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Crime, Drama, Thriller, Mystery
IMDB rating:
David Fincher
Brad Pitt as Detective David Mills
Morgan Freeman as Detective Lt. William Somerset
Gwyneth Paltrow as Tracy Mills
R. Lee Ermey as Police Captain
Andrew Kevin Walker as Dead Man (as Andy Walker)
Daniel Zacapa as Detective Taylor
John Cassini as Officer Davis
Bob Mack as Gluttony Victim
Peter Crombie as Dr. O'Neill
Reg E. Cathey as Coroner (as Reginald E. Cathey)
George Christy as Workman
Endre Hules as Cab Driver
Hawthorne James as George, Library Night Guard
William Davidson as Library Guard (as Roscoe Davidson)
Storyline: A film about two homicide detectives' desperate hunt for a serial killer who justifies his crimes as absolution for the world's ignorance of the Seven Deadly Sins. The movie takes us from the tortured remains of one victim to the next as the sociopathic "John Doe" sermonizes to Detectives Sommerset and Mills -- one sin at a time. The sin of Gluttony comes first and the murderer's terrible capacity is graphically demonstrated in the dark and subdued tones characteristic of film noir. The seasoned and cultured Sommerset researches the Seven Deadly Sins in an effort to understand the killer's modus operandi while green Detective Mills scoffs at his efforts to get inside the mind of a killer...
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John Doe - Right or Wrong?
With so many reviews on this great movie, I thought I would take a singular track, and examine one character of the film - John Doe.

Kevin Spacey plays John Doe - the serial killer chased by the two detectives. There is a neat twist in the way John Doe is captured, but the real character development comes when he is taken to where "two bodies are buried" at the end of the movie. He requests that only the two detectives accompany him, and they question him during the car ride. This is a fantastic scene, where we are given the opportunity to listen to the reasons why the serial killer murdered his victims.

The intriguing piece of this scene is that the film-makers make a sympathetic case for John Doe, and give Spacey the chance to show off his acting talent. To try and elicit a sympathetic audience response for Doe, after all the horror of the murders and the trawl through his dark alien world, is a tall order indeed. I feel that Spacey does a remarkably job of this, with understated acting and a spaced-out, slightly bored feel to the character - just right for a sociopath who feels he above the moral restrictions of the common man.

The main thrust of the argument is that Sin has become so common-place that we have become numb to it, and indifferent to the every-day horrors that surround us. Doe has taken a stance and his murders will shock us and change this situation - we will puzzle over his seven murders, and look again at Sloth, Greed, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Pride and Wrath. There is a religious under-current to the argument, but Doe accepts that he had carried out the murders, rather than hiding behind the explanation of a external dominant force. He also indicates that Mills (Brad Pitt's character) is very similar to himself, and might descend into murder if there were no rules or laws. Perhaps Mills is meant to represent "everyman", and that there is a tiny piece of Doe in all of us? In fact - this is the only time when Doe becomes animated - as if convincing Mills as to his logic is of importance and worth heated discussion.

Of course, the problem with the above is that Doe uses the ultimate sin, murder, to punish lesser sins. So the argument really makes no sense - but the pacing, camera-work, dialogue and acting of the scene makes for a first-class piece of cinema. I suppose only someone who has the same physiological make-up that Doe has would agree that he is right. There is no reason given as to what made Doe the way he is - he is an almost blank character, showing little emotion or remorse for his murders.

This scene and character interaction is meant to make us consider the level of sin in our society - I think the prevalence of greed, envy, etc is out of control, but has become such a fabric of modern living that there is nothing we can do about it - apart from living your life to your own moral code.
David Fincher's "Se7en" is one such movie that blurs the line between a giallo horror and a psychological thriller. "Se7en" sets a mood which is chilling, dark and puzzling. A mood that is present all through the entire movie. The mood set is the excellent work of director David Fincher, who wanted to give dark and gloomy atmosphere to the movie just to expose a world which is rough, bleak and gritty. The effect it makes is astounding and is does so by good camera work and lighting, or the lack of it. The cameras used in this film was specially changed film stock to make the visuals look as dark as possible which is complemented well by Howard Shores music score. The ominous music that is added keeps the audience uncomfortable, in a good way. If it wasn't for disturbing message that "Se7en" puts across, and astonishing dark scenes, I would have not given the rating I gave.

