include Agyness Deyn as Frank's troubled stripper girlfriend, as well as Paul Kaye and Neil Maskell, doing another convincing northern accent. It's short and sweet, as well, but, maybe more short than sweet. ***
Push it away
PUSHER is a remake of the Danish film of the same name, and is inferior in every way. It's a great B-movie plot - drug dealer loses his supplier's stash and is threatened with death by him unless he can get the money back immediately - but the film is weak. Not only are all the main characters scumbags - nobody even questions whether pushing drugs is moral - but they aren't even interesting, competent or sympathetic enough to care about. Frankly, I was rooting for the Turkish drug baron (who can't be all bad, as he makes his own baklava) to clear house. One scene late on, when the pusher visits his nice middle class mum to beg for cash has potential but ends before it can go anywhere. There's also a lack of adrenaline, as the villain's deadline is at least a week away, leading to lots of pointless scenes as the protag sits around chatting with his girlfriend (model Agyness Deyn, who is pretty but can't act) which has to be papered over with repetitive club scenes full of pumping music and flashing lights. Ultimately, nasty and dull.
drug dealer having a really bad time of it . . .
Not bad . . . . really, i didn't think it was bad, but that said, certainly not necessary . . . I could imagine some viewers being put off by the rougher cinema verite feeling of the original (which I'm a big fan of as well as Pusher 2 and 3) . . . . and i can imagine some that would prefer the original compared to the slicker pumped up production values offered here . More than anything I'm left wondering why? It's not like they really tried to tell the story in a way that would in my mind justify the time and money spent given there was no real departure from the original story line. It would seem to me that if you're gonna just make the same film what you come up with should really bring more to the table than what i saw here. Are there behind the scene issues having to do with distribution or something or all said and done is this really just for people who don't wanna have to read sub titles . . . ? in any case for anyone whose seen the original i suspect you'll wonder why they bothered .
When remake goes down
This movie is an obvious example of bad remake attempt. Pusher original is a great movie and one of the best crime drama in modern European cinema. Actually, Dannish. Also it is a part of the trilogy which were (all three) directed by now well known director Nicolas Winding Refn. While Pusher were presented as a very realistic dark crime underworld, this remake is just a poor copy of the movie, same individuals, same places and context. The original movie language is Dannish and is placed in the city of Copehagen, and this one were made by UK actors and placed in London. There is only one actor that played the same character in original and this remake. It is Milo, played by great Zlatko Buric, but what generally fail here, is that Milo have a Turkish background here, while in original he was presented as a Yugoslavian, as his original background is from the region of Ex Yugoslavia (precisely Croatia). As a disappointing point is Milo presented with Turkish background which did not suit here at all. I thought if the characters were original as in original movie, Milo will have original presentation, but it ends as something different. Maybe it is because in original movie he was presented as a Serb praising some of the well known war criminals like Karadzic or Arkan. Maybe only because of that director Luis Prieto presents Milo with different background. The obvious copy of the plot did not look effective at all. The feeling is that we watch bad repetition of original, and it is so obvious how original is good. Far from better, unique I should say. The actors also were not convincing as those in original. I don't think that this movie will leave positive marks among critique and audience, but this is my opinion. No one have to agree with it. I say, this one is not worth to remember, only as a bad repetition of original great Film. Director Nicolas Winding Refn acts here as an executive producer, and I really don't know what is his opinion on this one, but regarding original Pusher, he made other two stories that follows first Pusher, and all of the three stories fits excellent in a whole, as a Pusher Trilogy.

I found that there are also one more remake of Pusher made in 2010, in Hindi language. I did not see it so I will not comment on this one.
Fine drug movie, Richard Coyle good
Richard Coyle is a drug dealer on the make in London. He and his mates do good business with different schemes. One day, an old prison mate comes to him to do a big buy. He takes on the risk by borrowing from a scary supplier. That's when things start to go wrong. Nothing goes his way.

The style is the perfunctory hip drug story with bright colors and pounding music. There's nothing new here, but nothing wrong with it either.

It's all about Richard Coyle. He's a compelling actor. He commands the screen.

The major problem is that he's the most trusting drug dealer I've ever seen on film. Time after time he takes minimal precautions. It just made him more incompetent than Richard could portray.
This is a Review of This Movie Alone and Not Compared to the Foreign Language Original that has a Cult Following and Spawned 2 Sequels.

This one is a Visual Treat with Exciting, Vibrant, Colorful and Stunning Cinematography. The Framing and the use of Set and Setting are also Excellent. The Cast of Characters are Especially Low-Life Credible, with Sleazy and Street-Types Darting in and out of the Movie Regularly. The Pulsating Soundtrack is Right-On and Deserves Mention.

The Opening Scene of Two Main Characters Slinking through the London Streets with Vulgar, Funny, and Raunchy Dialog Instantly Reminds of a Guy Ritchie Movie, but Thankfully that Type of Overused Stuff Ends Quickly.

Then the Film Shifts Dramatically and for the Better as Things Spiral Out of Control for a Low-Echelon Drug Dealer. What Unfolds is at Times a Breathless Run to Grab some Cash and Avoid being Knee-Capped by a Drug-Lord.

There are some Gripping Performances by the Lead Actors and the Violence is Sharp and Painful in a Realistic Form, Void of Stylized Squibs and Jittery Camera. The Entire Film Feels Authentic Although the Settings have an Otherworldly Quality of the Underworld.

There is an Open Ending that might have some Viewers Crying Foul and Others Saying Bring on the English Language Sequel.
Lazy Filmmaking of an already remade film
For some strange reason, I thought this film being executive produced by NWR would render better results. Alas, I was duped again by marketing.

I should have known. After all, what made the original Pusher (and it's two sequels) great was not the very basic, over told story, but rather the style of NWR's direction, the performances of the actors and the very real time nature of the film.

The directing here is quite pedestrian and downright lazy, bringing nothing of the style of the original. The acting is decent, but again we've already seen this done better.

And by the way, this film was already remade two years ago in India.

Every director has movies they just LOVE and would want to emulate. For such a basic story, this director could have come up with any one of many basic "drug deal gone bad" stories and used his style to tell it. Unfortunately, this film takes the easy way out, trying to simply capitalize on the name of the original, without elevating it.
I saw Pusher because I thought it was The pusher. I was cheated by Nicolas Refn at the cover. Pusher wasn't all that bad, but when I was done with it I was disappointed obviously because I thought save a few dynamic pub scenes and a bit of awkwardly handled violence it had nothing Refn about it. I was relieved when I saw the end titles.

Pusher is hollow, the acting is superficial, the leads are fine but the supporting cast is simply fake (save the old man who shoots himself). The story goes for a toss for the sake of style that doesn't live up to the sacrifice either. The dialogs, they seemed to be copying the Tarantino effect in a very annoying manner, this was the one thing that annoyed me the most.

Pusher is just another watchable movie, it can't be outright busted but there is nothing much to offer either. 6/10 ...
Slick, repellent trash.
Grim, grim, grim. Wow. Grim, grim, grim.

Basic plot synopsis: Extremely unsavory characters having their lives implode. I'm giving it a six, because, while it is trash, I have to acknowledge that as far as trash goes, it is slick trash with pretty high production values; however, I really wish I had spent my 89 minutes on something else.

I can't imagine anyone who would benefit from watching this. Maybe as part of a "Scared Straight" program?

Now I have to go take a really long hot shower with a lot of soap and shampoo. Maybe I can get some of this off of me.
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