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Secrets of Deception
Crime, Drama, Thriller, Action
IMDB rating:
Josh Webber
Tom Sizemore as Eddie Green
Sydney Black as Kim Schaefer
Keegan Perry as Luke Driffites
Shawna Craig as Terry
Chris Degner as Jeff Schaefer
Joey Napoli as Brad
Lorenzo Lamas as Gregg
Yancey Arias as Detective Reyes
Noel Gugliemi as Chino
Richard T. Jones as Detective Jones
Storyline: After a man discovers his young wife is cheating on him with a neighborhood boy, he goes down a dangerous path of revenge & destruction.
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The single most important review that you'll ever read.
Fun Fact:

Tony D. White, Producer, Executive Producer, "Financier," etc, etc, is Total and complete sh*tbag. Literally, the whole package. This CeeLo green looking mother f*cker will hire you under false pretenses, not pay you and then have the set to ask you to "invest" in his piece of sh*t project. Invest implies the promise of reward and return. While he eventually stopped using buzz words like "return," he will make a number of desperate attempts to swindle cash out of your broke a** with the promise of an "on-screen credit" as an executive producer. Sweet bro. Imagine it. Your name, on a short list of other colossal dipsh*ts that were stupid enough to get f*cked by a guy that can't make it through a five minute phone call without dropping the names of, at the very least, 5 of his "very close friends in Hollywood." Sounds like a sweet gig. Spoiler Alert: 90% of his"very close friends," last saw the bulk of their work and cash flow dry up after the final season of Dr. Drew's Celebrity Rehab. Neat.

F*ck this guy. F*ck his scam. F*ck his "friends." F*ck his "circle." F*ck his "connections." F*ck his ugly a** wife. But above all else, f*ck his "films."

I'd love to be able to present Exhibit B in the form of some sort of silver lining, but that is as far from possible as any of his garbage f*cking films are from breaking even.

Exhibit B: This sh*theal has long ridden on not only the check books of anyone dumb enough to cough it up, but he is an avid champion of "this sh*t ain't got to be good. The script can theoretically burn the f*ck down on set. But so long as we have a closeup of Sizemore jonesing for a bump of bathtub grade meth, we've got distribution. And that's much more important than anyone's 90 minutes of a** time that they'll never actually get back."

Long story short, Cut Rate CeeLo steals money from whomever he can to pay his D Squad talent and pocket the rest because he won't sell sh*t.

F*ck that guy.
Jeff's wife (Sydney Black) is unfaithful. Jeff (Chris Degner) contracts killers. Tom Sizemore was a minor role as a in between man whose role seems to have been forced into the script to get the film past an hour. The film is told with an after the fact investigation as a subplot. It looks like they made the film, cut it up into little snippets and tossed them up into the air, splicing things together at random. It was not chronological and it didn't make the film any better or a mystery with the jumble. Robert LaSardo type cast as a bad guy. Acting and characters were bad.

Guide: F-words. Sex. No nudity.
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