The assignment of roles in the movie is excellent, even though I loathed Brad Pitt's character. Brad Pitt's character was at times annoying and glorified. All he did was slow down the overall investigation process. His weak presence makes it seem that he was never the Lead or the Assistant detective in the investigations of the crime. All he said was excessive swear words and not something tangible and due to this reason, his interaction with Morgan Freeman's character was frail. At times I felt Morgan Freeman's character would have done a better job leading the investigation alone. The conversation in the police car was really insubstantial. I would have really despised this movie it wasn't for the phenomenal acting by 'actor who played the Killer'. It would've been so much better if Brad Pitt's character wasn't such a weak character and if he just stop talking at times and listened to the astute Morgan Freeman's character. Whilst watching the movie I wholeheartedly wanted to despise on Brad Pitt's character and to an extent Brad Pitt himself but having watched and loved Brad Pitt in David Fincher's Fight Club I often found myself forcibly liking Brad Pitt's character and justifying his decisions and his exchange of ideas but I failed. Morgan Freeman's was excellent in the role of a veteran detective and a wise mentor for Brad Pitt's character


The biggest sin in this movie is perhaps not the character but the ending. I found the ending awfully predictable. I could have seen that one of our main characters would eventually be one of the 'victims'. Especially after getting to see the 'wife' and she revealing something crucial at a buildup stage just screamed that she was going to die. The buildup was for nothing if it wasn't for the predictable ending. I had a tiny hope for something magnificent and grimy, since the killer's talk about the sins and how his killings were justified but the killer too just disappointed me in the end. Also it made me dislike Brad Pitt's character that much more, because I was hoping he wouldn't shoot the killer, and that I might get a reason to respect him as a character. I don't care how if a certain movie has a happy or a sad ending, but this movie would've ended on a strong note if he hadn't killed the killer. The director could have found another way of exhibiting the last sin. Morgan Freeman's character could have and should have done something more in preventing the last 'execution'. After all he is the one who saw clearly what the killer's grand plan was. The ending scene was one big anticlimax and thus this movie could have been my second favorite David Fincher movie following Fight Club if not my second favorite movies of all time.


Note: I used 'actor who played the Killer' instead of revealing the actor's name is because David Fincher wanted the killer's identity to be a surprise and I shall oblige.
Great movie
This is just an all around great movie. Great acting, original story line. They don't make them like they used to. A good movie I hope they never try to re make. Some movies just need to left the way they are. A Great villain role in this movie and the hero's are both perfect in their roles. A must see
Wow... all I gotta say
At first, I was a little hesitant about taking time out of my life to see Seven. I mean, I am a busy person... but this film was well worth my time... Perhaps the best Brad Pitt film that I have seen, this film involves two detectives (Pitt and Freeman) going after a delusional killer (Kevin Spacey) who murders his victims according to the seven deadly sins: gluttony, greed, lust, etc... Spacey takes pride in his killings and leaves clues for the police, similar to "Son of Sam" killer David Berkowitz when he murdered six women in New York City in the 1970's ("Summer of Sam"= another great film)... This was an intense thriller that had me on the edge of my seat from start to finish...

Movies generally take a lot to keep me interested, and I am generally a fan of comedies and action flicks. But Seven was different.... it was a fantastic thriller that kept you thinking and waiting to see what happens as Pitt and Freeman chase down the barbaric killer who feels that he is doing "God's deed"... This film is a must-see!! My only regret is that I had did not see it until 10 years after its theatrical release... Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments...
This is an excellent serial killer thriller.

Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt play police detectives who together are tracking a serial killer who kills people who have each committed one of the seven deadly sins in a way that's relevant to the specific sin. Kevin Spacey plays the killer.
Se7en is a dark, depressing, powerful and a clever movie
I didn't know what I was getting into when I sat down to watch this movie along with my friend. He had brought the DVD to my home and as he is a hardcore fan of Brad Pitt, he has bought almost every major hit movie of Pitt and since I am also a fan, we both watched it together. I thought it would be a cool movie like other Pitt films, but it was so dark and has so much more than other films of this genre.

Detective William Somerset (Morgan Freeman) is on his last week in duty and he's all set to retire when the case of a strange death is made his responsibility to solve. Though all others think that it was a psycho who was responsible for the death, Somerset has his doubts, he thinks that the murderer is simply a clever and disgusted man who is trying to rid the society of evil. In many ways, his and the killer's view about the degrading society is alike, except that Somerset wants to leave the city for the country life and the killer is taking action. Enter Detective David Mills (Brad Pitt), the young and dynamic sleuth who has a positive view on the society, and he is made the partner to Somerset. Then onwards, there are more disgusting, shocking deaths with the seven sins as its identity. The seven sins are - Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Envy, Pride, Lust and Wrath. While Mills believes the killer is an insane person, Somerset tells him that he is a very clever, normal man and nowhere near insane with his precise killings and no clues to be found anywhere. The killer is a John Doe (played brilliantly in a cameo role by Kevin Spacey) and it takes every last bit of Somerset's and Mills willpower to not get carried away by the magnitude of the brutal, methodical killings. Tracy Mills (Gwyneth Paltrow) is the wife of Mills and they are very much in love. Will the detectives be able to stop this killer who claims himself to be a servant of God and who will bear the brunt of this maniac's insanity eventually - The society or the detectives?

