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Thriller, Horror
IMDB rating:
Brian Frank Visciglia
Ronnie Alvarez as Marcus
RiRia as Japanese tourist #1 (as Riria Niimura)
Chance Guess as Bartender Bill
Claudia Funk as Casey
Dylan Taylor as Terrance
Dennis Nicomede as Bar Patron
Henry Alexander Kelly as Bar Patron (as Henry Alex Kelly)
David Wachs as Paul
Delpaneaux Wills as Deputy Martinez
Valerie Lynn Smith as Stephanie
Jessica Serfaty as Jasmine
Storyline: A new ride share service app called RYDE is taking over what used to be the Taxi industry. It's cheaper and has more of a "friend giving you a ride" type of feel. With so many people using this fun new platform, how safe is it? When a PSYCHOPATH takes over the identity of a Ryde driver, everyone who uses this app will be at the mercy of this maniac. Getting a RYDE is as simple as a few clicks away, but getting out alive won't be so easy.
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I cannot believe what i just saw
The movie industry is a harsh sphere. Out of a thousand scenarios, only a few see the light of day and become a full length feature film. So when i see a movie like Ryde being produced and somehow well rated, i just feel sick. This is baffling. There's nothing good to say about the movie. The acting is atrocious, the characters are pointless. You don't feel anything for any of them. You don't love them, you don't even hate them. You just don't care if they live or not. There's no character development, no introspection, nothing. The antagonist has no past, no motivation, no personality, no expression, nothing. It's the bad guy, it doesn't go deeper than that. The pacing is all over the place because of the nauseous editing. Random and pointless jump cuts that just ruin the rare good scenes, glitch effects that just feel misplaced, bad transitions and the list is too long. I made an account on IMDb just to say this and put the lowest rating to the film. Too bad the 0 is not an option. The music is bad and forgettable, the shots are uninspired and repetitive to the point where 85 minutes feel as long as 2 hours. I feel bad for watching this. I want my time back. One last thing : I write down the title of every movie i see in a notebook. I've been doing that for the past three years. I must have more than a thousand entries on this list at this point. And Ryde is by far the worst of them all !! Go watch Nightfare. A french indie and crowdfunded movie that does everything better than Ryde !
Below average story-line
A serial killer in his stolen car, faking his identity as a ride share service driver, kills his passengers one by one. The film ends when his stolen car met with an accident while trying to kill a passenger; the killer escapes from the accident scene and the victim survived. A primitive thriller movie with unfinished ending.
The scariest part of this movie
In a crazy world like we live today, this can happen to anyone, with all the people on medication and mentally unstable.

This is the scariest part of the movie is that it can happen for real. A man is generally stronger then a women, there was no super natural in this like Jason Freddy or Micheal Myers who are close to be invincible killers.

The main character played is role amazing, and he was very credible selecting is victims. And yes all of them where very annoying and hard to like.

I was amazed at the high score for the movie since it falls in the horror category and most horror movies are around a 4 5 rating.

This one was very simple, a guy mentally disturbed kills a driver and takes is place to drive people around town, of course lots of them women, proof that men will not get all women even if they look good, he got turned down by a few of them but got some others willing to take more then a ride and the perfect victim for him.

In some way this movie reminded me a bit of Maniac in 1980. Not for everyone because the story is basically all that drives around and kills women, but its very well executed.
Excellent horror!
If you are looking for a great nighttime horror flick this is a highly recommended movie for you! Unlike many horrors, its script is not filled with cliché jump scenes, but it is a very cleverly written story, beautifully directed by Frank Visciglia. There is a lot of suspense that will keep you at the edge of your seat, and I must mention the music which accompanies the movie perfect. I loved the acting, the young actors did a good job, especially Jessica Serfaty whose portrayal of Jessica was powerful and convincing. Overall I would recommend it to all the horror fans looking for a refreshing movie in the genre.
Do not waste time by seeing the rating
There are better movies of similar genre. Looks like friends and family gave higher ratings. Dooooooon't waste your time. It is just a very dramatic serial killer movie without any suspense. There is nothing like suspense or thriller. Very ordinary movie. I can say "American psycho" is 100 times better than this one.
A pleasant surprise
I went into this movie with reserved expectation, because I hadn't seen any previous work of this director and the actors were unknown to me. I was surprised by the top quality of their performance and the movie was interesting enough to make me wanting for more. The cinematography, editing, sound are all excellent significantly boosting the value of such a small budget movie. Ryde is new ride share service app on the market and the movie is about a guy with sinister intentions, who hijacked someone elses car and pretends to be a highly reputable rYder. I don't wanna give away too much, but I would gladly recommend this movie to audience.
Definitely worth seeing!!!
I'm not one for horror movies. I decided to go and see the movie RYDE...I loved it! Now let me tell you why...The cinematography was amazing. You felt like you were right there in those locations. The scenes of each location were flawless... Then the music score just blew me away. It was the driving force that keeps you at the edge of your seat.. what a music score and the song wow!!!

