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USA, Switzerland
IMDB rating:
Robert Kouba
John Cusack as Elias Van Dorne
Carmen Argenziano as Damien Walsh
Eileen Grubba as Veronica Davis
Storyline: In 2020, Elias van Dorne (John Cusack), CEO of VA Industries, the world's largest robotics company, introduces his most powerful invention--Kronos, a super computer designed to end all wars. When Kronos goes online, it quickly determines that mankind, itself, is the biggest threat to world peace and launches a worldwide robot attack to rid the world of the "infection" of man. Ninety-seven years later, a small band of humans remain alive but on the run from the robot army. A teenage boy, Andrew (Julian Schaffner) and a teenage girl, Calia (Jeannine Wacker), form an unlikely alliance to reach a new world, where it is rumored mankind exists without fear of robot persecution. But does this world actually exist? And will they live long enough to find out?
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There are plenty of good low-budget sci-fi, this is not one of them.
First I'd like to say that there's a little value in this film, very little, if any. Plot is a strange snooze fest which makes even less sense as the film concludes. The acting is sub-par, at best (John Cusack, Jeannine Wacker), but completely trashed by Julian Schaffner (I'm sorry but he should really consider another career). The FX is poor and seem effortless, sometimes even comical.

In short, there are plenty of good low-budget sci-fi, but this is not one of them. I desperately tried to understand what the film was trying to say, if anything, but could only conclude that's it's a ~90 minute effortless attempt of something. Truthfully I can't find any reason to recommend this to any type of viewer, and I hate to say it, because I believe there is some value in most films, but this one is best to stay away from.
Singularly..... daft.
Where to begin? The whole production is so clean I suspected it to be a hint that is was all in the mind of one of the protagonists. The two antagonists where watching from the same camera angles as we were. If they were looking for something and they already had this amazing surveillance.... it *had* to be a plot element.....right?

And this tech Calia has. When did this EMP get developed? And when built? And how was it produced in a post-apocalyptic environment? And why did that EMP not knock out 'Andrew-bot'? So must be a plot-element right?

The lack of attention to a potential mortal wound. That could wait until the next day. Only to reveal a metal chest where she snuggled against without noticing?

And who was so bright to bury a spaceship to get to Aurora and in 92 years these 'kids' are the first and yet there is a completely colonized planet that somehow has escaped the attention of this super AI. How did they get there? And how was that a secret?

Not to mention all the clean clothes. Clean streets, obviously used train tracks, brand new 92 year old camera, a battery that keeps going and going.. to name but a few. And the best she has is a crossbow?

I seriously expected this all to be glitches in the matrix..... It would have been nice but turns out the writer and production designer just phoned it in.

We enjoyed bitching at this movie. That made it worth the watch and three stars...... but frankly? It would not get a passing grade for a first year movie academy project.
Waste of time!
What a piece of garbage. Really bad acting and the story was really thin. The lead actor where not believable and fell short almost all of the time. Good looking does not mean you are a good actor! It also had a bad story,and that's to bad because it had potentials. Also some bad cuts here and there,for example,1 photo fell to the floor in one scene,the next cut the photo was in the sofa,magic! NOT! Would not recommend it at all, just waste of time!
Too many Haters (dont understand their negativity)
I rated this movie a 7 as I was rating a C rate movie that was shared on You tube. I based my rating on a movie that plays out like a made for TV movie that would play on Sy Fy. I though it did rather well for a first time collaboration of a director, producer whom prior to this production had only did short films or commercials. The special effects were rather well for the robots and space craft. It was not a waste of time to watch, and I suggest others watch this film to see a first movie that will truly turn into better movies still to come. I look forward to a sequel or some other science fiction that this director pushes out.
Undiluted drivel
The cliché subject matter of this film (revealed in the first 5 minutes) set aside, the weakness of this movie is simply the lack of common sense in all story aspects. Well, that and a terrible script, awful directing and amateurish acting-- even from the seasoned veterans, who apparently have no other expressions than detached boredom (main villain), open-eyed goofy wonder (male lead), and disappointing dullness from veteran Carmen Argenziano. The only decent acting in the entire film is from female lead Jeannine Wacker... but the lines they gave her were just unbelievable.

Examples of plot dis-continuity:

* A Polaroid camera that still has a working battery, flash and film after decades of sitting on a shelf.

* Julia plays a "Hunger Games"-esque female that carries a bulky crossbow as her weapon-of-choice. (In a world where she could have about any weapon she might find, this cumbersome contraption would be one of the least viable.) (Did she even use it in the film?)

* Her almost-instant acceptance of the male character, who frankly just appears out of nowhere looking like a model from a teen magazine-- with no real questions as to 1) why he has no weapons or supplies 2) Where he came from 3) How he got there 4) And just accepting the very lame answers he gives to her limited questions.

* An AI construct retaining a human body (badly damaged at that). Nice "head glow" effect... just rather unbelievable.