David Fincher is at the helm of this amazing film. This could have been a routine cop-killer story, but he does not even step into the tired and old Hollywood clichés and is not afraid to make this a dark, unique and depressing tale about the human life. Also, he does so in a very powerful and clever way. I was racking my brains to figure out who the killer was, as in films like these, they would show the killer beforehand. And in the end, it was true; the killer had come in contact with the detectives. Morgan plays the old and more worldly wise man, rather in contrast to Pitt's character who is a hot-head at times. No matter how insanely talented Pitt is, the press always seems to give more importance to his charming looks and relationship with Jolie (back then, it was Jennifer Aniston). Tracy is genuinely portrayed by Gwyneth Paltrow. She played a major part in bringing Mills and Somerset together. I loved her scene where she introduces each other. Though she didn't get enough screen-time to have satisfied me, I got over it as the ending was so emotional and I cried (I am a straight guy and I am not ashamed to say that I cried) when Pitt finds out what was in the box. I could see that one coming a couple of minutes before the movie got to it, but it doesn't mean I didn't get emotional at that point. I was hoping against hope that it wasn't what I was thinking. But, it was and I cried. Don't see this if you can't handle brutal death scenes (although they show only the aftermath of the death, it is still nauseous) and are easily bored when things are not non-stop action. But, the screenplay is one of the best I have seen in this genre. Also, the colouring layout of the movie is dark, everything is subdued and always raining, except save for the climax which is bright and hot, which served as an irony of sorts and it was wonderful. When John Doe tells Mills to become wrath, I got chills running up and down my spine.

I still consider Fight Club to be the best Pitt-Fincher movie, but I can't ignore this brilliantly made movie. Though not everyone will like this film (case-in-point, my Brad Pitt fan friend), because of the dark overtone, I loved it as it isn't flashy and predictable like most movies of this genre, and actually was very brilliant.

Perfect and consistent theme, amazing cast....
This film has many indelible moments, an amazing cast: Morgan Freeman as Detective Somerset is impressive and real. The Charlie Parker soundtrack with the blues sung by Billie Holiday "I Cover the Waterfront" captures the dark mood and underlying violence which exists in the city. Being from New York, the street scenes at night are 100% accurate, executives, harried workers, hookers and dealers all intermingle in a pastiche of chaos.

We see the early scene where Freeman first meets novice detective David Mills (well portrayed by Brad Pitt) and he asks him what NYC homicide is like, and won't agent Somerset regret retiring? Freeman answers tiredly ..."I am moving....anyplace...far away from here"...

Sloth, Greed, Lust, Pride, Envy, Gluttony, the seven deadly sins as proclaimed since Medieval era. Each murder is precisely carried out. John Doe is creating his masterpiece, an artwork of perfect murder. Kevin Spacey is superb as John Doe. His presence and diction are cutting and menacing. I would love to see him in more of these roles. The quote from Morgan Freeman at the end of it all resounds true: it is the quote from Hemingway. The theme is "ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee"....Everyone is affected by violence. Best thriller and suspense, other than Hitchcock. Kudos to David Fincher and the cast The screenplay is amazing, I have bought that as well as the DVD. Highly recommended. 10/10.
Bleak, suspenseful, yet intriguing
This movie is regarded as the definition of a modern thriller. It is easy to see why, as it is easily one of the most suspenseful movies I have ever seen. What added to this suspense, was the straightforward, yet grim storyline, that keeps the audience interested.

The plot revolves around two detectives, William Somerset, and David Mills, trying to solve the mystery of a serial killer. That killer, John Doe, leaves clues around for unknown reasons. Detective Somerset believes he (the killer) is following the seven deadly sins (hence the title Seven, or Se7en, and is leading them to something. What this is, is unclear, but they do eventually capture him, and he reveals that his final victim, is David's wife Tracy, thus showing he was playing a game with them all along.

There are few movies I have seen, before or since, that are suspenseful as this. It is also quite bleak, which did admittedly put me off at times. It is still a great film, definitely worth a watch, if you are old enough (remembering this movie is rated R), and whether or not you enjoy it, you will probably find it interesting. From me it gets 8/10
One of the best films ever made
"Se7en" (1995) is a true masterpiece. I have seen this film like a thousand times and every time I watch it again it's as disturbing as the first time. It's always intriguing from start till finish. This is one of the best stories ever told on screen. 10/10 for this motion picture, it's a true art. A must watch.
Stand out Thriller thanks to Fine Cast.
A stand out film dealing with a particularly unpleasant Serial Killer, "Se7en" (along with "Silence of the Lambs"), is something of a milestone in this genre. An intelligent script, and admirable actors including the excellent Morgan Freeman, Prad Pitt, Gwenth Paltrow and Kevin Spacey, with a cinema noir style, and very grisly murders representing the Seven Deadly Sins. It is the performances however that lifts this movie above the average, Morgan Freeman as the older world wise detective, Pitt almost manic as his young enthusiastic sidekick, Poltrow plays the wife with a fine degree of sensitivity, and Spacey does his usual brilliant psycho routine. There is a pivotal scene with Freeman and Paltrow in a café which shows the depth of performances here. They are believable characters in a dark disturbing world wherein it always seems to be raining. An effective thriller with tight direction and atmospheric photography.
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