OK the characters... Paul played by David Wachs a handsome and troubled young man. Goes on a killing spree. Yes we do not know why? Hence a sequel...I can see that happening. His consistent personality through out the movie only shows us how good an actor he is...Jessica Michel the heroine was the innocence that allowed us to see some vulnerability in Paul. She is beautiful and had a genuine caring heart. Not to mention she lit up the screen.Ronnie Alvarez her abusive boyfriend made us hate him...but I adored him at the same time,, call me crazy!

Frank Visiglia the writer/ director what an amazing concept in the age of Uber and Lyft. Thank you for creating an awareness for all of us...the rest of the cast was so enjoyable to watch...What I loved in the midst of feeling scared in came some comic relief just when you needed it...how ingenious!!!

The movie RYDE was tastefully done with so much movement and excitement through the entire 86 minutes.

I highly recommend seeing this movie...I must admit I have watched it 2x so far it is that good!!!
Good premise, great execution
I saw the trailer of the movie and it looked interesting, so I gave this movie a chance and watched it in a theater. The movie didn't disappoint, it was a joy rYde from start to finish! Its story is original, which I really appreciate as a horror movies fan; it was executed beautifully. The actors were unknown to me, but they did a good job in portraying the characters. Their acting is believable and I hope that David Wachs will start getting bigger roles in Hollywood. There were some decent scares in the movie and overall, it was a great popcorn flick so I left a theater satisfied.
You talking to me?
Have you ever been sat in a bar, minding your own business, when along comes an extremely hot young woman who chats you up and invites you back to hers for no-strings-attached nookie? No, me neither. But that's what happens to Paul in Ryde (the film, not the seaside town on the Isle of Wight).

Similarly, have you ever been in the company of two incredibly sexy babes for just a few minutes before being invited to take part in a Jacuzzi threesome? Can't say I have, but Paul has.

Come to think of it, Paul (David Wachs) only ever seems to meet women who are in their early twenties, look like glamour models, and find him irresistible. Where are the fat, the ugly and the aged? I guess they prefer to keep their hideousness hidden behind closed doors.

Still, perhaps it's safer that way, because Paul just so happens to be a highly volatile psycho who has taken on the persona of Karl (now dead in the trunk of his car), driver for a taxi app called Ryde. Sluts, drug-users, the obnoxious: all bring out the worst in Paul (AKA Karl). Only the pure and innocent survive a Ryde in HIS car.

Although chock full of mean-spirited violence, mostly perpetrated against defenceless women, Ryde is not just a misogynistic horror film, but a warning to everyone that strangers simply cannot be trusted. Even the seemingly friendliest of people can be total whack jobs. That's what makes this film effective: anyone might be a Paul, ready to stab you in the gut, drown you in your pool, or pummel you in the face until the pulpy mess that was once your head comes right off.

6.5 out of 10, rounded up to 7 for the slick cinematography of L.A., all the beautiful ladies (one of whom obliges us with full frontal nudity), and the nasty violence.
I liked it
Because the synopsis of the movie is vague I will try to be as well as to not spoil anything. It's a dark movie that will really only appeal to deranged people like myself. If you like movies like hostel, saw, and other such movies you'll probably like this. There's a couple scenes I thought didn't make sense but what movie doesn't.
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