The list goes on. As science fiction goes, this has very little science and a whole heap of fiction. Add to this long stretches of unnecessary scenes and trite dialog that can only be described as tedious and we have a predictably ludicrous and nonsensical ending to top off 90 minutes of uninteresting schlock.

The CGI is decent; the robots are believably awesome (if now cliché, having appeared in this form in many films. What are these, rent-a-bot models from a 3-D program?).

But the film just drags. By the time you're into the 40 minute point you'll be wondering if you should play solitaire on your cell phone to fill in the dull periods while you wait for the movie to get around to the end.

This is a bad film. Rather than watching this, re-wash clean dishes. You'll accomplish more with your time.
lower grade B-movie
In the near future, most households have a robot from VA Industries. They produced fighting robots to end wars but are blamed for more wars. In 2020, company CEO Elias Van Dorne (John Cusack) initiates computer AI Kronos and it immediately declares war on humanity as the cause of all of the world's ills. Another 97 years later, Andrew Davis is unarmed and running from a killer robot in a deserted town. Calia uses her last electromagnetic bomb to save him.

John Cusack looks tired and old. Of course, we can't be young forever. He's a minor character anyways. He probably spent a day on that set to collect the cheque. Other than Cusack and Carmen Argenziano, these are amateur actors doing most of the heavy lifting. The special effect also looks amateurish with student level work CG. Action often happens with the characters staring in awe at the CG in the distant. Most disappointing is the lack of set design. It's 100 years into the apocalyptic future and the world isn't overgrown. The places look abandoned but only for a few months at most. I don't know anything about the production. The budget is probably too low to make this look good. There are also bad story elements. Calia should have figured something is wrong with Andrew right from the start. It's so obvious that I was waiting for that precise twist to happen. There are countless other problems. This is only a lower grade B-movie.
Very well done!
I found this film by accident and wasn't very impressed at first. It looked like yet another cheap sci-fi straight to vod production but I didn't really have anything else to do so I rented it and boy was I wrong.

This film is very well done. The execution is superb and the story is unique (even though the concept is familiar). I love the conflict between the boy and the girl and was hooked from the very beginning! (keep in mind I just wanted to watch and laugh for a few minutes at cheap cgi but ended up watching the whole thing because I was just so drawn into the story).

The concept feels like something you might've seen before but the film offers so much more than just good looking visuals. It's a story about our own humanity and brings up a very poetic question „Can an artificial intelligence feel love?".

I don't know where this movie came from and I initially thought it would be complete rubbish but I ended up really enjoying it. I would definitely recommend it!
Worst movie ever made, Blatantly rip off.
I just endured to the end because I found this story was very similar to a book of my Chinese friend wrote a few years ago, The same theme, some same plots. The difference is in his book is more about the professional discussion of A.I and deep contemplation to human nature. It is quite significant for us humans I think. But none of these key elements were left in this movie. Only shallow, stupid Third-rate B movie plot there, looks they made it in a hurry. And very boring!! Let alone those very obvious story loopholes... So I called my friend on the phone and he told me he did chat with someone who claimed to be a Swede online before, and leaked some of his book's plots to him. It was about may 2016. Then the so-called Swede disappeared. Never contacted him again. He was very frustrated to hear the news, also very disappointed with this movie. He has to rewrite some of his unfinished book's plots now to avoid a collision with this crappy movie. What a lousy way to ruin a good book and idea!! Poor gentle good-natured man now learned that never believe in strangers.
Not A or B but C
If you got the two lead characters with neat clothes, well-done hair-job, white teeth and even some make-up in a post-apocalyptic setting (almost 100 years after the massive killing of most humans on this planet through an AI and the survivors and their offspring still hunted down and killed by the machines) you just know, this can't be too good.

Well, like the above description indicates, I guess, this movie aims at a young audience, so maybe if you like such stuff like The Shannara Chronicles (which is a lot of personal drama and romance interrupted by the occasional fight and killing) etc. you may like this movie or at least you won't be killed by boredom and brain damage.

All in all, Singularity got some okay technicals, but the story (generic, a little bit Terminator here, a little bit Hunger Games here etc. pp.) and acting are so-so. If you like the post- apocalyptic genre but you need one for a mature audience (e.g. The Road, Mad Max, City of the Blind, Soylent Green etc.) skip this one, if you are a youngster around 12 or something like that, well, you may try it.

Why John Cusack took a role in this flick is a mystery to me. Thanks to some semi-pro or almost pro looking technicals like effects and camera (tv-scale), I rate a 4, but this is imo no B-movie but a C- movie.

Pretty bad ---- I'm amazed at the high rating.
Sort of sci-fi channel, TV-movie quality where it looks like they made the movie in a hurry, with a low budget and no attention to detail. It's supposed to be 100 years after the destruction of civilization, and everyone, including a band of woods-dwelling ruffians, have perfectly coiffed hair and beards. How does a grizzled mountain man trim his beard so perfectly without electricity? I'm surprised to see the high rating of 7.1, but that seems to be the norm on this site anymore. Like another reviewer posted, this one is for kids.
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