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Thriller, Sci-Fi
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Caroline Labrèche, Steeve Léonard
Bj Verot as Bruce
Terry Ray as Police Officer
Dennis Nicomede as Businessman
Bradley Sawatzky as Dr. Mayborne
Andrea del Campo as Scan Technician
Alicia Johnston as Cop #1
Robert Borges as Large Cop
Garth Merkeley as Cop #2
Storyline: Liam wakes from a car crash with no memory of who he is. As he makes his way into town to look for help, he finds only dead bodies, all with strange pale eyes. Liam's first assessment is that a virus is present in the air, but he soon discovers the horrible truth: anyone who comes within a 50-foot radius of him dies instantly.
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Excellent movie
There are many movies that begin with someone who wakes up after an accident and can't remember anything, but Radius surprises with a deeper meaning and a twist I didn't expect (and I'm good at figuring out plots.) Even the SciFi element is part of the deeper layer. Diego Klattenhoff carries the movie with his performance. His strength to express raw emotions just with his body language and his facial expression is a great plus.
Prooves you don't need a big budget to make good entertainment
A very good thriller with a scifi theme.

A mysterious effect, acquired after an accident, of killing anything within 50 ft of a man that's nullified by a woman is the central concept here. Both main characters have amnesia after that car crash.

It's been some time since I watched a film that generated as much tension as this and full credit to the director for such an achievement with what must have been a limited budget (too limited to actually crash the vehicle even). The acting is decent enough but the real credit, I feel, should go to the director for this very good movie. There's little happening at times and to maintain tension is a difficult task that very few directors achieve. There's little throughout the film to explain the phenomenon leaving the two main characters trying to understand their roles in it as the main thrust of the film.

The ending does not explain the phenomenon at all and some will find that frustrating but the film isn't about this. It's about whether the central character finds redemption and the film wraps this point up nicely. I won't explain further as you won't thank me for giving away the ending. If you watch this thinking it's scifi then you'll probably be unimpressed with the ending. If you're watching it as a thriller with a scifi theme then you'll probably like it.
I enjoyed this movie !
Yup, I think it's the very first time I saw that kind of plot. And yes, I was wondering what's happening to this guy until it was revealed : damn, I though it's good !

The acting is pretty good, the story goes farther and farther, you keep asking "what the hell is wrong here ?". Then goes the climax, one of those which you never can see them coming, awesome ! And unexpected !

For reviewers telling about the radius is nothing, well if they watched closely, they could have seen that the "death radius" is the same seen between the two main characters when they got hit by lightning.

I give it a 8 on 10, because I was very well surprised, it's a refreshing movie.
A massive waste of time.
Just a horrible waste of time and nothing more.

It's an OK movie when it comes to quality – actors do their job, the editing is fine, filmed by people who know how to do that. Perhaps only some of the special effects were bad, especially the one with "lighting bolt from the space" (really?). But this one actually leads to the story itself...

...which is ABYSMAL. The plot you see in description is definitely intriguing and whole premise is interesting, but the real explanation behind all this, the characters, the way they talk and what they do is beyond pathetic. A neverending galore of extremely dumb clichés which embraces a really poorly written script.
Ruined by the ending
The concept behind Radius was just a little too implausible for me to have high hopes for this movie, but the trailers and positive reviews convinced me to give it a try. With both of the main characters suffering memory loss, I was pleasantly surprised to find the gradual undoing of the mystery entertaining and logical.... until the final 20 minutes. I can't say more without spoiling the movie, and to be fair I didn't feel like I completely wasted my time watching it.... BUT it could have been so much better than a 5 if the script had stuck to the original premise.

As some of the other reviews suggest, some will view the ending as a clever plot twist, however, from my perspective it was a second-rate Hollywood cliché.
Thrilling,Mysterious and Intrigueing
I Loved this story, knowing little to nothing of what to expect.There are spoilers from this point on so be warned...The events that unfold grabbed me from the very get go. Without knowing much of what this was about, the 1st thing you think of is that a virus is affecting people, yet people isolated by being in a car or separated by being outside building are falling dead Instantly as they come into proximity with main character.. As much as i loved the movie and as mind blowing the concept is, I have seen this almost exact scenario portrayed in the "Heroes" TV series years earlier and it had the same jaw dropping effect..In Heroes, there were a brother and sister, and the sister had this same proximity effect of killing Any and any living things that got near her..There was a state she would shift into, her eyes would go black, and then all life instantly died around her, even an entire village! the only thing that could stop this was her brother, when he was near her, she calmed and became normal again..I've seen this also in the "4400" TV series where an ability releasing drug was taken by the public to bring out latent abilities..one persons ability was that all those around him in certain proximity would begin to die almost immediately..the only movie that hinted at such a theme was "children of the damned" with christopher reeve..there was an area with a clearly defined boundary where all life would fall unconscious when crossed...Anyway All those shows and movies still portrayed something ultra extraordinary and quite jaw dropping as a theme.. this movie especially, Like i said its been done before but still intrigues me to no end... loved it
You'll enjoy asking yourself: "Where is it all going?"
Very interesting film. To describe it best without spoiling: it's a cross-genre type of movie, the kind that keeps the audience wondering where to file it. And you shouldn't know more on forehand since the whole scenario is based on that perpetual questioning in the viewer's mind. The title and the poster lead you to believe it's going to be a sci-fi flick (and that's where it starts) but then it slides into something else. Which obviously may be disappointing for hardcore sci-fi fans. Nevertheless that's where lies the trick that makes it a good movie. It's not a Hollywood big budget production, think more of a Black Mirror type of product. Totally watchable and enjoyable.
Thoroughly enjoyed this!
I have to say reading the synopsis I did not know what to expect. The more I watched the movie, the more intriguing it got. There were so many twists and turns in the plot that very effectively did not manage to give away anything right down to the last ten minutes. Excellent and solid performances by Sullivan and Klattenhoff both of whom I'd seen in the Colony and Lavender respectively! Another two excellent movies! I gave it a very well deserved 10, and to be honest I cannot understand the critiques of some of the contributors here! Big thumbs up!
Tightly scripted thriller
There are only three characters in this movie, and they are all interesting: a guy with no memory, a shady loner, and a girl on the run. There is no telling who you can trust. We don't know whether these people are who they say they are, or what they are up to. Are they really as clueless as they appear? Are they trying to deceive each other about their identities and their intentions, or is the movie trying to deceive us? You will find yourself on the edge of your seat all the way to the end. It's a twisted mix of thriller and tragedy, with a zest of science fiction thrown in, although even that is open to debate. In any case, this is one lean machine of a movie. The writers give us next to no context and only the vaguest sense of place and time. Everything you see and hear drives the plot. Don't miss it.
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